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2219 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (at Blanchard Street)
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-7966

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Spitfire - Seattle, WA
Spitfire - Seattle, WA


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Love this place, huge friendly staff


I wandered into the Spitfire for the first time about a year ago. It was pretentious, the patrons were not particularly friendly, and the bartenders were horrible. I returned be...

Good place to drink and watch sports 9/27/2010

Beltowner Provided by Partner
Love this place, huge friendly staff more


People waited to be seated for almost 20 minutes before leaving. Have to hunt down waitresses Management is by far the worst I've seen after living in 6 different cities. Food is decent, but this is common to just about every place to eat in this area. If you're looking for a sports bar DO NOT GO HERE! Pros: great location Cons: management, food, time, not a real sports bar. more

Great HH 7/2/2009

This is one of my favorite spots to time travel after a fab dinner. Now that they've added fresh fish to the special you don't have to go for the usual fare. Pros: happy hour and late night industry drinks more

Great Happy hour 11/17/2008

Great Happy hour and fin place to watch the game. Decent beer selection, and service is pretty good for being so busy. more

I love this place!!! 7/2/2008

Great drinks, attentive service, welcoming staff, community atmosphere. These are just a few of the reasons that I am a regular at Spitfire. I live in the belltown area and frequent many bars and Spitfire is at the top of my list. Whether I am the bar or sitting at a table I get great service. The staff is cool and chill. The lamb skewers and the BLT are amazing!!! I am ready for some football!! Go Hawks!!! more

new favorite place! 5/28/2008

I went to spitfire recently for a birthday party my friend was having in their private backroom, and have been back almost every day since. They have a killer happy hour, discounts on both food and drinks! and the food specials are all under $5!! I spend $10 on dinner and 2 drinks and always end up leaving the girls who work there a ten spot for their great personalitys...They get every game I could ever ask for and also have been showing election returns, very cool. I like this place because I can go in anytime, dressed for work, a night out or just rolling out of bed and I feel at home. The place is not pretenious, if you *think* you are really cool, this is probably not the place for you, but if you like good inexpensive food, strong drinks and great conversation, come in, I will be sitting at the bar- Pros: 10,000 TV's Cons: beltown more

average... 5/9/2008

I have some friends that live in the area and so we come in on occasion to have some drinks. There are certain days we avoid because there is one female bartender that must think large fake breasts are the answer to everything because the attitude is ridiculous but if she's there we sit at a table because the servers are usually pretty easy going. more

Ok 4/30/2008

The spitfire staff act like they're serving movie stars from Beverly Hills with their snodiness. I totally agree with the last review. I receive an email about for the Cinco De Mayo posting for this Monday and you could'nt pay me enough money to step a foot in that place. Whatever happen to customer service because they don't have it. NONE. Oh! the food is awful. It you're going serve mexican food at least try to make it authentic and I'm 1/2 mexican. I would not feed that mess to my dog if I was homeless. The customers will see their true colors and hopefully this place will go out of busines becuase is awful. Final word: Don't no go there for Cinco De Mayo, your evening will be ruin. Pros: Cheap food Cons: Bad attitude and service more

Not LGBT Welcoming 4/9/2008

I have to agree with the previous posting. I've been here twice, and both times the bar/restaurant was not very welcoming to my group of LGBT friends. I don't plan on returning to this bar, and won't be referring this venue to any friends. more

