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South Valley Animal Hospital - 15 Reviews - 11940 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV - Other Reviews - Phone (702) 706-0236

South Valley Animal Hospital

11940 Southern Highlands Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89141
(702) 706-0236
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South Valley Animal Hospital - Las Vegas, NV


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My cat had a serious urinary tract infection, and South Valley were able to really care for Arte, and for a reasonable price.\r \r Best pet hospital I've ever been to.





Excellent Care 11/21/2011

My cat had a serious urinary tract infection, and South Valley were able to really care for Arte, and for a reasonable price.\r \r Best pet hospital I've ever been to. more

Thank you so much! 11/21/2011

Vet Frerking is amazing. He helped diagnose my cats urinary problem when other vets had no clue what the problem was. I will only go here from now on. Thank you all so much. Such a warm and friendly place to bring our furry kids! more

From the bottom of my heart 11/21/2011

Thank you Dr. Frerking! This is a hospital that genuinely cares about pets and their owners, they don't just get you in and out and process you like so many places do (not just vets).\r \r My weimaraner has multiple health complications that have stayed with her since puppyhood, but with Dr. Frerking and staff's help we have been able to keep them in check and prolong her life longer than we ever thought. Thank you for giving me those extra years that I otherwise could not share with Lacie. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! more

My little critters second home 11/20/2011

Dr. Frerking is an amazing vet, he helped diagnose my cats bladder issues when 2 other vets in town could not tell me what was wrong with my cat. I have nothing but positive things to say about South Valley Animal Hospital and would urge anyone to head here before anywhere else! Thanks again, Mr. P says hi too! Scott more

Misleading Reviews 11/20/2011

I have to say I was so surprised to see negative reviews on here, and that's honestly the reason I signed up to share my review. South Valley has many long time customers (in my neighborhood alone) who have been extremely satisfied with Dr. Frerking for years. It's just that all of us who have had only positive experiences with them don't feel compelled to leave reviews like the people who had negative experiences. But we exist! And we are proud to call South Valley AH our vets. To anyone reading this page and contemplating whether or not this animal hospital is for you, I highly recommend South Valley. But don't take it from me, go there yourself and check it out with your own eyes. If you're too busy for that, just call and try to schedule a tour, the staff has always been very accommodating with things like that. I just sent my neighbors down there two weeks ago and they have basically made South Valley their vets for life. Again, please don't be discouraged by misleading reviews! more

Rip off 8/30/2011

My cat was not eating so I brought her in and they did test and xray and told be that my cat has something foreign in her intestine and reassured me, she would be fine. well i ended up with a $3000 vet bill and my cat had to be put to sleep. I have 5 cats and it seems like everytime i bring them there they always needed test or they need something done. this last time my cat got injured at the groomers and the vet told me it would be 390 for anestesia and stitches or he will get an infection and don't worry the bath and dental cleaning would be free. I told him that was fine since the owner of the groomer agreed to pay for injury. once i got the bill it looked like it was billed for all dental and the groomer refused to pay for it and when i called the vet to tell them their first estimate was totally different from the final estimate, they said we agreed to all the services and pretty much tough luck and take us to the better business bureau. To top things off things off the vet calle more

Way over priced 3/2/2011

Estimate was 3x what other vets quoted. Was there before and thought I was way over charged. I already knew what was wrong with my pet from tests done very recently, they pushed to redo the tests and came up with the same results. The only part that was different is that their tests cost more than double what the prior vet charged me. I walked away very disappointed and said nothing. This time I will not be quiet. Other vets quoted me $7-800 for the procedure, these guys say $2400. Not a good way to generate clients. Staff was courteous and friendly from start to finish, but gouging folks looking after the health of their animals is a poor practice in my opinion. more

Best Vet in Vegas!!!! 9/25/2009

Our experience with Dr. Frerking and his staff has never been short of wonderful. I can confidently recommend his services to any pet owner. We have a small yorkie, schnauzer and 2 cats, and they have been well taken care of at a fair price by this vet. more

