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Starkey, Gary L, Md - Churchland Psychiatric Assoc

3300 Academy Ave
Portsmouth, VA 23703
(757) 483-6404
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February 16, 2011 Churchland Psychiatric Associates located in Portsmouth Virginia has been my lifeline for over 12 years. My doctor’s dedication to his job and patients is impr...


I am searching for counseling for my child and I was referred to this office by my child's pediatrician. I decided to search for information regarding the quality of care that th...

Excellent customer skills doctor! 2/16/2011

February 16, 2011 Churchland Psychiatric Associates located in Portsmouth Virginia has been my lifeline for over 12 years. My doctor’s dedication to his job and patients is impressive. He is the first doctor I have ever had that wrote down his pager # and said call if you need me. The security net he provided when I was at my lowest point bordering on suicide is what saved my life. When I was going through chemo treatments some of the drugs I was taking destroyed my ability to think clearly and make rational decisions. I turned to my doctor to help me survive one of life’s cruelest and unfair events. When he suggested I have counseling I saw one at the same office. She was kind, gentle, and sensitive to my immediate needs. I credit her and my doctor working together to put me back together as a whole human being during this time. I feel that the customer service that is given to me in person and on the phone is very satisfying. They are polite, knowledgeable; and have a common goal in mind, which is to resolve whatever need you may have. I feel comfortable calling my doctor’s office and leaving a message. I live in Virginia Beach and I hate driving over the bridge and through the tunnel. I just hate traffic. But I do it for only one reason. I now have a life worth living! I am happy, enjoying my family and friends! I can do so many things I was unable to do before! It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen! I owe my new life to my doctor at Churchland Psychiatric Associates. I worked hard and failed a lot too but my doctor managed my care and I stuck with him and myself to be who I am today. Don’t base your judgments on good or bad reviews, go there a few times and find out for yourself. more

Thank You! 9/16/2010

I am searching for counseling for my child and I was referred to this office by my child's pediatrician. I decided to search for information regarding the quality of care that this office gives. I am so thankful for those of you that have posted these reviews. This does not sound like an office that will take care of my child's needs and I just wanted to let those of you who have posted reviews know how helpful the information that was provided has been. Thank You more

appauling 7/21/2010

If you are ever in need of counseling, I encourage you to search elsewhere. I know the location is convienant, but that's the only 'plus' for this business.... and that's what they are- a business. Do not expect to be treated with any respect when you're in that office. There's hardly anywhere to sit, the waiting rooms are crowed and noisey, the staff only cares about your copay. I have seen 2 people turned away because they forgot their copay(one woman was crying & obviously needed treatment that day), and no- that is not normal. I have worked in a few medical office's over the the span of my career. And ""workinghard"".... you must obviously work for CPA. I will admit, some employees are great there! But management obviously sucks. Never expect to get a phone call back... sometimes, don't even expect them to answer the phones.... Trust me, go elsewhere. It's worth the drive. Cons: over crowded waiting room, heartless staff more

New Patients and Front Desk 2/26/2009

In defense of CPA's new patient scheduling since she is the only one who answers the new patient line and returns their phone calls, not to mention calling all new patients insurance companies to verify there insurance, I think she does an exceptional job. She receives anywhere between 50 to 75 phone calls a day for new patient appointments from patients and other doctors office. I realize that the mental health field is very different. Let me explain something, they ask for your insurance information before scheduling because of the following: 1. To ensure that the patient has insurance that covers mental health (because not all insurance covers mental health. 2. To ensure that the patient will be placed with a therapist or doctor that takes their insurance (so that the patient does not get stuck with an out of network bill) Would you not want to know that your insurance does not cover this service, I know I would. And 3. So that if you do have a co payment the front desk will know that they are to collect it (which is required by ALL insurances. And in defense of the front desk, there job is very demanding. They have to answer multi phone lines, check in patients, collect payments, check patients out and schedule follow-up appointments. All of this is done with patients (and some not so friendly or just plain rude) in their face. So before you go and judge someone, you need to put yourself in their place. Granted we all have bad days but all in all I think the office is doing very well with the employees they have. I can say this because I am the Intake Coordinator at CPA and I have been in the medical field for over 15 years and I do have sympathy for people who are in need. more

