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Camp Snoopy is a must-see for children. The have really nice, intermediate rides, which is why i like it. (Hehe!) The lines are very short, you won't have to wait very long. The ...


I have to admit that some of the rides are a fun change of pace from the endless walking through stores at Mall of America, espically if the significant other has drug you along o...

You've Got To Be Kidding 7/15/2006

You're rating The Park at MOA over VALLEY FAIR? No comparison whatsoever--evidently, you haven't been there? more

ValleyFair is handsdown a winner over ""old Camp Snoopy""/ The Park at MOA 7/14/2006

On the top 10 list??? I disagree. DisneyLand didn't make this list, but ""The Park"" did? Nonscense. An amusement park on the top 10 should be a place worthy of a family vacation, not 2-3 hours. To really ride a few rides the same cost would get you into ValleyFair in Shakopee, which is an adventure in itself. Both of them used to be owned by the same guy. Too bad that changed. Snoopy and crew left with him. Snoopy held so much of the magic of this place. Pros: year-round, indoors, 4-corner views from the mall itself is fun. Cons: small, no room for growth, loud more

Yup, Minnesota rules.... 8/12/2005

Camp Snoopy is a must-see for children. The have really nice, intermediate rides, which is why i like it. (Hehe!) The lines are very short, you won't have to wait very long. The prices for tickets are pretty reasonable. I highly recommend trying it once, it's a very fun experience, especially for the kids. And once you get tired of riding around on rides all day with your children, take a break and go into the mall. Maybe go to the Wine Vineyard...or whatever it's called, and buy some wine. :) I love the Mall of America, as a matter of fact i'm going there this weekend. ;) But, i did not expect Camp Snoopy to be on this list, i was sure to see Valley Fair, which is also in Minnesota, and it's tons of fun...but, ah well. :) Pros: Nice and open, Great for the kids, The Mall! :) more

can't think some ppl would have this a top 10 8/11/2005

kid's it might rock but for ppl who might want a real ride ... this is a waste of time....valley fair is better comfort for U then a kiddy park more

Top 10 Amusement Parks? Now THAT's funny! 7/31/2005

You've gotta be kidding me! I'm not sure I'd put this in my Top 50 Amusement Parks. Now, don't get me wrong: for an amusement park in a shopping mall this is A-OK. You're at the mall, you've done some shopping, you want a change of pace. Fine. However, pack up the family and ride off to the MOA for a day at the amusement park? No way. The rides are few and tame, in comparison to any sizable amusement park. Kept in the perspective of what you can do in a mall it's fine, but don't say it's one of the Ten Best Amusement Parks. That sets expectations way too high (higher than any of the rides go). Pros: always good weather, short lines Cons: tame rides, ride tickets more

It's Ok, But its NOT an Amusement Park 7/12/2005

I have to admit that some of the rides are a fun change of pace from the endless walking through stores at Mall of America, espically if the significant other has drug you along on their shopping spree. Still, I don't think I would consider camp snoopy an amusement park, much less in the top 10 of amusement parks as per the recent ratings. Rides are expensive and not up to quality of large amusement park rides for much less $$ Pros: Shopping Close Cons: High Price per ride, Small, Not An Amusement Park more

A Unique Experience 7/12/2005

I was shocked to see Camp Snoopy on the list of Top Ten Theme Parks in the nation because, for some reason, I assumed the list would consist of Amusement Parks with unbelievable thrill rides, etc. You won't find rides like that here. However, when I realized that thrill rides weren't a condition to make this list, Camp Snoopy absolutely belongs. The fact that it's all indoors and the shear size of it makes it a unique and fun place to visit. You walk from a Mall setting into this huge sunlit open space with fully grown trees and waterfalls amid roller coasters, flume ride, and many other rides and eating places. It's so much fun for kids and there are a few intermediate rides that won't give you white knuckles, but they'll be enough to get you through the winter season until you can scratch that thrill ride itch. Pros: Controlled environmen, Light and open Cons: A little noisy more

MOA 5/8/2005

I grew up in MN and was always excited to go to MOA and on the rides. #1 because it's cold in MN and you can't go to an outdoor amusement part. #2 i was afraid of crazy rides, and these rides are more tame. #3 if you get sick of rides you can go shop. #4 they used to have an unlimited pass. Not sure if they still do. Even as an adult i love to go to it. My fav. ride is LOG shoot! It is a lot of fun. I used to go on it over and over again. The roller coaster is great too because you get to see the whole park. Pros: indoors, Clean, fast lines more

