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Specs of Madison

21 Hughes Rd
Madison, AL 35758
(256) 246-2950
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Specs of Madison - Madison, AL
Specs of Madison - Madison, AL


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We left this practice because they were condescending to me concerning breastfeeding. They kept trying to tell me that my child was allergic to my breastmilk. It is very difficult...

Customer Service 8/1/2011

I agree the doctors are not the problem with this practice. The office staff does need some additional training in customer service. They have been discourteous by phone, and in person. In regards to the wait time for appointments, we have always had to wait at least thirty minutes until we are called back. We have always shown up prior to our appointment time, and no less than 15 minutes prior. I do not understand why others would come in after us, and would be called back before us. It was not due to the fact of us being late. more

Tolerant...for now 7/12/2011

Let's keep this simple.....\r \r The Doctors and Nurses at Pediatrics Associates of Madison are fantastic! They take great care of their patients, listen to parents, are thorough, competent, and genuine. They have gone out of their for my children on numerous occasions, after hours, and even when we were out of town.\r \r Some of the back office staff are judgmental, rude, pushy, inflexible, snotty, and gossipy. They have made me feel extremely uncomfortable at times. For example, one particular shorter woman with dark hair openly gossiped about a family while I was present. Simply unprofessional and a bit scary when it comes to someone who has influence over children's healthcare. \r \r For now, I stay with them for the fabulous medical staff but can barely tolerate the office staff. I hope someone in a decision making position gets to read this review and makes some changes. This really could be a wonderful practice if they could control this one aspect. Parents need to feel they more

Happy to be Healthy 11/23/2010

We have only been in Alabama for a year now. When we moved, finding a pediatrician in Madison was no easy task. This office was only 1 of 2 that was taking new patients. I have no horror stories to tell. The office staff has been courteous, the office is clean, the wait time is minimal & making an appointment has never been an issue. We have had 2 kinda odd things come up with our 2 young boys and both times Dr.Bryant was able to get us a diagnosis and treatment after the correct testing. I feel priviledged to get to see the doctors in this office.\r I would say that it was slightly irriatating to be billed for an after hours phone call to the physician, but, as someone who works in healthcare, I completely understand their reasoning for requiring payment for even a phone call. Healthcare costs are on the rise & employment is down, so the doctors are not getting rich, actually they are working for free half the day. So my co-pay that I can afford, is worth getting to talk to th more

Medical care vs. customer care 8/10/2010

Medically, I have no complaint and agree with most posters that the care provided by the doctors in this practice is Outstanding.\r \r But boy howdy, their office staff can be pills. The couldn't spell customer service much less know what it is or how to treat parents as customers of medical services. From their phone skills to their greetings when you arrive, they make your skin crawl with annoyance.\r \r I can only assume these ladies are either their relatives or inlaws that they are pressured to hire or they outsource the office function. \r \r Either way, I think it's going to eventually turn parents away. more

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Blind sighted! 4/26/2010

I am going to try to make this a fair review...My children have been patients at PAM for 8 years. Since my daughter was 1 and my son has been his whole life, he is now 5. \r I do want to say that Dr. Dudley is simply amazing. My son spent 2 weeks in the Neonatal ICU when he was born and she even visited on her off days. As far as the care given, I couldn't ask for better. We have gone through everything from head injuries to severe allergies to ear surgeries and Dr. Dudley has been there every step of the way. I will never discredit her of her hard work and professionalism. \r I have recently encountered my first and ONLY problem with the office but it left me in a bad situation. \r Due to an unexpected divorce and horrible circumstances a year ago, my children went for about 7-8 months with no health insurance. I make "too much" for low cost coverage and as a single mother with no additional income other than my own, it makes it very hard to pay the $490 premium for coverage, until I cou more

