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Stats - Atlanta, GA
Stats - Atlanta, GA
Stats - Atlanta, GA


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I have been to STATS numerous times and each time it has been great. The service staff is knowledgeable, attentive and fun. The food is HUGE! Especially the Nachos! And the place ...


I am from Texas and I have been in Texas for 4 months. I love football and I like to watch all the games. Stats always accomodates my games and the service is grade B. I have h...


About a week ago, I contacted the events coordinator to get pricing to book an event at Stats on Superbowl day. The initial email I sent to her contained the date of 02/05/2012 and it also stated that it was superbowl day. Immediately, I received an official quote long with a credit card authorization which contains a 3% sevice charge added to your credit card payment. A quote of 1900.00 along with a charge of 58.00 just for paying with my credit card. \r I was told that I only needed to pay 50% of the balance and the remaining portion is due the night of the event. \r \r 7 days later, I get an email from the event coordinator stating that due to the fact that it is superbowl day I am required to pay the full balance of 1900.00 in order to book the room for February 5th. \r \r Then she stated that she could offer me a smaller space for 750.00 total. The space, I've actually occupied before....She states it holds 25-30 people. There are 2 tables in this space with about 6 chairs each. Very small space and one TV. \r \r This is BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE AND DISCRIMINATION. I have a birthday celebration every year and I have never been asked to pay the entire balance 2 months prior to my event! more

Great place! 8/24/2011

Love this place! Its a little pricey but it's definitely a step up from your average sports bar. Beers on tap right at your table, great food, nice place...always have a blast when I'm here. more

Very impressed! 4/3/2011

I was in charge of arranging my women's flag football team's start of the season party. I wanted somewhere centrally located, sports oriented, but not where there was a bunch of drunken idiots with no class.\r I found this place and saw the mixed reviews online but decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. The place was packed because of the NCAA games on, but I soon found myself on the rooftop which had open seating. The weather was warm, but cool, the decor was trendy yet casual, and the vibe was very chill.\r I quickly snagged up a picnic table for me and my team. I was early so I decided to pregame it with some drinks. The prices were reasonable, I've paid more for less else where. The food menu was eclectic and average to pricey for a main course bar food, but you get what you pay for.\r My waitress was obviously thin stretched because of the size of crowdon the roof but she never let it affect her attitude or demeanor.\r There was a manager that walked by OFTEN to make sure me and my guests were well taken care of, and I was even more impressed when he brought out a round of shots for us out of nowhere when we paid our check.\r With warmer weather ahead, I will definitly be visiting again, and have no problem referring this place to friends. Just have common sense, if the place is packed have some patience and enjoy the view. more

Bad Service 1/23/2011

We went to celebrate my husbands 28th birthday. I called ahead to book a table for 15. My husband and I got there at 9 and waited for some of our guest at the bar, I had 4 cancels and the others were going to be arriving later. I let the hostess know that we would need a smaller table and if we could just take a seat now because the guest were on there way and my husband was hunrgy but we didn't want to order food at the bar and have the guest arriving. She explained she had a table and we could just add chairs as guest arrive, (even after I had called ahead to have a large table). I went back to the bar to let some of our guest know we would be seated soon and to cash out. Once we got back to the hostess spot, she explaines that she would really just like to wait for everyone to arrive!! By this point I was up set a little... I just told everyone to pay there tab and now we have to go back to the bar!!!!! We had two more guest arrive and others coming from the parking lot, one of the bartenders had to talk to the hostess to get a table. Then they sat us at a table that the bar tabs weren't working, when there was a working one at the very next empty table. \r \r If the place was busy I might understand some of there actions, but it was dead. They never filled that table next to us and we left about 30 minutes after the guess arrived. We waited for over an hour an half to be seated, the hostess was rude and not helpful, they couldn't seperate the checks on a large table. Oh... and the kitchen closed right after we sat down.\r \r I can say that I won't be returning there again nor will any of our guest. more

Thanks STATS, Kelsie & Tim 12/1/2010

My family was in town recently for the Packers-Falcons game. We contracted with Kelsie at STATS for one of their private rooms and a barbeque buffet for the group. The food was delicious and the service was terrific. The cost was reasonable. The Yale Room was smaller than I expected and that is the one negative about the place. Thanks Kelsie Gray and Tim Blackmon for a great STATS experience. more

THE WORST!!!!!! 10/19/2010

I went to Stats for the first and last time recently. When a friend suggested it I thought cool, I've never been there I would love to go. Little did I know they their service would suck. We went for Monday Night Football and the game was not on the big screen television directly in front of the table we were sitting. After asking a waiter if the game could be shown we were told that a previous table had requested that tv but offered to move our party to a booth with a private tv. Once all 8 of us got up and moved the manager comes over and TELLS us we HAVE to move back. In all this time I have not received my glass of Moscato that I order. The manager finally agreed to turn the game on the big screen but kept the sound from the previous game running on top. After ALL that our waitress comes back to the table to inform me they are out of friend orders another alcoholic beverage and low and behold they are out of that as well. Now we have been there almost and hour barely watching the game because of all the confusion and non existent customer service. A group of about 12 men enter and the host places them at a table near us and commences to move chairs from our table to their table as if we were not using them. At this point it's time to leave. And I wouldn't give them ANY stars if I didn't have to. Goodbye Stats FOREVER!!!! more