Knott's Berry Farm? 4/14/2005

I remember going here a few years ago and distinctly remember Camp Snoopy, but never going into Camp Snoopy. What about the actual Knott's Berry Farm that is outside? That seems less kiddy to me. I liked it ok-but I don't remember there being many rides. They were pretty fun though. Pros: short lines Cons: small more


Ahh!! Dear Minnesota... There is nothing more to say.. The Mall of America is the greatest place and well know. Camp Snoopy is always a joy.. Walking through it actually makes you relax in a way that makes you feel like a kid all over again. Pros: , Fun place Cons: , Bad Parking - more

An Alright Place 7/17/2003

This is a place you need to see. You might not want to go back, but it's an expierence. You wont find any ""extreme"" rides. They are all tame, but still fun. The park is enclosed by the mall, right in the center of things...there is the eccoing sound of water from the log ride, and it is clean and open, there is also a lot of nice plant life. You wont find any coke products, the park is an all pepsi area(if anybody cares). And parents there is a fun care center for you kids(its the whole plastic playground thing...nets, slides, and tubes to crawl through) EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THE MALL AND CAMP SNOOPY! I STILL LOVE GOING THERE! Pros: indoor, in a mall Cons: easy to get lost, temperature is cold more

MOA- a must! 7/17/2003

Being a 15 year old with a love for intense rollercoasters, the Ripsaw at Camp Snoopy just doesn't cut it anymore. But the log flume and the mighty axe are both lots of fun and if your planning a trip to Minnesota anytime soon, the MOA is a must. Shopping is amazing and for little kids its like a dream come true. Pros: pretty cheap, SHOPPING!!!! Cons: bad parking more

Hmm.. 7/17/2003

As said in many of the above views about Minnesota's Camp Snoopy, it is awesome and one of the most enjoyable parks for kids and the mall itself being the 2nd largest in the world i believe is outstanding. However this topic appears to be just about Camp Snoopy. Its never fully crowded, infact the longest time i've waited in line must have been below 7 or 8 minutes, however the rides aern't truely amazing. PERSONALLY, i was looking for Minnesota's ""Valley Fair"" on here. Valley Fair is much more towards the top of the line amusment parks. Anyway.. those are my thoughts :P. Pros: Good for kids, No lines, Great Mall :) Cons: No point for people > more

It's just amazing 8/3/2002

The mall of america is a great place to go if you cant handle huge rollercoasters, or have young children, or even if you can and dont have young children. the shopping is fantastic at the mammoth mall of america, and they will double the size of the place in the next few years as well! there is underwaterworld that many adults and kids alike will enjoy, and a large assortment of rides and restauraunts as well. being from minnesota, i have been there many times. some funny facts? the mall of america has a highschool in it, and also has a huge movie theater, and a bowling alley inside of it. it is insanely huge, and provides an awesome, memorable shopping and riding experience. have fun! Pros: many great rides, not too crowded, fantastic parking Cons: a little loud! more

5 8/2/2002

Camp Snoopy, top ten? Maybe for the kids, but for grown ups, it's a bore. No big scary roller coasters here, just a long, ""scenic""-type coaster that is exhilarating but not too exciting. An interesting log flume , a few midway-type rides, and lots of things for kids and the park is pretty. But for thrills I'd head for Six Flags in Chicago or Kings Island in Ohio, or even Valleyfair here in Minnesota. Pros: good for kids, attractive Cons: boring for adults more

Great for kids and couples 7/10/2002

This place is very cool. Try the log chute ride - that last fall will get you. more

Fun for Little Ones! 6/28/2002

Our family goes to Camp Snoopy once every year (and more often if we are lucky.) It's great for small children! We found that ValleyFair was too big for our kids (ages 6 & 4) - but Camp Snoopy is just the right size - it's manageable and the kids aren't ""too short"" for most of the rides. It's especially nice to go there in the Winter - you feel like you're outside in the summertime. (Mom & Dad get to do some shopping after the amusement park, too.) Fun for everyone! P.S. Don't bother going to ""Cereal Land"" when you're at Mall of America - it's totally LAME and a waste of money!!! Pros: Not crowded, fairly inexpensive, fun for small childre more
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    Although its setting is indoors, The Park offers everything an outdoor amusement park has and more. Seven acres of the behemoth Mall of America are devoted to more than 30 rides...

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