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Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - 69 Reviews - 16911 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (818) 528-3500

Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar

16911 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91316
(818) 528-3500
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Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - Encino, CA
Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - Encino, CA
Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - Encino, CA
Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - Encino, CA
Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - Encino, CA
Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar - Encino, CA


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I absolutely love this place. The restaurant is famous for their Gumbo and Smokey Fried chicken which are both amazing but my personal favorite is the Shrimp N'awlins! It is sooo...


i dont feel bad now...i went to stevies a month ago, the place was empty, few at the bar....ordered my usual, it was fine..had a nice and out in a hour........NOW....we...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/11/2012

Best shrimp po boy sandwich ever! The cornbread is awesome and our server Paul made our dinner a great creole experience!!! more

Over Priced & Over Rated!!! 1/12/2011

Read the reviews and decided to stay away, until my co-workers decided to go there for lunch. I thought I would play it safe and just order something and have them bring it back because i always give places a try, a chance, before listening to negative feedback. Well gues what?!? This place is crappy as well as expensive. For $14 plus tax, i got the most sorry excuse of a PO Boy sandwich ever! Not a lot of meat, not enough flavor and it cost like it shouldda been called a Rich Boy Sandwich instead!! So that sandwich was not up to what i am used to of a po' Boyee Sandwich. I was able to look past that since we in L.A. and not New Orleans (where Po' Boys are packed with meat. You get almost 10 pieces of shrimp commin out the sandwich at Mahony's or Johny's). But what done it for me was my Potato Salad was spoiled. Not pampered, but out of date nasty!!! This place, which i never go to because of the reviews, can't even serve fresh food for freakin take out is beyond me. So to all the crooks and cooks at Stevie's Creole, Kiss my A$$!! more

worst experience of my life 12/31/2010

I normally don't write these type of reviews, but my experience with this restaraunt was so poor, that I felt compeled to warn the public. My fiance and I went to Stevie's Creole Cafe for new years eve. We've heard some horrible things about the service before, however we were both curious about the food; and thus decided to ignore the critics and give this ""mom and pop"" chain a chance. In hindsight, I wish we would have listened to the negative reviews. Upon entry into the restaraunt, we were greeted very coldly by the hostess; whom appeared very disinterested and apathetic. We were guided to our table/booth; which was by far very non- impressive. The cushions alone were very old, and dirty, with noticeable stains. We waited approximately 15 minutes before we were even handed menus; and another 45 min before we were given any complimentary cornbread. The food was just as horrible as the service. The food was overpriced and mediocre. We ordered the wing drummetes as an appetizer. We were both shocked at the quality of food brought to our table. The wings were so smail, with absolutely no meat at all. It was as if they fried up a couple of bones and put it on a plate, next to a pitiful piece of garnish, and had the audacity to call it an appetizer. I ordered the gumbo, which taste more like a doctored up version of Campbell's Chicken soup. Trust me,....I grew up on gumbo,... and this was not it!.....Just because someone thows a couple of shrimp and 2 crab legs in a bowl, does not make it gumbo. My fiance ordered the boneless chicken breast meal with rice. gravy and two sides. The server brought his food out cold ,which is actually a health hazhard and violation. The rice had a small dabble of ""gravy"". The sides were small and forgettable. We brought up our dissatisfaction with the owner Stevie himself, hoping to turn our new year eve around...however that was not the case. Stevie himself became loud and irrate and instead of focusing on the issue at hand (which was our dissatisfaction with the food/service) he instead started to talk about his own recent restaraunt security issue, in which a man entered into this establishment and robbed his restaurant by gunpoint. . We felt compassion and empathry for what had happened; however Stevie accussed us of not caring; and seemed more focused on ""picking a fight"" than resolving the issue at hand. My fiance was spending more time trying to de-escalate Stevie , instead of trying to resolve the real issue at hand.....which is the bad service and horrible food. Despite our empathy of what happended to staff, as a customer we should not have to be subjected to all of that displaced anger and hostility. This has been the worse restaurant experience of all time.....and if you still insist on going (despite this review)....may God be with you. more