AWFUL!!! 10/18/2010

Been to stats twice for Monday night football and both times it has been awful!! It's been so bad I haven't even had a chance to taste anything but a coke in there. The servers are rude and the managers are even worst!! First time I went there, they didn't have any beers except a few light beers. No coronas, Heinekens, Budweisers, etc. Then When we finally decided to order off their very skimpy menu I had to wait 30 min and there was no one in the place. At this time of frustration I decide to just have a coke and watch the game. Tried it again a few months later. This time they didn't have a few alcohol beverages we had requested cause they had ran out. Then we asked if we could watch the game on the flat screen instead of the 9 inches above the bar. After being told that they will not be able to change the game, a SERVER offered to move us from a tap table to a private table with the personal screen which was not occupied. Once there, the manager came over to our table and told us to go back to the other table . He said we didn't have the right to move tables although his server was the one that told us we could move to that section. After talking to him he suggested that the table was 250.00 and we needed to move as if we weren't able to afford the table with ten people!! Needless to say I was not too thrilled and very upset. He didn't apologize or want to help or assist with paying customers who was about to enjoy their establishment. After this I left but my party stayed until they were treated worst as if they were not there. Stats Sucks and should not be open. more

good service 7/23/2010

The people were very efficient with our orders. and the food was decent.. we came here for the drinks though and we find it very good. Thanks ! Pros: service more

Horrible 5/23/2009

The food is awful; over priced food and beverage; music at noon is too loud; TV's at the bar are hung so poorly you have to strain your neck to watch a game. BAD BAD BAD. Pros: not one thing at all Cons: food is bad; parking is bad; staff is bad more

this is THE place to be! 4/17/2009

I have been to STATS numerous times and each time it has been great. The service staff is knowledgeable, attentive and fun. The food is HUGE! Especially the Nachos! And the place is amazing!\r Park across the street in the deck, but keep in mind events (like hawks games) you only get a discount\r Also it gets CRAZY packed at times, make sure to plan on that if coming for a big event Pros: Service, Atmosphere & Food Cons: Parking, gets packed at times more

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Stats not worth the hassle 12/2/2008

Staff is really bad which seems to be a pattern for Concentric restaurants - I've had bad experiences (slow service and unprofessional wait staff) at Tap (Colony Square) and Room (12 at Centennial Park). Stats is a really cool venue but the staff is unprofessional at best and usually aloof and sometimes rude. The managers are sometimes helpful but somtimes obtuse. Examples: I pulled a stool up to the bar from an empty table because there were no stools at the bar and a manager stopped me saying, ""I can't let you do that."" I wasn't sure what I had done wrong until he came back with a stool explainning table stools were different from the bar stools and I wasn't to pull the table stool to the bar. That's a silly rule and the guy could have done a better job with his delivery. Later, both the bartender and manager were annoyed with me when I pointed out the football game I was watching had blacked out on the TV. They said they were aware of the problem but how was I to know when there were dozens of sporting events on multiple TVs. Also, they have private parties upstairs but don't put up signs so you'll walk to the top of the stairs only to be told you're not allowed up there. Why not just put up a sign? Bottom line is the managers seem to be overwhelmed and the staff are usually unprofessional and sometimes rude. There seems to be a very high turnover of staff there as well. This is too bad because I live a few blocks away and really wanted to see Stats do well to help my neighborhood but I've given up on the place and refuse to go back after the bad experiences I have had. If you want friendly staff and decent food downtown, go to the bar at McCormick and Schmick's in CNN Center and tell them Andrew sent you. Pros: cool venue - renovated 1880s building next to RR tracks Cons: overwhelmed management and rude staff more

Beautiful venue withlousy food and sub-par service!! 12/1/2008

I am from Texas and I have been in Texas for 4 months. I love football and I like to watch all the games. Stats always accomodates my games and the service is grade B. I have had great servers and lousy uninspired servers. The food is not the BEST and I would recommend Fox Sports for food. If stats can improve their menu, they could be an unstoppable force. Pros: Great TV's and accomodations for games. Cons: The food and service. more

Nice Look; Service Should Be Better 11/25/2008

I've been to Stats a few times and I must say each visit has always lacked in some area. It's a large and modern sports bar with great space and plenty of screens. BUT, they've always lacked in service and/or people when I've gone - my party and I have had to hunt down the server each time I've been which has totally taken away from the good look of the bar. Also, call before you go because the sporting events that you may assume are being televised there due to their capacity, may not be. Pros: Attractive Sports Bar; Lots of Screens Cons: Service Sub Par more

