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South County Veterinary Hosp - 5 Reviews - 1811 Whitson St, Selma, CA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (559) 896-8616

South County Veterinary Hosp

1811 Whitson St
Selma, CA 93662
(559) 896-8616
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I realy love this office it is very much worth the drive. I have a Chihuahua that had Parvo and I had tried to do everything I could to keep her alive and she was getting worse by...


On 6/30/11, I had an appointment with South County Veterinary Hospital to have a cherry-eye removed from my dog's eye. After having a few scheduling issues and needing to reschedu...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/22/2013

In response to Rebecca C. comment below, Dr Hatayama does everything possible to keep his costs down so he can pass these savings on to us, his customers. His love for the animals is much greater than any other vet I have ever been to! I appreciate the fact that he works hard, and pushes his staff hard in order to take in hurting animals daily, get them well, and not kill our bank accounts to do it! His staff is regularly sitting around, when things are slow, eating, drinking and having a relaxed time, not how you are saying, that is a very unusual thing you described. I have been going there for years, and I've never once seen him yell at anyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/3/2013

I happened to be at the Vet Clinic on 5-2 it was really hot in the lobby and I could hear the Dr. Hatayama yelling at all the girls working for him. Telling them he would not be putting the air on because they left ""one"" window open. He then walked to the back, came back to the girls in the front desk screaming at them because they had turn a fan on. He turned the fan off on them yelling ""you all will sweat to death"" I was shocked. If I didnt have my dog in a room in the back I would have just walked out. \r \r One of the emplyees looked to be about 5 months pregant to me. It was almost 99 degrees outside, God only know what it was inside for us....what about the dogs? I Know the prices made me drive that far, but the way he treats, and belittled his employees is just unspeakable and I will not be returning. more

So Amazing 2/13/2012

I realy love this office it is very much worth the drive. I have a Chihuahua that had Parvo and I had tried to do everything I could to keep her alive and she was getting worse by the second. I took her into their office and they took her in right away and admitted her to their hospital she was in there for 2 weeks and we were not sure if she was going to make it. I visited her daily and the staff was so understanding and very nice. I received a call from their office and they said well she is all better you can come and pick her up she woke up this morning and took her ivy out and is now playing and running around. I went to pick her up and I had to pay a down payment of $100 to take her and then they worked with me on making payments for the rest. My total bill with Antibiotics and the 2 week stay with all the treatment was only $470 dollars. I was sooo supprised as other vets would have over $2,000. I recommend this Veterinary Hospital over any other Hospital. more

Worth The drive!! 11/6/2011

I agree with the last review. Dr Hatayama is the best Vet we've ever had. AND he's the cheapest. You can ask any vet at pet emergencys in fresno/clovis and they will agree and have a very high respect. He went to UC Davis which is the best vet school out there. He is truly down to earth and tells stories and gives advice as he works on your pet. He truly is gifted and it takes a lot of heart and skill to do what he does. He always has different office vet techs in there..some are nice and down to earth and others are crappy and don't last long..once they leave his place they usually just go to a different vet office in town..or open their own practice...they're everywhere. People will be people and in this economy i've been seeing more and more rudeness everywhere I go. You can't mop chemicals around sick animals. I've seen them spot cleaning between sick pets and I watch them disinfect the rooms between each pet and They dry the rooms out before bringing your pet in. I don't know why i'm defending that. I just don't appreciate people making false reports out of rage and jealousy. If you get told to never come back because you can't afford your bill you just don't go back...I don't know why anyone would attempt to take their pet to the vet if they couldn't afford the office visit and then have the nerve to think just because they finally paid it they could return... He has a 3 strike it sounds to me you've just taken advantage. He already works near free as it is and to get on your computer and slander someones name is just horrible... The back room with cages are full of sick pets near death with sores and parvo and healing with stiches... My dog I know smelled rotten. She had toxic shock syndrome and Dr. Hatayama was able to remove her uterus, save her life and cleanse her out... Even at home she smelled for months and had a 2% chance of living and she's still here! Alive! thanks to Dr Hatayma. He kept her for 6 days did xrays, bloodwork, gave her all her shots up to date, did the surgery, sent home antibiotics and vitamins.. all for $180 bucks. It's not a candy store. This is a office for pet visits but also pet emergencies and if you ever happen to go to this amazing little spot in Selma you'll see he's not only the cheapest and best vet he's also the busiest because he truly is the BEST more

Dr. Hatayama - the best vet we've ever had 8/16/2011

I'm just not sure what the two previous reviewers are talking about, but it is certainly not Dr. Hatayama or the level of his care. I wonder why the prior poster kept going back to Dr. Hatayama six times if she found it so bad. more

