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Star Seeds Restaurant - 40 Reviews - 3101 N Ih 35, Austin, TX - People Watching Reviews - Phone (512) 478-7107

Star Seeds Restaurant

3101 N Ih 35
Austin, TX 78722
(512) 478-7107
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Star Seeds Restaurant - Austin, TX


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I love the atmosphere of this place! The food is great and cheap they give you generous portions. I've never had a bad experience here. The staff is very nice and helpful. They al...


Starseeds used to be an exciting place when it was a dive. It was a sort of adventure to see how bad the service was and how cheap the food would be. Lately, though, the prices ...

Excellent Service and Great Food 4/1/2011

I love the atmosphere of this place! The food is great and cheap they give you generous portions. I've never had a bad experience here. The staff is very nice and helpful. They all know the menu very well and are good at helping indecisive customers. The comments about waiting time below are bogus and are probably from over-demanding snobs who should not frequent service industry establishments because no one cares to put up with their bs. I've never had to wait longer than necessary for my food because you cannot wave a magic wand and make a hot plate of the deliciousness that is Star Seeds. I'm sure that the customes that have recieved hostillity from the servers deserved it. It's amazing the things people think they can away with saying to people who are trying to serve them. The servers have always been very nice to me when I came in. more

Funky, good value 11/28/2008

This funky place in a ""seedy"" location right next to a budget motel and I-35 is a true bargain. Come hunry! The portions are generous, and the food good. Hummus appetizer was good. Now, can we talk about the service? There was one heroic waitress doing her best, with no help. If you want fast, ""smiley"" service like at Olive Garden, don't come here! Pros: Good value, comfortable atmosphere Cons: Slow service, uneven quality (i.e., pancakes not cooked all the way through) more

Saw something crawling on the wall in the kitchen 8/15/2008

Big cocroach. Crawling on the wall. In the kitchen. Plain sight. Pros: Uh.......... Cons: R o a c h e s more

best diner, great 24-7 3/27/2008

The service here is horrible and the food usually takes a while, but a great place for late-nighters, food is always suprisingly excellent for a diner and if you dont mind waiting it's a good spot! Pros: affordable, awesome breakfast food Cons: service, wait, etc more

Migas Review by The Melbourne Method 2/24/2008

The Migas occupied a substantial amount more than half the plate and were piled high, crispy hash browns, and golden home fries filled the remainder of the plate, and three little containers of salsa were balanced on the edge. The impressive mountain (as opposed to a small plateau) of Migas at first glance could be construed as worrisome, conjuring up the thought that Star Seeds substitutes quantity for quality, but such a thought is banished as an egregious falsehood the second a forkful of Migas hits the taste buds. The Star Seeds? Migas are, simply put, divine. The eggs were fluffy, and mixed in with them was the perfect proportion of tortilla chips which remained just crispy enough to crunch slightly between the teeth. As for vegetables it seems that Star Seeds struck upon the brilliant idea of actually putting a good quantity of them in: great big jalapeno rings, and juicy tomatoes, delicious! At first glance the Star Seeds? Migas do not seem to have all that much cheese on them but that is only because Star Seeds does not simply melt the cheese on top, it actually (eegads) mixes the cheese in (what an inspired concept) so that every bite, not just the ones close to the top, contain cheesy goodness. Indeed you cannot lift a fork of Star Seeds Migas without having egg, cheese, tortilla, and veggie together. Furthermore something fantastic occurs when you finish a plate of Star Seeds Migas: you find yourself full, and not of beans or tortillas?but filled with Migas. Simply perfect. more

Best 24 hour restaurant in the Austin city limits 1/6/2008

I was hungry last night like I usually am and decided to try some place different. I went to this little restaurant on the side of I-35 called Star Seeds. When I first walked in I was greeted by a beautiful waitress named Molly. Pros: wait staff more

Not as good since they cleaned up 11/17/2007

Starseeds used to be an exciting place when it was a dive. It was a sort of adventure to see how bad the service was and how cheap the food would be. Lately, though, the prices have climbed and the service is only marginally better. It's no longer a dive, which means it's not really anything special. Pros: Open all the time Cons: Service, quality of food more

decent after-hours dining, if you're willing to wait a looooong time 9/20/2007

A group of us ate here at 2a.m. on a Saturday. We were seated immediately, but it took us over an hour to receive our food. The breakfast taco was GIGANTIC, but it wasn't particularly great. The best part of the night was the Rockstar Queso - an absolute must!! Pros: rockstar queso, late hours Cons: long wait, average food more

