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Southern Nevada Pain Ctr

6950 W Desert Inn Rd # 110
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 259-5550
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I have been seen by Dr. Daniel K. Kim for years and have never had any issues with him or his staff. I understand that you can not please everyone all the time but I have not had ...


I 100% AGREE. The business/ office manager is RUDE and very unprofessional. Not to mention the billing practices are boarding on illegal.As for Dr. Kim he was cool for a minute bu...

Thank you so much! 6/14/2011

I have been seen by Dr. Daniel K. Kim for years and have never had any issues with him or his staff. I understand that you can not please everyone all the time but I have not had any complaints ever with him. I have recommend him and Southern Nevada Pain Center to everyone I know who has pain. MS I have been a patient at Southern Nevada Pain Center for quite a few years. I have been seen by most of the doctors and PA-C's practicing there, and I believe I have formed a fair and honest assesment of the treatment I have received under their care. Each and everyprofessional I hae been treated by have been outstanding. They have been thorough in their examination, diagnosis and treatemtn plan. They have been compassionate and understanding in their explainations of my many questions and fears. They are patient and kind when I share personal issues with them. In short, I feel like I am part of a family there. I want to thank you all for making my time there an enjoyable adn amazing experience. more

Office Manager is Rude, Overbills the Patients,BEWARE 5/20/2011

I 100% AGREE. The business/ office manager is RUDE and very unprofessional. Not to mention the billing practices are boarding on illegal.As for Dr. Kim he was cool for a minute but after 6-8 months of treatment, for the people that truly need pain management he treats you like your common street drug addict and then over bills the patients. I received a bill stating I owe over 300.00 and thank God I keep good records because after my own audit of my account ( I am a medical biller and collections agent) my bill truly is 56.00. So Beechstreet will be getting a call as will the Medical Board. Whatever happened to Professionalism? I do everything in my power to help out the patients I deal with, after all I too am a patient. DR. KIM hire a new MANAGER before she gets you in a lot of trouble. Next audit is on my husbands account and he has Medicare, cannot wait to see how they bill a federally funded insurance co. all I can say is I hope you do not bill them like you bill you patients. more

I would recommend him to everyone 5/9/2011

I was sent by my primary care physician to a pain management physician. I was delightfully suprised when I discovered that it was Dr. Daniel K. Kim. I had seen him in the past was very pleased with his services. He sent me to Single Day Surgery Center for injections and they were just as wonderful as he is. I would recommend him to everyone. more

Dr. Kim is great 4/15/2011

All the staff are so nice. To see smiling faces when you walk into a doctor office made me feel so good. I have never had any problems with Dr. Kim or his staff. I think they are great. more

Thank you 4/15/2011

Thank you, Thank you so much! I feel like you really care about me and this is the first place that I have felt this way. Dr. Kim was absolutely wonderful! more

Rude, Arrogant and Greedy 3/17/2011

Everything people have been writing here about how rude, arrogant and greedy Dr. Kim is can be taken as fact. Tai Pham is a PA there and he was very nice and understanding. I think that some people might have mistaken these two guys for the other, though. When you get to know them they are like night and day though. It is Dr. Kim who is the nasty one, it will only take about 5 minutes to figure this out when you meet him. But don't meet him, avoid that punk like the plague. more

It's Painfully Obvious....! 11/23/2010

This place only cares about one thing! How much money they can get out of your insurance company, or your bank account! They could care less about anyone actually being in pain. No advance payment, no treatment, no care, no compassion, no concern. They just want your money and they want it NOW! The office manager might as well be working for a collection agency or some loan shark! I've dealt with more compassionate used car salesmen. If you want compassionate care, don't waste you time going here. more

Legalized dope dealer, AKA pain mgmt 9/28/2010

Get real. When will the Nevada Board of Medicine or Board of Pharmacy stop MD's like Dr. Kim from addicting people of Las Vegas to narcotic prescriptions? It is sickening to see MD's like this get away with legally writing prescriptions for people with drug abuse problems and calling it ""pain management"". What a joke.\r Well, I guess if you have NO MORALS, are just in it for the money, and don't really care if you are ruining people's lives by NOT really/truly helping them, then become a pain mgmt MD and reap in the money. \r 10,000 patients? Seriously? You should be ashamed. How do you sleep at night? Answer: comfy!......on top of my huge pile of money I make off addicted junkies that come see me for their monthly narcotic fix. \r Now, we hear that Erik Scott went to Dr. Kim to get his pain killers......and look how that all turned out at Costco. \r more

