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Sugarcane - 69 Reviews - 238 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, Brooklyn, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 230-3954


238 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (at nr. Sixth Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 230-3954
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Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY
Sugarcane - Brooklyn, NY


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Curry Mango! I had the chinese fry chicken wings with tambrand sauce and a chicken dhalpourie with curry mango on the side. Then there was the rum punch. What more can I say. I wi...


i have been to this restaurant on many occassions but tonight was the worst. Don't get me wronf the food was delicious as always but the service was HORRIBLE. We were seated imm...

not so great service 3/25/2012

i have been to this restaurant on many occassions but tonight was the worst. Don't get me wronf the food was delicious as always but the service was HORRIBLE. We were seated immediately but was not waited upon for 20 minutes. We then waited another 45 minutes for the appetizers of which we ordered two items and was only served one. The waitress stated she was the only one on duty. My advice for future patrons don't go on an empty stomach. more

No sugar, but will beat you with a cane 1/26/2012

I've never visited Sugarcane for the warm and fuzzy service; it has never existed. That said, the food was once enough to lure me back to experience the punishment doled out by the staff. Where else would you go, and have the staff (especially the bartenders) force you to take control of your dining experience? I've sat and watched them communicate via grunts and nods of the head: Who does that? Is the clientele not worthy of communication? About two weeks ago is when I decided that enough is enough! On top of the indifferent and sometimes rude staff, I was served a red snapper that was so not fresh; I could smell that it wasn't fresh as it was placed in front of me. Anyhoo, I replaced it with oxtails, a dish that was once stellar at this place, but one that I could only pretend to enjoy on this particular evening. Sugarcane, you need to get it together, and stop taking your patrons for granted.! If you were a restaurant catering to another ethnic group, you would have closed long ago, because they don't stand for the kind of sh!t you force your customers to endure. more

Yummy brunch 12/27/2010

My grilfriends and I come here for brunch sometimes, the prices are reasonable and the food is yummy. more

Great West Indian Food 4/24/2010

I LOVED the food. It was delicious and not too pricey. The staff is friendly. The location is very busy and parking is tough because it's Flatbush but you can find some on the side streets. Because it's small I wouldn't really recommend it as a first date spot because it can get a little crowded - not too much privacy. Pros: great food, nice decor Cons: small more

Excellent Food 11/8/2009

Curry Mango! I had the chinese fry chicken wings with tambrand sauce and a chicken dhalpourie with curry mango on the side. Then there was the rum punch. What more can I say. I wish they had one in DC! Pros: Great food | Great drinks Cons: You better bring good company for a good time more

Best Trinidadian Food in NYC! 1/5/2009

This is the best caribbean food that I have ever had and that's why I keep going back. If you want a true west indian experience straight from the island of Trinidad & Tobago then Sugarcane is the place to be. Please note that you should make reservations ahead of time for any weekend dinner plans. IF not the wait can be over 2 hours since this place is very popular but very small. Call ahead! Then when you get to the table have the appetizer sampler and order the roti and curry chicken. Yummy! Pros: great food, drinks, music Cons: too small more


while visiting from England, my two cousins, took me to this place, i would not go as far as much to say is that it is really not a resturant as i think only maybe 6 sets of table it is in my opinion, a bar that wants to be a resturant, but the space is far too small, and the music loud enough to be a club\r we ate, i had asked for a drink strainght, no ice, so they bring it , full up of ice, so i let that one go , ordered a steak well done, it came cut into it, it was red rare, they took it away, and surposeddly cooked it some more, and it was a little rubbery, came back not much different, gave up so i would not really go there again Pros: friendly crowd Cons: food on the everyday menu ran out more

Just dont use you credit card here 12/27/2008

Now the food was great! The price was ok. Its was waaay too crowded and the service was extremely slow. Be warned: Bring cash do not use your credit card. They tacted on a extra $20 even after we left a cash tip. If you dont mind going thru all that for some good food, then enjoy! Pros: The food was great! Cons: The service/ credit card fraud more

Good watering hole 12/1/2008

I had a chicken sandwich because of the menu (not appealing). Good drinks (mojito), great people on staff and good customers. Very cramped- more of a watering hole than restaurant. Pros: Drinks and staff Cons: Crowded and food is not very appealing more