Trying to find a middle ground 6/14/2007

OK. For anyone wondering what Star Seeds is about, you have to take it's reputation with a grain of salt (as the extremely polarized views here would suggest). The staff is well-meaning, but generally short-handed. The place is so crowded that they probably don't have the space to afford a few extra sets of hands. Pros: Music, Tacos, Beers more

seedy cafe 5/30/2007

We had just come back from a night out on 6th street and were in search of a place to eat. A friend suggested Star Seeds. That was a bad idea. I am not a complete a hole when it comes to dining out. I just like certain particulars to be in order. First off, I like cleanliness. I prefer to be at peace and know that my food won't contain hair, an insect found in Men in Black the movie (im not allowed to say it in this review..i am being censored for some reason), or any other thing/bacteria/creepy crawly that it is not supposed to. At Star seeds you get the direct impression that the sanitation levels are low. The bathroom is dirty. The waiters look kind of grungy and dirty. I know that they were trying to go for cool hip urbanite...that is a....kind of I dont care Im so trendy I dont have to follow society's rules....blah blah. However, they missed the mark. I would rather get a smiling professional waiter and correctly prepared food in a clean kitchen/restaurant than eat again at this fake hippy cafe. more

why even bother 4/16/2007

The food is bland and poor quality, the service is terrible. This place is not hip and cool, its filthy and falling apart. The roof leaks and smells, I ate there once and worried I might get sick. Dennys is open, and even though I dont recommend Denny's. at least its a tolerable environment. Cons: dirty, filthy, not cool and possibly a health hazard more

Never going again 2/11/2007

I think they need to understand the difference between ""hip"" and just plain dirty. The atmosphere was ok and the music was good, but it seemed like they did go out of their way to be extra rude. They messed up my order and when i told the waitress, she was very in-my-face about it and it took her forever to bring my *cold* and puny portioned order. The servings were defintiely not generous, now i don't know if this is because i asked her to fix my order and incurred her wrath or if its because thats how much it should have actually been. I have to say my experience was complete when the waitress sprayed her flying snot at us when she sneezed and proceeded to wiped her nose with her arm. That's just nasty regardless of the attitude. Overall, they treated us like we were doing them a favor by being there, and needless to say i will NEVER return. I was so appalled at my experience that i signed up for this stupid citysearch site just so i could give them a bad review. Hey Star seeds cafe, maybe you should try to follow Kerby Lane's lead - you know, people that actually wash and want their customers to be there. more

Please remove my review. 11/10/2006

Please remove my review.Please remove my review.Please remove my review.Please remove my review.Please remove my review. more

Cheap, good food, Cheap, 24hrs!, Cheap!! 10/29/2006

Great Place! I love it. The portions are pretty large and the price is unbeatable! Although I'm sad to say theat they no longer have the black bean slasa. The Chicken fried Chicken is great. The staff is very accomidating to subsitutions w/ sides. Great place overall Pros: food, hrs, ambience Cons: no more black bean slasa more

Nice New Face 10/27/2006

My boyfriend asked tonight if I'd like to go to Star Seeds, and I scoffed, because I have had so many underwhelming experiences there in the past. At his suggestion, I started reading online reviews, and I decided to give the restaurant another try. I was very pleasantly surprised. At 8:30 on a Saturday night, it was calm inside. The place looked cleaner than I remembered and it now has a more spacious feel inside. Our menus and drinks were prompt. The hummus appetizer showed up quickly - the pitas were warm and delicious, and the hummus was actually better than what I've had at several other places. Our sandwiches came exactly as we finished the hummus. Though I still don't know how to pronounce it (the waitress wasn't sure either), the Croque Madame was delicious. Ham, cheese, and gravy on toast, topped with an egg, are simple ingredients, but they were well-prepared. The french fries were more yummy than most that I've eaten. Only the philly cheese steak left me wanting. Most places usually have a more personalized, distinct flavor to their steak, and although this sandwich wasn't bad, it won't be especially memorable. The check came in a decent amount of time, and our waitress was extremely polite and friendly, even refilling our drinks after we had paid. Maybe I would have had a completely different experience if we had waited until 2 A.M. to go, and the place might have seemed smaller if the bar hadn't been empty. Overall, though, this was a really nice experience, and my once yearly visits will now likely be monthly. more

