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St Louis Workout - 10 Reviews - 395 N Euclid Ave, Saint Louis, MO - Fitness Reviews - Phone (314) 367-2233

St Louis Workout

395 N Euclid Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63108
(314) 367-2233
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This is a message from the managing partner of the gym. I've read a lot of reviews on line about former members making negative comments about our club. The fact of the matter is...


This is a terrible gym. Please do not join. I don't want you to have your life and credit ruined like many of us have. The owner and staff are complete crooks. They will not le...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/22/2013

The people of this business are in fact nice. They do what they do well. However, my experience has been sour. I joined with a friend about 2 years ago through a Groupon. We were quickly pulled into a full membership, but on terms that were exceptional to our case seeing that we were college students and would not be able to attend consistently. Not to mention, Jeremy knew that we were going to exit in a year or two since the two of us were not from St. Louis. He understood and told us when this time comes, our exiting fee would simply be $15. Now, the two of us thought, $15?! This cannot be! but it sure was and this was our selling points to our parents. When someone tells you great news, you will never forget it.\r \r Today is the day of our membership termination as we are both leaving this city. We explained what was told to us, however, we were told this is completely incorrect and that we are to pay $59+tax to terminate. Now we are thinking...WHAT? Here's the thing, we are college students...we wouldn't have agreed to this 2 years back. This man at the desk told me this was miscommunication on MY end and that I misunderstood. I'm sorry, I've worked in customer service for quite sometime and I can tell you know, the customer is always right in any circumstance, in any business. But this man was very stern in saying that I was the one who misunderstood. I asked to speak with Jeremy who I joined with and they were quick to say no. \r \r Needless to say, I felt that I was taken advantage of being of a college student. I was told one thing and they delivered something else. I just simply felt disrespected.\r \r To those out there, if you come across St. Louis Workout, I would be careful of what they tell you. Don't get me wrong, this is a gym like any other gyms with the monthly costs, exiting fines, etc. But if I was told that I can exit at $15, I expect this to be delivered and that is that. Don't quickly tell me false information so that you can get another member to add to the books. more

The Best Club In Town! 3/23/2012

This is a message from the managing partner of the gym. I've read a lot of reviews on line about former members making negative comments about our club. The fact of the matter is that we have been in business for over 13 years in the Central West End and have had more than 25,000 members use our clubs over the past 13 years. As most people are aware, it is imposible to satisfy every customer that comes through our door, but I would say that we have done so 99.9% of the time. Typically people only take the time to write a review if they are displeased with service and many times it is carelessly exaggerated. It's unfortunate, but it's true. We also carry a rating of B+ with the BBB and that is pretty amazing given the amount of members we have serviced over the years. more

Worst Gym Ever 11/2/2011

This is a terrible gym. Please do not join. I don't want you to have your life and credit ruined like many of us have. The owner and staff are complete crooks. They will not let you cancel your membership and will refer you to a collection agency to ruin your credit. ABC collection agency will become involved in your life and ruin your credit score which will hurt you for everything you need to buy: It is a business practice to intentionally charge the client's of St. Louis Workout sometimes for years after the cancellation. The equiment isn't great and the staff are horrible. You would do so much better joining another gym. more

I worked there... behind the operations report !!! 9/15/2011

The Facts: While working the evening shift a woman of Eastern descent (possibly India/Pakistan) walked into my office and said she wanted to speak to me about the cancellation policies of St. Louis Workout. I greeted her warmly offered her a chair and closed the door slightly halfway to reduced noise levels and give her my full attention. The young lady announced that she was a recent graduate of Washington University and would be leaving the area very soon. Knowing this she canceled her membership with St. Louis Workout the year before (the Union Avenue location, near the Washington University campus). The woman was in her early 20s, carried herself with poise, dignity and nobility, and she had large expressive eyes, which soon began to tear up as she described the situation, (but she did not cry, for she was so insulted). She explained how she had just noticed that for over a year after the cancellation of her membership contract and while she was finishing up her studies at Washington University, St. Louis Workout was going about the business of deducting funds from her account. The young lady was so well poised that she took measured control of the indignation she felt. She managed to suppress the unworthy and unjust treatment handed to her by Kevin Harman (senior vice president of operations at St. Louis Workout), his mother Mrs. Harman (behind the scenes operations, formerly the smoothie lady) and other staff members who were screening her calls. This young lady and recent graduate of Washington University was so well mannered that she would not allow herself to express her anger with me a new staff member. She was stern and direct while asking key operational question but respectful of my presence, she knew that I had no knowledge of the St. Louis Workout situation (I had been working there two weeks, this young lady was aware that I was relatively new). I took a closer look at the contracts, and I noticed that they were in transition The terminology and the legalese were changing slightly but significantly the location of the cancellation policy was relocated in the newly offered contract so that the cancellation policy was easier to see. I suspect so that it does not appear to be as hidden as it was in the previous contract and address any issues with respect to suing the company on legal grounds of presentation. Even so, it is not the written word and the terminology that was the problem with the contracts. It was the unspoken manner in which they are enforced. At the drop of a hat, ABC collection agency will become involved in your life in some cases ruining the lives of men and women who are just getting started with major financial responsibilities, romantic obligations, marriage, the purchase of transportation and a home. As an employee I had access to files that were in the process of being removed from the server, but they moved too slowly... they were fully aware of the cancellations that were filed by people who walked into the Union Ave. or the Crestwood location. It was (and is) a business practice to intentionally charge the client's of St. Louis Workout sometimes for years after the cancellation. After that I cut my hours short and let someone else come in my position, I took my last check, and then announced that I would not be returning. They are the scum of the Earth, truly, I felt dirty just being around them, the mother, and their underhanded policies ... more

