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Suholet David W Md - 20 Reviews - 22 Lenox Pointe NE, Atlanta, GA - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (404) 325-0100

Suholet David W Md

22 Lenox Pointe NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 325-0100
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I saw these reviews when looking up the phone number for Dr. Suholet's office. I'm surprised by the negative ones. I think he's easy & charming. We chat about pet dogs and basebal...


I'm sure that some people have had a good experience with this doctor, and probably some have managed to bond with him, but my experience was consistent with most of the one and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/26/2014

Prior to my experience with Dr. Suholet, I was with a wonderful Dr. for 12 years until his retirement. Dr. Suholet was recommended to me by that same Dr. In all of my years in dealing with the Medical field from receptionists to Surgeons I have never had an experience quite like this one. Upon my first visit Suholet spent fifteen minutes asking me questions from a standard list he read from. In that short frame of time He diagnosed me with a possibility of serious problems in the future. As he got up he stated that he was hesitant to take me on but he would and I would have to be monitored. I was in such shock, I didn't quite know what to say so I left wondering how he could have done that. As I said earlier I was with the same Dr. for 12 years and nothing of this nature came up. I'm very basic in my prescriptions, a mild one for depression and another for sleeping disorders. This visit was $170.00. A month goes by and I do not have my prescriptions filled, so I call and they tell me another appt. is necessary. I walk in and he starts on about a history book he read and before I could say anything he hands me my prescriptions. I did not notice what he had done until I got to the pharmacists. He had cut my regular prescription down to a third with no explanation. I called that day and he said it's all I needed and would decide later on if I required more. That visit was $75.00. That's when I decided to get a second opinion, when I called the office to see another Dr. in the same practice the receptionist tried without success to explain the policy. When I asked for clarification, she called me an a****** and hung up. I called back and spoke with the Office Manager and all she did was defend the lady who used such language and telling me she was having a bad day. I have since found another Dr. and after a visit of more than hour, he stated that he would fill my prescriptions as required and I went on my way. Dr. Suholet and his staff are unprofessional, rude, and lacking in knowledge and basic business principals. My suggestion is to avoid this Dr. at all costs and to find someone that at least can fake listening. Stay away, you will be glad you did. more

He's nice at first, but quickly turns 6/11/2012

He's nice at first, but quickly turns rude. more

I like him.... 3/2/2012

I saw these reviews when looking up the phone number for Dr. Suholet's office. I'm surprised by the negative ones. I think he's easy & charming. We chat about pet dogs and baseball, nothing creepy about that. 15 minute med check appointments aren't a substitute for therapy (and aren't supposed to be). He quickly found a combination of meds for anxiety & depression that work well and cause me almost no side effects. more

Not great with people 2/9/2012

I'm sure that some people have had a good experience with this doctor, and probably some have managed to bond with him, but my experience was consistent with most of the one and two star reviews. I found Suholet to be pretty cold, sometimes irritable, and not too keen on me trying to have any discussion about my own treatment plan. He pretty much wanted to tell me how it is and have me take whatever meds he gave me without too much questioning. To be fair, my expectations may have been off-center b/c I didn't realize at the time that psychiatrists don't necessarily see their job description as including talking patients through things. I think he prefers to be a medication manager, period. I don't think he's a bad guy, I think the person who said he is good if you know what you need and just need someone to manage the scripts was dead on. He doesn't seem too happy himself and so I don't think he has much patience or finesse to spare for his depressed and unstable patients. more

ONE OF THE WORST 1/19/2012

I have been getting treatment for depression for over 16 years, and this doctor is one of the worst I have ever encountered. When he decided I needed to be hospitilized, he wrote it on my bill and said schedule your next appointment when you get out. That was it - no recommendations on what hospital to go to or anything. He sent me out the door like he had just told me to work on my communication skills - like it was no big deal. After I got out of the hospital, he actually suggested I go on dissability. I was completely insulted. It scares me to think that there might be suicidal patients relying on him for help right now. I felt he couldn't care any less about my treatment, and I was so depressed that I couldn't even stand up for myself and question him. I wish there was a way to hold doctors like him accountable for their actions. If you are looking for serious help, Dr. David Suholet is definitely not the doctor for you. more

