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Storybook Preschool

1032 N Ross St
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 541-9378
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I would like to say that before I found a school for my girls I did so much research on the schools. I found that this was the school for my kids. They have been going to this sch...


The school is very small. They only have one teacher to every 12 students; most good schools would have one teacher as well as one teachers aide. They teachers are not license and...

parent 1/31/2011

I would like to say that before I found a school for my girls I did so much research on the schools. I found that this was the school for my kids. They have been going to this school for a few months now and I am very happy with their care. The girls are happy they always come home and talk about what they did at school and show me their work.\r I feel that my kids are well cared for and safe at this school. more

parent 1/12/2011

Hi I just wanted to take a moment to say that I have only one things to say about this school-amazing! The staff alway welcome the children and they do so many different activities that my child's previous school did not do. They truley offer a great place for children to grow and develop. more

parent 1/7/2011

Wonderful, Wonderful just wonderful. I love this school my kids love this school and so does my friend that referred me! They potty trainned my daughter and my son can write his name, numbers and letters. He knows the sounds of each letter makes and he knows his numbers, colors and shapes. When we were at the stop sign my son sad to me "mom do you know what shape that is?" I asked him "You tell me what shape it is" He said "It's an octagon! It has eight sides that 's what makes it an octagon." My son just turned four this past July, he starts kindergarten this September. I already paid my registration fee for my son to attend this school for kindergarten.\r What a great school and a wonderful staff.!\r Thank You Storybook for being such a great place for kds. more

M.Torres 11/15/2010

I love this school. My kids love this school. The teachers are warm and loving. They have so many activities for the kids and always offer the kids additional attention when they need it. more

George 11/15/2010

Wow I am so surprised to see that someone would post that comment. My son attends this school and they send home several health and safety notices about sick children, also they require all children to get the flu shots. Sick children are sent home as I speak from experience because they sent my child home for being sick with the flu. I have also been phoned by the school when my child has been hurt and they record injuries in the Ouch Report Book in the office.\r I reviewed the staff records before enrolling my child in the school and the teachers have been cleared by the State Department. I wanted to make sure that the school I place my child in will be benefical and he will learn form the experience. In fact one of the most comforting factors was that the staff have been with the school for many years; some as long as 14 years and If I remember correctly the shortest was 9 years. All other school that I considered did not have anyone longer than 2 years. In fact I recently walk more

This school is unprofessional 11/4/2010

The school is very small. They only have one teacher to every 12 students; most good schools would have one teacher as well as one teachers aide. They teachers are not license and do not speak proper grammar so then your children come home speaking in- appropriatley. The school does cater to low income families. When your child is hurt by another student, the teachers will not notify you. When children get sick they rareley send any of the children home; especially if its a close friend or relative of their, they tend to over look the rules for them which then jeopardizes your child's well being. The teachers are always on their cell phones while the children are playing outside and do not supervise them 100%. I'd reccomend you find another school. more

Parent 10/20/2010

I was on a waiting list for a few months before starting my child at Storybook Preschool. A friend referred me to the school when she heard I was looking for daycare. I met with the Director and the teachers, as recommended by the director I brought my child with me to tour the school grounds. I picked up the school packet and started the process for enrollment. I was placed on the waiting list and when an opening came available I received a phone call from the Director and the following week my son started.\r I have been a parent with Storybook Preschool for 8 months now and I can't thank the school enough for the wonderful care my child has received. My son has learned so much from this program and always wants to go to school, even on the weekends:).\r Thank You Storybook Preschool more

Parent 4/13/2010

I was driving by on a Saturday and stopped by and the Director was on site and gave me a tour of the school. She was very warm and she just made me fel as if I had known her for years. After the tour she suggessted that I come by again when they were opened and to bring my children to visit the center.\r It was about 3 days later that I stopped by with my children and my little one did not want to leave. I had to carry him out of the school crying and my older one said he wanted to go to school here. \r I thought it over for the remainder of the week and then gave a 2 week notice to my present school.\r I have been with Storybook Preschool since January 2010 and I have referrerd 3 of my friends to this school. They have all enrolled their children in this school and we are all so pleased.\r It has turned out to be the best thing for my children, they never wanted me to leave them at their old school.\r I still have to carry my little guy out crying he never wants to go home. :) I would more

