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South Beach Body Waxing Co - 27 Reviews - 1352 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (305) 531-3130
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South Beach Body Waxing Co

1352 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-3130
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I have been coming to South Beach Body Waxing for about 3 years now. I can honestly say this place is amazing, efficitent, and above all very proffesional. They are warm, friendly...


I really dont like when I go to a place and I have to listen the employees talking bad about the other ppl that work with them, the other day I was in this place and Sandra she is...

I dont like it 4/3/2012

the wax they use is from beautyimage ( they are located in Miami in case that you need wax go there and buy wax but good wax no the one they buy them) you can google beauty image and the addres is gonna appear where they sell the wax this place is gonna put on you, the thing is that this place Beauty Image has god waxessss but SOBE get the cheap thats really bad the roll on method they recycle which i think is disgusting they have a lady in the back recycling the roll on wax thats is horrible and disgusting....they recycle the wax near the bathroom they have the bathroom at the end and they recycle next to the bathroom GROSSSSSSSSS AND nasty.......if you go there dont go with Roxy she does not know how to do a good job and she always hurts you..she double dip the wax I saw her you can get an ugly infection if she does that everybody knows that but she doesnt care she is not a professional........Nails there are cheap for nails but after one week you have to go back because they only care about the tip and the 38 dollars you pay for many and pedi after one week your nail polish is gone :(( more

good techs not soo good cust service 5/27/2011

this place has it's good and bad qualities like most salon's. I have waxed with most of the tech's there\r evelyn is great she get's the majority of the hair with one pass of the wax, i would recommend roxanna for eyebrow shaping only she did my bikini twice and i got a lot of ingrown hairs. i love rosa, she understands english but doesn't speak soo much she's sweet and takes her job seriously i had no ingrowns and no hairs left behind and she's fast and doesn't hurt. adriana is also good she's a bit new but does a great job and is fast and doesn't hurt u and she does an amazing eyebrow shape even better than roxana. for nails i love Ida she's kinda slow but efficient and does a great job, patty also does a great job and is fast if ur in a hurry, nancy d is also really good and definately who u should go with if u need a good express mani or pedi just let her know ur in a hurry and she won't let u down. and i've never seen them double dip a stick... but customer service has gone down in the last 2 visits that i've been there.\r The manager shirley is always down in the dumps and and sometimes rude to her employees, when i go there she's always on her facebook or playing some game, i guess because they have a clientelle already she's not trying to impress anyone...the receptionist there now acts a bit slow i went in one time during the week and half of the girls in the back were just sitting down waiting and she said she had no one that could take me even for a polish change. there used to be a girl there i believe her name was angelina\r she was such a sweetheart and was always helping the techs get whatever they needed, and soo kind to all the clients and she would always get me in and i remember one time i was there she even moved a couple of the girls cars at night so they wouldn't run behind on my apt, i'm not sure what happened but hopefully she's working in a nice place like she deserves, I don't know how she worked along side that manager for soo long, if with the couple minutes i'm there she gets me depressed or stressed out she needs to up her positive energy or maybe the owner should fire the manager she has now and hire a more tactful one...IF the manager took some of angelinas customer service advice this salon would definately be number 1 for waxing and customer service on the beach the prices are great and the technicians are too. more

South Beach Body Waxing Comp 2/6/2011

Oh My God I went to this place the other day and a lady her name was Rosa she did my wax she almos kill me Iam in pain I dont know where I have to call to tell that this lady does not deserve the license to wax me because she burned me so bad I have a lot of pictures and I gonna do something against this lady Rosa she did not speak English at all....Iam very dissapointed with this place and with the people that work in there specially this lady ROSA.....if the lady at the front desk put you with her tell her to change you to another bcuz she is a mess she did a mess to me. I have to go to the hospital and spend a thousand dollar in feel better.....if someone from that place can contact me that would be great...... more

Good place 11/21/2010

I went to body waxing a couple of months ago and I had a great experience. i went with this girl called Sandra and she was really good! My daughter once went with Nacy and she really liked the experience.Unfortunately Sandra does not work there everyday but I'm pretty sure they're all good!\r I also went there on a different day to get my nails done and they did a really good job as well. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the fact that they can't stop talking with each other which makes it kinda impossible for me to relax. One of the girls in the front desk is really sweet and the other one should follow her example cause she;s kinda rude. IDK, maybe she was just having a bad day....\r Besides all that, I would def recommend this place. Affordable with good service more

