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Strategic Tax Lawyers - Santa Monica, CA
Strategic Tax Lawyers - Santa Monica, CA
Strategic Tax Lawyers - Santa Monica, CA


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Strategic seemed at first like an expensive option, but from the very start I felt they were competent, communicative, and very professional. They handled all correspondence with...


If I could have given them less than 1 star I would have. Poor results, poor follow thru, just plain poor. Almost all communication was thru a paralegal. waste of money,

Worth Every Penny 6/9/2016

Strategic seemed at first like an expensive option, but from the very start I felt they were competent, communicative, and very professional. They handled all correspondence with the IRS, and were strong negotiators on my behalf. Faraz is a great guy to talk with, and he delivered on all of his assurances to me. Highly recommended, I couldn't be more satisfied. more

More than disappointed 1/22/2016

If I could have given them less than 1 star I would have. Poor results, poor follow thru, just plain poor. Almost all communication was thru a paralegal. waste of money, more

Disappointed Overall 11/20/2015

While I realize there is no guarantee when it comes to legal issues, I really did not feel that Mouris Behboud and his team did their best work to help me resolve my case. While they were pitching themselves to me, they said they had strong connections with the IRS and would likely get a reduced penalty. My son lives in LA and I asked him to meet with them in person, as well, and they mentioned a few strategies (for example, a character interview with the IRS agent to get a sense that there was no criminal intent in my situation) that were never discussed or referred to ever again. Over the course of almost two years, he waited for the agent to be randomly assigned, spoke to them a handful of times, and asked me to write a lot of the correspondences with the IRS. Along the lengthy process, the IRS actually changed their rules and offered a much-reduced penalty (which I was led to believe I would be an excellent candidate for) but it never happened. I was consistently told it was "going well" and was shocked when I was informed that after all that, I would be paying the maximum penalty – the same as if I had never engaged a lawyer in the first place. My ex-husband engaged a much less expensive legal option and, in the end, we ended up with the exact same penalties. I have been involved in successful businesses for 45 years and have dealt with my share of lawyers – and have never written a negative review before. But I felt I wanted other potential clients to be aware of my situation. I see almost exclusively positive reviews on their websites – I'm hoping this review is allowed to stay up, in addition. more

The Best There is 7/28/2015

These guys have to be the best out there. When I received the letter that I was being audited by the IRS I thought no big deal. I had an accountant taking care of my taxes. I never even reviewed them. After reviewing them I started to realize that I could be in for big trouble. Thank God the first call I made was to My Tax Attorney. I had enormous problems. I cannot put it in words how very grateful I am for all their help in dealing with my complicated issues. If you ever get audited or in any kind of jam with the IRS these are the guys you need to hire. WORTH EVERY CENT !!!! In today’s world it is very hard to believe how people can be sincerely concerned for you. From the first phone call to the end of the audit deep concern was shown to me. The firm really cares about you and your problem. Believe me when I tell you that these guys are the best out there. I lived through what could have been my worst nightmare. Thanks to these guys I survived a very difficult IRS audit. The firm will be doing my taxes until I die!!! A very special thanks to: Mouris Behbound. Thank you so very much, you’ve managed to keep all my family’s dreams and aspirations intact. Ron Wisansky. You’re a wizard accountant Ron, I love you man! Faraz Mobassernia , I would walk through the gates of hell with you, because I know we would walk out with the devils pitch fork. Thanks for the support at the meeting! Leslie, you are such a nice lady. Thanks for your input. James, thanks for taking every single call. Sorry if I was a pain. Peter, you’re good at your job, thanks for everything. Thanks again, Joel more

IRS Audit 8/1/2012

I received a notice from the IRS stating that my returns were assigned to a revenue officer for an audit. Not willing to deal with a revenue officer, nor with the hassle of dealing with the IRS, I hired Strategic Tax Lawyers. They immediately contacted the revenue officer and the IRS and declared power of attorney and representation. All correspondences were done straight with my attorney. I had no phone calls, notices etc. from the IRS or the Revenue Officer. Next the Revenue Officer wanted to disallow many of my expenses. The attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers fought relentlessly on my behalf. They fought my for my rights and proved through the law that my expenses were ordinary and necessary for the business at my line of work. Overall the attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers are amazing at what they do. They know the laws better than the revenue officers themselves and are extremely tough in fighting for the best case scenario for their client. Thank you STL!!! more