My child has learned so much 12/18/2009

I was so worried to put my daughter in another school after the previous experience. It was horrible. I stopped working just to stay home with my daughter she cried every nite. Then I decided to re join the work force and I was driving down Ross St. on my way to a job interview. I took down the phone number off of the banners located outside of the school. Once I parked my car I phoned the school and asked a few questions. I was surprised that I felt interested and comfortable after a breif phone call. I stopped by after my interview and toured the school the children were happy, playing, reading books and doing puzzles. I stayed around watching the teachers and children and then one of the teachers asked if I would be bringing my child by to see the school. She explanied that it helps the children if they spend time with their parents at the school before enrolling. I took my daughter to the school about 3 days later. At first she grabbed onto my leg and all the teachers were very n more

One very happy Parent 12/9/2009

I have read all of the reviews and don't understand how someone can write on about the area and assume that everyone is low income. I was referred by a co worker who has her children in this school. We both work for the city and she was referred by someone from the police department. My two year old attends this program and we have been extremely happy with the care that she has been given in the past 3 months at Storybook. I asked the Director how long the school has been in operation and it has been Storybook Preschool for the past 29 almost 30 years. It was also a school for 20 years prior so for the past 49 years it has been in operation. I have noticed the Director and her staff are always cleaning with bleach and water to keep it sanitized for the children. My old school never did that. They put out notices monthly and weekly informing you of activities and any health notices or just simple fun news letters for our information . It is well organized and extremely loving. Th more

Storybook Pre School is Awesom 10/16/2009

Just because of the surrounding of the school does not mean that's exactly who's in the school. That is very narrow minded! Storybook is an awesome school and is very careful on who comes in and out. They are very much on top it and VERY aware of the individuals coming in and out of the school. My son has learned very very much from this school and continues to learn daily. A child of 2 that can count to 10, knows his shapes and colors shows that he's obviously being worked with. Isn't that what schools about? I don't believe it's about the "Jones'" more

Storybook Opinion 10/1/2009

This school seems fine if you are from a low income Hispanic demographic background. If you are not, I would suggest another facility. It is surrounded by low-income apartment housing and does not have any security. Anyone can walk right in. more

Thank You Storybook 7/10/2009

Storybook Preschool and Private is an exceptional school. I have had both of my boys in the preschool and elementary programs and I feel so lucky to have found this school. The organization and planning that this team of professionals follows each year is the key to its consistency. I know of many preschools and elementary schools with very nice teachers and very nice classrooms and when I began my search for day/child care 6 years ago that is what I looked for and found at Storybook. However, my reason for writing this review (other than to help parents as well as the school ;) is to try to share about what makes Storybook so unique. It is a family. They all work together, with love and care, to take care of the children and to provide them with a wonderful place to be when not with their parents. This is not something that you can feel about a school until you have experienced it and can see it's effect on your children. It goes beyond montessori, naeyc, or AIP. It is genui more

Storybook Pre School is Wonderful 7/2/2009

I'm a new Parent to the Storybook preschool, within the last month. I had my son in a nearby facility which i removed him from because of a head injury he received while attending there. I arrived at the school where my son was attending only to find him crying in the corner of the room with a bump on his head. They told me my son hit another child so he was on time out. When I questioned the teachers about the bump on his head the teacher told me he came to school with that. I quickly corrected the teacher that my son did not have that when I dropped him off but that my son told me the other child hit him with a block . They did not even try to say sorry. I immediately gathered his things and said he would not be returning. The next day I left him with his grandmother and went to work. When I went out to my car for my lunch break I found a flier about Storybook. Preschool. Uncertain if I would ever want to take a chance on another school for my son or just wait till he starts kinder i more

