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Swedish Edmonds Campus - 8 Reviews - 21601 76th Ave W, Edmonds, WA - Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities Reviews - Phone (425) 640-4000

Swedish Edmonds Campus

21601 76th Ave W
Edmonds, WA 98026
(425) 640-4000
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If it's been a while since you've been there, you might consider going again. For one thing, they have introduced a new great new ER program to ensure that high-risk patients are ...


If you think about bringing your child or even your pet to this Joke of a ER, you would be get better care if you do the work yourself. Response will be wai...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2012

Investors Accuse ReNu Medical Owner Of Mismanagement and Possible Fraud more

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!READ 7/28/2011

If you think about bringing your child or even your pet to this Joke of a ER, you would be get better care if you do the work yourself. Response will be waiting 4-6 hrs to even get looked at no matter what the situation is. That means you might as well drive to any emergency room across the country! They are building New ER's just like they do Track housing. Do your research and Find something worth going to, especially how they rip you and your insurance company off, so you better log everything they do since they do a better job of ripping your billing off then they do for ER care!!! more

Awful treatment 7/9/2011

Extremely inconsiderate staff. I went here at around 1 a.m. with my 2 year-old daughter who'd suffered sunburn while staying at her grandmother's. She had a fever from the 'burn but my insurance company's help line said I should take her to the ER just in case. The hospital was empty and we were given an exam room to wait in. The nurse said she'd get my baby juice... then vanished. A full hour passed before a different nurse came in to tell my wife and I she was ""going to get that juice"". By 2:30 am no juice, no doctor. I peeked out of the exam room and saw nurses in the adjoining room watching T.V., chatting, smiling, laughing. By now the baby has been a real good sport but she's getting cranky. Still no doctor. Finally by 3 am the doctor comes in, checks out the baby, and declares he wants to check her for a urinary tract infection using a catheder - even though it's pretty clear she has a fever because of the sunburn! My wife and I agree to just up and leave at that point. They basically ignore us for two hours, then have the audacity to try and run a BS - and unecessarily invasive - test. When I got the bill for almost $300 for the visit (in which we were given a room for 2 hours, no juice, and less than three minutes with a ""doctor"", plus no tests or anything), I felt I had to write. more

Changes have been made since the Swedish Merger 10/31/2010

If it's been a while since you've been there, you might consider going again. For one thing, they have introduced a new great new ER program to ensure that high-risk patients are seen ASAP. Many other changes and new programs have been implemented. We have personally used the new ER program, which is why I included it. Within about three minutes of walking into the ER, my daughter was seen & treated by an entire team (about 5 or 6 people), including a physician. Swedish is a great hospital, and I'm sure they wouldn't merge with a hospital that would bring their name down. I have personally have never had any issues at this hospital. I was seen in 1998 as a teenager, under very bad circumstances. Everyone treated me & the a-hole I came with very well, despite our reasons for being there. Back to the present, my daughter is a regular at this hospital. She has asthma and seems to be seen here every time she gets a cold (which means we are there an average of about once per month). Everyone she comes in contact with is always extremely pleasant & patient with her. We have never had any issues here. My daughter is high risk, and is usually seen very quickly. Part of the reason we moved to the area we currently live in was because of its proximity to this hospital. Her words (age 8), ""They take care of me great!"" more

Don't even think of working at Stevens 10/22/2008

I was hired at Stevens, was specific on which job I wanted and then when I began to work, the manager tried forcing me into a completely different position (and different pay grade which I would not get) other than I was hired for and which I wasn't liscensed to do! I lasted all of 4 days as an employee at Stevens, the reason given for my 'dismissal' , my manager wanted someone 'more flexible'! How many more employess are working at Stevens that are not qualified nor liscensed to do??? Go to another hospital to seek your care and work for! more