SBBW is the best!! 9/20/2010

I have been coming to South Beach Body Waxing for about 3 years now. I can honestly say this place is amazing, efficitent, and above all very proffesional. They are warm, friendly, and make my waxing experiences extremely comfortable. To the person badmouthing the staff, you couldnt be more wrong. From the front desk, to the waxers, to the nail techs, I have never in my three years of coming, heard anybody badmouth a coworker! Conversation is kept to a minimum unless its ""have a great weekend!"" \r The wax they use is great for sensitive skin also, its not as harsh as the honey wax they offer in some salons. OUCH!\r \r If you are in the South Beach area, and need a good wax or manicure, i hands down recommend this salon!\r more

South Beach Body Waxing Co 9/5/2010

I really dont like when I go to a place and I have to listen the employees talking bad about the other ppl that work with them, the other day I was in this place and Sandra she is from Colombia start talking about her boss Shirley this lady Shirley is the manager and always has a long face when she is working at the front desk she seems to always have a problem when she is working but with me she always nice, so I went to get a service and I have to listen Sandra talking about Shirley and the bad person that she is with her she also was telling me about a lady that is call Lena that she is working in the South Miami Waxing she was telling me that Lean is a Bi... and a Kiss a.. PERSON i really dont like all that.....I just went to get a service not to listen sh....... more

Dissapointed 4/5/2010

One of the girls at the front desk in particular was quite unpleasant. I had a manicure and pedicure done ~6 days ago and the manicure is already cracking and chipping - it looks horrible. I will say that the pedicure is holding up well so far though. The woman who did the services for me wasn't very pleasant either. Wouldn't go back! more

Nancy E.-Great for waxing 3/6/2010

SoBe Body Wax is a great place for waxing. Easy to get an appointment. Nancy is a great waxer, very friendly and easy to work with. Pros: Easy access more

Great Wax 1/7/2010

I had a great experience with Carolina! She not only did a great job but she was a delight! But also, whatever wax they use is fabulous! It has been over a month and barely any hair has grown back! I wish I lived in Miami to get my next wax done and with Carolina of course. I highly recommend this waxing spa! I will be back! xoxo Tress *P.S. Congrats Carolina on your nuptials! I hope you are in wedding bliss! Pros: Carolina and the longest lasting wax ever! Cons: Non friendly receptionist more

South Beach Body Waxing Co 12/4/2009

I need to FILE A COMPLAIN To The Home of The Famous Brazilian Bikini & Playboy Bikini as Evelyn treated me totally unrespectfully, she yelled at me, would shut me up and not let me explain I was in lots of pain after my waxing. I laid there as the technician applied the three coats of was on the same location (Evelyn), each time pulling off the wax with a cloth strip(legs). I assumed the salon knew exactly what they were doing so even though I had reservations about allowing her to continue applying wax, I just laid there and didn't speak up. I had never been burned before so I wasn't sure exactly what was normal and what could cause a burn. I tried explaining to Evelyn I was hurt and she was very rude and agressive. What had begun as an attempt to relax and be pampered turned into a salon nightmare. I had been burned on my Famous Brazilian Bikini waxing area (for Thanksgiving weekend) I was not only in a lot of pain but I was also treated unrespectfuly by Evelyn. Pros: I always love that place until I meet her.... Cons: Burn more

Waxer Carolina 11/3/2009

I like this place bcuz I have a great person that wax me, her name is Carolina she is so sweet!! The best waxer that I have in years!! Pros: Waxer Carolina Cons: Waxer Carolina more

This Place is NOT BAD! You get what you pay for! 5/19/2009

After reading the previous reviews I was somewhat afraid to try this place! However it was 1 block from my hotel and the price was great! I was met w/ good customer service! The ONLY bad thing was that I got a bikini wax (which was painless and I was a 1st timer!) and they did not give me a cover-up, that was uncomfortable to say the lease. Other than that I had a pleasent experience. Fast service and reasonable price! I recommend this place! Also it was NOT dirty at all! I must have went on a good day or these other people expect too much for the cheapest price in town! Try it, it's not bad as these people make it out to be! Pros: Price! more


im from nyc and travelled to miami over the weekend...i didnt have a chance to get beauty treatments before the trip so i decided to book an appt at this place..and OMG LOVED IT! wax and nails were perfection. i just wish people in nyc would take their time with their service just like the wonderful people at this place...will def go again when i go back to miami! thank you for an amazing treatment. more