Report of Foreign Bank Account 7/18/2012

I am extremely grateful to the expert attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers. I contacted Strategic Tax Lawyers since I have received a letter from my bank account in Geneva stating that I need to fill out some w9 form. I have never reported my bank account in Geneva on any of my returns for the past 15 years, ever since the account was opened, nor have I ever filled out the “FBAR” form. Accumulated much interest in the account and was extremely worried of all the penalties in which the IRS would impose on me. Furthermore, I was extremely agitated and feared there can be criminal persecution. At first, I tried to resolve this issue myself. I spoke to many attorneys regarding the issue and learned I probably would have to pay a 25% penalty on the total amount. My foreign accounts was a little less than 2 million, and 25% would have taken a huge chunk! Realizing I was way over myself, I decided to contact several attorneys. Most attorneys I contacted referred me to other attorneys and CPA’s since they had no clue how to properly proceed on such a delicate matter. Frustrated I decided to call the firm which is known to have the best reputation in the industry. I met with the attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers for a consultation and was clearly told what my options were. The attorneys were clearly knowledgeable and experts in the tax field, and knew exactly what they were dealing with. The lead attorney Mouris Behboud was remarkable in explaining to me the process of the FBAR and why it was so important to properly file the FBAR’s and how to properly qualify for the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. I was amazed of the expertise which the attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers have regarding this tax matter.. In the end, hiring Strategic Tax Lawyers was the best decision I could’ve made regarding my foreign accounts. They were able to properly negotiate with the IRS, and properly submitted the paperwork so I would qualify for the OVDI. thank you stl!!! more

Money in Israel 6/9/2012

I moved from Israel to the California in the 1995. From my previous investments, I left over $800,000 in my israeli bank. Few months ago, I recieved a notice from by bank stating i needed to show them some U.S.A. forms proving i reported the amount on my US tax return. I was confused and very worried upon the consequences if I did not disclose the information to the IRS. I retained Strategic Tax Lawyers and they were very professional with my situation. They clearly explained to me my options and negotiated for me the lowest amount of penalty allowed! They are very good at what they do. more

Estate Planning 6/5/2012

I was asked to write about my experiences with Mouris Behboud and Strategic Tax Lawyers. First of all, I want thank all the wonderful staff and attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers, they truly have one of the best reputations in the tax and estate industry. Second,  I want to personally thank Mouris Behboud for handling my estate and for the fantastic advise on how to manage my estates. The advice i received saved me thousands on taxes and  I am truly appreciative. Thank you. more

Tax Issue Finally Resolved. 6/2/2012

I want to thank all the fantastic attorneys and CPA’s at Strategic Tax Lawyers. I am a dental surgeon and I am self employed and I do various jobs with different dental clinics. For the past 6 years, I have been receiving 1099’s and I did not file any tax returns. The IRS went ahead and assessed me with their own taxes and penalties totaling over $250,000. I was nervous and didn’t know how to proceed. I googled many different tax relief companies and spoke to many consultants but I decided to hire Strategic Tax Lawyers for their reputation on creating strategies the best ways in resolving tax issues, and having one of their partners a former IRS attorney! Anyways I went ahead and hired them and they got all my penalties waived!!! They even got me on a livable payment plan which was on MY TERMS!! Thank you STL!!! more

Tax Relief!! 6/1/2012

I am a partial owner of a small perfume and cologne business. My partner had a tragedy in the family and as a result we fell behind on our payroll taxes for 9 quarters. We also used up the money for necessary expenses and how no way of paying back the debt. The IRS also sent us notices with penalties and interest and a notice to seize our business assets. We hired Strategic Tax Lawyers and they represented us for the IRS. Strategic Tax Lawyers were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. The attorneys fought for my rights as a taxpayer and thankfully they were able to protect our business and as a result we are still open! The attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers protected our business assets, removed the penalties and got us current with the IRS! I am very appreciative for the wonderful advice and service they have provided me. more

Sales Tax 5/11/2012

current for seven quarters of sales tax. The state assessed me with over 275k in sales tax and penalties in which I knew was too much to pay. I highbred Strategic Tax Lawyers do their fantastic reputation in the tax industry. The attorneys quickly protected my business from being shut down by the state and were able to reduce most of the penalties due to my extreme situation. They also got me on a reasonable payment plan to pay back my debt to the state.  The attorneys also provided me with advice to ensure I don’t fall behind again on my sales tax. Thank you!!! more

