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24 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003 (at 5th Avenue and University Place)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 488-5900
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Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY
Stand - New York, NY



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The roasted marshmallow move is all it damaged up to be. I thoroughly experienced my hamburger and tater children...but in my view, not enough deeply fried pickles...wowwwsssee, ...


•Recently I visited the much blogged and written about Stand burger. In its conceptual phase it was expressed by a who’s who of food aficionados that such criminalist burger atroc...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/21/2012

The roasted marshmallow move is all it damaged up to be. I thoroughly experienced my hamburger and tater children...but in my view, not enough deeply fried pickles...wowwwsssee, those were good. more

DMANBURGER ""Stand Burger"" 5/25/2010

•Recently I visited the much blogged and written about Stand burger. In its conceptual phase it was expressed by a who’s who of food aficionados that such criminalist burger atrocities had occurred there. A penchant for the dramatic and skeptical, I was interested to see what sparked such auspicious burger educators to voice their dissatisfaction. Interestingly Stand Burger was created by noodle king Jonathan Morr , famous for APT and Republic who then in 2007 started to think burgers. Stand has a modern open feel with some communal bench seating and a spacious dining room, perfect for a large crowd. I sat at the bar which was teaming with youngsters and college types. ESPN was showing on all TV’s and people were drinking like fish for 3.00pm in the afternoon, which made for a raucous bar scene. I found out there was a relatively new burger on the menu, the BOLD Burger, a gigantic twin patty goliath of Pat La Frieda beef stacked on a brioche bun with apple wood smoked bacon, sautéed onions, American and cheddar cheese, pickle, tomato, chipotle sauce and fried egg.\r \r The menu has an array of beefy pleasures, burgers for every palette are featured here such as the Stand Burger noted as the “best burger in Manhattan at any price” with onion marmalade; Mushroom Beef Burger, Buffalo Blue Cheeseburger,Veggie Burger with quinoa, mushroom, zucchini and parmesan and the Hamburger with shredded lettuce onion marmalade and green peppercorn sauce. Other favorites on the menu include a Burger Salad, Shrimp Po’Boy, Crabbie Pattie Sandwich, fries and Onion rings-which are blogged about as the best in the city! \r \r I went with the Hamburger, BOLD Burger, and the much hyped about Toasted Marshmallow Shake. The Hamburger arrived first; it was plump and piled with shredded lettuce and green peppercorn sauce oozing out the sides. I thought the green peppercorn sauce brought an interesting element to the burger, tasting like steak au poivre more than a burger. In the distance I could see the BOLD Burger coming from the kitchen; it was like a tower of beef and pork levitating across the room. All I could see was this thing of structured beef beauty coming at me, it was daunting but at the same time exciting. I picked it up to take my first bite, struggling to handle its bulkiness. I opened wide, but just grazed the outside of the beast, the taste was succulent and juicy for the first 2 or 3 bites but then fell apart in my hands ending up like a meatloaf on my plate. I finished what I could of the burger, but it lost its juiciness and its flavor and ended up in torn mangled pieces on my plate. The Toasted Marshmallow shake with honey lavender chocolate, peanut butter cap, mint cookies and cream; however was one of the best things I have ever tasted ! It didn’t have any Bourbon in it, but it was a good $7.00 milkshake. In a burger addled town I found Stand to be disappointing, however the overall atmosphere and the staff were very friendly and invitingly appealing.\r \r Pros: toasted marshmallow shakes Cons: dry burgers more

Trendy Burger Joint with Great Shakes & Full Bar 5/14/2010

With purple hues, sleek track lighting, open-air walls and modern bar, Stand's waitress-only burger joint is a haven on NYU stomping grounds. The old-fashioned diner-style bar wraps around the middle of the large modern room, finishing the look with tall '50s-style milkshakes, from toasted marshmallow to alchie blends à la popular demand. The variety of burgers comes on chewy, toasted bakery buns, on which my first-ever salmon burger was a trip. But given the locale, there's probably a lot more of that going around. Pros: Nice Environment, Tasty Shakes, though a bit too sweet. Cons: Service a Little Weird on my visit. more