Great waxing Place! 10/17/2007

I live in Miami and i am not exagerating i tried maybe 10 different places all over the Dade County... And by far the best is SOUTH BEACH Body waxing.. not only the prices are great (about the lowest at the same level of service) but the people there are so nice. I actually just called and made a last minute appointment and they were willing to help me out! (since im going on and unexpected trip). I have seen maybe 3 ladies from there and they have all been awesome.. \r i wont lie it does hurt a bit,... but its sooo quick!\r \r anyhow i will be there today AGAIN... :) more

Great wax for cheap! 10/16/2007

I got underarm, eyebrow, upper lip, 1/2 leg, and brazilian. I have been to many wax places and they are fast and cheap here. They use cold wax for sensitive skin (lip, under arm, eyebrow, brazilian). cold wax is supreme. I think she got every hair too. Roxana was my favorite. Not the best ambiance. It is a bit of a wax factory. Small waxing rooms, but that didn't bother me. Professional staff. Never felt uncomfortable about getting my unmentionable fully waxed. I also got a couple of mani/pedi's here. They did a great job, but it was very time consuming. And they don't have the fancy massage chairs for your pedicures. Pros: quick, cheap, efficient, and skilled Cons: Not the fanciest of atmospheres. more

Places to avoid 10/15/2007

I don't understand how this place got any good reviews. I went to their South Beach store. As i walked in to get serviced, I noticed waxing room was filthy. That could have been ok, if the service was good, but got my back and chest waxed, and they burn my skin and hurt as much as the korean place I go In NY. I've heard a lot about waxing in South Florida, not impressed.\r \r Pros: ambiance Cons: need to clean up. Wax was too hot and painful more

Fast, reasonable, clean, pleasant. 6/1/2007

I've been waxed in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and a few places in between. Sometimes it's supposed to be a ""spa"" sort of pampering experience, but getting hair ripped from one's neck, back, and shoulders is not exactly relaxing. Evelina, who did my waxing, said, ""Well, we all have to suffer for beauty.""\r \r Except she didn't make me suffer. It was quick, efficient, professional, measured, symmetric, and as painless as possible. Most notably, they have a hard wax used without strips that was used for the more tender areas. (I'm speaking of my neck but am told it is also used for Brazilian/groin waxing.)\r \r It wasn't hoity-toity or pretentious. It was clean, tidy, and relaxing, and all of this was underscored by competence. (Because they only do waxing, and waxing of literally every part of the body from hairy toes to taints to temples, I didn't feel as if I were reinventing the wheel when I made requests.)\r \r Regarding the ambience, each little suite/alcove has a little sliding door, and a half dozen estheticians are working at any given moment. When you phone, they'll ask if you have a preference, but I'm guessing everyone is just fine.\r \r If only I they had one where I lived. Would love to bring my girlfriend, too. more



One More Thing 3/28/2007

I would like to add one more thing to the lady who ""claims"" that her phone was stolen...I am a law student and I happen to know that your posting where you allege that Adriana ""stole"" your phone is actually Defamation (In law, defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation) and the only defense would be truth but you obviously cannot prove that...You should probably think about that next time. Pros: Friendly and Professional Staff, Clean, Great Value! more

BEst Waxing place in Miami 3/27/2007

The name is Roya, I live in NY and every time I come down on vacation I go and get waxed at SBBW. The girls there are amazing and they make me feel at home. My waxer Adriana is one of the best out there. She does a great job! =) ?.reading the comment below about the cell phone situation made me a bit unhappy, you cannot blame anyone else for being forgetful. If that cell phone really meant that much to you should?ve put it in your purse or pocket. Regardless, the girls there are not thieves. I have left my shades before and came back for them after? they held it for me at the front desk. Anyhoo? the service is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! I wouldn?t have it any other way. The receptionists are such great girls and always greet everyone with a smile. So my advice to the cell phone girl, don?t write things that are UNTRUE just because you loosing your phone made you UNHAPPY, no need to lie or degrade others.\r \r SBBW lover, Roya =) Pros: excellent staff, nice enviroment =) Cons: I dont live in miami.. =( more
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  • Washington Avenue depilatory salon does as it promises, stripping hair from front to back. Also manicures and pedicures.

  • 2/7/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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