I visited Sugar Cane Restaurant for the first time last night and I must say that it was quite a delightful experience! There was about a 20 min wait before we got seated but it was all worth it after we got in. Wendell, who worked at the door was very pleasant and would continually give us updates about how long it will take till we get a table and that he didn't forget us. Even after we got a table he would pass by and ask us how we were doing, if we needed anything and was always available to answer any questions we had. Within 12 minutes of being seated we were served our drinks and appetizers. The drinks are out of this word - very creative, colorful , tasty and reasonably priced. I had a delicious sour sop colada and my girlfriend had the sorrel mojito. Our waiter was very pleasant, professional and did not make us feel rushed at all. It took about 15 minutes to get the food and when it came it was out of this world. The presentation was fabulous, and when we finally tasted it it tingled all the senses! I had the oxtail, macaroni pie and the best tasting callaloo I have ever tasted (and coming from a Trini that says alot). My girlfriend had the curry shrimp, rice and peas and plantains - she couldn't even finish her meal since the servings were so large. She truly enjoyed the trini syle rice and peas that we were use to and said the food was very, very tasty. The ambiance was elegant, great crowd, friendly bartender and the surroundings had a fancy manhattan feel but we were right here in Brooklyn. Great place to hang with friends or sit by the bar and enjoy good music and a great vibe. \r Kudos to the Chief, Management and staff of Sugar Cane Restaurant. I will be telling all my friends about it and I will definitely be going back again and again and again. Pros: Great food, drinks, service, staff. Conveniently located on flatbush. Cons: Music was a bit loud and it could be a bit more spacious. more

Hit-or-Miss, Trendy Scene but Bad Service 9/19/2008

I think the popularity of Sugarcane is causing it to not be the same. It is extremely packed and the service is horrific. It takes forever to get seated and get served. \r \r If you want to get your drink on or just chill with friends, i highly suggest. If you are extremely hungry, go at your own risk. The dishes are sometimes bland (not seasoned to perfection) As a Jamaican, I have high expectation when it comes to caribbean cuisine. \r \r If you need a scene and want to people watch - Sugarcane is for u Pros: trendy scene, ambiance, great music Cons: wait to be seated, slow service, bland dishes more

Great Scene, Average Food. 8/11/2008

Sugarcane deserves kudos for creating an authentic caribbean atmosphere, I must admit, I go there for the ambience created by the music and the people. The food is average at best and not very good when you factor in the prices. I've had the jrk chicken, which though tasty, still lack that bite, it was much better a few years ago. I am a native Brooklynite and grew up in Flatbush, as such I know places like Fisherman Cove (or even Mom) can offer a much tastier meal at a fraction of the price. However if you are looking for a sit-down dinner or even drinks w/friends in a cool, friendly and festive spot, I would highly recommend sugar cane. Pros: Atmosphere that is unusual in that area. Cons: Expensive, average food for discerning diners. more

great drinks 7/16/2008

I eat out quite often and I heard about Sugarcane from a friend so i decided to give them a try.....the entrance looked a little dingy so I became skeptical but upon entering the restaurant I was impressed on what I found inside. The place was small yet nicely decorated although a lighting was an issue for me and reading the menu proved difficult as my vision is impaired and I wasn't use to the menu. The server was pleasant, the music was good....but to the best part THE FOOD.....excellent!!!!! I ordered the calypso steak with coconut rice and the callaloo puree was divine...a little spicy so i wouldn't recommend this menu item for anyone who can't handle spicy food. My steak was juicy and tender even though it was well done and the sauce was a little tangy. The coconut rice was a treat to my taste buds beacuse as a caribbean native its always been ""rice and peas"". The martinis were great, I had the watermelon and I got a nice chunk of watermelon which after being infused with the liquor was a nice bite at the end of my drink!! All in all a great visit...please try Sugarcane this weekend instead of Friday's! Pros: food, food, food Cons: parking, lighting, small space more

