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4915 NE Fremont St
Portland, OR 97213

(503) 281-2322
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Stanich's - Portland, OR
Stanich's - Portland, OR
Stanich's - Portland, OR
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Disappointed! Not with Stanish's, but with all the bad reviews. I went online to get the address for a friend who was going to meet us and saw a load of bad reviews. Now I was ...


I have to admit I was was very disappointed when I went to this restaurant after citysearch's rave reviews. I'm not sure what the big deal is other than that a hamburger with fri...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/8/2013

Stanich's is your neighborhood dive bar where the locals come to chat and maybe watch some games over beer. The service is ok, only 3 people running the whole joint when we arrived on a Saturday night. The burgers were tasty and we could have killed a large fries order. This is definitely a place where you must chill, not a great choice if you're in a hurry to stuff food in your face and be on your way. I do agree with most reviews that a wait time of over 1.5 hours is overkill, but I do recommend you try the Special Burger. Head's up, the beer is on the pricey side. Get the small pitcher of something meaty and feel like a giant while drinking from it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/28/2013

Worst food and most god awful service. Can't understand how they pass inspections with the way that place looks or how anyone works there. Heard they stiff their staff too. Was under investigation by the state for that. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/27/2012

My boyfriend and I are big fans of burgers. We have yet to find the perfect burger, so we decided to try Stanich's since he had heard good things about their food. To make a long story short, we had literally waited 1.5 hours for our burger. I keep bugging my boyfriend that we need to go and find another place to eat, but he refused because he really wanted to try their burger. I saw 3 different tables getting their food before us, and they had walked in after we had. Our waitress never came by to refill out drinks or to inform us that it may take a while and to apologize for the wait. When she was near us at one point, I said ""excuse me"" to get her attention and it was obvious she had heard me, but she chose to keep walking away. After my boyfriend saw a group of people who had been sitting before us had received their burgers at the 1.5 hour wait mark, we got up. He informed our rude waitress that we will be leaving and to please cancel our order. No apology was given by her. I was so furious at her customer service that I asked, ""so why is it taking an hour for our order?"" She rudely responded with a ""uhh..we're busy?"" As a customer who waited for over an hour had all the right to ask this question, and for her to respond with that attitude was outrageous. I was so fumed with anger to the point of tears. I held it all together and just walked out. This really bothered the both of us due to this treatment since we are nice people who didn't deserve this. All we really needed was an apology and some attention from the waitress to let us know it will be a while and we would have been fine. She never once checked up on us. I thought of all the revengeful things I could do to this waitress for her rudeness, but I realized that this unattractive, over weight waitress who is working in a dive burger joint late at night for a living is probably hating her life. That is punishment enough. I'm sure the food is good since this establishment is still around after all these years, but the horrible customer service treatment is not worth it. more

We are trying to find Portland's best 1/28/2012

We are trying to find Portland's best burger so we decided to try Stanich's. I'm a small eater so we decided to share the ""special Burger.""....The burger was good but the fries were a little on the greasy side. When we were checking out the bill for the burger was $9.00 instead of the posted price of $6.50 The RUDE waitress said it's $4.50 for each half. OMFG when did it start costing customers 2.50 to cut a burger in half????? We will never go back and keep hunting for the best Portland burger. more

TERRIBLE Service, Burgers good 10/16/2011

I brought visiting family to this spot for dinner Saturday night. Sadly we were totally disappointed. First of all they took a while to get to serving us. Then the big blonde lady who did serve us was cold and short. There was no polite conversation just took our order. Then we had to wait over an half hour for our burgers. Not only that, the table that was seated after us finished their meal before we got ours. Then they were less than accommodating for the mishap. In fact the only consolation was that the burgers would be only another 4 minutes. But they took longer. They were only getting on the grill once we finally said something. Apparently they forgot about us. And when they finally did arrive she wasn't exactly apologetic for the inconvenience. In fact she was so ready to have us out of there, she barely stayed long enough to tell us where to pay when we got our check. I wonder if we did something to set her off, and we might have with the three elders' minor extra needs, but certainly it was not intentional and every good server would know that. I was totally embarrassed for bringing my family there only to be treated so rude in my city. I will never go there again, even if they do make a good burger. They had ruined the whole experience by that point and it was hard to truly enjoy it. more

A welcome step back in time 6/23/2011

We were treated like family here. We have a few more kids than average and it just isn't easy to go to restaurants in Portland without whispers, stares and eye rolls. Not only were we warmly welcomed, but the server was patient, friendly and funny. The kids occupied themselves by reading all the sports pennants on the walls. Burger was a tasty stack of toasted bun, savory sauce, sirloin, onions, pickles, tomatoes. And yes we used several napkins. Overall I felt well-taken care of, like I had visited an unpretentious friend who just wanted me to be happy. I can see why this place has been here so long. more

