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Stanley Kaplan Talent Agency - 12 Reviews - 139 Fulton St Ste 503, New York, NY - Entertainers & Groups Reviews - Phone (212) 385-4400

Stanley Kaplan Talent Agency

139 Fulton St Ste 503
New York, NY 10038
(212) 385-4400
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Stanley Kaplan is a actually a legit agency. Top photographers from NYC sends their talent to kaplan for recommendations. They book you jobs, it may be litte commercial jobs or ex...


They closed and they owe me money!!

Quit your bellyaching ...... 11/2/2011

I was first referred to Stanley Kaplan from a fellow actor . My young son was on a film shoot and we had no representation. I called and he took him in immediately . We went on a major commercial audtion and when we didnt get that , Stanley got us both jobs on a film as extras. Being a single Mom I really couldnt afford to take my son all over town. But with Stanleys help I got work too when my son worked. Just about every go see we went on we got the job. Unfortunately my son wasnt interested in acting as he got older. But I can tell you we got paid on time. We were treated very nicely and even though the office was messy, it was organized. ( I call it organized chaos ) Im now proud of my son as he grad college and is working on Wall Street. One of the toughest places to work. His experience working with all people and places has helped him be at the top of his game. He is 23 now and will always remember Stanley's kindness . Its a tough world out there so if you think life is easy try walking in someone elses shoes. Want to work in this business? then toughen up . All agents arent what you see on TV . Stanley has helped many people and probably some he doesnt even remember. Thanks Stanley! more

Shocked 9/16/2010

They closed and they owe me money!! more

Disgusting and Irresponsible 6/2/2010

Im appalled with the mess at this agency. when i called to book a gig...not only was his excuse that it is a recession, but that I wasnt in file..i spent a long time getting things prepared but to get gigs to enchance my career. They are irresponsible and their conditions are worse then Haiti. I suggest that if you want a really good agency, Do Not GO to stanley kaplan, he is a waste of time. I waited exactly ONE YEAR to realize they had taken advantage o time. im appalled and disgusted. more

Legit Agency 4/16/2010

Stanley Kaplan is a actually a legit agency. Top photographers from NYC sends their talent to kaplan for recommendations. They book you jobs, it may be litte commercial jobs or exta role but it's definitely a beginning and a step. I don't know why people trash this agency so much, maybe because you didn't get accepted. Most agencies have piles and piles of headshots and com cards. Stanley Kaplan just happened to have a messy office. If you go to most commercial print agencies you will see that they have a lot of comcards in their office (but organized). They are def. not a scam! Pros: a lot of work and connections Cons: messy office more

Back In The 90s he got me into sag 12/12/2009

hes down to earth. wonderful man. Pros: great no bs Cons: n/a more

I agree with Mr.Biscocho 10/30/2009

Yes, Kaplan's offices are a mess and the staff is abit rushed but while I was non-union, I was given the opportunity to go on a ton of 'go-sees' and these were for major print jobs and commercials. Now that I'm union, I was able to book a major print job through them by my manager. Kaplan took 20% paid by the client and my manager 20% paid by me, but when the job pays you several thousand dollars, who cares about the 20% you have to pay. Now, it does take a long time to get paid from print, and I'm still waiting, but will let you know when the ""mother load"" comes in. It should come just in time for the holidays. So I have nothing bad to say about Kaplan because I know for a fact that they book major jobs and yes then can benefit from a cleaning service.\r \r Just an update on that major print job that Kaplan booked for me! I have been paid and paid big! I look forward to working to working with Kaplan again!! more