Homosexuals Beware!!! 4/1/2008

We chose the Spitfire for their large and reasonably priced VIP room for a birthday party recently. The photos on their website do it more justice than in person but still not too bad. The party consisted of predominantly women most of whom are lesbian and a few guys. As the night progressed my friend who we were throwing the party for went to the restroom with her girlfriend. Both, shared a stall due to the line and came out a few seconds later. An "employee" saw them come out of the stall together and assumed that they MUST have just finished having sex....OF COURSE. Two stall. This was not the case and the rather large bouncer approached the birthday girl and began to physically man handle her asking her to leave. He told her that his "manager" had given him orders to remove her from the bar because of what had happened in the restroom. She was confused and politely asked him to talk this out with her because she had NO idea what he was talking about. He kept grabbing her and roughing her up. Her arm was badly bruised the next day. We kept asking to talk to the manager but no manager ever appeared. We dropped A LOT of money that night on a bar tab for a party of 40 + guests. When the "manager" was finally notified that the person they were trying to throw out was actually the b-day girl who's credit card help the deposit for the space they let her stay. Needless to say this put a damper on the evening and we all closed out our tabs shortly after. This is Belltown people!!! Homosexuals and heteros have been getting along here for years!!! I think the Spitfire needs a lesson on human kindness and customer service. Lord knows they could use it. Homosexuals beware.....this is not a good place to have a drink or a party.......or the bathroom for that matter!!! God only knows what they think you might be doing in there!!! Pros: They didn't go completely Stonewall on us!!! Cons: They don't particularly care for homosexuals or their money for that matter more

Yummy Margaritas, funny bartenders!!! 3/14/2008

After reading some reviews, I find it hilarious at what some reviewers write. It makes me wonder how much they really get out and if they are aware of how to act in bars. I have never been intimidated by large breasts and its funny that some people would be and would judge their service on that. Is that a service issue or a insecurity issue. Great food, yummy weekly specials, any sporting or competition event that you want. Pros: lots of tv's, great art, fun staff Cons: really crowded on game days, get there early more

Great Place 10/24/2007

My new favorite place downtown - My company had an event in the backroom which went off great - good catering, great service and cheap. Since then I've been going back for lunch. It has a good daytime environment for business lunches or a beer, great happy hour and great hang for football and basketball games with the added pleasure of Soccer/ Euro Football thrown in. A 'sportsbar' with great food, and non jock climate. Nice. Pros: Ambience, art, staff, TV's, service more

Inspirational and Inspired 10/9/2007

I was really getting tired of the same old hyper-"market targeted" restaurants and bars popping up all over Seattle then Spitfire saved my soul. This place is beautiful and unique. What a way to watch a game and the food was surprisingly good. I went back for lunch and it was a great way to take a break and the food was really tasty and a good price. The staff was friendly. This place is not going to work for you if you're an uptight bleep but I'm inspired and I'm not even a big sports fan. Pros: Atmosphere, food Cons: big crowds arriving at one time for starts of games more

If you are over 40 or dress 'Seattle Casual', don't bother opening the door 10/6/2007

I wandered into the Spitfire for the first time about a year ago. It was pretentious, the patrons were not particularly friendly, and the bartenders were horrible. I returned because it was the best place to catch a game on t.v. - especially the more obscure games because they have so many t.v.'s, and they are nice ones - and because the food was above average for a sports bar: soft tacos for happy hours, grilled asparagus, and everything on the brunch menu is good. Because of the decidedly unfriendly atmosphere, I made it a practice of only going there if it's raining (it's nearby), or to say hello to a friend who works there. After a recent experience where I was basically asked to leave at noon during a Seahawks game, after rushing breakfast and only halfway through a cup of coffee, because there were some serious potential boozers who did not have a seat (call me crazy for my habit of not beginning my drunken rampage until noon)....well, even I know when enough's enough. I really hate to say that the bartenders are snobbish and ineffective, because they have two GREAT bartenders, but they also have some very, very poor ones - snobs and posers who are too young to have figured out that there is a direct correlation between service with a smile, and tips - that's service with a smile to EVERYONE. I've seen them go out of their way to serve their friends, the people who fit their 'trendy' customer requirement, etc., so I suspect that explains the huge dichotomy in the reviews of this place. Pros: good happy hour food, good brunch, lots of t.v.'s for varied sports viewing, a couple of great bartenders Cons: mostly snobby poser bartenders, very pretentious and trying to be trendy and failing more

Intelligent sports bar 9/13/2007

I love this place! I live down the street and stop by for a stiff drink and good, cheap food from time to time. The staff is great, (and cute!) they remember me and even what I drink! The space is beautiful and the art is amazing. It defiantly does not feel like a sports bar, more like a good neighborhood pub. I have had Intelligent conversation with the other regulars, too. I am glad it is in my hood and only wish it was closer to my work so I could go there for lunch. I love you meatball sandwich! Pros: parking in beltown Cons: sports fans more