Afraid No More 6/29/2008

After reading many reviews about the bad service I was a little learly about going there. I have now been there twice and all I can say is ""what was everyone talking about?"" The service was excellent. Everyone there has been so friendly, pleasant and helpful. A friend of mine who had not read the reviews commented to me about how nice everyone was. She couldn't believe it when I told her what I had read in the reviews. \r The food was something everyone seems to have raved about (even when they didn't like the service). At this point I have had their ribs, ox-tails, chicken wings and bread pudding. Everything has been wonderful.\r The live music beginning at 6:30 is a nice touch.\r The place is nicely decorated.\r I really can't find any fault with Sugarcane.\r I look forward to my next visit. Pros: food, service, music Cons: parking in area, noise level more

Good Food 5/29/2008

This is a very nice restaurant with decent service and good food. Went with three other friends and we all ordered different things and we all enjoyed our food. The drinks were adventureous and worth the price. I will be going back. Pros: Great Food Cons: Small venue and long wait more

Wonderful food but terrible service !!! 5/4/2008

I love to eat in Sugarcane, it's a really good West Indian place ! But the only thing I don't like about it, it's the people who work there. Guys if you don't enjoy working in that spot just leave !!! \r We went there last night with my boy-friend around 11pm and the hotess was rude as hell ! She didn't care at all about us, so we left ! And it's pity because all my friends are thinking the samething : excellent food but HORRIBLE SERVICE ! \r So I m talking to the owner : Do something about your staff !!! more

Horrible Service 3/23/2008

I have been to Sugar Cane a few times. Each time the service is consistently bad. There is a long wait to be seated (which I can deal with), when you're finally seated however, there is a very long wait before you're even acknowledged...or served (this i don't understand), then once you finally get your order in it's a long wait for your food. To make it worse, the past couple times I got my food it was damn near cold - lukewarm at best. My date had to ask them to stick his food in a microwave or something . I felt pretty bad that we had to ask, but it was ridiculous. After waiting that really want hot food that you can enjoy. Anyway, I hope the restaurant gets better - I won't be back for a few months. There's alot more I can write, but I'll stop here. First things first, we have to get the customer service better. This place has so much potential, the food when served hot is really good!! I really hope management deals with the kinks asap. Cons: Service more

Great food and drinks 3/4/2008

If you are looking for good tasting food and drinks and don?t mind the wait (avg 30 mins or more) to be seated, and the wait to place the order, and the wait to get the food then this is the place for you. Do not get me wrong this place has great food, style and ambience, but service is terrible. I have eaten here many times and it is the same bad service each time. My friends love this place so I am usually out voted. This is a good restaurant, but it lacks qualified restaurant management. more

Sugar Cane or Sour Cane 2/23/2008

This was my second time and I must confess it was worst than the first time, on arrival we were told there was a 30 min wait but we did not mind since we didn't have reservations. we decided to wait at the bar area which you had to play musical chairs with other patrons if you wanted to sit. The drink which I ordered was missing its garnish and poorly mixed. After seeing a couple which came in after us being seated we went to the hostess and was told they had reservations which I knew they didn't have because when asked if they had reservations they said no, I guess if you're not in her face she will eventually forget about you she also had the audacity to tell us we would have to wait another 40 mins to be seated. I told my date we should try somewhere else if we wanted to eat dinner before midnight we ended up at a nice italian restaurant on 5th Ave. I will still love to experience the sweetness sugarcane has to offer and I believe in 3 strikes and your out but the next time I go back and I leave with another sour taste in my mouth I definitely will not be going there again. Pros: Good food Cons: small space, incompetent staff including manager/owner more

Cool and hip caribbean spot with food to die for!!!! 2/16/2008

This small yet quaint spot is lively and active with soca music playing and very nice and professional staff. After reading others reviews I was expecting rude and nasty staff but everyone was pleasant and we didnt feel rushed at all. The food is unbelievable and worth the price. The jerk/stew chicken with rice and peas and cabbage was the best Ive had in a LONG time. \r \r I will definitely go back and with the exception of the small space and long lines to wait for a table, it will be worth the trip once you sit and start feasting. Pros: Food Cons: Small space more
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  • The Scene
    A soundtrack that alternates between hip-hop and calypso sets the tone for this island-spirited restaurant with an urban flair. Stalks of tropical red flowers and...

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