Been going for years with no problems 4/9/2010

I've been seeing Thai for several years and have found him likeable, patient and extremely helpful--even though being in pain sometimes (often) makes me very irritable. I find him encouraging and soothing.\r \r Since I've been a patient there for 7 years I've seen a lot of interactions between staff and patients.I've found everyone (except the office manager-but unfortunately thats the way office mgrs are) to be really nice, and understanding when it comes to insurance issues---my insurance doesn't make me pay up front--some do. Its not their fauld--don't know about their workmans comp procedure.\r I find Dr Kim to unfortunately have that doctor complex, and yes I'm a woman. At least , unlike the first place I was refered to, he didn't tell me that as a woman holding a ""mans job"" (union construction) I should expect pain because the job was too much for me and he wouldn't treat my pain agressively because I should not be in this line of work. The shots Dr Kim gives me have kept me on my feet for years--they always work, whereas the place I was at before only worked once in three trys, I only have to see Dr Kim when I have the injections and again once a year for review. \r \r They walk a difficult line, trying to serve patients who are in real pain and avoid getting immeshed in the legal problems with people who simply want drugs. (I am not suggesting in the least that other reviewers fall into that catagory!!!) The gov. in Nevada is very strict with these clinics.\r \r I have seen some pretty horrifing scenes in there--with vicious attacks on staff. So I can understand why they get strict with people--nobody likes being abused. I'm not trying to portray them as great for everyone, just that they've always done right by me and I owe them my continued upright status. Pros: Dr Kims procedures work!!! unlike some others Cons: Sometimes the office mgr is a pain more

Sort of like going to Jiffy Lube, but less professional 12/9/2009

Besides the fact that I was asked to show up at 7:45 for an 8:00am appointment with a Dr. who was in ""our weekly staff meeting"" until 9:30am, by the time I was done with the place, that was the least obnoxious thing they'd done. In a nutshell, everyone seemed to be put out that I was there, like I'd crashed a party or kept them from doing their job. Daniel K. Kim is a rude and extremely arrogant Dr. If you are (as I am) a womanwith a brain (I happen to be a Dr. myself) who points out to him, however politely, that you would prefer that he use real terminology to describe a procedure you're about to have, that you have had before, and that you know why you had it before and why you're having it again ... if you dare point out you would like to be addressed as an adult who may know a thing or two about one's own body, well, be prepared to watch his ego explode. When I try picturing him talking that way to a MALE adult, my brain just about explodes: it would never happen. He seemed to exert a lot of energy putting me in my ""place."" The nurses wheeling me off to surgery told me ""it can be hard for us to do our job if the patient thinks they know too much."" That was not an apology; it meant I was supposed to shut up. I saw his face right before he put me under general anesthesia and I never saw him again. No post up check, no instructions, nothing. The nurse took my blood pressure, put a prescription in my hand, and sent me off. Worst bedside manner I've ever encountered (and that is saying a LOT coming from me; I've been through the ringer). I think anesthesiologists pick their field because they have better people skills with patients who are unconscious. Pros: They did the procedure I needed done Cons: They were astonishingly rude and condescending more


This place is a joke!! Don't go here! Manager is soooo rude. The facility breaks workmen's comp laws, and tells you to pay cash or leave! whether you have insurance or not. AND, sometimes they just make up a price for you to pay. If you tell them you can't leave or can't or won't pay because you have insurance and will end up in the hospital if you don't get your meds, the manager Debra says ""well do what you got to do"". Absurd! She brings the patients to tears. Every visit is a confrontation with her! Then you have to fight with them to get your money back. This is the same whether you are going to the pain center or the Same Day Surgery Center. They claim it is a separate business, but alas, the same doctor (Kim) owns both and the website shares both names as well. Yes, I have also been pushed to try more injections that don't work. After complaining to PA about how I have been treated he said ""maybe we should be more kind to the patients since the economy is so bad"". What a joke! AND, of course he did nothing to ensure my refund of money that was taken in violation of NV Revised Statutes. They don't care about you there. Go see Dr. Lee that used to practice there but left, thank goodness. He is at Interventional Pain Medicine @ 6850 N. Durango next to Centennial Hospital. He is a great physician that REALLY cares about you! I can't say enough good things about him! more

Dr. Kim is great but the PA is horrible! 10/1/2007

This was my first experience with Pain Management and going into it I was tentative. I have endometriosis which is very painful but unfortunately there is little my gynocologist can do for it since I am in my early twenties and have no spouse or children. Therefore he thought it was in my best interest to see a pain specialist. He recommended Dr. Daniel Kim. My initial consultation with Dr. Kim was great. He was fantastic, caring and eased all of my apprehensions. I walked away feeling good. However, the next visit I saw his PA, Thai Phan. Mr. Phan was rude, arrogant, and didn't listen to a word I said. I was accused of not having endometriosis at all (I have had multiple scans and even a laporoscopy surgery). He was very pushy and wanted me to go on nerve pills which I was not comfortable with in addition to epidurals and much more. He basically said I did not have endometriosis - that I had back problems that were causing the frontal pain. I have never had back pain or any back problems in my life! He ordered scans, wanted to get an epidural in the works, wrote a prescription for nerve agents and did not follow any of Dr. Kim's notes. Follow-ups usually take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. I was in there for 45 minutes! I was accused of being ""difficult"" when I didn't adhere to what he wanted to do. I came out of the office in tears. I was mortified, humiliated, and very upset! I called my gynocologist and told him what happened and he told me that even though Dr. Kim was a great doctor, a PA had no right to contradict HIS diagnosis of endometriosis and that he would address the situation with Dr. Kim and for me to call the office manager (she was rude as well!). I like Dr. Kim, but was greatly offended by his PA and by the office manager. I now have a new specialist and will not be returning - ever! more
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