Lazy servers and bartenders, weak drinks, lousy food 8/30/2007

For starters, I am a bartender and server for very exclusive private events. I do not understand why the staff at this place cannot find the connection between good service and tips. The must get good hourly because they are not working for tips. Or maybe, it was because the reservation we had for 15 guaranteed them a big fat gratuity on our bill whether or not they served us well. They take advantage of 6+ tables. We only had one server, for over 15 people! My water was only filled, oh wait, I never got water until I ASKED, and then it was only filled one time. I ordered my drink and after the server returned several times without it I asked her about my drink and she told me, "Oh, they're up there at the bar" so I had to excuse my self and go to the bar where my now watered down ice drinks had been abandoned on the counter waiting for their pickup. And why am I tipping you to get my own drinks, when I am sitting at a table? I ordered a second drink later (at the bar because our waitress dissapeared on us after serving our food). The lady at the bar poured me the worst dirty martini I have ever tasted in my LIFE, she did not even attempt to get the right/equal amount of each ingredient, too much vermouth, tooooo much olive juice, yuck! No one liked their food, except my friend who enjoyed his steak. My tacos were itty bitty and cold. They were so rude. The only good thing about it was the private room in the back where my friend had her party, it was very nice. Who manages this place, they should resign, I know they don't rely on regulars, because anyone with a sense of taste who goes here once will surely never return again, at least based on what I saw and heard from everyone I was with. I WOULD BE EMBARRASSED TO ACT THE WAY OUR SERVER DID! Pros: back room Cons: grade F service more

Love! Love! Love! 7/10/2007

I am a margarita girl from So Cal. Whenever I'm in town . . . which is every couple months, I can't not visit Spitfire. LOVE the margaritas!! . . . fresh fruit & traditional. . . all are great. Some say they're a tad on the pricy side, but you get what you pay for and they're worth it! LOVE the food!! My absolute favorite is the Roasted Chili Quesadilla - AMAZING! The flautas & tamales are also delish . . . and who doesn't love chips & margarita guac? LOVE the staff!! The bartenders, especially Steve, are always super friendly & actually remember me (with a hint or 2). James, the chef, is also fantastic! He explained his whole menu & gave me a tour of the bar. I feel at home at Spitfire . . . no fuss, no muss. . . just great food, drinks & company. What more can you ask for? Pros: Everything. . . food, drinks, staff, TVs. . . Cons: Restrooms in the winter - - open air & FREEZING! more

TOUGH CALL 5/8/2007

The price is good for happy hour(50% OFF),but I don't think the food was good. We ordered 5 items off the "small plates" section.The fish tacos had an strong ammonia smell, the mini burgers were probably precooked and heated up to order they were too tough.Sorry but this place didn't do it for me. Pros: art and sports Cons: food more

Fantastic 4/30/2007

Great place! There are high quality TVs visible from every table. The happy hour is great - $2 beers. We split some nachos with big pieces of marinated grilled chicken that was amazing. The service was great too, even splitting our tab up for us. There was no sound coming from the tvs, just music playing, but this could be because there were a few big games going on at the same time. The space was large and not cramped - even when it was full - which allowed us to really watch the game. The only down side is parking, but that's belltown for ya. I will definitely be back! Pros: tvs, service, atmosphere, food, space Cons: parking more

great happy hour 2/16/2007

Food is great, but a bit spendy. 10 -12 at night though, everything is half price which makes it awesome. Lots of tvs, staff pretty friendly, often not crowded... I'll be back to this place a lot Pros: great happy hour deals, good food more
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  • In Short
    Splashy local art dominates the dark brick walls of this bar tucked away on Fourth Avenue, contrasting with the wide-screen TVs blaring sport. Belltown denizens and sports-loving hipsters occupy the leather stools at the central bar or camp out in the booths lining the walls. The menu (somewhat inexplicably) has a Mexican bent, offering a long list of house-recipe margaritas made with fresh juice, a well-stocked tequila selection and nibbles like nachos, tacos and more.

  • 12/17/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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    Mon-Fri 11am-2am Sat-Sun 9am-2am
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    Master Card, American Express, Visa
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    Downtown, Belltown