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Ive come here a couple of times for care of 4 legged creatures. I find the staff to be very welcoming and genuine in comparison to other animal hospitals Ive been to. I was extrem...


Please don't take your pets here unless they're very healthy and need vaccines and routine care only. \r \r My dog was a cancer survivor with a complicated history when I broug...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/24/2017

I am in the process of looking for another veterinarian hospital. We have been clients at Sunridge for 6 years. The last three times I called about boarding our two dogs there I have been quoted one price and when I pick up the dog it is a different price....higher than the quoted price. I have documented the names of the front office staff when I get their quotes. I am always told, ""oh, so sorry, they are new and don't know the right price (that is their responsibility not mine)."" Or, they no longer work here. My husband is an attorney and a verbal quote is considered a contract. They don't live up to theirs. They take forever to assist you. And, Alexa or Alexis, is very rude. I went to pick up our dogs after boarding them and the charges were incorrect. She stated she had to get someone in the back to change them. Put the chart down, walked away, left me standing there for 20 minutes while she answered phones, etc. Clients standing there couldn't believe her rude behavior. I finally got someone else to assist me. When I complained the response I received was 'whatever."" I will hopefully find another veterinarian that I like as much as I used to like Sunridge Animal Hospital. I have no complaints with the Vets there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/16/2012

Told me they had to remove my cats toe because he had a tumor. Dr. F told us he would not put him to sleep twice because he felt Tony needed to be put to sleep to get a sample of his toe. So we would have no choice but to pay $1000.00 to remove his toe. Got a second opinion from All About Cats today and my baby has allergies...........REALLY??? YOU WERE GOING TO REMOVE HIS TOE?????? DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!!!! OR TO GREEN VALLEY ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!!!! more

Almost killed my dog! 2/19/2012

Please don't take your pets here unless they're very healthy and need vaccines and routine care only. \r \r My dog was a cancer survivor with a complicated history when I brought him here 1 1/2 years ago. Almost immediately, I began noticing things that weren't right and would make an appointment to have it checked out. The symptoms were indicative of a recurrence of his cancer, which has led to his kidney failure. The doctors at Sunridge missed it and made a real mess of my dog's treatment. Just a few months ago, one doctor finally decided to refer me to Los Angeles for testing, saying none of the vets in the valley are capable of the test my dog needed. When I asked for the referral, he didn't know anyone in L.A. Ok. That was helpful. Wasn't true that no one in the valley could help. My dog is currently in a vet hospital in Las Vegas (his prior vet) fighting for his life after major surgery. My old vet had no trouble diagnosing his problem immediately. \r \r Sunridge performed two surgeries to remove bladder stones that my dog never should have had if they had paid attention to his symptoms and diagnosed him properly over a year ago. \r \r When I asked for a copy of his records in order to go elsewhere for a second opinion, they made me wait in their reception area several hours and then handed me envelopes for both my dogs. The records were incomplete and inaccurate. They only included doctor notes and the notes were inaccurate - they absolutely did not reflect what went on during our visits. I pushed and over a week later received copies of 3 lab tests. I've been in there so many times in the past year & a half, so it was a joke that that's all they could produce. They didn't want to share my dog's test results with me even though I certainly paid for them.\r \r They're very quick to recommend dental cleaning - I wasted money on that this past summer and it cost much more than I expected. \r \r They're also very quick to push expensive prescription food. My older dog has inflammatory bowel disease and we had that under control until Sunridge took over his care. I finally went back to his prior diet on my own but constantly had to hear them tell me how bad his diet is (homemade and nutritionally balanced, as prescribed by his prior vet).\r \r They performed another surgical procedure on my dog which turned into a fiasco (much suffering for my dog) and turned out to be completely unnecessary. \r \r They also botched it with my younger dog. He's very healthy but had an eye infection. The vet we saw at Sunridge prescribed eye meds I've never heard of and three days later my dog's eye was sealed shut from the infection. I took him back to my old vet and his infection was under control within two days, as well as a diagnosis for the cause of the infection and treatment for that. \r \r The only positive thing I can say about Sunridge is that everyone on staff was always very nice. I'm so sorry I ever went there because my dog has paid a steep price for their lack of care. more

