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Spa Roma Urban Dream Spa #3 - 27 Reviews - 1924 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (414) 224-0456
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Spa Roma Urban Dream Spa #3

1924 N Farwell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 224-0456
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Spa Roma Urban Dream Spa #3 - Milwaukee, WI
Spa Roma Urban Dream Spa #3 - Milwaukee, WI


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I received a body treatment recently at Spa Roma, and I absolutely loved it. The vichy shower was amazing; having all those jets blast away your stress! My therapist was really ...



Don't recommend it. I had a hard time parking, the massages stressed me out more. They were unprofessional and gossiped alot. I wished that I had read the reviews first

I expected so much more 6/12/2009

I only go to one spa, so I am accustomed to that level of service. I just assumed that all spas carried that level of excellance. Spa Roma definitely proved me wrong. It was three of us ladies that went for the purpose of celebrating a birthday. Upon arrival, we were not greeted with any water or tea. Two of the ladies were escorted away. One went to the changing room (which by the way, there is only one, for whoever to share and had dried up orange drink in splatters on the back of the door), and the other straight to the massage room. So basically the one getting a massage had to put her clothes on the floor in the corner of the room. Finally after a period of waiting, my pedicurist came out and apologized that noone took care of me and requested I change into a robe. So now Im in a robe and being led to the nail room. However, that room you had to go back out into the public entrance (I think this is in the lower level of an apt building or business office). So me in a robe in public hallways. Not comfortable. The pedicure went fine-no complaints. Then I go for my facial. The aestetician leaves the room for me to get on the table. As I pull back the blankets, why was there a very noticable tear in the sheet?? WT..?!?! So the lady comes back in and she proceeds. Without even asking my signature scent she just grabs whatever oil to massage into my face. NO! NO! NO! thats not hows its done!! i had to stop her and tell her I do not like that scent and please grab another. She then proceeds. Now the products they use are Dermalogica, which Im sure is professional, but stinks like rubber, and citrus(which stinks on me)and hair oil. Im trying to relax through it and make the most of it, but then I hear "aint no sunshine when shes gone" I ask the attendant where is that music coming from. Why did she tell me that the music is the spa music coming from all of their speakers. Seriuosly?!? Are we supposed to have a sing along? If I was just ending a relationship, would that be soothing music? Uh..NO! So finally when its done, I ask the other two women in my party, what their experience was like. The first massage person said the massage guy kept walking away to drink his coffee. Can we say unsanitary??? Can we say not good to break contact while massaging??Or how about YUCK!! to the nasty stank coffee breath!! The third woman didnt have too much to say but agreed about the facial products. So to this day, I will go with what I know and claim my stakes as a "Neroli" girl. Sorry Spa Roma-ya did it to yourself. Pros: nice pedicure Cons: everything else more

no "service" in customer service! 1/5/2009

I love going to different Spas, and when a friend and I wanted to get facials for the holidays, we thought we'd schedule them in November just to be safe! When the date came, we went to Spa Roma and they had no appointment for us and no available appointments until after the holidays as their services are not on a set schedule I guess. One person said it was a "shady" place....I couldn't agree more! Pros: nice waiting area Cons: CUSTOMER SERVICE more

Love the vichy shower! 10/23/2008

I received a body treatment recently at Spa Roma, and I absolutely loved it. The vichy shower was amazing; having all those jets blast away your stress! My therapist was really nice, and I'll definitely be going back! more

Best Pedicure Ever 9/26/2008

Brenda offers a professional pedicure that is both relaxing and expert! As a returning customer, now that Spa Roma has moved to 1924 North Farwell, I have found no other pedicure to compare. The signature pedicure lasts for weeks longer than others and the paraffin mask is a soothing experience for sore feet. Pros: ambience, parking, service more

HORRIBLE 8/12/2008

this is the shadyiest place i've ever stepped foot into. They are terrible with scheduling and customer service They are also really rude and do not answer questions. Overall a terrible spa, don't go there. Pros: BAh Cons: bad more