Hard to get ahold of and not patient-focused 1/22/2009

I had to leave two voicemails on the new patient line, the second stating I'd left a voicemail and not received a return call, before receiving a call back. Once I spoke with someone, she was somewhat short w/ me. She informed me that I could not make an appointment there because when I had treated there before (close to ten years ago), I had too many missed appointments. The only reason I had missed appointments is because my doctor at the time was completely over-booked. On one occasion, I waited over three hours to see him. Sometimes, I did have to go to work, and left, thereby I guess creating these ""missed appointments."" more

Indifference to the Point of Abuse 12/5/2008

My doctor is good. However: I called the New Patients line many times over a long period of time, leaving voice messages attempting to get an appointment. After I got one, I had to cancel it in advance by voice mail. I left many messages to reschedule. Eventually she would return a call and leave a voice mail and I would start over. Once after she left a voice mail for me, I called her back several times over a two-week period until finally I called the regular appointments number and spoke to her supervisor, who got me scheduled. \r \r Calling the regular appointments desk is barely easier. It requires many attempts to get an answer and there is rarely the opportunity to leave a voice mail. In once such case I had to cancel an appointment but couldn't get a person or voice mail to let anyone know.\r \r My doctor canceled two of my approximately 6 appointments at the latest notice. In one case I was in the car on the way there when the office called my work number to cancel. \r \r The worst scenario is prescription refills. In the first case, there was no response for several days to three faxes from my pharmacy or phone calls from my pharmacy and me. In the most egregious case, I left several messages at the correct extension over a two-week period. Finally I called the appointments desk and someone was kind enough to go right then to get that employee in charge of prescriptions for male doctors. After speaking to me, she left me on hold many minutes and finally indicated no knowledge of any of my voice messages. She eventually took care of the prescriptions that I had now been without for several days, after researching for a long time and telling me at first there was no record of the doctor ever having prescribed one of them.\r \r In this next attempt, I yesterday left messages for her in the morning and afternoon, and left one also for her supervisor. At 1:00 p.m. today, that employee's voice mailbox is full and her supervisor is gone for the day. \r Pros: I have rapport with my doctor. One or two desk staff are pleasant. Cons: Inconceivably bad support service from some key staff. more

underwhelmed 10/27/2008

Since it's already been pointed out that insurance and payment is a hassle, along with the insensitivity of the receptionists, let me go a bit further into my experience at CPA. Assigned to one therapist there, I was amazed at her inattentiveness. Three visits in a row, in three weeks, I was asked several of the same questions - ex. How old are you? Are you in college? - answers that wouldn't change from visit to visit, yet she either did not take notes, did not review notes, etc. At each visit, she introduced herself as if we hadn't met, then realized that, oh, yeah we met seven days ago. I thought I would be seeing her to confide in her and share my feelings, but I soon realized I was just another file in her cabinet. At CPA, their caseload is too large for any relationship to be built between the staff and patients. In the psychiatric practice, of all fields, I feel that a good relationship is necessary. Shortly after I stopped seeing this particular therapist, I began seeing another woman who worked their, a psychiatrist. She was a bit more personable and knowledgable, but again, I felt that after ten visits, she shouldn't have to call my name out to the waiting room, searching for a face she couldn't remember. \r My last issue with CPA is the schedule they keep. I don't expect such a practice to keep late hours, I think last I heard the latest they stayed open was until six, and only on Fridays. For me personally, it's hard to get in between 8 and 5. I would make my appts. for 8 so that I would miss a minimal amount of work, but often I was kept waiting until 8:30 because my doctor had yet to arrive. Missing an hour of work, being made to wait, just for a five minute med check. \r Overall, I feel CPA has done nothing but waste my time and money. Perhaps there are other staff members there who treat ppl with a bit more concern that I have yet to meet. But I'm not willing to put up with their desk people or unreturned phone calls and try it again. Pros: parking, cushy chairs Cons: noisy children in waiting room, apathetic staff more

Not patient focused 10/20/2008

Their primary concern is not patient welfare. They are extremely difficult to get on the phone; they frequently don't return phone calls. They require verification of insurance information or full prepayment of your office visit fee before they'll make an appointment. Office/front desk personnel are extremely insensitive to patient needs, which should be a priority considering they are a psychiatric practice. There primary focus appears to be a for-profit corporation with little emphasis on patient care & well being. They are also understaffed for the number of patients they see. For those people who are patients, appointment time are rough guesses at best - frequent waits of 30-90 minutes after your scheduled appointment time are typical. more

More concerned with money then helping people 3/6/2008

They would not even set up an appointment without insurance info. Couldn't wait until come in to give them your insurance card. All they care about is payment before you even get an appointment more
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