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Stepping Stone School 5 - 15 Reviews - 2001 Wells Branch Pkwy, Austin, TX - Child Care Reviews - Phone (512) 990-0044

Stepping Stone School 5

2001 Wells Branch Pkwy
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 990-0044
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Stepping Stone School 5 - Austin, TX
Stepping Stone School 5 - Austin, TX


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When I started my two-year-old at Stepping Stone, I was feeling a bit skeptical. My oldest son had a bad experience in a childcare, so I was hesitant. My two-year-old was not fl...


I was so pleased when we started out our daughter in the infant room, but with the high turnover and lack of qualified teachers, I have become increasingly disappointed with Stepp...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/9/2013

I am in love with this school! My daughter was at another local daycare not too far from here and was coming home telling me about the movies she watched during the day. I was not paying for her to go to daycare to watch TV. I did a little homework and found this school tucked away near my home. I did a school visit and was very pleased at the cleanliness of the school. My senses weren't bombarded with the smell of urine or dirty diapers.\r \r All the children seemed very happy and were ACTUALLY learning. My daughter 2 years old at the time made herself at home during craft time. They let her do an art project while she was there. She immediately made new friends and was very comfortable in the classroom.\r \r Ms. Julie the director is awesome! She knows every child by name, is there every morning to greet everyone that walks through the door. She always seems to make time to talk to parents even when she's in the middle of something. She listens to both the parents and children. I've never seen so many kids happy to go to school. I personally know that she makes sure the students are thriving. She is in the classrooms, making lunches, and everything else.\r \r Lately there has been a high turnover for the teachers due to illness and better pay elsewhere (I used to work in a daycare so I know how it goes), but Julie has tried to make these transitions as smooth as possible. I don't know how she does it day in and day out, but she is an amazing director and even though some days you can see she's running all over the school to make sure everything is covered, she smiles through it all!\r \r I can't ask for a better director. My child comes home telling me all the new things she's learned, she's sounding out words or telling me the letter of the week. I can't help but be thankful for the hard work that all the teachers and Ms. Julie puts in...Thank you! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/7/2012

Pluses & Minuses:\r Great things: No TV's in the building; lots of toys & books; enthusiastic teachers; a reasonable set of rules including the health-related (important) rules.\r \r Downsides: Poor organization, terrible billing service (manual, error-prone, no eft options). High turnover (low pay) and insufficient staffing for teacher illness (constant at any daycare), leads to lack of stability in the children's environment, and a hide-and-seek chase trying to figure out where you're kid is / should-be.\r \r Overall, not bad but not what it could be, especially for the price... more

3 Cheers for Changes!!! 10/5/2011

We started at this Stepping Stone a year ago and all I can say is the recent change in management is a right step forward. The new Director is GREAT!! She greets us every morning and I do not think she has ever missed a day. While they have had some turn over, it is for the good and she is in constant communication with me about it. Ms. Julie talks to all the parents, everyday. She has a warm welcoming feeling that pours from her and is rubbing off on the others! The whole staff seems happy and energized! I am one HAPPY Mom! more

Amazed by my son's verbal and social growth! 4/27/2011

When I started my two-year-old at Stepping Stone, I was feeling a bit skeptical. My oldest son had a bad experience in a childcare, so I was hesitant. My two-year-old was not flourishing in his private care and actually regressing socially and verbally. \r Stepping Stone has really nurtured his growth in both of these areas! He is talking much better, and although he is still verbally behind, he is making up that gap through his teacher, Lisa, and with his peers. Lisa is very patient with him, teaching him how to speak correctly and really trying to understand his language. She has nurtured him socially and taught him how to play with his friends in a positive manner, where before, he would not play at all. \r At his old school, he would cry when I dropped him off, and cry when I picked him up. Now, when we get in the car, his words are, ""I go see ""Isa"" (Lisa)!"" When I drop him off at school, he says, ""Hi, guys!"" and ""Bye, Mom!"" There are times I could almost cry he's so happy. When I pick him up, he tells me about his day, shows me his artwork, and tells me about his friends. I couldn't be happier. \r I had the opportunity to go to a daycare that is cheaper next year, that would be at my workplace. I had to turn them down in fear that my child would not progress as he has at Stepping Stone. I absolutely adore the program they have at this school, and I just love Lisa. Thank you to Lisa and Stepping Stone for all you have done for my child. more