A very BAD experience. 2/14/2012

All we got was a bad attitude and a bunch of grief from Dr. Snead and the receptionists. They tried to throw a bunch of charges at us without any prior approval or explanation, and refused to let us speak to the doctor about them until we paid for them, which they informed me, was their policy. My girlfriend brought our dog here to see about his allergies, and to get a dental cleaning. She asked for an estimate the first visit. Did not receive. Since I wasn't there, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. We took the dog in for the next visit, and asked for an estimate. We were told the doctor would go over that. We saw the doctor, asked for an estimate. Ten minutes later he came back with a list of charges in the neighborhood of $1200. I told him sorry for wasting his time, but that we would not be spending that kind of money today, and that we wouldn't have wasted his time had we been given a prior estimation of charges. We agreed to do a handful of the procedures. He assured me it wouldn't exceed 200-250 dollars, and that he wouldn't perform the other procedures. Later that day we came to pick up the dog, charges were $390. I asked to speak to the doctor, but was told I couldn't until the charges had been paid. I told them I would not pay until I spoke to the doctor, as the charges exceeded his estimate. They went back and forth relaying my messages, until finally they came back and said that the doctor said we could pay for the dental work ($150), and that the other charges would be removed (a culture had been taken, some prescriptions added). Since they wouldn't let me talk to the doctor about the charges, and nobody could explain them, I said ""sold"" and handed them my card. We were paid and ready to go, just waiting on the dog at this point. After 15 minutes of waiting, Dr. Snead came from the back, and demanded to speak to me outside. I told him I just wanted to get my dog and leave, that I would not be coming back. He practically dragged me outside and attempted to lecture me for 5 minutes about what a great doctor he was, how he had performed the procedures (that I had refused) anyway, and that the extra charges were for a prescribed drug based on his findings. His actions and words were condescending, impolite, unprofessional, and I cut the conversation off, told him to bring me my dog. Then he tried to lecture my girlfriend in a very childish manner, and she did the same. Finally, he became even more childish and he told us we were banned from the hospital (I had already told him three times I would not be back), which I said was fine, ""bring me my dog"". Finally, 10 minutes later, our dog was brought to us outside, bathed against our orders, as he has allergies, the purpose of the whole visit (he scratched off his skin and fur for the next 2 weeks). The whole experience was a fabulous disaster, and I can't believe that a doctor would act in such an unprofessional manner. more

I've searched high and low, this office is the place! 2/15/2011

Ive come here a couple of times for care of 4 legged creatures. I find the staff to be very welcoming and genuine in comparison to other animal hospitals Ive been to. I was extremely delighted to meet Dr. Stone when I had to take my gross cat, Smegul, in for a looking at. She was kind and gentle with him and very informative while answering my questions. She talked to me like a human being on the same level with her and never once seemed to doubt my comprehension... That's one of my biggest peeves; doctors on their PhD pedestals. \r \r We've been there a second time with our dog Cow for a lip infection. I've searched high and low for a vet I like, and I feel like this office is the place! more

Extremely happy 1/18/2011

Extremely happy with my entire experience here. Very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The staff was professional. The check up was quick and informative. The cost was inexpensive. I felt very confident with my choice coming here. more

Stellar service! 12/31/2010

Stellar service! Brought my yorkie Max in for an ear cleaning. They took excellent care of him, and had him cleaned up and beautiful for me in no time! Superior service, great prices, great location. Love it! more

Super place! 12/29/2010

Super place to take your pets! I love bringing my dogs here when they get sick. They are always very sweet and treat my dogs really well. The prices are always reasonable, and the doctors always know what's best to take care of my babies. Thank you so much for being such a super duper place! more

very great experience 12/22/2010

Brought my dog Phoebe in because she had gotten a little ruffed up a the dog park. She's a very small dog with a big attitude. The front desk staff was very sympathetic and friendly. We were shown to an exam room and met by the doctor. She was very sweet to my little Phoebe, who was in no mood to be handled. Dr. Stone was very patient and did a great job of wrangling in my little sunshine. A couple of stitches and she was fine. Overall a very great experience. more

Very good service 12/7/2010

My cat, Phoebe, was sneezing up a storm. She would sneeze and sneeze and sneeze, and when she was done, she'd just lay on the floor breathing heavily and squinting a lot. I brought her down to the vet and she was looked over by Dr. Fontes. He diagnosed her with sinusitis and recommended treatment. They did a sinus wash, with which Phoebe was none too pleased, and prescribed some antibiotics. Overall a very good experience. more

Very helpful staff 12/2/2010

I brought our St. Bernard in to Sunridge Animal Hospital for a rash he had on his side. He'd been scratching it raw. The people there were really nice and took good care of Bob. The price was reasonable, I thought, and Bob came home good as new. Thanks Sunridge Animal Hospital! more

Excellent service 11/29/2010

I brought my dog Jo-Jo in to Sunridge Animal Hospital today to get his shots, and was very pleased with the service I received. The front desk staff was friendly and knowledgeable, the clinic was clean and well maintained, and the fees were more than reasonable. Dr. Maertens examined Jo-Jo, spoke with me about proper grooming and nutrition, and even recommended some new food that would properly aid his development. My little chow got all his shots and a good wash, and he came out looking sparkling new and very happy. A great many thanks to Sunridge Animal Hospital this Thanksgiving for the excellent service they showed to me and Jo-Jo. more

a great place to take your pet 11/26/2010

My persian, Fluffy, decided it was a great idea to eat my Christmas decorations, including the Pointesettas. She began vomiting, so I rushed her down to Sunridge Animal Hospital. The staff quickly got me into an exam room where I was soon greeted by Dr. Rosa. She examined Fluffy, and assured me that there was nothing I need worry about. They gave her some medication to neutralize the toxins and an iv to recover her fluids from vomiting. It was such a relief that Dr. Rosa was able to care for Fluffy, at a great cost. more

