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Starbright Early Learning Center - 20 Reviews - 607 SE Everett Mall Way Ste 13, Everett, WA - Day Care Center Reviews - Phone (425) 953-1938

Starbright Early Learning Center

607 SE Everett Mall Way Ste 13
Everett, WA 98208
(425) 953-1938
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Just enrolled my children recently. I have two children - a 4-year-old and a second grader at Olivia Park Elementary school. Wonderful teachers! Very educated staff. Beautiful cla...


I loved this school, my son went there for a couple years, great staff. We had to give short notice and move our son to public school do to having only one income in the househol...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/22/2014

Our daughter has attended Starbright's preschool, pre-K, and summer school programs for two years now. We found them very organized and healthy for her--physically, psychologically and emotionally. Starbright is very intentional and organized. Children wear slippers instead of street shoes while indoors, and have wash their hands when they arrive. I like the Starbright philosophy. They teach life skills and education through ""positive reinforcement,"" instead of a ""No, you can't do that"" kind of training. Our daughter is getting set up to excel in first grade next year. She already knows the alphabet and can sound out letters and some words phonetically, and she can count to 100, thanks to the caring and well-qualified teachers. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/6/2013

My whole family has been very happy with Starbright since my two kids started there five years ago. The classrooms are large, with big windows, and are covered with the kids’ artwork. They keep the kids very active with a whole gamut of classes, including classes in dance, music and Spanish. They have programs from infants to school age. My children can’t wait for summer so they can go to Starbright’s day camps. The kids are evaluated to statewide standards and the teachers always took time to talk about any problems my kids were having. I'm also pleased Starbright has a strict policy regarding cleanliness. For example, the kids have to change from outside to inside shoes and these are kept in cubby holes along with the rest of their stuff. The teachers and the staff are so friendly, I feel like they are an extended family. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2013

I've been with Starbright 2-1/2 years and I just love them. Classrooms are huge, with shelves all the way up to the ceiling filled with activities and toys. Every teacher I met on the first day was happy that I was there and it made me feel comfortable. \r \r Starbright has pre-school, kindergarten, programs before and after school, as well as educational summer programs for kids up to third grade. The standards for the teachers are really high as they only hire people with degrees relating to childhood education or who are training in that field. They even have a real cook who prepares fresh fruits and vegetables every day. I will not take my kids anywhere else because Starbright has lived up to everything I expected, and more. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2013

I should have posted this a couple years ago, However, was focused on finding a better place for my son. I recently cleaned my office and found my documentation on this school and thought I would share. \r \r My son Attended this school for 1 day. Two hours into my son's stay at this facility the day care called and told me I had to come pick up my child and that he was not welcome back. This after 2 hours! The director attempted to lecture myself and my husband on how my son and us needed to immediately seek professional help and parenting classes. She complained that our son wasn't ready for this environment and that IF we found immediate help we MAY turn things around. \r \r Our child had been in a childcare center for the past 2 years prior to coming to this facility. (We had to look for another facility due to an issue with a Kindercare facility- His First one closed down and we had to relocate. The one we switched to was horrible. They could not control their kids.) I explained to the director on my walk through that he had taken on a disruptive attitude and often threw tantrums. At the time Dr. Borgatta said it would be fine and they would work with him. \r \r When the director called and stated he could not come back, I tried to explain this is behavior stated while at his last center. I even offered to take some time off work to be there at the center with them to help. She refused to work out anything. The only information she gave us was that he refused to participate in group activities and then when in her office, he wouldn't stop talking. She felt he didn't understand that he was in trouble and not getting special attention. \r \r My husband wanted to know what was going on first hand, so he emailed the director to asked what happened. Not only did she continue to say how we needed professional help again, but took the opportunity to bad mouth me to my husband. (Not once had I attacked her personally at this time). She made comments such as, ""Frankly, some day I'll be glad when I don't have to put myself on the line for people like your takes time, energy and perseverance and people like her just wear me out and want to make me quit my job."" (This was the nicer of some of them)\r \r Again she made all these judgement of me and my family after 2 hours with my son and 1 15 minute conversation. \r \r This was a couple years ago. I found another day care, they worked with my child for 1 week and he stopped the tantrum that he was having. He continues to do well in school and in the large groups she said he wasn't ready for. Yes, he does have a little ADHD/hyperactiviy however it is nothing that the schools and daycare has not been able to work with in class. \r \r I hope this has helped you decide to look for another day care. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/20/2013