Burger was good .. but what's with all the excitement ? 4/6/2010

We're from Montreal. In for Easter weekend, visiting the city - spanning theater district to Chinatown...with a stop for dinner in the Village. Found review of the Stand on a ""...good value in Village Google Search..."" Several restos were listed of varying cuisines.... We had 4 teenagers with us, 3 of our own and one friend who is shall we say a picky eater....okay very picky .....and I thought it would be a decent meal giving them lots of choice in their meal decisions... The waitress was very pleasant - all smiles and sweetness. I guess we got lucky....based on some of what I have read since... I encouraged the kids to consider the shakes - especially the Marquee Toasted Marshmallow. It did not disappoint. They all loved it..... A Large (Tall) one was kind of filling though - good size for sharing if you don't want to spoil your appetite - consider yourself warned!! Burgers were good...but Patty seemed a little too ...well too much like a patty..... Perfectly round.... Meat was good but I would not say it tasted homemade. We have a similar place here in Montreal - called M-Burger (or some such thing). Very similar - perhaps one copied the other .... I've only been once, and it was eerily like Deja Do... The shoe string fries were too fine...more like julienne chips..... The Sweet Potato fries were excellent - in fact we needed seconds.... a real hit with the kids.... One person's burger order was forgotten... Waitress was very apologetic, and it was immediately ordered, and we were told it was on the house..... We were planning to tip extra, since she was so pleasant....We were surprised there was a 20% Tip already on the bill. Not sure if this is standard for parties of a certain size....for tourists...or standard for everyone at The Stand...... This was what we were going to leave...but as a result we did not tip anything extra. Hope she wasn't upset.... If you ever go to Montreal, we have a real place with a fantastic burger with real meat...not in a pre-shaped patty - DiLallo's - have the Buck Burger - bet you can't have just one !!! Pros: Waitress was very pleasant Cons: 20% tip automatically added (7 people in our party) more

Fantastic Burgers, Fries & Shakes! 12/28/2009

Thanks to ""The Best Thing I Ever Ate"" on Food Network I have been dying to go to Stand. We had burgers & fries. The burger was DELICIOUS. I made the mistake of ordering the veggie burger upon reading a positive review on menupages and was seriously disappointed. When I return I will most definitely be getting the regular hamburger. However, what we REALLY went there for was the Toasted Marshmallow Shake. This little beauty is heaven in a glass. HOW do they get it to be a toasty marshmallowy (new word) flavor? Boggles my mind. I am dreaming of returning there. Pros: fantastic Marshmallow Shake!!! more

Appalling Service 10/1/2009

My date never got his burger. When mine came out they said his would be out in 5 minutes, then our server disappeared for half and hour. Then, he dropped the check off without apologizing--he shrugged and asked if we wanted him to check on the missing burger. I was dying to get out of there, but my date really wanted to try the marshmallow milkshake (he was still hungry). It took 20 minutes for us to get milkshakes because the server got my order wrong and the shakes went to the next table by mistake. Service is sloppy and careless and no apology is unforgivable. The veggie burger was average; the milkshakes were was tasty, but nothing could make up for such appalling service. I will never return. Pros: Milkshake selection, atmosphere Cons: Service, service, service more

Reasonable and quick eats 9/28/2009

I dont eat meat, so I tried their veggie burger and salmon burger...the veggie burger was great, fresh and hearty. The salmon burger was a lil too salty for my tasting...(any my friends as well..) Their mashed sweet potatoes were a bit on the runny side, but the sprinkling of parmesean cheese on top made them scrumptious. They give you a couple of sweet deep fried pickels on the side which were pretty good as well.\r But my favorite part of all was the yummy Kaluha Shake...I could not get enough of it! So rich and creamy and very filling...we had one and shared it! Pros: quick service, friendly staff, delish alcoholic shakes! Cons: feeling so full and bloated after a great meal more

Not good service 9/25/2009

The waiter gave me a small proportion of the food. It took a little long for the food to come to the table but it was great. The food tasted great. Pros: The food was great Cons: There was a small proportion more