Great Doctors; Occasional Bad Service from Front Office 4/21/2010

My children have been going to P.A.M. for 7 years. I must say the doctors here are great. All are professional and caring. And the nursing staff is also very good. With that said I have to concur about some of the other staff and their attitudes. Although I have never been turned away for an appointment I have found that some of the office staff can be a bit rude in dealing with parents. \r I had at one point considered finding another pediatrician for my two children but liked the doctors so much that I made a decision to overlook the non-medical staff. In the end I will go with the best care for my children over any hurt feelings for myself from the front office staff. I have not had some of the same problems that they used to have when they were in the old location so maybe there has been some turnover in front office staff.\r I do have one pet peeve that is not unique to this practice. Why is it that I show up 10 minutes early for a scheduled appointment and wait for an addi more

Love them! 2/4/2010

Docs are GREAT! Office is GREAT! To the previous reviewer: If you expect good service, you have to be a good patient. And that means showing up on time. It's not THEIR fault that you were late -- more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is nightmare 12/23/2009

I had good experience with the doctor and the staff in the past. However, somthing happened unbelievablely today. They even didn't ask if there's anything wrong with my daughter when I arrived a little bit late today but very rudely request to reschedule my daughter appointment. I have no choice to bring my daughter to somewhere else to check her eyes and ear infection later on. If they want to punish to parent, please do not use children's health as a weapon. Children health can't wait any minute. We decide to switch to Cornerstone Pediatric to have better service. An angry parent more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is awesome 12/14/2009

Dr. Zbell saved my infant daughters life when she diagnosed my baby with Hirschsprung's Disease (HD). HD is extremely rare and my daughter was Dr. Z's first diagnosed case. Dr. Z has practiced medicine for well over 12 years and has always been very respectful, listening to all of my concerns and answering every question. She has never hesitated to order additional testing and works very closely with the local pediatric surgeon. We love the staff and the nurses. I've waited over 1 hour on two occasions during an office visit, at the height of flu season. My family has used this clinic for 2.5 years. We've never experienced any difficulty making appointments for either of my two children and we are extremely satisfied. My family has lived in Madison county for 8.5 years. We have seen 5 other pediatricians(2 of the 5 Drs sold their practice and left the state) . Pediatric Associates has been the best group of doctors for my family. Clean office..Courteous staff.. more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is AWSOME! 10/16/2009

I totally do not understand any of the negative reviews! We have been going to Pediatric Associates of Madison for 3 years now. We have seen Dr. ZBell, Dr. Dudley, and Dr. Meadows. All Dr's have been extremely professional and compassionate. They even treated ME when I tripped and fell on the side walk when I was leaving for my child's first appointment. Wait time has never been an issue for us in our three years of going to this facility. more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is outstanding 10/1/2009

My children have been patients at Pediatric Associates for over six years, ever since my oldest son was born six years ago. We have never had a problem with any of the staff being rude or turning us away for an appointment. On the contrary, they have always bent over backwards to accomodate our needs. Dr. Dudley is our primary physician and she is absolutely wonderful! I would recommend her to anyone. She helped identify my son's autism at an early age and helped us get the therapy that he needed. She has been there for us every step of the way helping to keep us informed of new advances and programs in the area to help our son. Our children love Dr. Dudley. As a mom, she really understands my concerns and she (and none of the other drs at this practice) have never been condescending to me or my children. She really takes the time to address all of my concerns and she spends time talking with my children and really getting to know them. This is the best practice in town!!!!! more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is wonderful 9/10/2009

After reading the other reviews, I feel compelled to inform any past, present or future patients of this practice, that those that have posted negative reviews are clearly short-sited, or angry because they failed to be on time for an appointment. Since moving to Alabama 6 yrs ago, my kids (now 10 & 14) absolutely love the doctors. The doctors and nurses speak with the kids, and listen. I find myself just listening for the most part. I have noticed that the staff is very talented at enterpreting kid language, especially when it comes to finding out "how" a child feels. Once my youngest told the Dr. that he felt "mushy" She knew exactly what he was tallking about.\r I always arrive early and have never been turned away. Those that were turned away have to realize that there is only a certain amount of time in a day and that is why they were scheduled a specific time in the first place. I have never had a problem with the staff on the phone or at the front desk. This is the best more