Great School! My kids both love their teachers and they have lots of friends. They learn a lot and they play a lot. Lots of love all around. They have art classes and special music and dance teachers come in every week and they are included in the cost. It makes me feel great when I pick them up at night and they don't want to leave because they are having so much fun! Can't say enough good things about the place! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/21/2013

My daughter has been there for 2 years. I love this place, wonderful staff, great teachers, a clean place and great schedule for the kids.\r It's amazing how much my daughter has grown and learned from this wonderful school!\r You should send your kids here! Well worth it :)\r more

Wow! Yay! Great Place for Children 4/4/2012

Just enrolled my children recently. I have two children - a 4-year-old and a second grader at Olivia Park Elementary school. Wonderful teachers! Very educated staff. Beautiful classrooms. Amazing collection of toys and educational materials. Interesting curriculum. Music, dance, and Spanish teachers. They just added a huge gymnasium with gymnastic equipment and tons of toys to climb and play on. They use this for rainy days. Just a really nice program...and they don't take you to the cleaners. Tuition is surprisingly reasonable. Check it out!!!!!!! Pros: null Cons: null more

Civil judgment without a phone call? 2/17/2012

I loved this school, my son went there for a couple years, great staff. We had to give short notice and move our son to public school do to having only one income in the household. 11 months after leaving we were served with papers on a Civil Judgment. What?? We thought? How are we getting served with papers on a balance owed when we never received any phone calls requesting the payment. No attempts to contact via phone OR mail while having both our cell phone numbers and my direct line at work. I must say this attempt to collect debt in such a manner without calling us and talking with us has left me very saddened. I am shocked that people that had such an impact on our son's life and who we spoke with daily did not find it acceptable to just call us and ask for what was owed. We didn't even know we left with a balance. I was sad to hear that in the future now I would not consider having any children go to this school because of this unfortunate and very preventable experience. Not only are you charging for balance owed - now you want to put court costs on top of the balance? Why? Because you couldn't lick a stamp or pick up a phone? Very disappointed. Pros: null Cons: null more

Couldn't be happier 10/25/2011

Reviews are one thing. Referrals are another. My wife and I have and continue to refer our friends and co-workers to Starbright. Without hesitation. Pros: null Cons: null more

Great Place to Go! 10/21/2011

I couldn't be happier with this program. The best part is that the teachers are loving, but they also are educated. this is a school, not just a daycare. The teachers have college degrees in early childhood. The director is so nice. She really cares about my children. The classrooms are oversized and there are so many materials and art supplies. They also have dance, Spanish, and music classes included in the price........awesome place. I'm so thankful to have found it! Pros: null Cons: null more

Caring and Educational Care 9/2/2010

I have three children that have all attended Starbright. My oldest son is now 9 but started there at just 18 months. He still has the same core values taught by the school. My youngest is 3 and she attends the half day preschool program and I consider myself to be so lucky to have found Starbright. I have had kids in care for 8 years and not one complaint. How many people can say that! Thank you Starbright!! more

A great place for kids 3/6/2010

Sending my son to daycare after my maternity leave was tough. He's not the easiest little guy; he even went on a week long bottle strike as I returned to work! But the staff at Starbright were supportive and patient. My son loves going to school now, and I feel confident that he is being well cared for every day. The staff is consistent, caring and well trained in early childhood education. I highly recommend this center! Pros: Well trained, quality staff that really cares for kids Cons: none more

Wonderful place for kids to grow 11/9/2009

Both of my kids have had wonderful experiences at Starbright. My daughter was there from the time she turned 4 until she started public school; my son has been there since he turned 1. Each room has an age-appropriate curriculum. Staff pay close attention to each child, so they move to the next classroom when they are developmentally ready (instead of at a predetermined age). "Extras" include music programs, Spanish instruction, swimming, and field trips. Pros: Smart, involved directors; caring teachers; music; Spanish Cons: Can't think of any cons more

Genuine Loving Staff for Your Precious Infant!! 11/6/2009

You'd think after having two children that placing my third in daycare would be easy, but it wasn't. Star Bright makes having to leave my youngest in order to work far easier than I could have hoped for. Teachers in the infant room are personable, patient, and genuinely committed to the babies. I enjoy each of them. They are actually OVER staffed in the morning so each child is given individual attention during drop-off. They also don't hesitate to have a third teacher available during busy times like lunch. I love that cell phone use past the hallway is prohibited so parents can be focused and engaged with their kids during drop off and pick-up. My kids are 18 yrs, 3.5 yrs and 6 mos, and I've looked at a lot of infant rooms over the years. Star Bright has been the best by far and the good "gut feeling" I got during my first tour has proven to be correct. Pros: Clean, diverse families, great staff, comprable cost more