RUN AWAY 11/4/2010

We went here with two other couple for a night out. First time all of us could get baby sitters in a long time. We ordered and waited and waited the food never came. People around us were complaining because their food was not coming. Finally we heard one of the waitress say they had forgot to order rice. The kitchen had no rice and most of the dishes they cook require rice. We were starving and asked how long and she could not tell us. So we asked for our check so we could pay for are drinks and leave. They wouldn't bring the check. Finally i told the host that if he didn't get me a bill for the drinks that I was going to just leave. He called a bouncer to guard the door so I couldn't leave. this went on for close to an 45 min with him asking me to sit down an me trying to leave. I should have filed a suit for false imprisonment. PLEASE DON""T GO HERE!!!! more

Good Food, Reasonable Price 9/29/2010

I don't know what people are talking about, I only got lunch to go but I loved every bite and the price was comparable to other creole joints I have been to. Ican't wait to to back for dinner and entertainment. more

In Need of a need cook...... 6/5/2010

I go to Stevie's often and I really like the place ,but the food is not good at all. They really need to invest in a cook that can give you some real Creole food. I will not go back and my friends feel the same way. \r \r \r MEELOLA.......... Pros: lots of TV'S Cons: The food is not good at all more

I love this place 4/1/2010

I absolutely love this place. The restaurant is famous for their Gumbo and Smokey Fried chicken which are both amazing but my personal favorite is the Shrimp N'awlins! It is sooo goood and it's plated beautifully. The shrimp are very succulent and the andouille sausage in the dish are juicy yet not too overwhelming on the dish. i highly recommend this place. also the entertainment is great during the weekend but make sure to make a reservation because the place gets packed, Pros: Great food, Good entertainment, Cute staff, Shrimp N'awlins more

Great Creole Food 3/27/2010

I've been going to Stevie's in Encino since it opened several years ago. The food has always been very good and there is lots of it. I've mostly had business lunches or lunch with friends when I've been in the area. But there have been some entertainment nights and it always reminds me of years ago when I used to hang out at clubs in Los Angeles like Maverick's Flat, the Apartment, Flying Fox, Total Experience, It Club, and it feels like a trip down memory lane with current music. There has been one or more celebrities there every time I've gone at night. I don't know what more I'd want than good food, lovely club atmosphere, good entertainment and people out to have fun. I say, ""Yes!"" every time I'm invited and when asked where to go in the Valley, I always say, ""Stevie's"" because I love the food and I always have a good time. Wanting some fried chicken right now, no, catfish, yeah, I've got to get my Stevie's fix soon. As a woman, I can just sit at the bar and watch the entire show. Pros: You can just sit at the lovely bar and enjoy. Cons: It's in Encino more

Good food bad service 2/27/2010

Entered this restaurant and was seated. We were given menus, and then ignored for well over 20 minutes. Finally our orders were taken. The music was so loud you could not hear your conversation with your friends. We were asked if we would like freshly made corn bread while we waited for our food. We said of course. Our drinks were finally served. And we waited for the corn bread. The waitresses ignored us when our drinks were finished and finally I had to go to the bar to ask for another drink. I stood there as the bar tender clearly looked at me and ignored me. I stood there for about 5 minutes and there were no other people waiting for drinks. Finally I was served my drink which was the wrong wine from the first order and I had to get up again to go to the bar as the waitresses were completely busy with training. I received the correct drink and sat down. It has been a total of 40 minutes at this point. The waitresses came by again and asked us if we would like corn bread and again we said yes. We were about to leave, when either the owner or manager realized we had been ignored and began yelling at the waitresses right in front of everyone. Finally after a full hour we were served our dinner with the corn bread. The chef came out to ask us if it was good. The food was absolutely fantastic but the service was the worse I have ever experienced. The extremely loud music gave me a head ache, as they were also setting up for something else so the over all noise was terrible. Unfortunately I will not go back. The food is good and this place could be a great place if they improved their service and made up their minds if this is a restaurant or a bar. Attempting both does not work. Pros: Excellent food Cons: Terrible service and atmosphere more

