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Collosso is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland!\r It does take a while to get your food, but it's totally worth it-- the waitress told me everything is made from scratch....


In theory Colosso is one of the better places to go in Portland for a fun meal, a drink with friends, or simply to enjoy the summer day. Unfortunately the service can seriously ge...

Never going back 6/23/2009

I will never go back here. We went to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight and were looking forward to some delicious drinks and snacks. Initially the server treated us like she was doing us a huge a favor by coming by out table and taking our order. Eventually our freinds arrived and it seemed like all was well. After the food arrived a few of us stepped outside to see a friends dog, and the overly-hip waitress told the remaining party at the table that we had ""walked out on the bill"" and they would have to pay for it. For a place that has ""be patient"" posted all over the bar, including the menus, I would think the staff might follow their own advice. I approached the server and told her I was sorry she had the impression we had left and was responded to with a smarmy smirk. It is not worth going here. There is nothing special about being treated like you are in the way and untrustworthy. Pros: drinks are good Cons: worst wait staff, possibly ever more

collosso is awesome 2/17/2009

Collosso is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland!\r It does take a while to get your food, but it's totally worth it-- the waitress told me everything is made from scratch. \r I don't understand why everyone thinks it's dirty there, maybe because it's so dark? Come on, the darkness is part of what makes it so cool (and romantic). \r I love how it feels like an authentic European restaurant. The service isn't overdone and fake like most nice restaurants in town. My waitress got us what we needed and didn't come around every few minutes bothering us. She wasn't wearing a fake smile or trying to get us to order more stuff.\r I think the only reason other reviewers have had a problem with this place is that they really just wanted to eat at the Portland City Grill, where the food is all pre-made, the servers only care about you because they want to make money off of you, and the place is brand new and shiny but seriously lacking any character. Pros: ambience, yummy drinks, excellent food Cons: not a place to go if you can't chill out and enjoy your meal more

Not worth the one star required for a review 1/14/2009

Too bad you can't give zero stars because this place deserves it. It's been a while since I've been to Colosso and I'm not sure when new management took over but it is definitely not the cute place I remember. I mean really, am I remembering the right place? This place is seriously dirty. The staff here is pretty much the bad side of Portland, lazy and dirty. We went in and didn't get service for a while. If it wasn't for the other customer we would've thought they were closed. The food was just ok but the waitress was so deplorable and so disinterested in serving customers it really makes you forget 'just ok' food. At first I thought I just had one bad experience here but then I talked to some people about it and read the other reviews on here and I know it's not just me. There are so many awesome (and clean) places in town I don't understand why anyone would go here a second time - unless you're one of the staff members that just go to hang out instead of work. Pros: Close to lots of other places you can go to instead Cons: Filthy restaurant, extremely lazy staff more

They don't accept restaurant(dot)com coupons anymore!!! 11/13/2008

We went to Collosso for dinner tonight and had a horrible experience. Apparently it's under new management and short story don't bother going. \r \r We walked in and waited to be seated, but noone ever came to help us. The waitress wasn't friendly, no one ever asked us if we wanted a second drink. The tables are indeed sticky, the oil and vinegar containers had a filthy layer of cheesy (hopefully) something or another on them. We sat with napkins crumpled on our plates trying to make eye contact and finally had to get up and ask for the check.\r \r We had (still have I guess) a Restaurant(dot)com coupon for the place. The new owner doesn't accept them. We made a stink, I gave him the option to either accept it or lose a customer. He said no.\r \r To top it all off the menu has changed significanlty and the food wasn't even that great. Pros: it USED to be a good tappas restaurant Cons: New management is running the place into the ground. more

We Agree, What Happened to Collosso? 11/6/2008

We have stopped by Collosso on our way to Winterhawks games over the last couple of years and have noticed a definite declilne in service, and cleanliness. The salt, pepper, oil and vinegar shakers were absolutely grimey. Since the restaurant just opened at 5 p.m. and we were the 1st diners at the table, it could not have been the last customers. The table was sticky and dirty. Service was sloooooow. The place has always been dark, but we could not help feel the place was filthy because of the impression left at our table. We do not plan to go back for quite some time, if ever. more