terrible restaurant 9/17/2006

this place will never go out of buisness because austin if full of phonys who are to cool and ""reaxed"" to care about about how awful the service. first off it took old boy up front like 10 min to clean off a booth for us. i guess at this place cleaning doesnt include wiping the water and pieces of food off of the table so we did that ourselves. during the 30 min wait for the food (( scrambled eggs, burger) yeah ,and i asked for blue cheese, of course no blue cheese, "" uh,, unfortunately,,,, we,, uh,,, ran out of blue cheese... do you want me to take it back?"" ,yaeh right and wait another 30 min, and im sure he made up that excuse on the spot)) while waiting we spotted the kid that we named ""queso boy"" because if you ordered chips and queso he was right on it. so we see queso boy wandering aimlessly, literally to cool to pick his feet up off the floor when he walks, occasionnaly handing out the queso. meanwhile i have been waiting a long time for a DP refill and queso boy hands out some queso next to us, looks at the table across from us that hasnt been cleaned since the people left 15 min ago, doesnt even see my empty glass on the edge of the table, and shuffles to the back to flip his hair and PLAY WITH A LIGHTER!!! so i go to the back and reach around him and fill my own soda. blah blah blah the eggs are cold,, the food is barely average,, we never get the check,,but here is the kicker, when i go to pay i tell green shirt dude up front what we had(bacon cheeseburger/migas/coke).....he is so incompetent that he only charges me $5. 5 dollars 41 cents tax...sweet..."" i didnt charge you for the dr pepper man"" Pros: $5 dinner for two, mexican lady doing all of the work-somebody had work ethic Cons: hipness put you off your feed, everything more

Extra Strength Star Seeds 7/19/2006

First off - the place is like a new and improved Star Seeds. I hadn't been in years and just revisited. It still is a place with all the ""charm"" and hipness of yesteryear, but it has been cleaned up considerably in all new art on the walls...friendly and attentive waitstaff (you gotta see it to believe it)....a bunch of great microbrews and cheap but tasty house wines by the glass.....still awesome music and great prices...the menu has new items like shrimp cocktail with romesco sauce and basil oil!!!! WOW! and it's still 24 hours...I've been back everyday since. Pros: 24 hour, great beers & wine, menu changing more

Great alternative to other late night eateries 7/14/2006

I really like this dive. It's much better than IHOP/Dennys anytime... less pretentious or overpriced than Magnolia/Kerbey. The portions are huge... everything is just down to earth home cooking. I go late at night on week nights and some weekends... the service is adequet. The food comes out quickly and the waitresses have been really sweet. One time though one of our party guests spilled water and they just didnt pick it up... eventhough it was on the floor and a hazard considering how small that walk way is. We tried our best but we didn't have the supplies necessary. Pros: good portions, 24hr, convenient to a lot of places Cons: parking, sometimes service more

Not what it used to be 6/21/2006

The first time I went to Star Seeds it was chock-full of personal photos and grit. It had the feel of a dive. It had the smell. The food was cheap and the service was decent. They've cleaned the place up since then and the service seems to have taken a wash along with the character. The place still ranks higher than having to succumb to an IHOP or Denny's, but if you go there, it's a crapshoot if you get any decent service at all. And I'm not talkin about whiny boy 'my eggs aren't cooked right' or 'they took 18 minutes instead of 14' nonsense. On many occasions recently they have forgotton whole orders, taken over an hour to bring out food when there were very few people in there, and generally seemed like they could care less about what happens in the place. I'll spot em the 'not caring' attitude as that no doubt raises the cool points in this image driven town of ours, but at some point, it's nice to have your coffee refilled at least once in the hour and a half you're there without having to hunt someone down. So if you're gonna go... go stoned. That way you won't care either way. Pros: cheap food. not a commercial establishment. Cons: service has much to be improved on. more

Believe the Hype 5/11/2006

I don't know what this other guys problem is or what he expected. Sounds to me like he's a 45 year yippie who was trying to be hip. They play great music, $1 Lonestar's all the time and the food is awesome. Who cares if the waitress looks like a zombie? Pros: Food, music, price more
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    Painted walls are plastered with posters and stickers in a dark, swirling galaxy theme. Alternative music is turned up loud. A wall of booths and a line of red leatherette...

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