WOW 7/17/2008

This place has GONE DOWN THE DRAIN! i heard it was nice but i guess things can change! Don't bother going here, It was like NO ONE worked there! Pros: same prices as other places Cons: bad all over more

Unprofessional, uncomfortable, and unbelievably disappointing 6/3/2008

I am a frequent spa-goer, and have visited many top Milwaukee-area spas. It was not my first visit to Spa Roma, but it is definitely the last. Spa Roma's new East side location has several glaring flaws, the first of which is the customer service. Be warned that you may be required to walk through a public atrium in a bathrobe as passers-by gape through street level windows, an uncomfortable experience I endured while the management failed repeatedly to rectify glaring problems. Scheduling my appointment was the beginning of the headache, as the spa even asked me to change my services to work better with the spa's schedule. After changing my clothes in cramped quarters, a nail technician barked orders to me to hurry along because there were other appointments! Although my spa service was fantastic (I had a facial), my nail service was interrupted by faulty equipment that caused the technician to constantly stop and find help with the defective chair, and meanwhile, barely communicating with me at all. There were multiple cords painfully disguised by screens and draping all around the nail suite, with messy equipment pushed into corners. The restrooms were extremely ill-equipped, uncomfortable and cold, and during services, I was able to overhear conversations among other spa-goers. Again, the lounge windows faced the street, where any pedestrian could peer in. Furthermore, I was met with surprise fees at the close of my spa experience, a day that left me more stressed than when I entered. Rather than address my concerns, the manager simply walked away in apparent disregard for my valid complaints, leaving the receptionist to charge me the exorbitant rate. Although Spa Roma has been well-reviewed in the past, the spa?s disorganization and poor customer service detracts from the outstanding work of particular aestheticians. There are many other spas in the city that could surely provide a better overall experience. more

NOT 4/13/2008

Don't recommend it. I had a hard time parking, the massages stressed me out more. They were unprofessional and gossiped alot. I wished that I had read the reviews first more

Never get your hair done here! Employees are terrible and unprofessional 2/9/2008

This is the worst spa experience I've ever had! I made an appointment to get my hair done and the woman was very inexperienced. She continued to insist that I need to get a relaxer, and I told her that I do not put chemicals in my hair. When I made the appointment I specifically asked for someone who knew how to straighten ethnic hair. The manager insisted that the woman who I had the appointment with was experienced. It turns out, the woman had know idea what she was doing. I was just quiet because I wanted to get the hell out of there. At one point she started asking me how to do my hair. She said, how do you get "your" hair straight. I was thinking, if I knew how to do my own hair, I would do it myself! Anyone with any type of skill or talent knows how to straighten hair! My regular beautician can do my hair in 30 minuetes, this woman took 2 and 1/2 hours! When she was done, my hair looked like garbage! As if that wasn't bad enough, the staff was talking about me when they "thought" I had left the salon. I heard every word they were saying about me. When I went to pay for my services, I looked so disappointed. The manager was like, well maybe you need a relaxer. I was furious. Maybe she needed to hire someone who knew how to fix hair! The manager knew my hair looked like garbage and she continued to charge me $200! After I paid my money, I went to the restroom. The employees evidently thought I left for the day but I was still in the salon. I was behind the corner, and I could hear them talking about me! I was about to turn the corner and say "I can hear you talking about me, this is unexceptable!" But instead I was so furious and embarrassed that I just wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. This salon is unprofessional and they only want to take your money. I ended up leaving that day looking like a muppet or a character from fragile rock. If you are a woman of ethnicity save your money and get your hair done somewhere else! more