If this is Portland's best burger, we're all in trouble. 5/9/2011

I had been told by a few people that this was 'Portland's best burger'. When we tried it, it was a big disappointment. Greasy barely cooked meat, crumbly dry bun (I was almost glad when it fell apart, because now I didn't have to eat it), and slimy lettuce that tasted like cigarettes. The fries were cooked at too low a temperature, ensuring that they'd be greasy and limp. Even the sodas tasted funny (like un-rinsed dish soap). I usually don't leave food on my plate, but at Stanich's I did. more

Still Portland's Best Burger 4/15/2011

Disappointed! Not with Stanish's, but with all the bad reviews. I went online to get the address for a friend who was going to meet us and saw a load of bad reviews. Now I was worried what I was getting a friend into. All my worries were put aside at the first bite. Service was quick and accurate, the ""Special"" is still the same burger I remember from 22 years ago when I had my first one right after moving here. I am not sure what some folks were looking for at my favorite local pub, 5 star it aint for sure, but if you are looking for a big sloppy burger with 5 star taste, this is the place...Still! more

STRIKE TWO, STEVE! 2/14/2011

I was in the Alameda neighborhood today around the noon hour, was hungry, so decided to stop in at Stanich's for a ""special."" The wait wasn't so bad in fact after my nearly ""raw"" medium cooked burger arrived, I would have happily waited longer. When I told my server(not Stephanie), that I wanted it cooked through, she went on to defend herself saying, ""I asked you if you wanted it cooked medium, right?"" I said, ""well, yes but I want my ground beef cooked all the way through please."" She said, ""you mean ground chuck, this is ground chuck, it's like sirloin."" I said ""I want my ground MEAT cooked, please, It is PINK,very pink!"" She said,"" ok fine, you want it cooked WELL!"" I said,"" yes..please!"" The cook then walked by and snapped a ticket off the pad as he walked past me ..obviously not happy with my complaint and needed to let me know in no uncertain terms. So, I asked for my new burger to be ""TO GO"" as the atmosphere got suddenly chilly up at the bar. Once I got to my car, I opened the box and took a bite.MMMMMMMM....24 raw onion chunks and soggy buns to boot! OOPs, forgot to mention greasy. limp fries! This being Valentine's day..if I wanted to break up with someone, this raw onion special would certainly do the trick! This was strike two as I visited Stanich's West a few years ago and had something similar in quality of burger. The waitress there was very pleasant, though. I may try Stanich's once again before I send them down to the minor leagues. For now though it's ""STRIKE TWO STEVE!"" more

George Stanich would not be happy 1/23/2011

I have be a customer for since the 60's. When Steve Stanich took over the changes were quite noticeable. On the positive side, the customer receives more than one napkin. It was like pulling teeth go get one more napkin to wipe mess running down ones hand. The burger is as good but the size of the pattie is smaller and get lost is the lettuce. My biggest disappointment is the fries. Greasy and soggy. Stanich;s has been here since 1949. I hope management can take a bit more pride in there product more

Yet to understand any complaints. 1/17/2011

We went to Stanich's to try out the place and found the atmosphere great. The service was amazing. Out waitress was at our table numerous times refilling our drinks or asking us how our day was etc. It was wonderful and the place was packed. We ordered the worlds greatest and I have to agree it was just that. The fries are another thing but this place isn't known for its fries. The burger and service were wonderful I only wish this was closer to home for me. more

Slow and Filthy - We Stopped Eating @ Stanich's 10/12/2010

Back in 2007 we were new to the area and looking for a great burger joint. Stanich's was recommended and we think the burgers are great - but we stopped going to Stanich's altogether. The burgers are great but the place is filthy. You can get past that when you consider that the food comes hot off the grill and goes onto a fresh waxed paper in a basket. BUT - my husband ordered milk no less than 10 times and all but one time it was sour/spoiled and once even had lumps in it. We tried the fries several times and what arrived was a pile of limp, oil laden potatoes. The service is slow. The food comes out slowly. The place is filthy. But we overlooked those things, skipped the fries and carried in extra napkins. We just wanted to have a good burger. Eventually, though, we just couldn't overlook the lack of personal hygiene and rude wait staff. The last time we went to Stanich's the waitress that brought our beverages had dirty fingernails and was carrying the glasses by the tops. Disgusting. more

