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Step-N-Out Instant Shoe Repair - 14 Reviews - 805 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA - Luggage Reviews - Phone (805) 966-2299

Step-N-Out Instant Shoe Repair

805 Paseo Nuevo
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 966-2299
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All reviews seem negative


I was hesitant to come here d/t the poor reviews. I should have known better. The gentleman did a crappy job and was rude when I was disappointed with the work. DONT WASTE YOU...

I was hesitant to come here d/t the 6/7/2012

I was hesitant to come here d/t the poor reviews. I should have known better. The gentleman did a crappy job and was rude when I was disappointed with the work. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE! more

Count that one star above as being in 5/25/2012

Count that one star above as being in fact a negative one. This business is a real blight on the community, with near universally negative reviews and a rating of ""F"" from the Better Business Bureau. The proprietor specializes in intermittently negligent work and ""service"" so rude that, on my last visit (and it will indeed be my last), it was all I could do to refrain from shoving the shoe I had gone to collect (on account of his having botched the repair job the first time) down his nasty ill-tempered throat. Please people, do NOT patronize this establishment. Keeping it in business only ensures the continued victimization of unwitting first-time customers. more

Pushy, Agressive, Time Bomb 3/15/2012

I agreed to pay $69 for a pair of insoles. ""Harry"" snuck in a $30 heel pad to the left insole, he said I had a “short leg.” Really...? Told me I had lower back pain. When I told him twice that I did not have lower back pain, he yelled “You have LOWER BACK PAIN!!!” Overall the arches felt too high, and I repeatedly told him this, but he guaranteed me they would feel great in 2 days. He is rude and agressive, and I didn’t want a confrontation. Three days later, my feet were killing me, especially the left heel. I took everything back to kindly make it right. He angrily told me NO REFUNDS! All I wanted was to return the crazy heel pad, and get a pair of insoles that didn't hurt. He got mad, took everything to the counter, and told me to come back later; he would ""adjust the insoles."" By this time, I knew I was in trouble with this charachter, but I agreed to come back. I did however remind him that I wanted the $30 heel pad credited. He started yelling ""NO refund! You get no refund!!! I busy man, You get out!!!"" By this time, I had had it with the insanity, told him I too was a busy man, and I demanded a FULL refund. The guy went nuts, tossed everything at me and yelled at me to get out of his store! In all my 56 years, I have never been treated like this, from anyone! Enter this store at your own risk. Please, Google this business and read all the horrible reviews, they aren't exaggerating. I totally understand what these other reviewers are saying here. Also, there are numerous complaints against him with the Santa Barbara BBB. more

I'd rate this place zero stars if I could 10/5/2011

Yesterday I reluctantly went to this shop hoping to find some replacement heel tips for my stilettos. Because I had read the reviews about Harry first, I was very careful with my words, and extra careful to be calm and polite. In short, this man is a ****ing lunatic. When I asked if he sells heel tips, he looked at me as if I had just peed on the floor. So then I asked if he only does the replacement work, rather than sell the supplies. He said loudly more


WARNING WARNING! SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG !! If there is a NO STAR rating .........I would mark it. Happy Feet is the sign on this business? Step-N-Out? They are selling PEDAG VIVA MINI insoles for $69.95. I called Pedag, the maker of this product to ask them how much these particular Viva Mini insoles are. The woman said $19.95 retail. I told her i bought them at Step-N-Out for $69.95. She said, ""Oh Im so sorry......but The store can charge anything they want."" Im so saddened by this. I feel like someone stole my purse. Im insulted and feel disrespected as a buyer. I take full responsibility , I was too hasty to buy and trusted the owner, SUZY KIM............................. This is the short story............. I dont have time to write the whole story, I have more possitive things in my life to focus on........ So I'll say this: I tried to return them and i felt like I was talking to a BRICK I dropped it and will warn anyone not to step in , STEP N OUT. more


We went in out of desperation to merely have this old man glue my husbands soles on a very nice pair of shoes- we were guaranteed 30 days- this glue didn't last one night so we took them back and were yelled at by him just as others said- he is an awful person- yelling that he didn't need our money- he's absolutely crazy and mean...don't go here- go elsewhere- he should not be in business in such a small town as SB with all these negative reviews. more

What year is this? 1942? 10/18/2010

I walked into Step N out on Saturday October 16 seeking to replace a pair of worn ankle straps from a pair of sandals. Like the reviewer before me, I waited to be helped as I saw that an employee (Older Asian Guy) was busy helping 3-4 different customers. I browsed the wall of shoe accessories, hoping I could find the straps myself and save sometime. A junior associate beckoned to me in curiously hushed tones asking what I was looking for, and I explained that I was basically looking for 2 pieces of leather that look like mini belts for my ankles. (1/2 an inch thick and in dark brown leather) As he headed to the back of the store to retrieve the straps the older Asian man sternly summoned him into a corner, and not so quietly instructed him to ""Attend to the paying customers"" The Asian man then turned to me and aggressively asked ""WHAT DO YOU WANT?"" Halfway through explaining what i was looking for, he cut me off and suggested I go to Michael's if i was looking to make my own shoe parts. Since his English was heavily accented I figured he misunderstood me so I again tried explaining what I wanted, insisting that you don't find shoe parts at a craft store. Interrupting me again, he stated ""THIS IS NOT THE STORE FOR YOU. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE"". I am really curious to know how he identified that this was 'not the store for me' as their website, yellow pages and signage clearly advertise shoe repair. and there were 3 or 4 other customers being assisted for various shoe related reasons. I'm certain it wasn't my gender that eliminated me from being qualified for assistance, as the other customers were female. However they were all above 30 and caucasian. By process of elimination I'm only left with age and race, as I am a black person, under 30 years old. I may be young but I'm not a teenage hoodrat, and I was dressed conservatively so I can only assume that race was the issue . Needless to say I left the premises stunned and upset. It's one thing to ask a customer to leave because they are rude or disruptive, but I am UCSB graduate and an active member of the Santa Barbara community . I'd like to warn future potential customers any money you spend at this store goes towards supporting this batty old coot and his racist practices. more

