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Stuart Allan & Assoc Inc - 14 Reviews - 5447 E 5th St Ste 110, Tucson, AZ - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (520) 881-5900

Stuart Allan & Assoc Inc

5447 E 5th St Ste 110
Tucson, AZ 85711
(520) 881-5900
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Extremely rude and unprofessional workers. Calling me, saying I owe more money on an account that I payed off with the original financial company a year ago? No wonder why when I ...

Unprofessional 3/7/2012

Extremely rude and unprofessional workers. Calling me, saying I owe more money on an account that I payed off with the original financial company a year ago? No wonder why when I called the original financial company to verify, they say they don't work with stuart allen anymore and that my account was indeed closed last year. I originally thought that I was getting scammed, I didn't find out these people were a ""legitimate company"" until I called my company. more

Stuart Allen & Assoc 2/15/2012


Clowns 10/28/2011

I allegedly owed money to an insurance company (Prudential) after I quit working there 2 years ago. The company screwed up a large insurance policy that I wrote and under my contract I owed them advanced commissions. After I quit, Prudential attempted to contact me for about 6 months about the ""debt"" - I ignored them. Then Stuart Allen attempted to contact me for another few months. Then they reported the debt on my credit. I sent the clowns a certified letter of validation (research it online) and then they removed the item from my credit. Then another year later they kept calling and leaving messages. Then I called them back and told them I have no intention of ever paying the ""debt"" and they might as well stop trying to collect it. I told them if the debt was on my credit I will contact an attorney. Then they said ""bla bla bla it is money that you owe."" I responded by telling them to go to court and get a judgement if they think it is money that I owe. Then the guy started talking about payment plans etc etc. I interrupted him and told him I have plenty of money if I wanted to pay the debt in full but have no intention of ever doing so. Then I got a ""thanks for your time,"" that was it. If these jerks ever contact you about a debt that is not legit or court ordered, be confident, know the law, and tell them your not paying and will contact an attorney if they keep bugging you. Tell them to go to hell - they just buy debt for pennies on the dollar and are used to people being scared enough to pay it. more

Put them out of their misery. 10/1/2010

How this got started is this: I got in an accident on the freeway during morning rush hour and neither of us bothered calling the cops. Just a fender bender (me in behind, so instantly my fault). This idiot woman took down my information-- even spelled my name wrong when it was right in front of her on my licence. She was too busy being pissed off to think straight, I guess. So, a couple months later (showing how professional and speedy her insurance folks are) I get a letter from State Farm telling me I'd been an accident, and that they would be writing me a letter if they felt I owed them any money.This letter had been forwarded from my previous address and my name was spelled wrong. (This is how I know their client put down the wrong information.) Waste of damn paper! I never got another letter from them. Several months later I got the letter from Stuart Allan & Associates demanding several thousand dollars. They sent it straight to the correct address this time, however my name was still spelled incorrectly. I thought it over and, given their suggestion to ""govern my actions wisely"", I decided to wait and see if they spelled my name wrong in the second demand letter. Its been a year and I never heard from them again. I never called them or nothing. They had no police report and no name. I think I still even had my licence plate from my home state back then. Reading these reviews, I'm glad I didn't bother. Can't believe I was so worked up over that letter for awhile! Now after a year I damn near forgot about it. Bunch of idiots...Just forget it, and call the cops on them if they bother you again. more

Stuart Allan & Associates Dickensian debt collectors. 3/2/2009

Unprofessional; rude, threatening;Dickensian; hides behind corporate veil; AIG hitmen - if AIG makes a claim against you and hires this firm they will regard you as prey. AIG is on the government corporate welfare role because of their own mismanagement and corruption. Yet, AIG has a voracious appetite for anyone they make claims against, deserved or not, if not, the threat of legal action and unscrupulous debt collection practices by heavyhanded firms like Stuart Allan cause many people to cave in. Pros: Top contender for the Snideley Whiplash Annual Flesh-eater Award. Cons: Avoid them like a pit of vipers. more

I wish I could give them zero stars... 1/17/2009

Horrible. Can't ever get anyone on the phone and they will take your money and not hold up their end of the deal. They have made my life a living hell. Cons: yep, that's exactly what they are more

Poor business practice 12/31/2008

I tried to call this company to clear up a dispute and they were extremely rude and unhelpful, exclaiming ""all claims are legitimate."" I spoke with 2 managers, Elizabeth Kyle (who hung up on me, because a ""raised tone"") and a Logan Keys who told me there are ""no consequences"" for poor business practice and was also unhelpful and curt borderlining on rude. I plan to speak to a CEO or at least someone who cares about PR. more

BAD SERVICE 10/1/2008

There is NO service with what this place called Business. I've read the reviews & reliaze that my situation could've been worst-yet, it would've not made a differences. I'm actually trying to pay their office for a collection over 5 years ago $ 86 dollars to be exact, but it seems like its such an inconvient. Must report them. Pros: N/A Cons: Manager, Jack is too busy ... more

Please Help 6/26/2008

I was in an accident in 2006 my insurance did not cover the damage because of a late payment at the time. Pros: none whatsover Cons: yes thats exactly what they are. more

Don't ask what the money is for, just pay us or else... 5/8/2008

Following an auto accident, for which I was uninsured but not at fault and never convicted of any moving violation, I never heard back from the other driver's insurance company. Shame on me- I screwed up. I went to court where I paid my fine for driving uninsured- and as for the accident itself- nobody showed up in court to complain against me and the judge dismissed it. SIX MONTHS LATER I began receiving threatening and verbally abusive calls from this firm, demanding that I agree immediately to make payment arrangements on my ""seriously delinquent account"" which I had no clue even existed without ever having received a statement or anything in writing. I asked for an itemized statement of all of the supposed charges. After being told that one would be mailed later that day, it took several weeks (all the while receiving several calls per day) to receive anything in the mail. Instead of a detailed statement, I received a very vague letter showing my ""delinquent balance"" and demanding immediate payment for charges whose origins remain to this day unspecified. These people want over $7K from me and expect me to agree to make payments on it without even knowing what a thin dime of this money has been spent on. I've actually wondered if they hadn't just somehow learned about my accident through an outside source and tried to capitalize on it by using scare tactics based on the information they have. Pros: Provide a good example of how NOT TO try and collect a debt from anyone with half a brain. Cons: Too many to list here- read my review. more


These Associates are very unprofessional. more

I give them a great big ""HUH???"" 12/13/2007

I have not even contacted them yet but I got a telephone message regarding a significant amount they claim is due and the ""representative"" failed to leave her correct telephone number, the reference number for the account and couldn't even get HER client's name correct. Not a good start for someone looking to collect money. more

horrible experience 12/2/2007

Agree with charissa299. glad for opportunity to say it on web, and maybe save somebody from these predators. My advise: DO NOT attempt to negotiate with them! more

horrible experience 11/6/2007

Horrible, fraud, idiots just some of the thoughts that come to mind when thinking about this company. more
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