The Best for your dog! 8/26/2009

Whether finding a vet you can trust or a people MD this town is rough around the edges. South Valley hospital has always been extremely careful with my baby and treated him as their own each and every time I have had to take him in. He has been a patient here off and on for over 2 years now. From the receptionist, to the tech, to Dr. Frerking everyone takes their time, LISTENS, and gets to know you and your pet. In my time here I have never been pressured into buying extra meds or treatments (vitamins/teeth cleaning stuff) and have always been given a choice with information. These are people who care about dogs!! and their owners!! If you want walmart style care go somewhere else, if you want a vet who cares and listens to you about your pet go here! more

South Valley Animal Hospital is the best in vegas 8/14/2009

I will never take my dogs anywhere else! They know all four of them by name. When an emergency strikes at night time, they have on call vets to come meet you at the office. This means that they have your dog's files right there and you do not have to go to an emergency vet that is over priced and doesn't know your dog's allergies.\r They're professional and kind, by far the best vets in las vegas. I was so taken back by them I just sent them a basket of cookies to thank them properly. more

A Great Vet 8/9/2009

No one likes to bring their animal to the vet. Even if it's as simple as a check up - it's not just about the distress caused the the animal, but also the worry of the owner. I detest bringing my dogs to the vets; they're getting older and there's always the concern of what if...? Every single experience I've had with South Valley has been perfect. And I've had experiences as serious as tumors and as menial as claw-clipping. I've used their emergency service, as well as their walk-in. I have my favorite doctor (of course) but at some time, I've seen them all. Never has anything been forced upon me. I've always been given the information to make an informed decision. And my dogs have always come out fine. One of my dogs has had two surgeries there. Simply put, the best vet I've used in Las Vegas. Pros: Professional, compassionate staff Cons: Elton John was playing last time I was there - ugh! more

South Valley Animal Hospital, Southern Highlands, RIP-OFF 7/22/2009

South Valley Animal Hospital in Southern Highlands is a HUGE RIP-OFF. IF ANYONE IS GIVING THEM A GOOD REVIEW, THEY PROBABLY WROTE IT THEMSELVES!! They actually asked how much I could afford for tests. All my cat needed was some antibiotics for a urinary infection. They tried to tell me she needed to be checked for cancer and surgery. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER OTHER THAN A URINARY INFECTION. While they tested her for everything under the sun, running up a $2,100 bill, I had to get my cat away from them to take her to my regular vet. At my regular vets, I was in and out the door for $100, including all her meds, and even my regular vet said they were doing wasted tests and making my cat suffer without giving her needed antibiotics. I was ashamed I took my cat to South Valley. They are so awful. SOUTH VALLEY HAD HER FOR THREE DAYS AND GAVE HER FLUIDS AND NO NO NO NO NO ANTIBIOTIC. These people should be run out of business. They are cruel and money suckers and they only want to know how much you can afford for tests that are NOT NECESSARY. THEY ARE NOT ABOUT ANIMAL CARE. THEY ARE ABOUT MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!! How criminal is that? Pros: RIP-OFF ALERT * RIP-OFF ALERT * RIP-OFF ALERT Cons: This Place Should Be Robbing Banks in Las Vegas! more

Nobody could be better 11/12/2008

I brought my dog Sasha in the other day pretty sure she would have to be put down. Long story short she had some back issues, and couldn't walk. \r
They were beyond professional!! I was ok with the idea of Sasah having to leave, but she didn't. They took absolutly perfect care of her. I am not saying they brought her back to life, but they put her in the best situation possible to get better and come home. She is home now is about %90 back to normal. I can't say enough about the entire staff from the ladies out front to the docs. YOU go girls! more

Excellent Care and Very Compassionate 9/20/2007

This is an excellent animal care facility. I had a 16 yr. old golden retriever who had hip displasya at a very early age. When transferring my dog to Southern Highlands Animal Hospital, they provided her with the most up to date veterinary care, immediately starting her out on a new medication to alleviate any of her pain. It was a 180 degree turnaround for my dog. She could play again, and acted 10 years younger. They gave her a new lease on life.Unfortunately, bad things happen and her time had come. The doctors at Southern Highlands were the most compassionate people I have ever dealt with, offering both my best friend of 17 years and myself the utmost of care.I would highly reccommend Southern Highlands Animal Hospital as the Primary Care Giver for your pet. more
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