Heartbroken to leave, but disappointed in leadership 4/4/2011

I was so pleased when we started out our daughter in the infant room, but with the high turnover and lack of qualified teachers, I have become increasingly disappointed with Stepping Stone Wells Branch. The teachers in the infant room are great, and Charli in the 12-17 month room is Fantastic! But, there is zero continuity in the classrooms. The classrooms are small and overcrowded and many teachers do not have any experience in child development or early childhood education. When we walk in to pick up our child, we get the feeling that the inmates are running the prison and that kind of chaos is unhealthy for a toddler. I'm very disappointed in the lack of leadership on the part of the director, as the school was in much better shape with the old director. I'm very sad to put in our 30 day notice, but I don't feel my toddler is being given the care she (and all the other toddlers in the room) deserves. I'm sorry Stepping Stone. I really wanted this to work out. more

High Teacher Turnover 12/30/2010

My son has had 12 teachers in 12 months (there are 2 permanent teachers in each classroom for infant/toddlers).\r \r When I first brought my 3 month old son to this daycare, all was well. There was a 5 year veteran in the baby room who was great. Shortly after our enrollment, however, she retired and the other care taker quit and then the string of replacements began. Only one remained constant after that (who was wonderful by the way), but she has left as well (luckily after my son moved up to the next room). \r \r The issue continued into the second classroom, where there has been no teacher that has stayed longer than a couple months (unless the one who just went part time actually decides to stay), some less than a month. Although there have been a couple good teachers, it is not worth the stress of having to retrain a new teacher and more importantly, having my son not want to go to daycare because he doesn't know his teacher.\r \r If you are considering this daycare, I suggest you have alternatives already researched and be prepared to switch if this school does not change its retention policies and continues to have high turnover in the infant/toddler rooms.\r more

Caring Childcare 7/22/2009

I have had my daughter at SS for a number of years. We have felt very comfortable with all of the teachers from the start. My daughter loves the food that is made for her daily. One of our favorite teachers ""Mama Haynes"" (Lisa) teaches the 2 year olds to be potty trained. Not an easy task! Ms. Claudia is her pre-k teacher and she is fabulous as well! She is about to start kindergarten and she has learned so much in the pre-k class. I have always felt like my daughter was very well cared for. \r We now have a baby boy in the nursery. Ms. Maria, Ms. Christina, and Ms. Francis love my little boy like their own. The love to see him grow and do new tricks every day!\r I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for great childcare! Pros: The teachers really care about your children Cons: The building could use some updates more

Great Staff 7/16/2009

My son has been with Stepping Stone for 3 years now and loves it. His teacher is Ms. Jennifer and she is great with him and everyone else. All the staff is great and very helpful. Jaden has learned alot since he started and they have been preparing him for Kindergarden in August. Highly recommend the school to anyone looking for great care.\r Pros: Best Teachers more

Anxious Mom 7/7/2009

I am expecting my first child soon and toured the Stepping Stone on Wells Branch. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the center and the longevity of the staff. I was referred to the reviews on Citysearch and Yelp so I can see what the families are saying about Stepping Stone. I am impressed by the great reviews and the many happy parents here. Pros: Longevity in teachers, friendly staff, great reviews Cons: Waitlist for infant care more

Loving teachers 7/7/2009

So far my experience has been great. I've only been at this school a few months. The staff are always warm and welcoming and the school seems pretty clean. My son is in Ms. Sandra's 2 year old class and I have been told she has been working there for 12 years. That is amazing! I just want my son loved and well cared for and Ms. Sandra does a great job at that. Pros: Close to home, reasonable tuition, great teachers more

