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700 5th Ave 4THFLOOR
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(206) 622-5789
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Starbucks - Seattle, WA
Starbucks - Seattle, WA


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Lately ive come back to Starbucks since the service at Tullys has been declinning. It seems the two coffee houses have changed places. Now when i get my espresso i know i wont be ...


Coffee tastes burnt; prices are ridiculous; most of the employees assume you know all about every thing on their menu, so they are abrupt when you don't know. Cons: too expens...

Starbucks is good coffee? 6/17/2008

To say Starbucks serves great coffee is like saying that McDonalds serves great hamburgers. Sure it's better than IHOP (who probably serves Starbucks these days) but it's no longer coffee with all the flavoring syrups added to it. Have an espresso without the sugar and milk and you will realize how over-roasted and acidic their coffee is. Torrefazione was always my favorite of U.S. coffees but are they even still around after being bought out by Starbucks? Even SBC, who I believe is also owned by Starbucks isn't much better, though it used to be. Quality only comes in small batches from select producers, the rest is just successful marketing... and a lot of sugar. more

There are better choices! 5/4/2005

Folks, this is Seattle - home of the best coffee in the states. Why go to the standard McCoffee shop (of which there are some 6000 other ones around this globe) when you can go to a genuine coffee cafe where the baristas know how to make a true latte or cappuccino -- places such as Vivace, Zeitgeist, Zoka, Cafe D'Arte, etc. I used to go to Starbucks years ago, but stopped because the quality of the coffee went down. This includes over roasting of beans to lack of skill in baristas knowing how to correctly froth milk. A true barista doesn't use a spoon! more

never ""bean"" so good 2/8/2003

Lately ive come back to Starbucks since the service at Tullys has been declinning. It seems the two coffee houses have changed places. Now when i get my espresso i know i wont be waiting in long lines. The coffee is more consistent and the milk seems to be fresher. I frequent about 3 Starbucks during the week . All the perssonel seem happy and are customer friendly. They quickly learn their customers and have the coffee ready before im done paying. great job!!!!!!!! Pros: quick service, knowledege, consistent Cons: no free coffee punch more

Best Mocha 2/5/2003

Try the Mocha at Starbucks it is really good. For my taste the Latte has too much foam. more

No Bueno, Just not good 2/1/2003

I will stop at Starbucks only if there isn't ANY thing else to be had. Of course it difficult to travel without a Starbucks or two or three in a one mile stretch. They have become the the 7/11 of the coffee shops. The sad thing is they admitedly over-roast their coffee. A good rich cup of coffee is not a burnt cup of coffee. It's no wonder folks have to frappe it, latte it, freezed, douse it with cream or 2%. If ya can't drink it black and straight, it just ain't good joe. more

Coffee on the well done side 1/19/2003

Great variety, know what to expect, coffee beans too charred for my taste. They always seem to over-charge by accidently keying into the register multiple items of which I actually only have one. Pros: Uniformity, Variety, Atmosphere at some Cons: Atmosphere at others more

Home Sweet Home 1/2/2003

Ever heard the saying: ""Coffee: It's not an addiction, it's a way of life."" Starbucks really is that way. It's not all about the coffee, although once you get used to it, you'll never go back. Starbucks is an atmosphere, a landmark, and a comforting sight to Seattlites. Every Starbucks is similar in atmosphere but has enough of a difference to not become mundane. I love it that I can walk into any Starbucks, even when on vacation halfway across the country, and feel like I am at home. Pros: make to spec's, one on every corner, dependable Cons: long lines more

go for the pastries 12/19/2002

the coffee is ok (takes a long time to get used to the burnt taste) but the real reason to go here is for the atmosphere and the pastries! and if you are well off enough to afford the wireless internet, that's a bonus> more

10 Second extraction 11/6/2002

Starbucks coffee sucks. The espresso is always under or over extracted. There is never a good shot at a starbucks. Starbucks has served me a 10 second shot before. The drink sucked. Good espresso should extract for 24 to 27 seconds. My dad owns a bakery and cafe and I have done research on coffee and we both agree Starbucks sucks. If you want real coffee make a trip to Port townsend and go to Bread and Roses and get a cup of coffee or espresso. more

really? 10/22/2002

Coffee tastes burnt; prices are ridiculous; most of the employees assume you know all about every thing on their menu, so they are abrupt when you don't know. Cons: too expensive, too strong more

Starbucks is better 10/19/2002

More consistent, more flavor... nicer baristas! Also, nobody can duplicate the Frappuccino! more

These are my guys! 10/14/2002

I'm never disappointed at my local Starbucks. The coffee is good, hot, and the baristas know me when I order at the drive up. It's 'comfort food/coffee'. Pros: fast, dependable product, tasty more

starbuckle 10/14/2002

Their mild blend kicks ass. Some starbucks don't srve mild. Well, they don't get my business. For example, the starbucks at the Oak Tree in Seattle currently has a broken mild blend machine. For the second time. What? Why don't the others have to suffer. Oh well, at least there is one on every corner. Pros: mild blend, happy happy, Joy Joy Cons: broken Machine, different store, must travel more

The real Seattl'e Best Coffee 10/14/2002

Always a great shot and good opertunities to try something new. Pros: Concistant, friendly, local Cons: expensive more

Enough about Harbucks already! 10/14/2002

Nothing wonderful about Starbucks. Overpriced and their espresso is too bitter. They don't have flavored coffee because they say it ruins the bean. I disagree. Flavored coffee is fun...something Starbucks isn't. Pros: nice atmosphere, fair trade beans, serve soy and organic Cons: bitter espresso, overpriced, coffee mongers more

Expensive crap 10/14/2002

I've found many family owned espresso bar with much better coffee, reasonalbe prices and GREAT customer service. Starbuck's can't even compare Pros: Convenient, Caramel Macchiato, Chess tables Cons: Too expensive, Not great coffee, Large corporation more

Starbucks is Everywhere for a Reason. 10/14/2002

If I want to grab a cup of coffee when I'm on the go or sit with a good book and a mocha, Starbucks is always the place I go. Pros: Comfortable Furniture, Good Music, Great Coffee Cons: Busy more

Not for coffee connoisseurs 10/14/2002

Coffee: poorest on the market!!! Food: bland and overpriced! It's only redeeming quality are the frap's; however, even these do not contain enough caffeine for that needed fix and no soy option as all are pre-mixed. Pros: variety Cons: quality more

The first and Best in my book 10/14/2002

Their coffee to me is the most flavorful; their Sumatra is excellent, whether in regular or decaf form, and the same is true with their other varieties. I feel there is less taste distinction between caff and decaff than any other brand of coffee. If you believe it's too strong brewed, giving a more bitter taste, use less coffee, or if at a Starbuck's, buy an Americano (a double grande is just right). Pros: Tastes like home, Locations, Consistant quality Cons: No drive thru, Pseudo "Starbucks", Sometimes slow more

Starbucks Sucks 10/14/2002

I hate Starbucks, it is the worst coffee I have ever tasted and it is all marketing and I am sick of seeing then everywhere. In Seattle, the place to go is that greek cafe by Pikes Market. It's the little shops not the corparations that make coffee good to the last drop. more
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