Thank you for being awesome! 11/25/2010

I recently took my yorkie to Sunridge Animal Hospital to get fixed. Seemed like a routine visit, until I found out my dog had cancer. When Dr. Stone began the examination, she found a small tumor on his underbelly. I was in a panic. I had never experienced this before. Dr. Stone was really patient and talked me through everything. She assured me that it was small enough that they should be able to excise it and Galileo would be fine. Though I was very anxious about the big "c" word, Dr. Stone was very sweet. Galileo had to stay overnight for surgery and recovery, but the whole thing went very well. I am so thankful to them for everything, especially at this time of year. Thank you Dr. Stone! more

Sunridge Animal Hospital 8/24/2010

Apologies to the staff at Sunridge Animal Hospital..Personally I have never been to this clinic...If the Dr.'s are as good and are as friendly here as the Dr.'s at Pebble Maryland Animal Hospital, I am sure your visit will be a pleasant one... more

Truly excellent veterinary practice 6/11/2010

This practice has saved 2 of our cats' lives, one kitty's more than once. They are incredibly professional, efficient, kind, affordable, knowledgeable. They make refills instantly. They have state of the art equipment. I get x-rays and test results from them far more quickly than from my own doctors. In fact, they are more compassionate and respectful of their patients than many human doctors I've met -- by far. Oh, and they make house calls, which is worth it for us for a kitty who's ancient and fragile and is traumatized by trips to the vet. Worth every penny. But more generally, I appreciate two things most of all: they will take an emergency case with no advance notice and no waiting. They obviously brought our nearly-expired kitten back to life when we rushed him in in terrible, terrible shape. But they also kept me calm and worked assuredly. It was not until after he was out of crisis that they let on how dire his situation had been (he'd fallen behind a water heater, upside down, was stuck there for nine hours). Secondly, they treat our ridiculously old other cat with tremendous care and dignity. They have sent us to a cardiologist, worked in tandem with the specialist, never ever act like treatment X or medication Y is a waste of time on a pet so old; yet they also never needlessly bleed us of money on treatments not practical for a cat near his third decade of life. I really fail to understand how there could be so many glowing reviews and yet a couple negative ones that are so scathing. It's almost like they're talking about some parallel universe, not the Sunridge Animal Hospital I know. Sure, they do get busy, but I've never ever seen them be rude or short with anyone. I've watched a vet stand patiently and answer questions of almost comical detail for a nervous young woman about to get her rat neutered. Seriously. Pros: hours, staff, emergency care, compassionate Cons: busy, but that's because they're good more

Most compasionate Vet in the world 5/12/2010

Dr. Benson is the most campassionate person you can meet and Dr Maertens..They were there for my dog and help me thorugh the terrible ordeal I went through with my dog. She had cancer and it went through her like wildfire.. Dr. Benson was there for me and let me be with Angel for a long time, when she put her to sleep she was so caring and was petting her too. I could say this Animal hospital love their Animals and has a heart of gold. If I get another dog this is where I will go and to watch my dog growup with them. The staff is excellent...This is where you want to take your pet.They have a HEART!!!! The other reviews I do not believe. Please give them a try I guarantee you will have a Happy Experience. Pros: Compassionate,Excellent,Love your dog, Cons: There are none more

Great and Professional 2/25/2010

I have been going to Dr. Ceballos for 5 years. My cat loves him and we have both been treated great. I would recommend this vet to anyone. Pros: Randy Ceballos Cons: Non more

Great Service, Caring and Professional Doctors 2/15/2010

I have been going to this vet for 2 years with my 2 dogs and have had nothing but excellent service by great people. I have never witnessed any of the negative behaviors other reviewers claim to have. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants caring doctors and friendly staff. more

Incompetent Ignorant Uncompassionate Uneducated Rude Office 11/17/2009

I did not heed the warnings, The Front end office staff is the rudest, most incompetent human beings on the face of the planet. I have never in my life been so angry at the way I was treated at this place. It is all about my sick dog and these people hung up the phone on me, did not put the Dr. on the phone, and could care less about the welfare of your pet . They refused to give me the medications I needed for my pet because I was ordering them from Pet Nutrition Inc.The price difference is 26 cents a pill compared to 1.25 a pill at Sunridge. They said that it was not life threatening for him not to have his meds and gave me my file back and told me never to go there again! The front manager told me there were no Doctors available which was a flat out lie. What kind of human beings are these people to do what they have done! I do not understand why Dr. Ceballos does not hire a staff that will help his business instead of destroying his business one customer at a time. I have never in all my years been so angry as to the way I have been treated at this clinic. JUST STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Find another place to care for your pet until Dr. Ceballos gets what is going on at his business and makes a public announcement to apologize to all the customers that are treated badly by his office staff. It is criminal to treat people the way they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to Oasis Animal Hospital down the block and they were not surprised at what happened to me. They hear this all the time about Sunridge Animal Hospital. Pros: Dr Ceballos Cons: Heed the Warnings JUST DONT GO! more
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