Stepping Stone School V 7/6/2009

Our two children have been enrolled in Stepping Stone School V for the last 10 months and we have been very pleased with our experience. The staff and teachers are excellent and I would recommend them to anyone. Some days the children don't want to leave to come home! :) Pros: Great staff! more

Amazing Care! 7/6/2009

I enrolled my son at 8 weeks old. As a first time mother this was a rather unsettling event. I first enrolled my son in another daycare that was closer to my home and had a horrible experience. I spoke with Ms. Lisa, the Assistant Director and she was horrified by my story. She told me to come to the school and look around and see what I thought. When I first walked in, there was coffee for the adults, chairs to sit in, and an area for kids to play. The infant room was clean and sanitary. Luckily there was a spot in the infant room open, so I was able to enroll my son. Every morning when I drop him off he smiles at the teachers and starts playing with one of the many toys they have in the room. Ms. Francis is wonderful and gives me great tips and pointers for development milestones. Ms. Maria is also wonderful and takes great care of him. She makes it a point to tell me when he is learning new things, like when she saw him walk for the first time. Being a first time mother, I appreciate the advice they give me on things from diaper rash cream to helping him learn to use a sippy cup. Both Ms. Jessica, the Director and Ms. Lisa greet me in the morning and say goodnight when I pick my son up. They know who I am and who my child is. They make my experience very personal, which is essential. My overall experience with Stepping Stone has been fabulous. I would never want to take my child to any other school for care. They make me feel so comfortable leaving my son there while I am working. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for personal care from a wonderful staff who are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Pros: Wonderful teachers, Great activities more

Best Care for Daycare 6/30/2009

I've had both of my sons enrolled in Stepping Stone from 8 wks. old on (oldest now almost 5 years old) and I can't say enough about the TLC they've been given, especially at Stepping Stone V. Starting with the Director, Ms. Jessica, she's very attentive and aware of what goes on in the school. She's been THE best Director of the three Stepping Stone's we've had our kids enrolled at. Ms. Jessica & Ms. Lisa (Asst. Director) also communicate well and work with all the parents on any issues the kids may have. The Stepping Stone teachers are the best you can find anywhere!!! They make it a point to make my kids feel like they're a priority, always give 110% in caring for them, are extremely friendly to the parents and let me know if there are any concerns. Ms. Lisa, Ms. Frances, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Savannah, Ms. Adrianne, Ms. Sandra, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Amy & all other Stepping Stone staff - these ladies are just wonderful! And of course Ms. Bev has not been forgotten. It's nice to feel comfortable that my kids are given the best care while I'm at work. Pros: Excellent staff & great programs more

Excellent Childcare 12/11/2008

Stepping Stone V has been a big part of my life for the past four years. My firstborn, Aaron, enrolled when he was just 3 1/2 months old. I was so nervous to leave my baby, but the nursery room teachers made my transition back to work easy. They loved, hugged, cuddled, fed, cleaned, played and taught Aaron every day. Since then, Aaron has moved up through each classroom and is currently in Ms. Claudia's pre-k class - let me just say - bless Ms. Claudia for her patience. My younger son, Sean, enrolled in the nursery room last December and has recently ""graduated"" to Ms. Jessica's toddler class - Sean cannot give Ms. Jessica enough hugs.\r The teachers and staff at Stepping Stone V are loving and caring individuals. They smile when my children arrive in the morning and they have a days worth of stories for me when I pick my boys up in the evening. The teachers have worked with me through potty training and behavioral issues - individualizing Aaron's care to best benefit him - I feel confident Sean will receive this same personalized attention.\r The Stepping Stone curriculum has more than impressed me - from baby sign language to exposing the children to music, spanish, dance, computers and karate classes. The focus remains on education - vocabulary development, counting, recognizing and writing the letters of the alphabet, creative learning centers and reading. \r I know every day that my children are safe and well cared for - and as a working mother this makes my life less stressful - thank you! Pros: the staff Cons: hmmm - can't think of any more