Awesome!!! 8/26/2009

We LOVE this practice and absolutely adore Dr. Zebell and nurse Becky! They are courteous and patient and answer all of our questions. My son is never fearful and always loves the attention they give him. They have called in prescriptions over the phone for us and always get us in on the day we call if my son is sick. You do have to make a well-check up appointment in advance, but this is the same most everywhere else you go. We wouldn't go anywhere else! more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is WONDERFUL!!! 6/30/2009

We switched to them when my child was only a couple of month old. The staff are kind and wonderful to your child and as well as you . Doctor Meadows is a wonderful doctor and helped find that my child had MRSA which our previous Doctor ruled it as "Baby Bumps". She also help us get into the St Judes Clinic here in Huntsville, AL to see a specialist when my child came down with a certain condition. We have seen almost every Doctor in PA of Madison and I recommend this facility to all of my friends looking for a great Doctors office. more

Pediatric Associates Of Madison is Awful for anyone with a schedule 6/29/2009

Awful! Office is run in a fashion that makes it obvious that profit is the utmost concern. Office double booked my children (instead of the two appointments that I specified) and then told me to reschedule when I was 10 minutes late for the first of two appointments. Attempts to resolve the issue resulted in the office telling me that it is standard. The office staff continually told me that more time was needed to get two children ready for an appointment. (Obviously, that's why I'm late and I understand.) The staff refused to acknowledge that there were two appointments booked back to back (they told me they were booked together). The only logical conclusion is that the children were double booked and consequently the doctor would be able to bill twice the services for the same block of time. more

Completely unworkable 4/17/2009

I liked the doctors, but it's impossible to get an appointment for a checkup. They start booking for say, May in March. If you call on February 28th, they won't make an appointment. Then if you call on March 1st, they may tell you sorry, but we're now all booked up for May. So it's theoretically possible that you will *never* get an appointment. I've even called the day they said they were opening up the appointment books, only to be told that booking was going to be delayed by a couple of days. Call back a couple of days later, and guess what -- the month is fully booked. For some reason the doctors are completely unable to finalize their work schedules more than a few weeks ahead of time.\r \r It's a huge hassle, and who needs it? If they would just do rolling bookings, you might end up with an appt a few days later than you wanted, but you would at least know that you'll get an appointment eventually. I switched to Morristown, and am much happier with the medical care and the more

Excellent! Would refer to anyone 1/28/2009

We started with this practice right when my son was born. I breastfed him for 7.5 months and they were extremely supportive. Dr. Dudley gave me very good advice with respect to breastfeeding. One of the things I really like and that will become more important as my son grows older is that the doctors and staff talk to my son while performing exams. They make sure I have all the information and they address all of my questions, but they are very conscious of including my son. The practice has also been extremely responsive. As another mentioned, even at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, they will work to get you in if you feel like its critical. Or if you call on a weekend, it doesn't take long for them to get back to you. I love that they believe in mother's intuition. They believe that if you are worried, then you should call or bring your child in. And I have never been treated with a patronizing tone - they have always respected my worry as being something to consider. For a ne more

The good and the bad 1/7/2009

We left this practice because they were condescending to me concerning breastfeeding. They kept trying to tell me that my child was allergic to my breastmilk. It is very difficult to diagnose a breastmilk allergy, but they used this as a diagnosis to fall back on when they didn't know what else to do. I ended up seeing an allergist who worked with me on an elimination diet and we were able to continue breastfeeding. This office failed to see how important breastfeeding was to me and gave me horrible advice that nearly killed my supply from the beginning. The doctors at this office need to learn to refer patients out to other doctors and lactation specialists when dealing with issues that they are not trained in. \r \r However, they were always good with my son, and we never had to wait very long to see a doctor. If my son had been healthier and we if we had not had any breastfeeding challenges, then I probably would have stayed with this practice. more

Excellent! 8/23/2008

We have been taking our children here since we moved to the area three years ago, and have had only good experiences with the doctors and staff. We have never had a problem getting a sick child in the same day - even when I called once at 3:30 Friday afternoon, they fit us in! I wouldn't change doctors for the world! more
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