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Sun Surveys Llc - 5 Reviews - 9425 SW 72nd St, Miami, FL - Biological Research Reviews - Phone (305) 728-0130

Sun Surveys Llc

9425 SW 72nd St
Miami, FL 33173
(305) 728-0130
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All reviews seem negative


I worked at Sunsurveys for about 6 months then left because I found a better paying job. Sunsurveys is composed primarily of high school students and college students (ages 17-25)...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2012

Its true,, there is no ""list"" for political campaigners BUT if you tell them to stop they must cease. Best solution is to find out if your state allows residential phone owners to record without permission (most do). Get a tape of you telling them specifically that you do not wish them to call you again then turn in every call after that to your states atty general. more


I worked at Sun Surveys last summer and to be quiet honest, its the worst job i have ever had. Although the hours were decent and the pay was alright, there was just no way i was willing to stay working there. I feel so sorry for the people who work there and wish that the people we call knew what we had to go through. Trust me, calling them at all hours of the night is the LAST thing any of us want to do. I would not recommend this as a place to work for anyone unless you are absolutely desperate.The computers are dinosaurs, the chairs are either broken or torn, the place is basically a hole in the wall. There is no respect in that environment. The supervisor cared more about reaching the quota than the employees sanity. Its all supposedly ""unbiased"" but that is completely untrue. I felt disgusted just reading the script. No matter what, everyday that i called, there was someone to curse at me for calling them AGAIN. THERE IS NO LIST!!! don't ask to be taken off of it because its all computer generated. When ask to speak to the supervisor, half the time they hold the phone away form their ear and wait for the person to rant then coldly say ""we will take you off the list"" and hang up. I once asked how to take someone off the list and my manager laughed and said ""there IS no list!"". I could not believe the scum that i worked with. Its all based on lies and brainwash. i quit immediately after my first paycheck and never looked back. Pros: Flexible Hours Cons: Horribly Unprofessional more

Former employer 12/22/2009

I worked at Sunsurveys for about 6 months then left because I found a better paying job. Sunsurveys is composed primarily of high school students and college students (ages 17-25). The job of interviewer entails calling a voter list to ask them ""non biased"" political ""questions."" In my opinion the questions are very biased and most of the ""questions"" are statements pitching political views and opinions . We did call people past 9 on a lot of nights and did call numbers we took of the ""list"" but i disagree with the anonymous poster that says it was the supervisors fault. Sunsurveys has a very poor system for the phone numbers the computers generate. It was always the same numbers with the same people or household we were calling. The supervisors were there just to encouraged the employees to get surveys and discipline rude or improper employees. The technical stuff I overheard came from DC. Clients from DC also made appearances on a couple occasions, so blame the ownership of sunsurveys and political clientele for calling people late and so many times. Conducting the surveys can be long and stressful because of difficult or unhappy people. So be prepared to be sworn and yelled at by anger people because your calling them multiple times a day for different family member names to conduct surveys. The daily quotas are set by average employee performance. So as long as you try you wont be reprimanded. The job can be an almost enjoyable and bearable experience if you have a good friend to chat with in between surveys. My experience at Sunsurveys was fair. I had had two previous jobs and Sunsurveys was my longest employment. They are very flexible with your hours and the pay is 8 dollars starting, although inconsistent at times, with a 25 cent raise every three months if you hassle the manger a couple of times. Its an alright summer or part time job for students who get hired with good friends. P.S. Beware of the rude ""lady"" in the front office who answers the incoming phone calls and conducts the hiring. Pros: Flexible hours, 75 cents above minimum wage. Cons: Unrealible work hours. more

former employee 11/10/2009

I feel bad for the people that work there. And worse for the people we call. The supervisors there are incompetent. The people who call you past 9 it's not really their fault but the supervisors that keep making us call. For those who make complains to FCC or what have you. Are sadly wasting there times I over heard a supervisor speak to another employee who was asking about a lady who was going to make a complain he responded ""Let her complain what are they gonna do? We're funded by the government."" Pretty much were gov. sponsored so if you go complain it really doesn't affect them. And don't bother asking the interviewers that call for who were doing surveys for they don't have any information about the people we do the surveys for. And as for the list thing. We honestly don't have a list it's all computer generated. Even if they tell you their taking off a list its a lie. Your name will probably show up again and you'll receive a call again. They really don't care. And the way employees are treated in disgusting. Mainly because its a bunch of teenagers. I wish they would shut it down for everyone's sake. Pros: its some way to earn money Cons: most unproffesional place more

AWFUL PEOPLE 8/11/2009

Last Tuesday I got a call on my cell phone from this place around 5:30. I didn't recognize it so I didn't pick it up and they didn't leave a message. They called again at 10:01PM Central Time and again I didn't pick up. They called back the next day after 9PM and I finally answered. They knew my first name and said it was a political survey. I chewed out the guy and asked him why he was calling so late. He was brass enough to ask me what time it was where I am. I told him not to call again. Then yesterday they called my house phone twice and asked for a different name - now I know this is not a coincidence. I called this company today to request that I be taken off their list. The rude witch on the phone said that they don't have a specific list or names, even though they knew my name last week. And after I told her that they called me last Tuesday after 10PM she denied it and argued that it was impossible and asked if I had the right company. Why would I randomly find a Florida survey company and make up a story?! I was furious by her attitude and I hope my request to take both my numbers out is completed. GOOD THING I REPORTED THE SORRY SLIME TO THE FCC. HAVE FUN WITH THAT SUN SURVEYS! Pros: REPORT TO FCC Cons: ANNOYING INVASION OF PRIVACY more

Rude, horrible customer service!!!! 10/26/2008

I don't know anything about this company except for the fact that it's customer service is horrible for lack of a better term. For the past month and a half my husband and I have been receiving phone calls from this company. We have asked numerous times to be taken off their call list and still have yet to be taken off. My husband has asked many of times to speak to a supervisor only to be hung up on by the person. These people are rude and have no customer service skills what so ever. I don't suggest anyone use this company based on the fact that they can not follow through with one simple request!!! Stop calling my house. I'm in NH they are in FL. I am not interested in what ever it is that you are selling. Pros: There are no pros to this company as far as I'm concerned more
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