Has Been 8/16/2010

It used to be a great burger joint, I used to really enjoy it. Over time I have taken many business people and out of town guests, and of course family and friends. Must have been there 150 times or more in 20+ years. This year in particular, each of the few times I have been there, the service especially from the wait staff, has absolutely underwhelmed our group with an almost complete lack of effort or a conveyed sense that the place itself is more important than the customer. Unless there is a 180 degree attitude shift, its over. It cost more than it should, the burger takes 45+ minutes even on a slow night, the side of fries is very hit n miss, one order nice long strings of potatoes, the next time lengths shorter than your little finger. They used to refill your soda in a wink, now it's hard to get their attention. Cheers to the cooks - they're trying, jeers to those on the wait staff that cared less about us. more

We'll make it your way--if we listen to what you want 8/13/2010

Five of us decided to eat at Amalfi's tonight but when we arrived there, we found that they were closed for vacation. Nearby was Stanich's---a place that two members of our party had eaten before. It definitely has that casual, come on in and take care of yourself because we're too busy. By that I mean that someone yelled across the room, ""How many are there?"" ""Over there's a place."" The waitress didn't seem to understand ""No onions"" on one order and the french fries looked and tasted like they had been twice cooked. It would have been nice if the tables had the grease scrubbed off and if we had been asked if we needed anything---like more napkins and a knife to cut the hamburgers in half. The hamburgers were good but the thickness of the meat was far surpassed by the lettuce, tomato, and 1/4 of an onion stacked on top. It's not a place I would go out of my way to eat a hamburger at. more


I've eaten at Staniches since the 80's and have never experienced such lousy service ANYWHERE! After we waited an hour for our food, not one time did anyone come by to say they were sorry for the wait or even offer water or a complimentary beverage. While the burger was consistent, I felt compelled to call them to let them know how disappointed I was. There only response was that they had two workers who did not show up for work. When I asked how that excused someone who walked passed our table numerous times from saying, ""sorry for the wait"" is beyond me. The lady on the phone did apologize but said, they could not compensate for the long wait. I would think the ""great man who started and ran"" Staniches for so many years is rolling around in his grave right now to hear these kinds of excuses. SHAME ON YOU STANICH staff. Pros: burger was consistent Cons: fries were limp, lifeless and overcooked more

Hamburger Heaven 5/28/2010

I don't often get a hamburger craving, but when I do...this is where I go. The Burgers are awesome! Pros: Fantastic Burgers more

Beautiful day, Lousy service 5/8/2010

Today was a beautiful Saturday and we wanted a good burger so we took the drive across town. There was a couple out side and 1 family inside yet we could get NO service. we watched in amazement as the waitress put glasses in a cooler and then out again. Still no service. Sorry to say we walked out not knowing if the burgers were still good or not. Sorry Staniches you need to rethink service in the future. Pros: The memories of a good burger. Cons: Lack of service more

Still The Greatest Burger In Town 4/14/2010

I have been craving a good burger and remembered that about 10 years ago we really loved a burger from there. It is about a 30 mile trip one way but it was SO WORTH IT!!!. The burger was just perfect. Our waitress Stefanie Stanich (yep her family owns it) was super. Very pleasent, informative, and polite. I had read some other reviews about it being dirty ect...thisis NOT the case. The place is a tavern/bar that serves a super burger. If you are looking for something like Red Robin you will be disappointed. If what you want is good fried, a super burger and a couple of beers for $20.00 Then this is the place to go. I will go back for sure!!! Pros: relaxed dining, casual, great food Cons: 30 mile drive for us, limited menu more

Great food as always! Still love the nastalgia! 3/17/2010

I have been going to Stanich's since I was 15 in 1985. I have been to many so called great burger joints around the country who claim to have the best and not one of them compares to Stanich's! I have taken several friends and family members there and all of them have all loved it and are now hooked. Some of them often beg for me to take them back there. As for all of you who gave Stanich's a bad mark, poo on you! You don't know how to lighten up and enjoy the finer things in life. Sometimes that can be found in a quaint place like Stanich's. So, lighten will ya! Stanich's will always be the burger place of choice. I won't have it any other way! Thanks Steve, family and crew for always helping me to certainly enjoy it! Pros: Still love the messy Specials! Cons: I have never had any more

Overrated... Very Much So. 2/24/2010

I went here after not having gone for years. My Lord what a dump. Anyone who tells you ""You've GOT to get a Stanich burger once"" is wrong; you don't have put your standards in the toilet just to eat at some filthy little tavern. The waitress we had was a real... you know exactly what I want to write. She was awful, rude, slow, and snappy. Pros: The friends I was with. Cons: Terrible (and slow) service, dirty everything more
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