Nightmare of filing multiple delinquent returns made easy!! 5/9/2012

I failed to file my returns for the past eight years and the IRS ended up filing for me in which they did not count the many credits and deductions in which I was entitled to. The IRS assessed me with over 680k in back taxes and penalties and interest. I knew I was entitled to many deductions and credits and was looking for a way to reduce my tax liability and eliminate my penalties. The IRS also threatened to levy my bank account until all the taxes and penalties were paid off. I was terrified and anxious. I was also looking to get married and buy a home, but was terrified in getting my fiancé involved in such a mess. Hearing horror stories regarding “tax relief” companies, I was very hesitant in hiring any tax company. But after being referred by many satisfied clients of Strategic Tax Lawyers, I took the dive and gave them a call. I  spoke to one of their senior consultants and was told of all the options they had to offer .I also learned that they were an actual law firm and NOT a tax relief company. The reason why they are so successful I because they are very selective on who they represent, and they only take on clients when they know there will be a high chance of success. I was accepted by Strategic Tax Lawyers they quickly had their tax professionals file my delinquent returns. The first thing the attorneys did was protect my bank account. The attorneys declared representation to the IRS and got the IRS to postpone the bank levy.  Then Strategic Tax Lawyers had their tax professionals file and  successfully attach the deductions and tax credits which I rightfully deserved!! After filing, negotiated with the IRS and got all the penalties and interest on penalties waived!!! After my debt was substantially reduced to the 50k, I wrote a check to the IRS and paid off my debt! more

THANK YOU STL!! 5/4/2012

I retained Strategic Tax Lawyers and could not be more satisfied! Before retaining STL, I paid over 25k to one  “tax relief” company since there prices were reasonable however, after one month, the company went bankrupt and no one would answer their phones. Besides, I was negligent and did not do my research on that company, and after reviewing many negative reviews which the tax relief company had, and all its customers which they made promises to, I couldn’t feel more stupider. Feeling distressed and frustrated over my tax situation, I decided to do proper research regarding different tax relief companies.  I called my attorney and he referred me over to Strategic Tax Lawyers and explained to me off their fantastic reputation in the industry. Unfortunately,  I had to learn the hard way between the difference of a nationwide LAW FIRM and a “tax relief” company. Strategic Tax Lawyers is an actual law firm which is regulated by the state bar. They do not make empty promises and they let me know exactly what my options were. I retained them as my attorney and they were able to properly represent me to the IRS. I wish I found Strategic Tax Lawyers earlier and hope that no one goes through the troubles ive been through with “tax relief” companies. more

Never been happier 4/25/2012

I moved to the USA from the Middle east over 10 years ago and currently am a citizen. I always filed on time, payed my taxes which were due, and never had a issue with the IRS.  However, these few past months I have been having nightmares. I currently own many bonds and different types of investments abroad and I have over 4.5 million in my bank account abroad. I did not report these amounts on my returns thinking that there was no need since  I earned all that money abroad. However my bank threatened to report it if I didn’t and was extremely frightened of criminal prosecution since I have not reported it for the past 10 years. Dealing with foreign account issues is extremely complex and a delicate situation so I decided to hire the best out there. I flew to Los Angeles CA, and met with the Law Firm of Mouris Behboud, of Strategic Tax Lawyers. Their team of attorneys and staff were extremely professional and I was very impressed with what they do.  They clearly explained to me my options available and I immediately hired them. The attorneys were very sensitive in handling my case and made sure that I properly was entered to the amnesty program which the IRS currently provides.  They negotiated and greatly reduced the penalties and now I am able to freely live in the U.S. without having any worries from the IRS. They truly handled my case from scratch to finish and I am in great gratitude to them!! more

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Amazing Staff! 4/20/2012

A year ago, I had a revenue officer visit my place of business and requiring me to pay my 941s (payroll taxes) in which I was behind on. Going through a tough economy and a loss in my family, I was behind five quarters of payroll taxes and the revenue agent threatened to close my business if I didn’t pay over 400k within three days. My CPA referred me over to Strategic Tax Lawyers as the owner is a former IRS attorney. I actually had a team of “pitbull” attorneys handling my case and they were able to protect my rights as a tax payer. I quickly hired them and they declared representation t o the revenue officer and got my business protected. They also got me on payment plan which was negotiated on MY terms in which I was able to afford. I want to thank the team of attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers. They are really good at what they do!!! more