blah 9/15/2009

nothing special Pros: its still open more

Dreadful. 5/14/2008

I wish I had checked local business rating before handing over a year's membership fee. Not only did I experience verbal abuse from an imposingly large male employee, but was told that, because I gave 1.5 months instead of 2 months' notice not to renew, they will charge my credit card for an extra month and, if the charge is not accepted, will pursue the matter through collections and that my ""credit rating will suffer."" Not only is the contractual legal-ese impenetrable, the double talk from the sleazy employees is even worse. Pros: None to speak of. Cons: As stated. more

They will pull out the rug from you and hide behind a contract 6/26/2007

I have used the facilities for 3 years, and was disappointed to learn that they were closing the branch I used (Kingshighway) Pros: Was once a very nice, friendly place to work out Cons: Overcrowded, they close branches and provide no compensation to the people they displace more

Clueless Staff - Not Consumer Service Friendly! 6/8/2007

When it comes to teaching a specialized sport, I've never had a problem with anyone that comes across as arrogant if I feel they are deserving of the inflated ego. However, don't be fooled by the staff and administration at St. Louis Workout and Finney's Boxing. They provide good boxing training, but that is the extent of their professionalism, customer service and ....brains. The place is run with complete incompetence and unorganization. Problems? They don't care. Your complaints will fall on deaf ears. Their philosophy is: The staff is always right. The staff could never - ever - have possibly, done anything wrong. The customer? - Who cares! They will defend each other and risk going to court, versus listening to your legitimate complaint and correcting the system or employee. Word of warning...check them out with the right business authority before making a final choice to sign a contract with them. Isn't there a better place to box in town? Pros: Boxing Technique Cons: Employees, Unorganized, Arrogant Staff, Small, Crowded, more


An unbelievably horrible experience. The only thing worse that than the poor conditions (hot, humid, few working pieces of equipment) are the staff and management. The employees are rude and the gym owner (Steve Taschler) was completely unresponsive to complaints. I recommend you try any other gym in town - you would be hard pressed to find one any worse. Pros: location Cons: parking, staff, equipment, environment more

Lots of space, good variety of machines, very clean, but obnoxious too loud music and annoying rest rooms 3/12/2007

There are 3 St. Louis Workout locations and I am reviewing their Crestwood Plaza location, so my remarks may not all apply to the Euclid location. It is an large workout facility and has LOTS of machines and lots of brands. lots of mirrors, lots of space. Seldom ever felt it was too crowded, even at rush hour. My chief complaints are the music is often way to loud - the volume often times being controlled by the latest minimum waged employee working the desk. Plus the music selection is often very obnoxious. On average I would say 60 to 70 percent of members wear their own headsets/iPods/MP3 Players.... no doubt to drown out this obnoxious loud music. Other complaint is they have the cheapest toilets in town - every single one of them leaks water 24 hours and they are too cheap to fix the flappers with a simple $5 new part. Thus, 1000s of gallons of water are wasted around the clock in Crestwood and owners seem to care less. They actually post a sign asking members to jiggle the handle, but that seldom works. This has been going on now for more than 3 years. I just wonder how much of my membership fee is going to pay for huge water bills. Plus the doors on the ladies toilet stalls are so close to the toilet bowl, you have to step behind the toilet to shut the door. I know this is not related to the workout equipment, which is usually maintained OK, but their bathroom quality is incredible annoying. I've heard the men complain about theirs too. So, if massive water waste does not bother you and you don't mind jumping over toilets or you seldom need to visit the water closet, then you'll be ok at this place. They do keep it clean however. Pros: Wide choice of machines, clean, lots of space, Cons: Crestwood location too loud obnoxious music and terrible toilets are broken a lot more

Super Club 5/10/2006

GREAT class selections and cardio equipment. I am a picky runner and I think the new treadmills are perfect. High energy club with nice staff. Never had a problem, but of course I don't look for problems. I get my workout and get out. As for the patrons complaining about the contract, I personally read the fine print in ALL contracts I sign. This one is no different than some other health clubs I have joined. As, for the parking.....that is the CWE! Pros: aerobic classes, clean locker rooms, good smoothies!! more
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