Spa Roma - Not the Best, but will go back for mani's and pedi's 12/27/2007

I just moved to Milwaukee and wanted to go to a spa to relax and pamper myself. Spa Roma is an exquisite looking salon. I got lost trying to find it and the owner of the spa was very friendly as I called frantically every few minutes for directions. I have to admit - I'm a spa junkie. I usually spend a day at the spa every month and I've gone to many of the big named spas across the country. Although not at the level of a Burke Williams, Spa Roma is pretty decent. I chose the spa because they specialize in using Dermalogica products, which I've used for the past year. The young woman who did the facial did not do a great job. I know my skin - the good and bad - and asked specifically for extractions in certain areas. She did not extract in those areas and tried to upsell me on products that I do not use (which I kept explaining to her). The massage was great. Although she was fresh out of massage school, she did a great job. The mani and pedi were really good as well. The woman who did the mani and pedi was inviting, warm and funny. We had a great conversation and I'll definitely go back to her for my next mani and pedi. I did feel rushed from service to service. The spa is absolutely beautiful, but there was no time to enjoy it. I felt that as soon as my service was over, I was quicky ushered to the next treatment room with no time to relax. At the end of my service, the owner was not as friendly as she was at the beginning of the service. Something must have happened to upset her because she went from being nice when I arrived to rude when I was leaving. Overall, it was a decent experience. I will definitely go back to have a mani and pedi from Monica. But I'll have to find another Dermalogica spa for facials. And, I may go back for a massage as well. Pros: Services won't break the bank, beautiful ambience, Sunday appointments available, very accomodating to last minute appointments Cons: Young, inexperienced staff, No time to relax between services - felt like an assembly line, parking is horrible, had to walk in spa flip flops in 20 degree snow to get to my car more


I consider myself a real massage fanatic. When I travel I always make sure to sample the massage before I go. Unfortunately, I very often find myself disappointed. Not this time. A friend recommended Spa Roma, Urban Dream Spa and suggested I request Morgan for my therapist and to get the ?ULTIMATE? massage. So, I promptly marched myself right over to Spa Roma to take a look at the place and book my appointment. It was beautiful third floor spa that reminded me of a few spas that I have visited in New York, but that only added to the charm of this comforting haven. I went with Morgan to the treatment room which was just a lovely room that made me feel good before the treatment even started. Morgan couldn't have been nicer, but it was her hands that did the talking. Some massage therapists have it and some don't. This woman has it in spades, a very loving touch that instantly made me relax and let go. She used her hands in such a way that it seemed more like art than therapy. But, it was very therapeutic. I lay there in amazement as he melted away my stiff neck and shoulders. The only thing wrong with the treatment was that it had to end. I am not kidding when I tell you that I didn't want to get up from that table.....EVER. Needless to say, I have scheduled a series of treatments with Morgan and I can't wait for the next one. I normally don't leave reviews as there isn't that much to say about most places. But, I feel it is my duty to let those of you who love massage like I do in on this. You can stop searching for that great massage. Go to Spa Roma and ask for Morgan. I just know you'll be glad you did. Pros: SERVICE Cons: parking more

WORST Spa Experience EVER- Poor business management, terrible customer service, disappointing spa service 12/17/2007

My experience with Spa Roma was traumatizing! I'd never recommend this place to anyone. If you're looking for a relaxing, pampering experience- try Neroli! My massage appointment was made over the phone, two weeks in advance- the receptionist taking the reservation verbally confirmed the 2:30 appointment. When I arrived day of appointment, I was told my appointment was scheduled for 2:00p, not 2:30 and they would not be able to fit me in. I asked to speak with the manager and owner and she insisted it was IMPOSSIBLE that her staff member made a mistake of saying 2:30 instead of 2:00p and also insisted that a confirmation call was given the day before- which was ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE- a confirmation call was NEVER received, never logged on my cell phone nor was a message left on my work or cell phone to confirm the appointment time. I was using a gift card that was going to expire in one week of the scheduled appointment and would be unable to use it any time after that- due to schedule demands of a full-time and part-time job. The owner refused to give me any extension on the gift card (not one week, not one month!), insisting that I, the customer made the mistake, and therefore would be penalized. She did not offer any apologies, nor try to resolve the problem in a professional, customer-service oriented manner. Instead, she was rude, condescending and irrational- and satisfied with the end-result that she would walk away with ONE HUINDRED and FIFTY dollars for services unrendered. As I walked out, one staff member gloatingly said- "We're still the number one spa in milwaukee." HOW IS THAT possible with such unaccomodating staff, incompetent management and absolutely ZERO customer service. more