Way overrated burger, awful service 7/26/2009

My wife and I just can't get over how bad the service was in this place. With a half-full resturant , we waited about ten minutes for our waiter to finally get around to showing up at the table. Basicaly his attitude demonstrated he didn't care at all. We received no greeting. Our appetizer finally showed up 25 minutes after ordering--with the main meal. He didn't check in on us to see how we were doing. He didn't say goodbye or ""thanks for coming"" or anything.\r \r He got less than a 15% tip--before tax. Seriously that's what he deserved.\r \r As for the food goes, we went to Strand because NY Magazine said they served one of the best burgers in NYC. My wife and I agreed that while it was a perfectly fine hamburger there was nothing about it that said ""this is the best"". \r \r Skip this place, there are better establishments to spend your money. Cons: Not the best burger in NY, BAD Service more

always try something twice 7/18/2009

we went for the drinks, we ordered food and thought about the menu saying ""Best in Manhattan""....i can't argue here do to the fact this was the only burger i have had in NYC..but i have had better everywhere else...the kid was happy with her toasted marsh mellow shake and i too with my blackcherry soda....service fit the the age and place, i'm sure if i asked for something i would have gotten it...would not use that mayo that sits out on the table(90 degrees the day we went).... will only return if the kid is with me and she wants another shake.....the Food Network was right on and we went because of the shakes.... Pros: going there made the kid happy Cons: watched my food sit under heat lamps more

Service needs improvement! ASAP!!! 7/12/2009

Before even arriving to the restaurant we were met with rude service. The hostess was rude on the phone when we just asked for simple directions and then she had the nerve to hang up the phone. Once there the service was ridiculous. We waited and waited, but our waiter was more focused on leaving than giving us the best service possible. I do have to say that the food was great and the toasted marshmallow milkshake was the best I've ever had in the world:) But thinking about that lousy service keeps me from wanting to go back which is a shame. I don't think that service like this is what the owner had in mind when it began. Someone please revamp the servicing staff NOW!! Pros: Excellent shakes Cons: SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!! more

Great drinks, skip the mains! 3/19/2009

The drinks are great, I only wish that the food measured up. We had between us a mint shake, the pineapple-lime soda and the lemon-basil drink and they were all great. Sweet potato fries (a special) were also tasty and crispy. None of us are beef eaters and this is where the place fell down. One friend had a veggie burger, which was tasteless. My friend and I had salmon burgers which didn't taste very good and left us burping fishiness for the next 6 hours. All in all the food was a major disappointment especially given that it's a little on the expensive side. My recommendation? Drop in for a drink and a lite snack, not a meal. Pros: Inventive and tasty drinks Cons: Poor quality beef burger alternatives more

Loved it! Authentic Ginger ale & sweet fried pickles! 3/4/2009

Excellent burger. The fresh Ginger beer was out if this world. Fries - crispy with salt fried on. Great find! more

This place won't last 1/12/2009

The first time I went when they first opened, I was excited- I love burgers. The first time, the burger and the service were just right. I went again the other day with my husband and I ordered the 'burger salad', a great, lowcarb option. It was supposed to be a salad with iceburg, romaine, frisee, and a burger, with croutons, caesar dressing and grated parmesan. It arrived with just romaine and iceburg. For $12, it should have had frisee. I asked our dizzy waitress why it didn't come with frisee and her response was to shrug and say they were out of it. My burger (minis) had quite a few hard things in it as well (must be ground up cartiledge), a big 'deal-breaker' for any burger joint in my opinion. I won't go back. Pros: Convenient Cons: Mediocre food, indifferent service more

Bad day I guess 9/15/2008

My family trekked into the city from Long Island specifically because we heard this was the new place for great burgers and we love burgers. We were seated immediately and were given menus right away. That's the good part of the experience. We ordered 3 classics (all setup with different add ons) and 1 egg and bacon burger. Our waitress seemed like she was either disinterested or in deep thought about something other than getting our order correct. The drink order was wrong, root beer float instead of coke (no biggie), my sweet iced tea, neither cold or sweet ( I was told it was freshly brewed so it was still hot, but I did get an extra glass of ice). The bacon classic cheeseburgers came without bacon (biggie to my kids). Oops, forgot the mashed sweet potato with cheese side (real biggie to my wife). Here's where it really goes downhill, the burgers. I thought mine (egg & cheese) was pretty good, so did my daughter (she loves salt), salt, salt , salt, big pockets of tongue numbing salt. My wife and son said that their burger tasted funny, sort of like tangy. They continued to eat it assuming that tangy was a good thing and what made the place special. My wife asked me to taste it after she was almost done, I did and said ""boy that's tangy!"", I then tasted the homemade ketchup and found out that tangy is another word for spoiled. Well, my wife and son spent the next 4 hours with stomach cramps and bathroom visits. So all in all, this was not a positive experience, so much so, that for the first time in my life (50 yrs) I was driven to write a review instead of chalking it up to a possibly bad day at THE STAND. By the way, the sweet potato side was not very good, the fries were excellent. Pros: Concept Cons: Food more