Terrible Doctor 11/15/2011

This was, without a doubt, the worst experience I've ever had with a psychiatrist. The building and receptionist are fine, but he is unresponsive and dense. I went in because my insurance stopped covering the Doc I've been seeing for years and needed someone just for periodic med visits. I felt like he didn't listen to a WORD I said. And the advice he gave was like he had never taken a basic psychology course. My brother went to see him later, against my recommendation, and had the exact same experience. I would NOT recommend this man to ANYONE. This is the first time I have ever written an online review and specifically signed up just bc I felt the others needed to be warned about the shortcomings of this doctor. more

Very bad experience. He seems to want your money not to help 10/26/2011

I had an appointment with Dr. Suholet at 9:30 am. This was my first visit ever to this kind of a doctor so I decided to come a bit early thinking I would have plenty of paper work to fill out. I waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes while the receptionist (she was very polite) helped another client. When I got my paper work and began filling it out Dr, Suholet quickly came out and signaled for me to follow him. No hello, or anything. I honestly don't think he knew my name at this point. \r He bagan our session by telling me my appointment would be cut short because I was late. After I told him I had been in the lobby waiting for the receptionist to finish he promptly changed the subject. During our session Dr. Suholet's phone consistently kept going off. He was obviously very disconnected and I can't help but wonder if he needs to see someone for himself. I do not feel like he listened to me, or gave me a proper assessment. Our appointment was cut short when he decided it was the end; he practically shoved me out of his office. The moment I walked out, another person walked in.\r The entire experience made me feel like a number, or perhaps a dollar sign. I DO NOT recommend him at all. You are better off talking to a rock. At least the rock will listen more intently, show more compassion, and perhaps know what your name is before they write you a prescription. I am definitely not taking the medication he prescribed. more

Satisfying experience for me 10/17/2011

Wow...I am completely at a loss to understand the disappointing reviews of Dr. Sucholet. I am embarrassed to admit that I found his office by ""accident""...long story..but suffice it to say that I didn't perform a lot of due diligence prior to visiting his practice. Anyway, in contrast to a number of the reviews, my experience was completely satisfying. He seemed genuinely interested in understanding my issues, and made me confident in his ability to help. I have...and I will..recommend his practice to my friends. more

Worst Dr. I have ever seen! 9/6/2011

Where do I start! I have a degree in pharmacology and on the recommendation of a friend I went to see Mr. Suhoelt. I refer to him as Mr. Suholet because his doctorate only goes as far as a piece of paper. He has almost no knowledge of pharmacology, clearly demonstrated in my two meetings with him. This is extremely dangerous as he believes that he knows what he is talking about! If I would have followed his recommendations I would have ended up dead or in a coma. He is only in this business for money. After paying him $160 cash he kicked me out of his office before the fifteen minutes was even up. I could go on and on. PLEASE AVOID THIS SINISTER MAN AT ALL COSTS! I am reporting him to the AMA today for his negligence and danger as someone that ""practices"" medicine. more

Avoid this so called doctor and his office! 8/16/2011

Dr. Suholet is only interested in charging you fees. He is unprofessional, does not care about your treatment any more than writing a prescription, and yes, Dr. Suholet is condescending. The office staff is just as unprofessional and incompetent. They can never get their billing right, refuse to apologize for their errors and tried to bill me for something almost 2 years ago without providing any supporting documentation. This guy and his office are the definition of the C team. more

Very helpful 4/13/2011

Dr. Suholet was referred by a close friend.\r \r He provided me with the care that I needed to get things back on track in my life.\r \r I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. more

A Fine MD 3/1/2011

I am been under Dr. Suholet's care for a number of months.\r I have been very happy with his attentiveness, intelligence, and overal quality of care.\r I offer my recommendation to this fine physician. more