The Best Restaurant In Southern California 12/8/2009

We come up with reasons to go to Stevie's and everyone that we have introduced to this fabulous cuisine has returned with others...we are passing on the word. We love celebrating birthday's at Stevie's because the entertainers interact with guest. The music is always fabulous - I don't know where you get them from but I'm not mad atcha! I have planned my funeral to include Stevie's. I told my daughter that she is to bring my church family, family, friends, and soror's to Stevie's. They can tell stories about remember when if they so desire but at least one person must order gumbo and someone must order peach cobbler. When dinner is done, so is the funeral. I don't want flowers, casket, looky loos - cremate me and get rid of the remains then let the party begin. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Need one closer to us more

Avoid Avoid Avoid 9/23/2009

This place steals from its customers. The menu reads (at the bottom of page one) $25 minimum per person on show nights or subject to a cover charge. Well my party and I spent well over $25 per person and we were still charger a cover charge. When I spoke to the manager I was told, the menus are old and it’s too expensive to purchase new ones. Give me a break, the real deal is you like stealing from your customers and last time I checked that was illegal. Pros: none Cons: steals from its customers more

Great 7/24/2009

Its Really Great I enjoyed the food and entertainment.....I also took friends and fam On diffrent occasions they love it. more

Honestly the worst restaurant I've ever been to! 7/6/2009

Stevie's is lucky a rating is required...I never write reviews! Since I'm not a food critic I feel like ""who am I to say what's good or bad"" However my experience (or should I say my non experience) at Stevie's yesterday left me no choice. I have to speak up! This place is horrible! No's bad! Don't ask me how the food was because I couldn't eat. The complete lack of customer service and the foul smell ( a mix of B.O. ,mold, and pork product) made me loose my appetite. And I was starving when I went in! As were the 3 other people I came with. We walked in, waited for what felt like an eternity for someone to greet us, and when they never did we walked to the bar looked around, and walked out. Oh yea but on our way out a waiter walked by to drop off ""food"" to a patron. A plate of gravy with a side of chicken. If we weren't already in Encino and came from weho just to eat here we would've been pi**ed! I was ashamed that I had suggested it after seeing the sign creole cafe. So to wrap this up... just don't go there. Don't spend hard earned money on cr*p! Save the money & plan a trip to New Orleans. And by the way chicken & waffles is not creole! And another thing if they have an A someone paid someone off!!!!!!! Pros: it's next door 2 Johnny Rockets where u can actually eat Cons: everything more

Horrible! 6/2/2009

The Management is HORRIBLE! The owner actually make their servers pay for voids. What kind of management is that???? I would never support or return to this establishment! Avoid this place like the plague! Dirty business! Pros: Most Wait Staff are Friendly Cons: Management more

not surprise 5/10/2009

i dont feel bad now...i went to stevies a month ago, the place was empty, few at the bar....ordered my usual, it was fine..had a nice and out in a hour........NOW....went on a busy night, im not paying that 7bucks...sorry.and they didnt asked. got seated and it started...slow service, no water,asked for a v.s.o.p. drink they gave me v.s.................. thought i wouldnt notice steve!!!........................when i checked them on it ...oooohhhh im sorry they said that wasnt the point for was cold, everything.....asked for xtra shrimp.... didnt get it......bottom line you got a great thing stevie, but get it together ,touch the place up a bit ..with paint around the edges, and on the bathroom doors..........dont get need peolple to pay your came a long way....check yourself..........havent been back since.....out.. Pros: locations Cons: inconsistent more

salty food 5/9/2009

The place was cool-looking. The servers were pleasant, however, the food was so expensive and so horrible. The 2 entrees were sooooo salty. The shrimp was rubbery. Be careful if you have hypertension; you'll definitely be very thirsty after the meal. Pros: nice atmospher Cons: overpriced nasty food more