Love it, love it! 12/6/2007

I am for sure hooked on going out multiple times a month for a little pampering and now I have found my new favorite, Spa Roma. Beautiful interior!! My technician, Ebony, was very professional, kind and down to earth as were the rest of the staff. Services are very competitvely priced to other spas in the area if not lower. Open late on Sundays which rocks for us working gals! I am really excited to bring my girlfriends down here to get them hooked too. Quite an awesome variety of services too. Pros: The staff is so kind and make you feel welcome. As soon as you step in the salon you feel relaxed. Cons: I am not a downtowner so it stinks to find parking, but not a deterant. Long set of stairs to walk up. Again, not a big deal. more

Wife Loves It. 10/11/2007

My wife adores this place. I try to pamper her after she sacrificed much of her career to helping my business grow and for being such a great wife and mother to our children. Every month or so, I have her, her sister, both of our mothers go to downtown Milwaukee to rejuvenate. All of them enjoy the Cranberry scrub and it makes me feel good for being a provider for my family. I've never been inside since I prefer to watch my Packers play on Sundays but they say it rivals the Vegas-type spas with its roman architecture. more

Best Spa in Milwaukee! 10/9/2007

I have travelled all over the country and visited many spas and I must say that Spa Roma is among the best spas that I have ever been to!! The staff was friendly towards me from the moment I walked in the door. I truly felt like royalty. The services were unbelievable! My facial was fantastic! My face glowed for days afterwards and the Dermalogica product is wonderful; it is well worth what I paid. I had the Cranberry Yuzu sugar scrub too and that was great! The aroma is fantastic and my skin felt great all over, silky soft. I finished off my day at the spa with a pedicure and was very pleased. Brenda took care of my feet with the utmost care and attention to detail; it has to be the best pedicure that I have ever had! I will definately be back. For those who haven't been here yet, I definatley reccommend it! Spa Roma turned my ordinary day into a very special day! Great job to all the employees for your impeccable customer service and all of your hard work to create an incredible atmosphere! Pros: Beautiful facility, great customer service, wonderful product more

Nice Downtown Spa 10/5/2007

When visiting Milwaukee, this is an awesome downtown spa. Great location, great ambiance, helpful and courteous staff-- and best of all, they deliver well on the spa services. I have experienced the massage and waxing services and would definitely return for future visits. more

Beyond a normal pedicure! 10/1/2007

It is hard to imagine a pedicure being any more relaxing and thorough than the one I recently experienced at Spa Roma. Soothing foot cleanse, relaxing foot and leg massage, reclining leather chair, soft music, hot tea, extensive cuticle/nail filing, polish application done with precision ... the ambiance and service were all superb. The care in beautifying my feet and nails and making me feel welcome was done with genuine concern and professionalism. more

Worst Massage I've ever had 9/22/2007

I've only been to Spa Roma once, and won't go back. I had the worst massage I've ever had, and I am a big of a massage junkie so that says quite a bit. I told the therapist several times during the massage that she wasn't working deeply enough but she just didn't get it. Thankfully, they did cut the price in half when I complained, but it wasn't even worth that. I did not leave feeling relaxed. Other comments on the spa, it seemed clean and was well decorated but the music was awful, not spa like at all, lots of R&B with vocals, no thanks. My last complaint is that this place is on the third floor and does not appear to have an elevator so it would be trying for anyone with mobility issues. I think Milwaukee can and should do better. more


My husband surprised me and took me to Spa Roma for our anniversary. I enjoyed every minute of our pedicure. I did not know that such a service could be so relaxing. Our therapists were very foucused on our comfort and made sure that we had a good time. THIS WAS THE BEST PEDICURE THAT I HAVE EVER HAD. There were also so many different kinds to choose from. I will be a faithful customer to Spa Roma from here on out ! more

Best Spa In Milwaukee, Hands Down! 5/11/2007

Great customer service and relaxing atmosphere. The best products and services in Milwaukee. I recommend it to anyone for any type of spa services as well as it has an outstanding new hair salon. Pros: Price, service, atmosphere, and quality technicians. more
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  • In addition to signature massages, wraps, scrubs and facials, spa offers express services, special men's treatments and studio yoga classes.

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