Take it easy on Kaplan 10/12/2009

Okay, as a one time client of Stanley Kaplan, I shall certify that the following information is 100% valid, so anyone interested in their services can make an educated decision. First, let's dissolve the rumor that Stanley Kaplan is a scam. They're not! As an actor and a New Yorker, I've rubbed shoulders with all kinds of crooks. They're easy to spot, as they all have a common goal: Getting yor money up front! These types are what I politely dub, the craigslists predators. You submit, they call you for an ""interview"" and show you headshot samples. Run! Kaplan charges fees like any other legitimate agency with a 10% back end deal. Another positive about Kaplan is that no talent need sign a binding contract. You're free to walk if you don't care for their services. Some of the negatives blogs have truth in them. The office is a mess. When you walk in through the door, it's not like walking into ""Miller Gold"" from Entourage. It's a small office plastered with headshots everywhere, but keep in mind, the company is fairly new and still growing, Many very successful people have told me how they started their businesses in their basements. Secondly, the jobs are non-union, despite the ""AEA, SAG,AFTRA Affiliation"" that's advertised on their business cards, and many of the jobs are petty extra jobs, with minimal wages. Many times you can walk in the office, and Stanley will ask you if you want to make an easy 20 bucks sitting in the audience of a court show. If you have nothing better to do, why not? Most of the audience are tourists who don't get paid at all. However, the wages for film projects are not necessarily the fault of the agency. The productions are usually independent and they hire Kaplan to supply them with extras. Those companies are not under any union contracts, which means the money, while low, is tax free. In the beginning, I booked good and bad jobs with Kaplan. I have had credited roles through Kaplan. I've also had horrible experiences. One day, I was bored and called up my manager and asked him if any work was available and he said, ""I can give you a background job tomorrow, but I don't think you're gonna want this."" To my dismay, I took the job the next day and was fed horrible food by a nasty caterer, who threatened me and banned me from the table for the entire 10 hour shoot. I was too hot and tired to fight and I had no union rights, but whose fault was it for accepting the job in the first place? I've also had easy jobs where I was paid to have brunch at the Boat House in Central Park. Two or three hours and a free meal. It was easy and I had nothing else to do. The draw back however, is that the money can take a very long time to be disbursed. The reason behind that is the production companies get billed by Kaplan and are often unable to pay the bills on time and sometimes, they even go bankrupt. Trials and tribulations of non-union independent work. To Kaplan's credit, one time I was paid 6 months later and my manager said, ""Keep my commission,"" but I paid him anyway. In closing, I hope this helps any aspiring artists who are reading this. Regardless of my opinion or anyone elses's, be sure to judge carefully each and every time you submit yourself to anyone anywhere. It's your career Pros: NOT a scam Cons: Agency is really only for amateurs more

Of course sooooo unprofessional 7/8/2009

I used to work and volunteer in the office here for several months............. Not cool. Not fun. Stanley is bossy and as mean as dirt. He treated my mother like a dog. They mostly pick ethnic people instead of white. Chances of you making an audition are rare, like slim to none. I quit this place. Hardly ever gave me work, papers and a mess is flying everywhere, phone rings every minute. A nasty staff. Stanley is snobby and thinks that he's king of the world. That place needs an attitude and a real makeover. Yes I agree a run down old fashioned building. Very small place. No air conditioner. Looks like jurrassic park. I've seen rodents in that office. They don't clean up after themselves. They lie and break promises. (on peoples courts) they give, they can reject you. This lady Adrianna the head of people's court disliked me because I'm white. So lots of prrrejudicy goes on here, and many of the members of the talent use substance abuse and think they're stars, when they are nobody. A cut throat industry, lots of competition which could cost you enemies. Pros: You may get a job Cons: Everything you can name in the book of heartbreaks more

Waste of time, wouldn't recommend 12/19/2008

I somewhat agreed with Joannsleo's review. The place is small and a mess. Papers and pictures are scatted on the floor. The building is kind of run down and the staff act like they could be so bother. From my understanding the only work they will likely give you is being an extra in the audience of a tv show like a public channel court tv show or an MTV show and so on . The pay isn't even worth it and you would have to wait at least a month for the check. If someone recommends that you sign or to Stanley Kaplan for work, I would definitely back off because they are likely in on this. Cons: Non-Professional Staff, Place is a dump more

Kaplan Talent Agency is a great talent agency! 7/26/2008

My son received a call for an audition in NYC and was selected to go on a shoot for biography channel in New Jersey. I would recommend Kaplan Talent Agency! I am very pleased with the outcome of his audition. more

I'll give credit where credit is due: 1/28/2008

In responce to the previous person's posting; they have given me work and they are known in the industry. more

Non-professional place 1/23/2008

This place is simply the dump. The rooms were dirty and cluttered non-professional atmosphere. Picture were scattered all around the rooms on the floors everywhere. If you mailed any pictures forget about them, I saw hundreds of manilla envelopes piled up on the floor that was never opened. Do not waste your time or waste your photo\r If a person name Al from In Gear magazine suggest that you go there run don't walk, there is no such magazine.......................... Cons: a waste of your time and photos more
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