Disrespected and Embarrassed 6/30/2011

On 6/30/11, I had an appointment with South County Veterinary Hospital to have a cherry-eye removed from my dog's eye. After having a few scheduling issues and needing to reschedule on three seperate occasions, the Vet's office informed me that the best time to show up was 8am on 6/30/11. Keep in mind that I live in Hanford, CA, which is roughly a thirty minute drive, and work, so I had to arrange to take time off of work in order to meet the desired Vet's time of surgery. After driving 30 minutes, and waiting in the lobby for another 15 minutes, Georgia (one of the office managers I presume) asked me why they could not find my name in thier system. This was the first red flag, since I have been a regular customer for over two and a half years (I own 6 dogs, and all have been to this vet, so it wasn't as if I was a stranger). After instructing me to enter the back room, it appeared as if we were about to do my pet's weigh-in before they brought her to the back for surgery. Once we entered the back room, Georgia asked me for my name, and after giving her my first name, she informed me that I had to leave; moreover, she said the last time I was there they told me to not come back. This is a bald-faced lie, since the last time I was there, I paid another vet bill (in full like I always did) and they wished me well. At no point during the rescheduling process did they inform me to stay away. They allowed me to take half of my day to reject me in their office, which was full of customers mind you, they could not have done this in private or over the phone? After placing my dog in my truck, I went back inside to demand to speak with the doctor. His employees said he was busy in surgery, which was another lie, since I was the first name on the list that morning for a surgery (the hospital opened at 8am & at this point it's roughly 8:15). After telling the employees that this was not proper business, that I paid in full every single time after a pet visit and was never told to not come back. Otherwise I would not have wasted half of my day to be rejected in front of a waiting room full of people. After trying to voice my opinion for barely a few minutes, the vet's office called the Selma Police Deptarment without any type of warning. As I left the building in disgust and started my truck to leave, four Selma police cars encircled my truck and told me to exit the vehicle. After exiting and explaining to the group of cops questioning me, one officer went inside to get their story. They explained to the officer I was told to never come back, which of course is a lie, since I would not have wasted my time driving so far and rescheduling my work schedule for a ""gamble at the Vet's office."" I felt entirely disrespected, upset, and harrassed. As I have noted above, I have six dogs, so I was a frequent customer; the vet's office should not have been surprised. And when I rescheduled the surgery, they should have told me over the phone they had a problem with me (again, they kept to their lie that I was not in their system, when in fact I have been there close to a dozen times). And once I got there, they should have given me the time of day to at least allow me to speak with the doctor in charge of the hospital, since it was his call to not accept my business, to figure out what the problem is, and hopefully eradicate it. And finally, after embarrassing me in front of their customers as if I was a nuisance and not the regular whose money was always gladly accepted, they called the police as if I was a threat--all I wanted to know was why they told me to drive so far to turn me away at the door. Totally improper business no matter which way you look at it. My name was in their system. I was a repeated customer for years. They gladly accepted my money the last time I was at the hospital. Something needs to be done about this; this is not right or fair for someone who has supported that business for close to three years. more


I have never been to such a dirty and unprofessional vet hospital before. The stench in that place is almost unbearable. I know that animal clinics smell but in my experience they have never smelled as bad as it does here. The women at the reception desk are unprofessional and very short (with the exception of one). The waiting room floor is very dirty and one of the receptionists is always snacking while she talks to pet owners. The vet is unkempt and doesn?t take the time to talk everything through with you (we had to ask him for more information repeatedly). The lady that took our puppy didn't give us time to say goodbye to our dog and just grabbed her and left. When we walked to the reception desk the lady that took our dog squeezed through the other ladies to reach the phone with our dog in her arms! Why no one else could answer the phone I do not know. The vet did not look like he did a thorough analysis of our dog before telling us she was going to have to stay the night. We called the next morning and we couldn't pick her up for another 3 days because it was the weekend and they never got to the minor stitching she needed! When we called they were very short and showed no compassion. I had to ask to talk to the vet when I picked my dog up so that he could tell me about her diet, healing time, and medicine. When we picked our dog up she was skinny like they hadn't fed her. We are never ever ever taking any of our dogs there again. I would HIGHLY recommend CARE AT THE COURTYARD VET CLINIC in Visalia. They are the exact opposite of these people. THE ONE GOOD THING ABOUT THIS VET is that he is very inexpensive. But my dog deserves better treatment even if it is more costly. We are on a tight budget and wanted to save money but that is a mistake we will never repeat again. You get what you pay for. Pros: pros: inexpensive Cons: cons: dirty, unprofessional, rude, not caring more
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