Highly Recommended!!! 12/9/2008

Although I don't have any children myself, Stepping Stone School V was my first ""real"" job after high school. It taught me great responsibility. All of the children in my class were my ""babies"" i saw that each child was unique in their own ways!! IT was a bit challenging at first, but with the help of my VERY WELL experienced co-teachers, Rometta, Lisa S., Lisa H., Crystal R. and Jessica M. , i was able to get through the first few weeks of stressfullness. I ended up working there for 2 years (and all of the above teachers are still there... and they were there before i got they've been there for a while). I still go back and visit my old co-workers, and the children run up to me and greet me with a big hug! I've been gone 2 years now, and 75% of the staff is still the same. The cook, Christina, is great the kids love her cooking, she often has to make extra so the kids can have 2nds!!\r \r If you want a fun, caring and nurturing environment for your kiddo, i HIGHLY recommend SSV. i know when i have children they will be going to this school. Pros: Large playgrounds with various activities. more

Great school to obtain highly develop education to your child. 12/9/2008

Stepping Stone School at Wells Branch has been great school for our family. I have two kids enrolled: Maya 2 years and Max 5 months. I have had no complains on the two years we have been with them, we only have great things to say about Stepping Stone on Wells Branch.They are like a second family to our kids and ourselves.Maya is always asking for her teacher Ms Sandra and she wants to see her every day, she has built a great trust and relationship with every staff member on the school, it is like she and her brother have a special attention from all of the members.I can see how Maya has develop rapidly on these two years. Stepping Stone School has a great curriculum program.I personally want to recognize Ms Sandra not only for teaching my daughter academic curriculum but for her caring,assistance,dedication and making the life of my daughter unforgettable. Maya knows already how to count, the ABC,create puzzles, good manners,and she is potty trained. I cannot describe how happy Maya is going to school, she has added Ms Sandra on her list of good night that we do at bed time where we include our family members and we say good night. Max, adores his teachers even though he has 5 months I can see how his social interaction,motor skills, movements and eating habits are improving. He always is a smiling boy. I want to recognize Ms Beth, Francis and Mary since they are very dedicate it and work with me on anything is needed to make a better experience for us and Max.I felt comfortable and relax enrolling Max at 6 weeks of being born, they were so helpful and provided the care needed for him to not feel the big change.They understand the concept of family,learning, and care. Honestly,that is hard to find on these days.We are so happy on having a such a great School that we can trust and feel satisfied that our kids would have the attention needed and good education.You are always welcome with a smile and every member remember you and your child.You?re in good hands Pros: We always welcome with a smile, they remember your name and your child name. They have great parents acitivities,great lunch menus. Theachers are well prepared and provide good educational curriculum. Cons: None more

A great start for my child's education and development! 12/8/2008

I have nothing but great things to say about Stepping Stone on Wells Branch. I have 2 girls and they loved this school. We have been here for about 7 years. Stepping Stone is like a second home to my girls. I feel like my children has special attention from each and every staff member, from the cook to the administrators. I always feel welcome with a warm smile to greet me everyday. If there is ever an issue or concern it is dealt with immediately. \r \r I'd like to especially recognize a valuable teacher that has impacted my children's lives and this is Ms. Lisa Haynes. She has been with Stepping Stone 11 years . She not only teaches the academic curriculum but also teaches compassion, caring and empathy towards others. Which I'm sure you can agree we need more of this in this in the world.\r \r I would highly recommend this school! more
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  • Stepping Stone School began as a mother's dream, born from the need to find quality care for her own children. In 1979, Rhonda Paver, M.A. and her husband Bill opened the doors at 1710 Richcreek with a vision of providing the highest Quality Care and Education for young children. Today, Stepping Stone School is the largest, most respected Early Care and Education provider in Central Texas! Our Trademark Curriculum has received national recognition, and we've become known for our highest standards of family service and the degreed, credentialed educators that welcome your child each day. Stepping Stone School is a warm, friendly place where your child's individuality is valued and respected in a safe, secure atmosphere of caring teachers and friends. We have proudly educated and cared for over 50,000 children since 1979!

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