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I was shocked when I read the two previous reviews about starrs cars, its time for a real review. Starrs cars is a great company with quality cars, but apparently the other 2 revi...


DO NOT BUY FROM THESE LIARS. BUY A USED CAR ANYWHERE BUT FROM THIS PLACE OF DISGRACE!! I never dreamed I would be so compelled to write, but as a person of good conscience-I have...

Duped,Deceived & Disgusted BEWARE of STARRS CARS 10/11/2011

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE LIARS. BUY A USED CAR ANYWHERE BUT FROM THIS PLACE OF DISGRACE!! I never dreamed I would be so compelled to write, but as a person of good conscience-I have to WARN anyone considering buying a car from this company-RUN!!! Dave sold a car to a single mother,one of whose children is autistic & has special needs -which costs a fortune,not to mention being the sole bread winner for her sons & herself a seemingly great car that within less than 3months....broke down because the AXEL FELL THROUGH THE RUSTED OUT SUBFRONT FRAME!!!!!!! Once up on the lift, the mechanic found countless other problems that will cost more than the car is worth!! Mr Slick KNEW she was in a vulnerable position,but COULDN'T have CARED LESS!! The mechanic confirmed that Starrs had to be aware & sold it anyway. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT,DAVE???? Not to mention this young woman & her 2 boys could have been killed driving this piece of junk. I am going to tell everyone I know & having lived in Lake county for 35yrs-I know A LOT of folks,exactly where NOT to go,no matter how slick he talks-for your own safety ,as well as for the safety of everyone else out on the road. Just because it is a bad economy does not give anyone the right to make a buck ,knowingly,off of unsuspecting consumers.Karma is a you know what & I hope it bites Starrs cars right in the you know where.... SHAME ON YOU!!! WARNING WARNING WARNING-STARRS CARS IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. HORRIBLE,UNTRUSTWORTHY,MAKE A BUCK AT ANY COST. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! RIP OFF ALERT!! I have to give it 1 star in order to get this submitted but the true rating is MINUS INFINITY!!! DO NOT PUT ONE MORE CENT IN THIS COMPANYS POCKET-PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING...!!! more

i wouldnt even buy a bicycle from theese liars 6/30/2011

so i have talked to a salesman named david,dont know his last name,about a 2001 dodge dakota 4 door 4x4 that i found on autotrader,he mentioned that they replaced the rear bumper because it had rust on it,so i asked david if that truck had any rust on it, he said ""no,it's in great shape"",,,mind you i live almost 200 miles away from starrs cars. When i finally arrive at starrs cars after taking a day off from work,i had called and told david i was on my way there,when i got there the truck was very dirty for knowing a purchaser was coming to pick it up,i go to start the truck and it has a dead battery,i called them 3 hours before this and told them i was coming,,one would think they would have had it ready,so we get it started and he sends me on a test drive down a dead end road with out a plate,(he said they only had one dealer plate and it was out)so i go to this dead end and get out and look the truck over real good,i was mad at this point,i was finding rust bubbles everywhere,even completely rusted out rockers at the back doors on both sides,the truck had alot of rust,if they would have been honest,i woulda never wasted my time going to go look at a rust bucketand the muffler was ready to fall off,they sell junk and lie and tell you its a great vehicle,,avoid this place,youll regret it more

Horrible! 1/23/2010

I must say to the person who wrote the review about buying a used car. Used cars are just that (used) but a dealer or any other business professional should stand behind the product they sell. In my profession I help my customers long after the transaction is completed. I would like to know the amount of repeat business that Starrs Cars receives?\r I am a single mom who thinks every financial situation over carefully. I am sitting here with access to about $7000.00. I called about a Jeep Wrangler ahead of time and spoke with Big Ray . I explained to him That I am about to finance my house in about 6 months. I did not want my credit touched in any way. I planned $3000.00 out for a down payment. The jeep was $5900.00. He did not think this would be an issue. I drove 1 hour to see the vehicle. I rarely do anything for myself so this was exciting.I was disappointed when Ray went to speak to his boss. His boss wanted me to speak to my Mortgage Loan officer to look at my credit. She was serious when she said do not let anyone mess with your credit at all. The government has made it impossible to get mortgages. I was very serious about no one looking at or reporting to the credit bureau. My frustration was out of disappointment not an attitude to them. This was a vehicle I always wanted but did not really need it would be a luxury. Myself and Ray continue to negotiate while his excitable Rude boss was on the phone exaggerating that if this got reported to the credit he could be sued??? Finally we came up with $4500.00 down and finance the remaining balance for 8 months and no credit check. I didnt care if his got reported cause I could pay it off before my house was financed. An underwriter would see it was about to be paid off. I work in the mortgage industry. The boss was on the phone and heard me talking about picking it up next week, He got an attitude and said "" I will not hold it! "" "" do you know what I can get for that jeep! "" Nobody ask him to hold it. I was putting a $500.00 deposit and picking it up by the 2ND with the remainder of the $4500.00. I could have left a $1000.00 deposit. I just had to wait for my bank to wire the money to my account here after my taxes were deposited. 8 months would have been fine because I would have paid it off most likely by 6 months. I did not want to kill my cash flow since I just enrolled my daughter in a private school. I would have paid it off before financing my house. He kept saying "" sounds like you should not buy this "". Finally he said "" I can""t believe I just got talked in to this deal"" I was paying $4500.00 down on a $5900.00 car. Can someone explain why that is so bad?? I Was not buying the last bit of water left on this planet from this man. I said "" you didn't"" and I walked out. I looked up bankruptcy laws after a ridiculous statement he made. He should go review all bankuptcy laws. A person with a 720 credit score can loose his job tomorrow and file bankruptcy as much as someone with a 580. He wanted a full cash transaction because he knew I had the cash. He made the statement that he is a "" multi millionaire "" if this is a true fact I would ask for you to have a decent bathroom for your female customers! I may not be a millionaire but have successfully bought 4 cars with cash or very short term financing. I would have been a repeat customers as one of my favorite dealers can attest to. I will only go to Heartland autos after this experience. Mike and Nicky are amazing. I bought a Jetta from them and recieved the most personal professional service ever. They only deal with Volkswagons but I am sure if I ask he watch out for a good Wrangler for me! Starrs Carrs was not worth my time and Big Ray should find a new Car lot to work for! \r \r Pros: None! Cons: Rude Owner more

great company 6/10/2008

I was shocked when I read the two previous reviews about starrs cars, its time for a real review. Starrs cars is a great company with quality cars, but apparently the other 2 reviewers dont understand the concept of USED cars. sorry their cars didnt work out right, but the company certainly did not deserve the harsh reviews given to them..\r I found the sales staff to be helpful and the cars to be correctly priced, probably the reason the company has been around for quite a few years now.\r GREAT COMPANY\r more


I bought a car in may 07 from ray at starrs cars. This was the worst mistake of my life. By july a head gasket blew, belt and tensioner broke, brakes were put on wrong they completely gave out. These people are sooo unprofessional and hillbilly it is disgusting. Nobody I can find who purchased a car there was even slightly satisfied with their purchase. STAY FAR AWAY FROM STARRS CARS Cons: FAT MAN IN A BELLY SHIRT TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF! more

Horrible 8/20/2006

I found the sales people to be way to pushy and their car selection to be overpriced and in poor condition. Pros: there are none Cons: You name it you'll find it here. more
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