FBAR 4/19/2012

As a retired businessman, I used to travel to many foreign states for business. I accumulated vast sums of money and opened various bank accounts in different countries. When I retired, I heard of the IRS cracking down on foreign accounts and charging many people with felonies for failure to report the funds in foreign accounts. Being retired with several grandchildren was no help and I was nervous and spent many restless nights debating whether I should report the funds to the IRS, or I should not report anything. I was also terrified of losing huge amounts of money in penalties if I did report the various foreign bank accounts to the IRS. I consulted many attorneys and tax professionals and was told that one of the leading tax law firms in Strategic Tax Lawyers. I flew from Boston to Los Angeles to meet with the attorneys in Strategic Tax Lawyers and was extremely impressed in what I saw. The attorneys are extremely professional and experts in what they do. They advised me on the options available to me and I retained them as my attorneys that very same day! They represented me through the whole process and I ended up with only paying a five percent penalty! Now I fully understand why Strategic Tax Lawyers are known to be one of  the leading Tax Law firm. The success rates and stories which they have only prove it. They provide results with professionalism in every case they take on! It was worth flying to Los Angeles to meet the attorneys! Thank you STL! more

Offshore 4/18/2012

Thank you to the wonderful team of attorneys at Strategic Tax Lawyers. I had over five million in offshore funds in India and did not report a dime to the IRS. I was nervous and worried about the amount of penalties the IRS may impose on me for failure to report the amount. I also heard of many cases where there was criminal persecution for failure to report offshore accounts. Restless and nervous, I called Strategic Tax Lawyers since they are known in the tax world in having one of the best reputations. I had a confidential consultation with them and also met the lead partner and attorney, Mouris Behboud. Mouris used to be an attorney for the IRS and speaking to an attorney that actually used to represent the IRS made me feel a lot more comfortable since I knew I was in professional hands. At first, I was extremely nervous that the law firm would decline taking my case since they decline most cases which come in front of them. Fortunately, the law firm decided to take my case since they saw I was very sincere. The amazing team of attorneys worked tirelessly on my case for over 12 months and they were successful in negotiation a five percent penalty on my offshore account. Dealing with offshore accounts can be a tiring process, but the attorneys successfully represented me in front of the IRS and protected my accounts and placed me into the program where there would be no criminal prosecution. Once again, thank you Mouris and the fantastic team. more

Highly Recommended 3/17/2012

I hired Strategic Tax Lawyers for my business because we fell behind on our sales tax for 8 quarters. . I was scared of the state shutting down my business and I called Strategic Tax Lawyers. I hired them immediately as I was very concerned about the state taking action against my business. Strategic Tax Lawyers immediately went ahead and protected all my assets and the business. Then they negotiated with the state a plausible payment plan to help me catch up on my sales tax. They also provided me with great strategies and consulting in ways to help ensure my business stays current on every quarters sales tax. I highly recommend Strategic Tax Lawyers to all those who need attorneys to handle their tax problems. They are an actual LAW FIRM!! Not like those tax relief companies which promise the world but don’t deliver. more

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Extremely Professional 3/14/2012

Having my tax problem being handled by Strategic Tax Law firm was an excellent experience. I failed to file my income tax returns for all the 1099s ive received for the past 5 years. My CPA reffered me over to the law firm and I was told that they were the best in the industry. The owner of the law firm actually used to be an attorney for the IRS, and now is working private!! I decided to hire them since they have a fantastic reputation and I couldn’t be happier. Strategic Tax Lawyers helped me re-file the delinquent returns which I missed. They got my taxes reduced and got the penalties also gone!! I paid the remaining in a lumps some and now I don’t have the IRS breathing down my back!! more

Great Service 3/10/2012

I hired Strategic Tax Lawyers to handle my tax issue a few months ago. I fell back on paying my income taxes for the past 4 years and the IRS sent me a notice to levy my bank account. I did not know what to do since the amount to pay it off was huge and it included lots of penalties. I called Strategic Tax Lawyers and hired them right away. Hiring them was the best decision ive made in regards to my tax problem. The first thing they did was claim representation for me and protected all my assets. The IRS did not touch my bank account thanks to them. Next got me waived on all the penalties and they put me on a reasonable payment plan to pay off my taxes. Now Im happy and so is the IRS!!! more
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