Collosso rocks!! 8/2/2008

I own a business accross the street from this place. I don't usually go out for drink very often. But when I do, Collosso is the place for me. The bartender recognized me since the 2nd time I went there. Also now I don't even have to order my drinks any more. He always knows the kinda drinks I like and I have never been disappointed at all. The food was good too, I had a couple different kinds of appetizers. I haven't had bad any food yet. I've been in food business for all my life, I know good food when I see one. ;o) If you go there and don't know what to drink, just ask Ricky for the drink that the owner of Thai Pod always get, you won't be disappointed, trust me. When I recommend something to anybody, I don't lie. ;oP Pros: Friendly service and awesome drinks Cons: I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke on my outfit after I leave, but that happens when I go to any bar. more

sparse staff, alcoholic manager, inconsistent, filthy 7/21/2008

collosso is just down the street from my apartment and i used to enjoy a nice beverage after a long day of work. my friends and often met up at collosso to decompress from the week. we have, thankfully, found a new and much improved drinking hole. the food and drinks are okay but everything else is so inconsistent, not to mention dirty. (i would recommend holding you bladder until you get home as the bathrooms are dark , sticky, and smell of urine.) the restaurant is way understaffed and therefore the food and drinks are late, forgotten, or wrong. the manager who who is he is gods gift to cocktails comes to work drunk and/or high and pays no attention to the frantic servers. he is too buys showing off in front of the cute girls at the bar. this place needs more quality staff, a major scrubdown, and a new game plan. whoever owns this joint needs to get a clue.\r \r Pros: great location Cons: horrible manager, understaffed, filthy, bad service more

Worst Restaurant in Portland 4/14/2008

Wow, I had much higher expectations of this place. We went on a Friday night last minute and were sat promptly. The wait staff did take a long time to come take a drink order but since they were busy we didn't worry too much. I ordered water only and getting that was like pulling teeth. The menu is extremely limited but we all chose something for dinner, I ordered a beet salad and everyone else ordered an appetizer and a dinner. The first appetizer came out 40 minutes later and was given to just one person at our table, two people had ordered the same dish. We were not sure if we should start eating or wait but the individual with the food just started. about 40 minutes later my pathetic small super expensive salad came out, at that time they asked the other individual who ordered the same appetizer if the waitress had mentioned that they were out of the dish he ordered over an hour ago . We said no, at that time we were extremely frustrated because we had been there over an hour and had gotten two dishes 40 minutes apart from each other. My buddy ordered another dish and she assured us it would come out with the other food. 35 minutes later one of the dinners arrived, 20 minutes later the next one arrived. i was done with my salad already and my buddy had no dinner. We were completely ignored, no one came to check, no one refilled my water and no one refilled drinks. 30 minutes later we asked about the last dinner that still had not shown up and they assured us it would be right out. The staff was so snotty and short that it made asking painful. Needless to say the dinner never came out and we ended up leaving. \r \r Short of the story is; there are too many great restaurants to behave this way. I can get better service at Kennedy School and that isn't saying much. \r \r My recommendation: Find somewhere else to eat.... Pros: no pros Cons: everything about this restaurant is horrible more

Mmmmm, cocktails 2/29/2008

Yes, of course tapas are good. Tortilla espanola, toasted almonds, olives -- all yummy in my tummy. However, the one thing that makes this great tapas joint HIGHLY recommended are the totally fabulous cocktails. The bloody marys have capers in them and the frilly drinks are beyond incredible. I have not met a drink on their menu I haven't LOVED. One cocktail has orange blossom water and tastes like my long-lost drink from heaven. The service is well, true to form. They are a bit hands off and not incredibly friendly, but it reminds me of Spain -- polite w/out imposing. Also, big parties fit comfortably in the side room. I'm like homer w/ donuts around this place. Pros: great drinks, tapas, paella Cons: i haven't experienced one, yet more

Great Food, Great Drinks, Fine Service. 2/25/2008

I'm confused by all the negative comments here. I live not far from Collosso and have been there at least a half a dozen times, and I've never had a bad experience! The service has always been friendly and timely. The food is delicious, alittle pricey maybe, but worth it. Last time I ate at Collosso I had a ceaser salad and empanadas, both really tasty. Another time I had the spanish frittata - an excellent egg dish better than anything Ive had at one of Portlands numerous brunch joints. One best things about Collosso tho, is the cocktail list...they feature infused vodkas, and a number of truly original drinks. The Beetbox, a beet infused vodka drink with hibiscus water and pineapple, is my favorite, even though I'm usually just a straight whisky drinker! I had a another that involved stumptown espresso w/ infused vodka and godiva liquor, and theres even one with warm coconut milk and cranberry juice. The bartenders always been super friendly and once enthusiastically described the infusing process to me. THe atmosphere is cool too, dark and romanatica with red velvet and huge white candles. Highly Recommended! Pros: Amazing drinks, tasty food, great ambience Cons: not enought vegitarian options! more

How do they stay in business? 1/5/2008

Unbelievably lackadaisical, insanely slow service. It took over an hour to get a salad. The waiter brought our drinks, gave us a pained look when we asked if we could order, and then told us that asking for the salad dressing on the side was a special order, and he couldn't guarantee it. Puh-lease. No water until asked for, no refill unless begged for. No cocktail napkins for the sticky drinks on the sticky table. The beet salad was unpleasantly acidic, and the ceasar was so spicy to as not be a ceasar. We won't be back. Caveat emptor! more

