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South Street Antique Markets - 5 Reviews - 600 Bainbridge St, Philadelphia, PA - Other Reviews - Phone

South Street Antique Markets

600 Bainbridge St (at Between 6th Street and 8th Street)
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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I found this place listed in the back of a price guide, and it soooo lived up to it! Best of the best of everything you could possibly imagine! It may not look like it from the ...


My wife had a good experience with one of the vendors there, but I had a similar experience to one of the reviewers above. The ""tubby little vole"" referred to in a previous revi...

One vendor EXTREMELY rude! 10/15/2011

My wife had a good experience with one of the vendors there, but I had a similar experience to one of the reviewers above. The ""tubby little vole"" referred to in a previous review had a stack of radios tagged with a crude sign reading ""do not touch - ask for help"". When I asked for help - a question about one of the radios, instead of answering, he asked ""will you buy it?"" I said ""looking at the radio will help me decide whether or not to buy it"". (a very basic concept - it's called ""information gathering""!) He then promptly restacked stuff on top of the radio, and walked away. Apparently, he doesn't think it's important for the customer to look at merchandise before purchasing. When I brought my wife back to look at the radios, he had some shifty looking guy intentionally block our path, and roped off the rest of his shop to keep us out.Talk about special treatment... lol. In my case, I'm white so I don't think it was a matter of racism. I believe the guy is just a dick and doesn't want to sell anything. I had intended on buying a couple of radios from him. He blew that sale... and any future sales coming from me or my wife. more

Beware wretched elitist racists selling rubbish 4/24/2010

Just came from a hilarious first-time experience at this place. Glad to learn here that it's full of many vendors, most of whom are apparently cool, but beware the guy to your right as you first come into the store. He's got a basket in a display case full of cheap sunglasses priced at ""$6 - $16"" so I called my wife over to check them out. The guy--a tubby little vole with either a bad rug or a bad dye job and sweaty hands that creeped out my wife--sits there ignoring us, then gets up and walks a few feet away and ignores us some more, and we're standing around wondering whom we ask about letting us try on these sunglasses. So my wife goes and asks him face to face if we can try on some of the glasses, and he treats them like jewel-encrusted Guccis or something, asking us to point to which ones we mean, one at a time, rather than just setting out the basket so we can sift through them, so we narrow it down to 3 pairs we'd like to try. Mind you, these are cheap, plastic glasses that he's selling for around 6 bucks apiece, and that we're steps from the retro shops on South Street. My wife tries on the first pair and goes to a mirror. Not quite right, she hands them back and asks for the second, goes to a mirror, they're also not quite right. We figure 3rd time's a charm but when we ask to see the 3rd pair he suddenly shoves the basket back in the case and nervously locks it, and smugly says, ""That'll be enough trying on for today,"" and then pretends to have a call, pointing to his phone and saying, ""I have a call."" We're dumbfounded. I look at my wife and her brother. We're utterly perplexed. ""We can't try on the 3rd pair?"" I ask. ""No,"" he says, and runs to sit next to his phone and hold it to his ear as though he's got a call (we never heard it ring, never saw it flash; he's clearly bluffing). We can only infer that he's either a slimy little elitist racist who only likes white customers--or he's just crazy and has a serious case of social anxiety, or seller's remorse, and can't bear to part with even his cheap sunglasses. At any rate, avoid this vendor. Everywhere among his merchandise were warning signs - DO NOT PET THE FUR!, LAMP IS NOT FOR SALE, DO NOT TOUCH!, etc. We can't wait to go back to try out the other vendors; certainly they're not wack jobs like this one.\r \r Pros: great location; some friendly vendors Cons: other pretentious vendors who hate the public more

AMAZING wealth of collectibles near South St!!! 2/24/2009

I found this place listed in the back of a price guide, and it soooo lived up to it! Best of the best of everything you could possibly imagine! It may not look like it from the outside of some of the stores (or the rep of South St.) but there is an incredible collection of serious antiques & collectibles here. The main shop at this location is the big old synagogue on 6th between South & Bainbr. but there's also several other smaller shops no less impressive and a great little charity thrift store as well. Almost everyone is so kind and down to earth! I hope that other reviewer understands there's not only several stores here, but many dealers inside the stores. They're not all connected. They're independent. I don't know how many, but at least a couple dozen different businesses. That's the best part. There's some of everything, not just bric-a-brack and clothes, and a lot of the dealers are highly specialized. It's like a collectibles price guide meets shopping mall, and you can't haggle a price guide! I wasn't treated harshly at all, but I heard that from other people. It's a mall! Walk past the rude lady to the awesome friendly seller at the next counter because it is so totally worth it! I have shopped all kinds of shops and thrifts around the city, and there is no other place that lives up to this anywhere in Philly. So glad I found it! Pros: Incredible variety and amount of items Cons: Parking difficult more

Rude vendor 12/6/2008

I've been here a couple times before and have had decent experiences with the merchandise. However, my last visit was awful. My friend and I were being assisted by a very nice young woman, when a middle aged woman sitting behind the front center booth that you see when you first walk in, told her ""not to bother with the 5 dollar cutomers."" She said it just loud enough for us to hear. As I immediately started to leave the young woman again tried to be helpful, telling us where the sweaters were, and again, the woman behind the counter instructed her to ""move on to other customers."" \r \r I have no previous connection to this woman, and have only been to the place a couple times. Her comments were completely unfounded, totally inappropriate, and very upsetting. In addition, the way she was speaking to the young woman helping us also seemed very unprofessional.\r \r I didn't bother going to look around the rest of the store, so I can't speak to the other vendors or the merchandise. This woman, however, was horrible. more

For those lazy Sundays... 11/15/2002

From the moment you walk in here, you are bombarded with visual delight. It can be a bit overwhelming for the light of heart, but for the thrift-store/antique/flea market gurus you will feel right at home with the bric-a-brac, what-nots, and curios that fill the entirety of this vast space. Also, be sure to check out the basement which has some cool furniture finds. more
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    It's not quite as exclusive as Pine Street and definitely not as quaint as Lambertville. The bubble-gum dotted sidewalks of South Street are ruled by teens, but that doesn't mean...

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