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Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - 23 Reviews - 135 Goshen Rd, Rincon, GA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (912) 826-4700

Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa

135 Goshen Rd
Rincon, GA 31326
(912) 826-4700
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Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA
Studio 21 Salon & Day Spa - Rincon, GA


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I have been using Laura as a stylist for 8 years. After moving from the area and trying several stylists in our new city, I made the decision to drive 2.5 hours once a month just...


I've been going to the salon for a few years. My stylist is Stephanie. Very sweet person. She's always done my hair o.k. The last few times I went there she just didn't listen to...

I wouldnt go anywhere else 11/9/2011

I have been using Laura as a stylist for 8 years. After moving from the area and trying several stylists in our new city, I made the decision to drive 2.5 hours once a month just to visit Studio 21. No one stays on top of the latest trends and techniques like Studio 21. more

Un-Professional 6/8/2011

This salon needs a major lesson in ""Professionalism "". I can't believe they have any business at all and I would do some major house cleaning if I owned this shop. Meaning I would get new employees and make sure my business was running like it should, not like a hang out joint. Hopefully the ""owner"" will see this. more

I kiss the ground you walk on 12/4/2010

My hair person went up on her prices here and I felt I couldn't afford it. So I went to Rebeca at The Salon over by Sweet Water Grill and she messed my hair up so bad that it will take months to get better. But I went in and had my hair fixed by Emily. Em, thank you so much. You are my lifesaver. If I had to go back to work looking like that I would've been embarrassed. Thank you. I kiss the ground you walk on and I will never leave you again. And if you want a bad cut go to The Salon. They will give it to you, or the girl I had will. more

I<3 studio 21 6/19/2010

I always get my hair done there and theyndo an awesome job! I get highlights and recently got pink ink! I always get compliments! The staff is friendly and proffesional;) Pros: They do a great job! Cons: NONE!!:) more

Awesome Experience 6/1/2010

I was a call in color and was very pleased from the moment they picked up the phone. I had to wait a few minutes but the atmosphere was nice and the outcome was worth it. It is not your regular beauty shop, Studio 21 is an ultra chic and modern salon with only the best. I left feeling very relaxed and beautiful and have received numerous compliments on my hair. I will definitely be back and will recommend Studio 21 to everyone that I know. Pros: great atmosphere, good music, good customer service more

Guess you have a 50 50 chance 12/18/2009

Guess that makes this salon a crap shoot. I'm glad brownie 03 has had a good experience. Perhaps she likes that one haircut.... However, there are a lot of different people with a lot of different tastes. A professional provides the service that is REQUESTED. This means that the Professional Stylist has to listen, attend to what is being said, and perform said service.. or if is beyond the scope of her expertise, she should say so and back off. I am sure that you'd be upset if you went to another Professional's office and got a service you didn't maybe a root canal instead of a tooth cleaning because the dentist was too busy chatting up with her friends to notice which room he was in. The purpose of ratings is to let others know your opinion.... So to Brownie03//// you have one and posted it, so I guess that I get to post mine as well. I would certainly hope that Laura doesn't say anything rude about her clients... why should she. SHE is the one providing the service that THEY are paying her to perform. I am quite happy with myself and I don't think any of my family would be embarrassed because I expect that if a person represents him/herself as a professional, I expect them to act like a professional. My comments aren't rude, they are my opinion... and over half of the customers responding agree. Is Laura your sister???? Have a wonderful holiday season. Pros: 8 people give rave reviews Cons: 9 people give poor reviews more

Laura is a Professional 11/18/2009

Laura has been my stylist for a year now. I am really satisfied with the quality of her work. She takes pride in what she does. I even take my 6 and 3 y/o to have their hair taken care of. I have not had any bad experiences with the staff at Studio 21. Pros: Great Stylist Cons: Can't think of any more

Laura is not a professional 11/9/2009

My first experience was really pretty good. The color and cut was good. I made a follow up appointment. When I arrived, they had lost my chart.... so the previous experience was just a fluke. Laura indicated that it wasn't her fault.. she had documented my color and cut.. but the receptionist was throwing things out. I reselected the color (different of course) and she did the color, which was alright. Then we got to the cut. After AGES of growing out my hair from layers to all one length, I had been quite clear that I did not want layers at all. Laura was asked to just trim the ends and layer the long bangs at the side. She became excited because her new boyfriend was coming by, and went brain dead. After trimming the ends, she grabbed up a huge chunk of hair and I don't know... made it look like a fan had chewed up the ends. When I asked her about it, she explained that this cut is the LINDSEY... who would want THAT anyway. Now after ages of growing my hair out to one length, I get to do this all again. I am furious at this fool who calls herself a hair dresser and at myself for tipping her anyway rather than screaming at the top of my lungs.. (I didn't want to make her feel bad in front of Mr. Wonderful)..... Get a new career.. Walmart is hiring. Pros: Close to home Cons: immature unprofessional stylists more