Who is our waiter? 12/8/2007

It was a busy Saturday night and we decided to go for a romantic dinner. I guess that was too tall an order. We've been to Colloso a handful of times and overall have had pretty good experiences. This night, we were seated within earshot of the bar. It did seem a little bit chaotic & confused as they were obviously trying out a new waitress who served us waters and had to be asked for menus and then forgot about us altogether. Over the course of our time there, we were waited on by 3 different people. We were eventually served our drinks by a 2nd waitress who never followed up. We had to ask who was waiting on us in order to order a 2nd round- and then we were served by the dishwasher. I know this, as we could hear the bartender/ manager call for him from the back of the house as they were super slammed. This was honestly the best part of the evening. Caleb was attentive and knowledgable of the menu & followed up frequently in addition to bussing the other tables. I'm not sure why he's doing dishes. I think they could use him up front. The food was good, as were the drinks. We might think twice about coming back on a Saturday night but if they have better waiters - we're in. Thanks to Caleb, the dishwasher - for saving the night! Pros: Drinks, romantic lighting Cons: wait staff more

Sweet staff, nice atmosphere 11/28/2007

Food is pretty good and the specials are always a treat. My favorite are the epanadas, which have a nice crunchy shell and the fillings are usually pretty tasty. \r I like the atmosphere the most. It's a great place to hang out and have drinks. \r Pros: Awesome atmosphere and drinks more

Nice bar, HORRIBLE service 11/22/2007

Unbelievably rude staff! This place has good food and great drinks but the staff is horrible, service very slow, and not because they're busy. There were only two other tables besides ours and the waitress took a good 15-20 minutes to take our order! Then it took forever to get our check while she was just chatting away at the bar! sadly, we're not coming back ever Cons: service is awful more

drinks and no food = bad service 10/6/2007

We had a similar experience to the last review. We wanted some wine after dinner and came on upon this place. It looked good enough - romantic, small, not very crowded on a Friday night. The waitress was less then thrilled when we said we only wanted wine and annoyingly asked us what we wanted for food although we had just stated we just wanted the drinks. She was such a snot that we agreed to a dessert. We got the Molten Lava Cake which was cold and very unappetizing. Our waitress or any waitress for that matter never came back. We could see them just standing there not doing anything. After our drinks had been empty for at least 30 minutes my boyfriend finally went up to get the bill. Needless to say I didn't leave a tip and unfortunately will not be returning. The food actually looked pretty good and we would have returned for a full meal in the future if we hadn't received such attitudes! Pros: small, romantic ambience Cons: TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!! more

Good drinks, awful service 9/27/2007

I've visited Collosso a few times and have never left fully satisfied. The drinks are pretty good (LOVE the Naughty Kitty and the Claws Fizz), but the service is just horrible. We visited on a weekday evening when it was very slow, and the waitress copped a major attitude with us when we said we weren't going to order food. She practically threw our drinks on the table and only came by once to ask if we needed anything else. Very disappointing and I doubt we will ever return. Pros: Good drinks Cons: Servers with attitude more

Wonderful romantic dinner... 9/12/2007

...the salads were amazing, both the Moroccan chicken and the duck breast dishes were excellent, and the waitstaff were all extremely attentive. Don't expect huge portions, it is a tapas bar (altho the salads were big!) but the flavors and presentation were exquisite. Great to sit outside and enjoy the last bit of summer - a lovely evening out. Pros: Flavors, presentation, service Cons: Tapas-size portions :-) more

Good drinks, Tasty Cheese Plate 8/1/2007

I've been to Collosso several times, mostly during Happy Hour but a few other times as well. The staff was prompt but not overly friendly, the happy hour prices are good but I wish they changed their happy hour menu more often as the choices get boring quickly. They have a nice assorted cheese plate with cheese, fruit, nuts, meats, and a jam in the middle served with bread. Drinks are good, prices are good. I'll go back but it's not at the top of my list. Pros: Food is good Cons: Selection of food is limited more

Great Wine Here 5/1/2007

Collosso has a fantastically romantic atmosphere and some of the best cocktails in town. I agree with other reviews that it's a great spot to take your date to enjoy a small meal and have a (or two) glass of wine. I thought their wine list was unique and reasonable. I will definitely go again. And as for the service, I thought they were friendly, attentive, and some what aloof which I actually prefer especially when on a date. And to anyone who lets the service ruin their experience here it is their loss. Servers are people too, not just servers! Pros: Great Atmosphere Cons: Smoky at times more

Horrible Service 4/4/2007

I don't care how good a drink or a tapas plate is, it's not worth the kind of disregard the waitstaff has for customers at this noisy overcrowded hole in the wall. Hello girls, you are JUST waitresses. I'll never go back to Colosso. Pros: Nothing Cons: Waitstaff, pricing, parking more
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