Sad Place 11/22/2008

The service it horrible and the food is overated and I guess i dont have the money to spend there! So if i had a 1$ to spend i wouldnt give it to Stats! ill do better at Mcdonalds Pros: Cool Cons: But please get new People or Close the Doors more

????STATS???? 11/22/2008

Yes, 300 Marietta St. That's the place!!!!! Well Nov. 22 2008 I went in to watch the Texas Tech/ Oklahoma game and to sit at the Bar which is nice! the bartender says we cant sit there unless we order something and this was like 10 mins before the game @ 8:00pm. So we stay there and come to find out they did not have the game on! ""The bartender said he doesnt control the TV'S."" They had 7 TV's showing the Florida State Game!!!! ""Who cares, Put the Texas game I ask!"" I had to ask the Manager to put it on. They finally put the Game On. I asked if there was any drink specials for the night and the bartender hands me a Martini Glass menu! ""What"" So I order food the ballpark burger! Its a 11$ burger that's dry and has no flavor! So with all the trouble I was planning to watch the game @ stats but the service and Food was Terrible! The only thing cool about it is the beer Taps at the table and I have yet to experience that! So now I dont plan to come back!! Hey Try FOX SPORTS BAR NEXT TIME!!!! holla stats!!! Oh and stats keep your nose down! Its too high in the SKY!!!!!!!! Pros: Taps @ the Bar Cons: Everyone is stuck Up more

All in all a chic sporty-bar 10/9/2008

My boyfriend and I went here on a Thursday evening with two friends for some dinner and drinks. The first thing I noticed is that the atmosphere is lovely, it is more of a sporty bar than a ""sports bar"" with sleek seating, lighting, a stock ticker, and no shortage of large HD flat screen TVs tuned to various sports games. \r We went up to the rooftop area which is very sleek and cozy with lots of seating, some around an open fire, and a bar. Our friends had already ordered drinks and appetizers (the chips, salsa, and guacamole dip were very fresh tasting and could rival any good mexican restaurant version)but had been waiting for refills on their drinks for some time. My boyfriend and I immediately placed drink orders with a rushed, disheveled server. After attemptig to flag down the server for some time, we finally placed our food orders which arrived quickly enough (I had the cesar salad which was DROWNED in cheap tasting dressing, but the croutons and parmesan were delicious. My companion ordered the fish tacos which were the best he had ever tasted...for what it's worth the fries are scrumptious as well) After some time we noticed that we had not recieved our drinks. It took the server two trips over the course of twenty minutes to retrieve two beers and a cocktail. When we were ready for the check, we had to go on a hunt for our server who seemed to be avoiding eye contact.\r \r I give this place four stars because of the wonderful decor, concept, ambience, and relatively good food for a bar. The service was fairly terrible, but something tells me that that's not the norm with this classy place. It is a perfect place for the guys, but the sophisticated atmosphere makes it a great spot for the girls too. I know I'll certianly be going again in the future. Pros: decor, atmosphere, good food, validated parking Cons: mediocre service more

Without a Doubt, the Best Pre-Game Spot In Town 8/23/2008

I live here in Atlanta and recently visited STATS before a pre-season Falcons game. Per tradition, 7 of my closet buddies fly into town for the first pre-season game every year. This year, after hearing about STATS I decided to take them there... I was a little nervous b.c I have heard that it is h it or miss. Upon arrival we were put on a slight wait but were seated pretty quickly. We sat at one of their signature tap tables which was a blast, we really enjoyed the concept. Nothing however prepared us for the level of service and attentiveness we recieved from our server Jessica, and although she is a Redskins fan, she rocked! She described in detail her favorite menu items, cocktails and the history of STATS. She was funny, prompt, well mannered and well spoken. She hustled like a pro and you could tell that she was on top of her game, even attending to her coworkers tables while they were running around frantic... she didnt miss a beat. Honestly, I couldnt take my eyes off her, it was like watching a well oiled machine at work... I even asked her if she was management filling in and she wasnt! Now, I dont go out to eat often, but I will be visiting STATS again over and over... my advise however, is to call ahead and make sure Jessica is working cause it looked like some of the other tables were aggrevated with their service. Pros: SERVICE Cons: The drunk man crawl the bathrooms more

Wii Wednesdays Rock 8/1/2008

Last week a big group of us went to STATS for Wii Wednesdays. We had such a great time enjoying drink specials and winning prizes. It definitely a great place to go to have a good time with friends, and even get a little exercise, too! more

Has potential, but they waste it. 6/28/2008

This place has all the potential to be great, but they fail in many areas. It has a great location, great decor, and an outstanding rooftop patio. That being said, the customer service is bad, the food is hit-or-miss, and the prices are expensive. We asked to get one of the ""tap tables"", but the hostess told us there were none available. The place was half empty, and several of these tables sat empty for the entire time we were there. While waiting for my party, I had a beer at the bar. First of all, they charge tax on the beer... most places include it in the price. Secondly, the bartender gave me back the wrong change. I'm pretty sure this was done on purpose, because the math was really to simple to mess up. I had high hopes for this place, but it failed to deliver. more
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