Wonderful! 9/4/2009

My first child attended Starbright about 5 years ago and still talks about how great it is! We have a new addition to our family and he is begging me to take him to Starbright and I am! My son was cared for, nutured, loved, educated and created friendships that have lasted. Dr. Kim is excellent. Working with Children and understanding them is her gift. I have never been to another center that cared as much for my child. Because of Starbright my child learned to accept EVERYONE. The centers location is in a tough area and that is the whole focus of the location. This school could easily be located in the upper Eastside and would probably have not 1 negative review. We are fortunate to have this center in Everett. It's a wonderful place and I know my younger child will feel so lucky he is going! I wish the world had more people in it like Dr. Kim. She is excellent with children. Dr. Kim I am so glad that you opened and continue to run the center you are appreciated. Thank You! Pros: Caring,Communication,Environment,Education and classes Cons: location more

Great school! Definitely check out all programs with state! 4/28/2009

As the director of the program, I feel I need to respond to the last two reviews. Please go to review any complaints filed with the state and you will find we have fewer complaints and unsubstantiated complaints than just about any program. We can't please all of the people all of the time, but we are sure that we please most of the people most of the time. When there are problems, we always have conferences with parents. If you have any questions, PLEASE call us at 425-514-5972 and we will always take time to talk to you! Pros: Loving, Responsive, educated teachers Cons: We're not perfect, but we definitely communicate more

Voices 3/15/2009

I am glad to see other parents speak up to look out for our kids. It is easy to have a safe appearance and it is another to have your kids really safe. Cars broken into in the parking lot all the time. Staffing issues. The state has a list of the complaints against Starbright. Most parents just remove their kids from this day care so they never follow up with or through on the complaints. Thanks for speaking up and letting involved parents know. Pros: Clean Cons: Staff more

Not Here 3/11/2009

I just withdrew my child from this school!The teacher I dealt with was not very good at all. I think it is anyones right to voice their opinion about a school. I just reported this school to the state. Don't judge me like i am not a good parent I just did not have a good experiance at this place as some of you others. Pros: Environment Cons: just this one teacher more

Thank goodness for this school! 1/26/2009

Please believe me when I say there is no other preschool around like this! My two children have attended Starbright for the past year and I couldn't be happier. Clean, clean, clean rugs, floors, shelves, toys, books. And I feel no worry about safety. The playground is beautiful with lots of climbing equipment. The teachers really interact with both my toddler and my preschooler. They are really educated and they have been there for a long time. The daily schedule offers lots of interesting topics and there is a special teacher for Spanish, music and dance. The best part is that they really communicate with you a lot and take time to talk through problems if there ever are any. I'm very protective of my children and I hardly trust anybody to take care of them, but I never worry here. The director used to be a college teacher and so she knows a lot to help train the other teachers. It seems very positive most of the time and everyone seems to like their job. Pros: Good prices. Good communication. Really clean! Nice staff. more

Best Program in Town 11/12/2008

I looked everywhere for decent care and education for my one year old and 4 year old. This program has very qualified teachers, beautiful classrooms and a great director. I couldn't be happier with the love and attention both my children get. They have two conferences a year. They even teach all of the parents a class about positive discipline. I can't imagine anyone who isn't thrilled with this program. I waited 4 months to get in.........their rates are really reasonable. I highly recommend this preschool! Pros: Great teachers, great curriculum, lots of love Cons: Can't think of any. more
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Owner Message

  • Starbright Early Learning Center is a locally owned an operated facility serving families of Everett, Mukilteo & greater Snohomish county.

    Starbright Early Learning Center of Everett & Mukilteo offers-
    Daycare & Preschool
    Full-Day Kindergarten
    School-Age Care

    We are conveniently located on Everett Mall Way between I-5 and Evergreen Way, just south of the Boeing Freeway. We offer bus service to Discovery, Olivia Park, Challenger, Emerson, & James Monroe Elementary Schools!

    Our infant-toddler care, preschool programs, full-day kindergarten, and K-5 before/after care offer so much more than a childcare!
    College-certified teachers offer challenging educational activities and the arts in beautiful over sized classrooms loaded with exciting learning materials. Specialized guest instructors teach music, dance & Spanish weekly at no extra cost.

    Starbright believes that each child is a unique and bright star reaching for his or her greatest potential. Our one-of-a-kind school is not a corporate chain. Personalized attention to children and parents in a state-of-the art facility with a responsive staff make this the ideal setting for your family.

    We invite you to visit our facility any time for a tour between 9:00am and 6:00pm M-F.

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    Cascade View