Entertainment scam? 4/6/2009

My singing group was asked to perform at the restaurant on a Sunday night. We were told that any of our guests would have to pay a cover charge and were expected to order dinner. When we got there, we were told that everyone in our singing group had to spend a minimum of $12 plus tax and gratuity also! We were shocked! Seems like a scuzzy way of getting people to eat at the restaurant, -- inviting us to perform as entertainment at the restaurant and then charging us for dinner that we hadn't planned to eat! Pros: Good food Cons: Entertainment had to pay for dinner more

Booo just f'n Boooo 4/3/2009

I took my sister and 10 friends to Stevies last week 3/28/2009 for her birthday, it was awful. First off the waitress had an attitude, after 20 minutes I asked for a glass of water and a menu, she rolled her eyes and ignored me for 20minutes each time she walked by our table. Finally, my brother got her attention and asked again for water and menu's for the table. 5 people in our party had arrived, she then threw my water across the table, so hard it spilled and walked off. When another friend arrived 20 minutes later, we still had no food. The owner little midget man himself walks over and asked f we were eating because if not we needed to get up and leave! Yet the waitress never came to take out order, I explained that to him and he said he would send her right over. \r \r Finally she took our orders and came back what felt like hours later with the wrong side orders, When I told her that's not what I ordered she rolled her eyes and said tha'ts what I'm eating! I was scared to send it back! Our next guest arrive, still no waitress, but here comes lil midget man who screamed at my 21 year old nephew "" are you eating, cause if not you gotta get up or pay a cover. My nephew told him he was drinking only and would pay the cover charge. He came back 20 minutes later being a complete clown screaming that he hadn't ordered yet. I told him the waitress never came back and that he needed to to calm down with all the agression, he told me he was agressive and I needed to deal with it. I asked for the check, the rest of our party hadn't even arrived! We had been there for a little over an hour.\r \r When the bill came it was almost $400! And we hadn't started drinking yet! An arguement ensued, Stevie told me he was calling the police, I told him he should because he was robbing us, 4 people had received their dinner and noone was drinking because the waitress hadn't come back. After him screaming at me and asking me (a female) to take it outside, my niece added up the bill and found our bill was $140.00! He had over charged us by $260.00! He quietly apologised even though he loudly accused us of trying to dine and dash even though the food was still on the table untouched because we never got silverware to eat!\r \r The music was too loud, the performer was grossly obese with an awful wig on her head, and a leather half top exposing her stomach, wailing loudly, so loudly we could not conversate! We all sat there blown away at the experience, my sister was almost in tears at how bad her birthday ""party"" was going. I WILL never go back there. \r \r Also when I told my girlfriend about the experience, she shared with me a similiar experience but she is a celebrity wife and they charged her and her husband over $800! Seriously! They paid it because the owner became obnoxious and swore they would never go back. What use to be a great restaurant has become the epitome of a stereo typical black owned establishment, and I'm black so I do not mean this in a discriminatory way, I mean it in a shaking my darn head at the foolishness that is Stevie's way! Pros: Absolutely Nothing good to say Cons: Bad Attitudes, The owner has a nepolian complex! more

GREAT Setting 2/19/2009

I've been to Stevie's on more then one occasion. Each time I had a blast. There is a cover charge now due to the bar and loitering around listening to the band, but it is given back once you order dinner. You just have to remember to give your server the ticket. Everyone was friendly and did the best they could. If your looking for someone to kiss your butt go some place else. You get what you give here. The crowd is laid-back and just there to let loose. Pros: Great menu, bar, live band Cons: small but cozy more
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  • In Short
    Stevie's--adorned with vintage posters of African-American legends in music, movies and sports--is packed with suburbanites starving for a cool place to kick it. Down-home...

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