Great Salon!!! 4/28/2009

I have been going to Studio 21 for the past three years. I usually have Sarah or Rebecca do my hair. They are very energetic and love what they do. The shop has a very upbeat atmosphere and is a little different than most other salons. It is a one of a kind! If you leave unhappy, it is your fault because Studio 21 seems to strive at making clients happy. I know opinions vary, but I have a great opinion about Studio 21!! Pros: Have loved my hair every time I've gotten it done. more

Muddy blonde hair and chewed up ends! 1/18/2009

Dear God this place is ridiculous! It is the worst place I have ever gotten my hair done. I am from New York and just moved here about a year and a half ago and haven't had much luck finding a salon. I've been to a few. This was the worst experience. My hair was cut and colored by Sarah. This girl is cute but a very bad stylist. VERY bad. My cut was torn up and looked like something chewed on my hair. What is left of my hair. I specifically asked for what I wanted and she did what she wanted instead. She made up some Paul Mitchell cut and it is awful. Ridiculous! She was loud. Very loud and obnoxious! My color is unsalvageable. I met someone else who went to her too and the same thing happened to her. We both asked her to fix it and she wouldn't unless we paid more money. And neither would anyone else in the salon. NOt only will I not be back but I will tell everyone that will listen just how bad these ""hair"" people are. They all need new careers. I took pictures and I wish we could put pictures of Sarah's wack job on this site. The color was not even. It looks sort of muddy blonde and not pretty at all. They kept talking about getting drunk and what was going on. This place is disturbing. Disturbing that the owner would allow this to happen unless he/she can't do hair either. Does anyone know where I can get my hair fixed? I am not paying one more cent to this place to fix what they screwed up! How is it that when you get your hair done and it is not what you asked for and what is clearly awful hair that you have to pay more to have it done correctly? I just don't understand why I have to pay again and no one else would help me? If you go here too, I hope you have a better experience than we did! Good luck! Pros: They weren't busy. Cons: Awful hair dressers: loud, obnoxious, and not helpful more

Have Not Had a Bad Experience Yet 12/17/2008

Okay, I'm probaby going to regret writing a great review about Marcel at Studio 21 but you have to give credit where credit is due. Now if you can get past the scarey amount of tattos (I have), you find a very nice down to earth person. I have had my fair share of stylist but by far he is the best. When I first called about 11/2 years ago I asked for the best stylist there that could cut fine hair in short styles. He did an awesome job and has every time I have went back. I would like to say that I see him every six weeks or so but my budget dosen't allow for me to spend 35.00 that often on a cut but I will say his cuts are so good that even when they grow out a bit they are still awesome. The only draw back is that he is avaliable only 2 days a week and I think the front desk could be a little more attentive. Marcel makes up for it by really listening to what you want. I think this salon really caters to the more ""modern"" edgy styles (just look at the stylist hair cuts) so that is the style they lean toward when cutting hair. I will continue to go to Studio 21 (as long as they don't jack up their prices). I've been pleased. Pros: Atmosphere, skill level Cons: Front desk needs to be more attentive more

creative and professional 8/5/2008

This is the place to go when you see a picture and that is how you want your hair to look- Emily can do it- she is my hero hairdresser and no matter what, when I leave my appointment, I feel like a million bucks! more

Rude and Poor Customer Service 7/24/2008

I have been going to Studio 21 for about 1 1/2 years. I never liked the way that the stylists would look at me when I walked in, it was like I didn't belong there. I would wait forever just to have someone greet me or ask if I had an appointment. I could deal with it though becuase I liked the way my hair was done by Laura. She always gave a wonderful haircut. I called one day to scedule an appointment for a hair cut and eye brow wax, I was told that my regular lady did not have an opening but that they would take my name and number and have her call me back. I never received a call back so I called them the next day and was told the same thing I went through this several days in a row. I gave up for about a month and then tried again, THE SAME THING HAPPENED. No one ever called me back. I think it is rude to treat a customer in this manner. They also have alot of problems within the salon between stylists. The customer does not come first in this salon they answer their cell phones and talk on the phone while cutting your hair, this is poor customer service. I would not recommend Studio 21 to anyone. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Customer Service more

Awesome CUT! 5/19/2008

I moved to Savannah from Dallas, Tx last summer and have been looking for a stylist who could give me the kind of precision cut and style that I was accustomed to getting in a big city. Debbie more than met my expectations. I had compliments and requests for her name and phone number within the week. Two of my colleagues now go to her and have thanked me profusely for sharing. I write this review with the full knowledge that I'll probably have a hard time getting an appointment with her once the word gets out! Pros: Debbie is talented, and a good communicator. She listened to me describe what I wanted, asked questions, then described what she understood me to say before proceeding. Cons: Can't get a Friday or weekend appointment with Debbie, but she's worth the wait! more