Good Burger Joint 9/6/2008

Liked the place. Slightly pricier than fast food joints but the quality is better as well. The service takes time. Therefore, don't go there in a hurry. Pros: Food quality Cons: Service time more

Stand Needs to Work on its Manners 6/30/2008

My boyfriend and I have been avid Stand-fans since it opened. However, last weekend the service was absolutely horrendous. Always knowing right away what we will order, we had to wait at least five minutes before anyone greeted us or took our order. If it had of been exceptionally busy in the restaurant, I would have understood the delay. However, we could clearly see a handful of servers (and someone that seemed like a lazy, unkempt manager) hanging out and chatting at the bar. When our server finally came to the table, not once did she offer us eye-contact or a single pleasantry. And, this might seem slightly picky, but, the hostess brought a milkshake straw to a customer next to us, carrying it in her bare hands (being a nursing student, moments of bad-hygiene are disturbing). On the other hand, my burger was excellent. But, for the first time ever, my milkshake was HORRBILE and I had to send it back! Finally, I definitely worry, by the extreme decline in service and some decline in the fare, that Stand will soon be closing. Please step it up! Pros: Burger, Strawberry or Banana Milkshakes Cons: Service more

Consider the salad 6/22/2008

Yes, I know this is a burger joint and you go for the burgers but I wasn't super hungry and the entree sized burger salad intrigued me. It's a chock full of healthy stuff salad with a skewer of three burger patties on top (your choice of meat: beef, turker or chicken). Delicious, a great lunch option. Also had the Toasted Marshmallow Shake which I had read about somewhere (NY Mag probably). It exceeded my expectations as fas as taste but was on the small size. I was expecting a true fountain size shake and got a little more than half that for $6. Again, this shake is REALLY tasty but it would be more appropriately priced at around $4.\r \r As far as service note, I went to this restaurant on a Sunday during their lunch ""rush"" which was nothing as the place was more than half empty so the service was extremely attentive. If the place were packed I would probably advise takeout (or delivery if you're lucky enough to live nearby). Pros: Delicious food all around with some interesting options here and there Cons: A little steep in price, particularly for the tasty shakes more

Better than good food; worst service around... 5/22/2008

While the food has improved in the time that this establishment opened its doors, the service has plummeted beyond hope. It's a pity that the tasty fare in this clean, noisy and open space is spoiled so much by an unapologetically surly, unkempt, and utterly uncaring staff, from the moment you walk in to the moment you pay the relatively hefty check and leave. Perhaps this presentation to some translates as hip or cool, but many of us still believe that service is just as important to the visit as the food. Do not go expecting to feel welcome; read the menu thoroughly to understand the local lexicon (as it will not be explained to you in any detail); and any misunderstandings with your order are your fault...not theirs (and with much eye-rolling, they will go to lengths explaining why it's your fault, stupid customer).\r \r Nice space, interesting food...definitely not worth the attitude. Too many other far better choices in this neighborhood! Pros: above average burger choices Cons: lack of presentable service of any kind more

Good Burger... Calm Down 4/28/2008

Oh calm down everyone!!\r These aren't the best burgers!! They are good... i enjoyed it... it was kinda dry... The staff was really cool and nice, and they had some good beers... pretty good fries... try BLT Burger... they got this place beat if you want just a good burger, if you want really nice atmosphere, Stand is winning though... Pros: Cool, Helpful staff.. Pretty Good burgers, Great location and a Great Space, very nice place Cons: Burgers are AMAZING, the price point isn't great... more
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Union Square's Rare Well Done Burger Restaurant

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  • Nestled in Manhattan's Union Square, our burger restaurant prides itself on serving unique burgers and shakes with the highest quality service. Dine on delicious menu items ranging from the Bacon & Egg Cheesburger to the Crabby Patty Sandwich. Quench your thirst with a classic milkshake or one of our many premium draft beers on tap. Enjoy a comfortable dining experince in our spacious dining room or stop by for a quick drink at the bar. Satisfy your late night hunger with a juicy burger in Union Square. Conviently located by the NYU campus, we accept NYU campus cash for delivery and take out. Come experience burger dining at its best at Stand 4 Burgers.


  • Stand opened to much fanfare in 2007 but the buzz faded quickly, thanks to a too-hard bun and some peculiar gourmet sodas that nobody liked (rosemary, was it?). But after a change of ownership, the...

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