NEVER USE THEM FOR ANYTHING! Drive somewhere else! 8/1/2008

I had seen my doctor for a sinus infection that was very painful. She had given me a couple RX's one for the sinus infection the other for pain. I took the pills when I was suppose to and lucky for me my monthly friend came along to make being sick even better. The pain pill give to me has percocet, bucause of my friend coming I took some tylenol for my craps. Unknowing that percocet has a large amount of tylenol in it I became very sick very fast. I began to get sick black chuncks... Not good. I called the 911 and they told me I had made myself unknowingly dealthly sick. My husband rushed me to Stevens Hospital where I waited for 3 hours in there waiting room get sick black stuff and passing out. My husband finally demanded to see someone after I passed out on the floor the third time. They brought me to a room where we waited for another 30 minutes for a nurse to come in a yell at me. I wish I could remember her name began to yell at me and tell me how stupid I am for taking pills to get high. Now at 3:30am nobody looks good and I had been sick for the last week, but I was no pill popper! I was so mad that I yelled back at her explaining what happened and all she did was say ""Oh"" and walked out the room. By the time I saw the doctor I had nothing in my system and all they did was put fuilds in me. If the nurses hadn't been so rude and waiting my time maybe I wouldn't have such a bad feeling for them. I HATE THAT HOSPITAL & WOULD RATHER DIE THEN GO THERE AGAIN! Pros: NOTHING Cons: The Rude Nurses more

Horrible place to have a baby 6/27/2008

I had a horrible experience giving birth to my 3rd child at Stevens. I had my 2nd baby there and it was a wonderful,beautiful experience, but the birth of my 3rd baby made it so I would rather give birth in my own bathtub. Upon arrival at the hospital having contractions(about 2am), the nurse (Rose) told me I wasn't in labor. Being my 3rd baby, I knew my body and knew labor. I was about 4 weeks early so I knew this could cause problems with our baby. She argued with me and seeming as I was in a good amount of pain, talked me into a shot of Morphine without really explaining the side effects. I receive the shot she gets ready to discharge me saying to come back in the morning. I asked her to check my cervix before I left and lo and behold Ive gone from 2 centimeters dilated to 3 in 30 minutes. She says to me ""well it seems you are in labor"". Wasn't this what I had told her when I walked in? The nurse was very forceful and kept trying to physically put me in positions I didn't want to be in till I finally started smacking her hands every time she grabbed me.My son was born at 7am, 5 hours after I walked in the hospital. Because of the morphine shot my baby didn't want to breathe and had to be put on medications to counter the effects. He also had withdrawal syndromes and had to stay in the hospital for 3 days during which my husband and I were made to feel like we were addicts. The head charge nurse was very rude and lippy to my husband and spoke to him like he was child. We do not believe in circumcision but were constantly harassed about it. We had to tell staff members multiple times we didn't want one. If I would have left the hospital when told I wasn't in labor there is a good chance I could have given birth to a preterm baby with a cord around his neck who didn't want to breathe without medical assistance. If this would have happened he would have died and with the complications I was having with post delivery. PLEASE DON'T HAVE YOUR BABY HERE! more

Stevens Hospital is the worst I ever experienced. 5/19/2008

I was a recent patient at Stevens hospital and I must say that it was a very bad experience! Student nures and rooky doctors left needle scares all over my arms not to mention that they were very RUDE to me. They talked down to me, threaten to call security on me and talked abotu me behind my back-they didnt know that i was listening. To make this so bad is that these bad habits that the students nures and rooky doctors will take this bevaivior to other hospitals. I strongly suggest that you consider another hospital over Stevens when considering treatment. Stevens hospital is lucky-I could be much, much more nasty when when describing my experience there. i'm lucky to be alive-no thanks to them!!!!!!!! Cons: Bad Service more

worst hospital 10/14/2007

i just had my baby at stevens hospital recently and heres the story ; i just got out of the army 2 months ago and can't afford health care for my family right now so because me and my wife are on welfare maedical they treated my wife and child like a dummy for student nurses to poke and stab they with needles 5 times because they don't know what there doing than a socail worker comes to talk to my wife while im at work drilling her with question being rude the whole time acting like shes lyning to every question treating her like we were some kind of addicts ; than a nurse takes my baby in the middle of the night to do a test and comes back 20 minutes later and my baby had a big red scratch on her face so some 2 hours later my little girl develops a rash on her face and when the nurse came in she had her fingers in my babys mouth which made me mad ; yet , thats not all my wife had a c-section and was in pain and it toke the nurse 8 hour to give her pain meds and than the nurse tryed to make my wife leave when two students where taking the babys red cell sample for a test and they had to poke her 3 times with the needle to get in the right spot putting my baby in more pain than nesscary not to mention almost the whole staff was rude but much thanks to the 2 nurses on shift when my baby came out the where the best anyone could ask for !!!! more
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