Helped me beat the holiday blues 12/23/2010

I was referred to Dr. Suholet by my internist.\r \r I had been feeling a bit blue during the holiday season, and I found Dr. Suholet to be very helpful in improving my mood.\r \r I found the office very inviting, and was pleased with this doctor's obvious caring and compassion. more

I am very pleased.... 12/14/2010

I have to confess that I am completely at a loss to explain the other less flattering reviews.\r \r I am very pleased with the continuing care I receive from Dr. Suholet.\r \r His demeanor, albeit decidedly clinical, is clearly an expression of his attentiveness and concern.\r \r Unless you are someone that is just ""doc shopping"" purely in search of another source for a prescription medication you may or may NOT really need...I think you are likely to share my favorable impression. more

No nonsense 6/30/2010

This Dr. is great to see if you have a pretty good handle on your condition and you just need a Dr. to write a script. He is not a small talker and has a peculiar way about him. Not they guy you see if you need to ""talk it out"". He's always available probably due to his unusual demeanor and bizarre bedside manner. He worked for me and got me headed in the right direction but doesn't like to talk much about the meds and what they do or how long you'll need them. He's a control freak for sure and may need to see someone himself. But he was able to write me my meds and that's what I needed. Pros: no nonsense- gets to the point Cons: no nonsense-gets to the point more

he was fine for me! 6/23/2009

I've seen him for 4+ years. Went to him because the ADHD medication I was on was no good for me--he took me off all medications for a short time (1 month), then prescribed me a much better adhd medication and a better antidepressant. I think of him as a no-nonsense MD. He works great for me-including giving me samples & coupons for my expensive medications. Pros: ease of getting an appointment Cons: not so great if you prefer lots of 'talk' therapy I suppose more

Did This Really Happen? 12/29/2008

This guy is incomprehensible. At my (only) appointment, he kept his back to me; every 10 or 15 minutes he would turn halfway around, but no further. Everything I said was met with condescension. He had a distinctly funereal air: creepy and cold. He even dressed in all black. What a miserable, depressing person! After 30 minutes I decided that his problems were far more serious than mine, and I skedaddled. Dr. Suholet brings to mind the age old question of who is more troubled, the patient or the psychiatrist? Avoid at all costs. more

Run don't walk 12/18/2008

from this doctor. All I can say is the previous negative reviews were exactly correct. This doctor is cold and, in my opinion, not in the business of helping people. more

Strange 9/9/2008

On the first visit, he came to the office 45 minutes late and was loud and animated. He nearly shouted about Viagra in coarse terms as if he wanted the whole building to hear him. However, at that visit, he seemed interested in helping me. On the second visit he was subdued and seemed distant, as if not paying attention. He would not look me in the eye. He seemed unable to understand compound sentences, frequently needed to have the simplest things repeated several times. I assumed he was having a bad day, and made another appointment. The third visit was worse that the second. Even though he was not seeing another patient, he had me wait 15 minutes before seeing me. During the appointment he whispered inaudibly, and seemed antagonistic toward me, as if I had insulted him, although I had made no comments about him to anyone. He was unwilling to cooperate with my prescription service. Cons: I came out worse than I came in. Very unusual person. more

Definitely a helpful psychiatrist in Atlanta area... 11/21/2007

I have finally found a psychiatrist in the Atlanta area that genuinely wants to help. He is very knowledgeable and talks through any questions I have regarding treatment and medications. He is personable and will tell things that relate to his own life that make me feel as though he truly understands my issues and want to help. The staff there is FANTASTIC. Dianne is very friendly. She is always very prompt in returning my phone calls. I've never had to wait more than a minute to make payment nor to schedule another appointment. This office clearly understands they need to make a client feel comfortable in order to help with the client's problems. After a year of being a patient of Dr. Suholet, I am truly starting to feel like I am beginning to get my life in order and am working on handling my problems. I would definitely recommend this office and this doctor to anyone who truly wants to receive help and guidance. Pros: location, staff, Cons: can get a bit busy in there on certain days more
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