Bad Idea 4/27/2008

I went in to studio 21 salon in hopes that it would live up to the name of Paul Mitchell. i had gotten my hair cut my a girl name Katie..i told her that i wanted something funky,different, and that i wasnt afraid of going short so long as it suited my thick hair. it seems like she knew exactly what i was going for so i ended up just telling her to do what she wanted, that i will be her blank canvas. BAD FREAKING MISTAKE.. my bangs become this upside down U shape with 3-4 long pieces overlapping them, i have side pieces that are uneven one going to my chin and the other about the middle of my neck, really short layers on top of my head that were hair sprayed up making me looking like a have a fountain. it looks god awful but im hoping to myself its just the way she styled it.i end up paying for the hair cut, tipping her and walking out of their trying to flatten the new fountain on my head saying to myself maybe i could fix it when i get home. i cut my bangs making them one length and cutting the sidepieces so that they are even...and then i notice that the on the right side of my head right above my ear thers a huge chunk missing. not one bit of my hair matches the other side its just one chopped up so mad at myself for trusting her, wasting $35 on a cut and then tipping her $10. i end up returning to Studio 21 in hopes that somone else could fix it, they look at me as though i'm crazy for hating the cut and tell me only katie can fix it otherwise i would be charged for a whole new haircut. Me not wanting to give this salon anymore of my money i end up letting katie attempt to fix it. she tells me she cant put hair back where there isnt and ends up trying to blend the chunk that was missing from the right side of my head and just makes it worse. Pros: Appearance of the salon Cons: customer service more

A Regular customer 4/1/2008

I've been going to the salon for a few years. My stylist is Stephanie. Very sweet person. She's always done my hair o.k. The last few times I went there she just didn't listen to me. She gave me only a 1/3 of what I asked for. We would talk about it ahead of time and then she just didn't do what we talked about. I am kind of shy and just didn't want to have to keep saying what I wanted over and over. The last time she did the same thing again and messed my haircut up. Not terribly, but enough. She is pregnant and opening a salon of her own and I knew now was the right time to get out. There are some things going on in that salon that I don't want to be a part of and I just think it is best to get out. Well, all I have to say is ""How many salons does this county need. This will make the 19th salon if Stephanie and Mandi really are opening their own place. I have no idea which salon to go to since Stephanie had been doing it awhile, but I just can't keep not getting what I want. Pros: Nice salon. Cons: Don't really listen. more

Below O Service 3/25/2008

This Salon doesn't get it! They have no clue what customer service is about. It is sad.( I own 3 different businesses; all successful; all bring in over $1,000,000. I give seminars and teach customer service.) I don't usually get my hair cut in Rincon, but I stopped next door for a coffee and I thought, ""Why not."" I am very familiar with these rating sites and truth is I am willing to bet my car that one of the reviews was written by an employee to counteract the bad reviews. Pros: Parking Cons: Service more

Fabulous Experience 3/22/2008

I visited Studio 21 because I had a sudden urge to change my hair that very minute and couldn't wait for Ladies & Shears, which is where I normally go. I was, at first, disoriented by the layout of Studio 21 because I came in through the back entrance, but once I entered the main area I was immediately in love with the style, atmosphere, and music. The stylists' hair looked amazing, modern, and exactly what I wanted (I have a pixie cut, and most of the stylists also have short hair). They happened to have an opening, and I was assigned to Brenda (I think that is her name, I can't seem to find my card...). I described what I wanted, and she seemed to anticipate everything, practically finishing my sentences. She even improved upon things I hadn't thought to mention, like how the pieces around my ears needed to be thinned out a little to make them seem wispier and more feminine, something I hadn't been able to pinpoint before. She was professional, while at the same time extremely friendly. more

Love Em! 3/11/2008

The owner and two of her stylists came to the school where I am about to graduate from in the cosmetology program, and were absolutely awesome. They were so friendly very fashionable, great stylists and wonderful teachers! I really enjoyed having them come and show us something new I was so impressed by their professionalism and all of the knowledge they had about cosmetology! I would so love to go to Rincon a place I've never even heard of and get my hair done. I've never been to the salon but if they were that nice and inviting in a place they weren't familar in then i can only imagine how they must be in their own salon! I loved the owner and the two stylists they were just a lot of fun and really got me interested in my future in Cosmetology and Paul Mitchell products!!! Pros: People excited about their job and really good at it! Cons: Don't have any! more

Studio 21 Fun 2/26/2008

Well, the other reviewers were either too harsh or too complimentary. I am not sure how many stars to give the salon. I am not into rating I just want to give my experience. I don't want to hurt anyone's career. I went to this salon because I didn't know where to go. They were not friendly, but I didn't really care. All I care about is my hair and will you make it look good. I told my person to do something fun with my hair. That was my mistake. Katey really messed up my hair. It was a mess. I went back and asked her to fix it. She was mean. She told me she couldn't. I asked another girl if she could help me and she told me I'd have to pay for another haircut. I am not sure why I'd have to pay twice. Anyway, I went somewhere else to have it fixed and the he couldn't speak for a few minutes. I told him it was a Paul Mitchell haircut and she told me it fit my personality. He said ""She must not have thought much of you."" I had to pay $65 extra for him to fix it. I just think that if they were so professional then they might care if I really liked it. It was my fault for saying do something fun. I didn't know that meant make me look like I cut my own hair with a butter knife. I do think that one of the other reviewers were way too mean. I don't think they mean to give you a bad haircut. I called the owner, but she never called me back. I really don't care how much stock (what is that? shampoo?) they had. Pros: Coffee Shop next door Cons: I don't want to touch that. more
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