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Southland Sanitation - 10 Reviews - 47 Palmetto Ct, Gaston, SC - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (803) 256-7276

Southland Sanitation

47 Palmetto Ct
Gaston, SC 29053
(803) 256-7276
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Southland Sanitation was very professional in setting my family up with waste disposal service. They were called on a Wednesday and we were told they would deliver the garbage ham...


You?ll have to call, call, call and call to get results if you have problems with Southland. It?s the oddest service I have ever received from a business. My problem began becau...

throwing MONEY away 6/1/2011

This company is HORRIBLE. very bad customer service, they put you on ""hold"" and you get dial tones... don't pick up the trash like agreed and don't want to be bothered by you either... Even with the recent Name change, that's all that changed was the name. The service this company provides STINKS.. I refuse to throw my money in the trash with them. Taking my business elsewhere. more

Horrible Service 7/29/2010

I finally cancelled my trash pick up with this company after several complaints and no resolve. They would always leave the trash can sitting in the middle of my driveway at the edge of the street. I would have to get out of my car in the middle of the busy street to move the trash can out of the way. It is a very busy street I live on, and the speed limit is 55 mph. I grew tired of putting me and my family in danger every time the trash was picked up. Nothing ever got resolved, so I cancelled my service. Also, they rarely pick up the trash on the days scheduled.? I requested a refund since I just made a payment the day before I cancelled service. I waited 3 weeks and called them back. They said they had to put in for a refund request, which they hadn't done yet. They owe me almost 50 dollars, and I have a feeling it's going to be a struggle to get my money back. Cons: The worst service possible more

Terrible service 9/8/2009

Southland Sanitation is the worst run business I have ever used. My service started in's now September...and I have had 2 yard pickups and 1 recycle pickup. I have been calling every week for months, am told they will address the problem...and then nothing happens. Wonder of wonders, they are picking up the house garbage. I am so fed up...I should get some kind of refund, but I know that won' t happen. more

Review 7/17/2009

Southland Sanitation was very professional in setting my family up with waste disposal service. They were called on a Wednesday and we were told they would deliver the garbage hamper on the following Monday, but it was delivered two days later. I give them Five Stars. Pros: Fast and Professional Service more


Southland Sanitation is on to something. They do not have to give any level of acceptable customer service (and I use the term customer service LOOSELY). They do not have to keep track of paper work, orders, or checks. They do not have to fulfill any agreements. YET, we all have to accommodate THEM in order to receive a BASIC service. I have been trying to have a can delivered to my home for THREE weeks. I call TWICE a day. The operators cannot speak decent English, or spell for that matter. BUT, they are completely able to LIE about when service will begin. I have been told a COMPLETE LIE five days a week for three weeks. and when I point out they LIED, they just ignore it. I have been trying to speak to a supervisor, but they don't seem to have one. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVERY DEALT WITH. THEY ARE CROOKS. Cons: THE WORST--THEY ;LIE more

Great job 1/25/2008

I've had Southland service for 8 years and have never, ever had a problem. To the others, you pay each quarter to fill the container once a week. If you have more trash than that then you need to pay for 2 cans. Also, why would the other guy be mad that Southland isn't servicing him yet but they haven't cashed his check? Did he ever think that maybe they'll cash his check because they're waiting until they are actually servicing him? It took me a while to get a new can after someone stole mine but Southland has to wait on the cans to come in. They don't manufacture them. Southland...keep up the great work! more

These $%$###%^#%#$%$%!!!!! 8/14/2007

Ok It has been seven months. I finally got a hold of someone a full month ago at a different department who mailed me a signup form, to which I pinned my check and mailed in immediately. They have not cashed the check. I still do not have trash service. Right now the neighbor's roll cart has been casually thrown into my driveway, it is collection day after all. If I have to visit them in person, my anger may be off the charts, there is no justification for this insult to me and my family. Cons: ALL more

This company is what it is, Trashy! 8/1/2007

You?ll have to call, call, call and call to get results if you have problems with Southland. It?s the oddest service I have ever received from a business. My problem began because of something they started.. They came and picked up my trash, but took my Herby Kerby with them. I called about this and they said, they would bring me one out. When I did put my trash out by the road without having a can, they just drove right on by. (Bare in mind, the staff in the office told me to place it there). When I called to tell them that they had passed me up, they said, ? We?ll send them back.? Well that never happened. I was told that they were getting new Herby?s at the end of the month and they would bring it then. I said, ?I?m sure someone has discontinued service in the last little bit and you can just bring me their can.? They didn?t know what to say to this, as if ?You mean we can do that?? I?m in the process of selling my home and all this trash sitting out by the road looks horrible. Not to mention I have to fight off dogs and raccoons from trying to get into it.(I?ve had to clean up twice because of that very reason). I?ve called and called. Finally today, I had the solution or at least I hope so. I called and told them that this was unacceptable and that I would be calling WIS TV about the matter and get a fire lite underneath their butts. I was promised a can by this afternoon. We?ll see what happens. This company is truly living up to its work...... TRASHY! more

SOUTHLAND SANITATION - 75% sevice for 100% of my money 2/5/2007

Picking up my recycling is something that I call Southland on monthly. The staff on the other side of the phone are very nice and say they're working hard to try to resolve this problem. I believe them, however there's only so much one can do from a desk. The personnel who drive those routes are the one's who give Southland a bad reputation I believe. \r If you have a broken garbage can, you can expect to call Southland several times before receiving a replacement. I am speaking from my experience and some of my friends who subscribe to Southland. You will get the service you pay for but just not WHEN you pay for it. You have to call and call them. One thing that is reassuring is that Southland does keep track of discrepancy service by making notes on their computer of your account and complaints. \r So until I get what I pay for they'll keep hearing from me. No problem but it would be nice for Mr. Jim Reed the owner of Southland, to offer some kind of ""refund"" for the services that his company says they will provide but don't. Oh last but not least here's the number to Southland: 803.256.7276\r Pros: Nice staff Cons: Pickup service needs work more

Lazy 5/16/2006

Everytime that I do my yard and put the trash in bags out by the road the garbage men refuse to pick it up. We do not have separate household garbage and yard garbage days they are just lazy. My yard trash has been sitting by the road now for 2 weeks and again I will have to call and tell them to come back and get it. They dump the dumpster, but leave the bags that are around it. What idiots!!!! more
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