Racist, Rude, Agressive!! HORRIBLE 4/3/2010

Around 2:30 on April 03, 2010, I walked into a shoe store on State Street called Step N Out shoe repair. I looked around and noticed that they didn’t have any heel tips. The sales associate looked busy with a customer so I patiently waited at the register to be helped. When he finally got to me I asked if he had heel tips. He then pointed to a heel with a tip and was like “these?” and I reply “yes, those”. He then asked me who would replace my tip to which I replied “my brother” he then asked me what kind of machine my brother uses to which I replied telling him that I didnt know what kind of machine that he uses...he just does it. He asked me where I usually buy my heel tips and I said “online” so he said “well then buy them online and told me to get out of his store. I’m like excuse me? He says it again...get out of my store. I replied by telling him that he was the rudest person I’ve ever met in my entire life..I simply wanted to know if I could buy heel tips there...I shouldn’t be kicked out of a store by doing so. After calling him the rudest person ever he starts coming from behind the register saying “You mother f*cker! You MOTHER F*CKER! You get out of my store” Feeling threatened that he’s leaving the register I thought he was going to hurt me so I calmly start walking out towards the exit without any protest. It looks horrible getting kicked out of any store...especially one on busy State Street! I’ve never been kicked out of any establishment. He continues yelling at me all the way out. His last words are “You mother f*cker *igger– you never come back again!” more

how are they in biz still?? 3/20/2010

I was warned about this place. A woman at Saks Fifth Ave said they were good, expensive and the guy had an attitude. Well, Two out of three were true. They were not that good. Not for what they charge. And with that you get a scratchy personality. Make this your last stop before trying someone else. How do people like this stay in business, is what I want to know. This is not the first small business I have encountered on the Central Coast like this (in fact, I'd say it's 50%). !! Cons: Very $$$$$ and prickly attitude more


You will get charged the premium upfront, then if you do not like the work (and chances are you might not) or if there is an issue, the owner will be VERY RUDE, and that's not saying anything. PLEASE READ ON: After failing to do a quality job on my shoe repair (crooked stitching on my Prada shoes which I paid $25 for to get done right - only 3/4 inch of stitching, mind you!) and after I asked to fix it, he yelled at me, told me to get the F out (really, I am not making this up!!!), then proceeded to shout at me at the top of his lungs using the f word several times, then he called me a ""stupid woman"" and used other sexist comments complete with profane gestures - I am not kidding! - that is how he refused to address the problem. I could not believe it, still can't, things like that just do not happen in a town like Santa Barbara! I went home shaking and filed a complaint with the BBB. Do we really want to give business to someone like that? And get overcharged for a badly done very simple repair job? Unbelievable, really. I think supporting a business where the owner is abusive to customers like that has no place in Santa Barbara. Cons: VERY EXPENSIVE NOT WORTH IT, ABUSIVE AND RUDE OWNER more

Extremely rude owner 2/25/2010

I've used this shop twice. Both times the shoe repair was done competently, but the rudeness of the man who owns the shops, is uncalled for and bordering on just being mean - even when you compliment him and try to be friendly! Unacceptable behavior - I won't go again and his prices are very high. Find a nice business owner! Pros: good job with repairs Cons: the man is very rude always - expensive more

Ruined Boots 12/9/2007

I agree with the above 2 postings! I had my favorite pair of boots ruined by this repair shop. In addition to paying excessively to even be able to get them back, I was treated horribly when i expressed my unhappiness and was made to feel as though there was something wrong with ME for my boots being poorly ""fixed"".\r \r Poor customer service, over-priced, and disappointing. It is unfortunate that in a town without many options, the most convenient option is such a disappointment. more

$100 Charge to Clean Two Pairs of Sneakers -- AND NO GUARANTEES! 8/23/2007

I have searched high and low for a good shoe repair store in Santa Barbara. I entered Step N Out with high hopes, because unlike many local shoe repair stores, that look like abandoned cellars, Step N Out was clean and classy. But when I produced my two pairs of sneakers for a cleaning, I was informed that Step N Out would charge me $49.99 to clean EACH PAIR OF SNEAKERS -- a total of $100 to clean two pairs of sneakers!!! Plus I was told I had to sign a form agreeing that they could only ""do the best they could"" and were unable to promise that the sneakers would be cleaned to my liking. Additionally, they wanted the cash in advance. Wow. My dry cleaner can clean a full length suede coat for less than what Step N Out charges to clean a pair of sneakers. Pros: Very clean establishment, lots of shoe products for sale Cons: Ridiculously expensive, without guarantees more

Step-N-Out instant shoe repair 6/19/2007

My 5 year old would have done a better job!\r I brought in my new Coach dog leash to be repaired it had a few small dog bites in it. I was told it would take less than a week and they would call me when done. A MONTH later when I called them for the second time they said ""a few"" more days.\r I can't believe what MUTILATION was done! it was cut in half, overlapped and then a huge zig-zag stich in two places . Thats not all! , The leash is brown and they used white thread! And it cost 30 dollars for them to ruin it.\r NEVER GO THERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! Cons: terrible workmanship,overpriced, long wait more
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