This is a class act school 6/10/2009

I have my grandson attend Storybook Preschool. The school staff is friendly and attentive. My grandson started this school and to my surprise his teacher had him potty trained in less than 1 week. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for way a way better environment than public school. This school is large enough to be taken seriously and small enough for kids learn quickly. more

Parent 5/19/2009

I just posted a brief log on another page, but felt it was equally important to write one on this page. My three children attend Storybook and we love it, our kids love it. In the summer they have so many activities for the children and they look forward to the water-slides and sprinklers for the kids. During the summer months, every Friday they have a different show for the children. with three children we are very tight on money and our kids benefit from all of the programs they offer.Storybook Pre School has been a big part in our children's lives. They have a Family B.B.Q. Day at the end of summer, parents can go have lunch with their children and spend time with their children at school. Instead of the everyday rushing in and out just to drop off your kids or to pick them up. more

I daughter loves it! 2/13/2009

I have a 4 year old daughter and she recently started at Storybook Pre-School. I took her out of a school nearby because she was very unhappy and the teachers didn't seem to enjoy their jobs.I first heard about Storybook Pre-School from a co-worker about a year ago. I went t visit the center and everyone seemed to be very nice and actually my daughter didn't want to leave. Unfortunately at the time they were not taking any new kids and I was put on a waiting list.when I did get a call around June sometime I had just started my daughter at the other school and thought it would be to much on her to move her so quickly.I asked if they would keep my information just in case something came up. Two months past and my daughter was crying at night and now crying when I dropped her off, I knew it was time for a change.I called Storybook Pre-School they had an opening and I gave my 2 weeks notice at the other school.My daughter has been attending Storybook now for the past 4 months, she does not more

My Child Is Safe At Storybook Preschool 7/30/2008

How funny it is to see someone else posted a review today!\r \r Yesterday we had a 5.8 quake that hit pretty hard in Santa Ana and my children go to school just down th street from my work, at Storybook Preschool.\r \r A few weeks ago a notice was posted in the lunch room at my work regarding opening at Storybook Preschool. I have one older child age 8 and another age 3 and I was leaving my children at home with my grandmother. I found myself calling all the time to check on the kids and I didn't have peace of mind.\r \r I called the school and asked questions, they were very helpful. I felt comfortable and thought I would go check it out just to see. It's close to my work and I can walk down and see them on my breaks.\r \r I met with the Director and then again with a teacher and felt real comfortable. I took all the paper work and walked back to work. Not to sure about how to check out childcare centers I went on line and read all of the previous reviews posted prior to today's of cours more

Referred By A Friend 7/30/2008

I almost didn't enroll my children in this facility after reading these reviews. That would have been a huge mistake for my three children.\r I was in need of childcare when a friend referred me to this school, I went on line and read these reviews. I had concerns for my friend and her children so I brought this to her attention. She's had her children at this school for the past two years and she is extremely happy. She showed no concern and reassured that the school was excellent and to go check out the school for myself.\r \r So I did, and found out that the school is a licensed facility and has been in operation for many years. They are monitored by A Licensing Agency and anyone is welcomed to read their reports or go to the Licensing department directly to review the facilities evaluations. I must say that this website isn't a valid monitoring system just people with personal issues clearly not stated here and by far not accurate. \r The center where my children previously atten more

NOOOOOO 6/24/2008

I had my child at this facility and as one of the reviews stated below, your better off at a public school. Kids are hanging out in the classroom unsupervised and by the door they could easily run out into the street. The preschoolers that are in the playground are sometimes by the fence where I've seen strangers talking to them through the fence even where the bushes are hiding them. I think they are trying to improve the look of the school but it still doesnt account for some of the teachers innaporpriateness of monitoring these children. I now have my children in a public school and she is so much happier and reads better than when she was at this facility, and she is much healthier and the classrooms are more structured where she is. more
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  • Storybook is a Private school & Pre school where learning happens. Expect a Warm, Safe and Loving Environment. Storybook is home away from home. We accept 2 yr. olds-5th grade.
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