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South Branch Pet & Bird Clinic - 33 Reviews - 403 E Ben White Blvd Ste F, Austin, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (512) 462-0002

South Branch Pet & Bird Clinic

403 E Ben White Blvd Ste F
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 462-0002
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Great staff! Great Doctors! Prices are good. Care is excellent. They remind me every year when my pets are due. I have two or three emergencies on Sundays through the years and th...


I would recommend using this office for quick things and immunizations and their weekend hours are great. However the few times I took my dogs there for more serious items they s...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/2/2014

Our furry kids have been patients here for over a year now. They've got treats in the waiting room to keep your pet occupied and the staff is very knowledgeable. I never worry about taking my babies here because I know they're always in great hands! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2013

I do not work for the South Branch Pet & Bird Clinic, but I've taken my dogs to them for going on 4 years now. I've used their services for annual immunizations, a couple of injuries, and a surgery. I have never, repeat never, had a problem with any of the vets, technicians, staff, or procedures. Also, please note that each and every Chronicle coupon has printed on it, ""Must present coupon at time of arrival."" The staff doesn't do mind reading, so let them know when you have a coupon when you set up the appointment. Every single time I've been inside the clinic, it was never, repeat never, dirty or smelly. Maybe the public should try talking to the staff, not at them. Oh yeah, and I really do appreciate that they are open on the weekends and stay open later during the weekdays. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2012

Happy Customer: second visit and when appointment was made was told that the Chronicle coupon was needed. Technicians were friendly, attentive and the office space was clean. This was our second visit for annual shots and meds. Before any service was rendered, I was told of all the costs. Great value and service. I would recommend this business. more

First experience, really bad! Don't go! 7/7/2011

I saw an ad in the Chronicle for a $60 spay. I took in my dog and told them how their ad had brought me in for my first visit, then approved another $200 in add-ons. But when I got home and looked at my bill detail they had charged me double for the Spay. When I called they said they could not help me since I didn't leave the ad coupon (but the receptionist had not asked for it). When I asked to speak to the Vet he was argumentative, rude, and unwilling to give me the advertised rate because he did not believe I had mentioned the ad. He talked over me and yelled at me when I threatened to dispute the charges through the credit card company. I will never go back and I will make sure to tell others not to go there. I will dispute the $60 through my credit card company and even if he gets the $60, he will lose out on ANY of my business in the future. more

HORRIBLE please dont take your pets here! 8/6/2010

As you walk into this disgusting clinic you will notice just how dingy and dirty everything is. Then as you walk up to the front counter you will be hit again with an extremely rude staff. But none of that matters as long as the veterinarian and vet tech are knowledgeable and take great care of your pet right?! WRONG. I have been to this vet on 2 occasions both of which ended with the veterinarian getting irritated and practically yelling at me for simply asking questions. This place is absolutely horrible and on both occasions I left frustrated and worried. Again, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE, its is not worth the discount ( as you will end up taking your pet to another vet anyways). This place should be shut down. more

Left In Tears, Shaken by the Experience 6/11/2010

Note to this business: if you offer coupons, wouldn't it make sense to treat your potential long term hard cash paying customers well? Note to people thinking about going to this clinic, don't. I'll never go back...I wish I had never gone in the first place. I saved $58 but was prescribed $40 worth of unnecessary medicine, and left in tears. Not worth it. Re. the coupon, you get what you pay for, no extra charge for the rude patronizing receptionist. The impatient look when I asked for clear information about billing did not go unnoticed. She argued with me when I said I wanted to discuss vaccines with the vet, which, by the way, I never got to do. It was just a rude uncaring atmosphere from start to finish. No one introduced themselves. The technician came into the room to give the shots. I asked if she was the vet, since there was no introduction. She said oh do you want the vet to give the shots? I said no not necessarily ...I just want to discuss the vaccine with the vet. This was supposed to be an exam for my tiny little allergic medication sensitive dog. I wanted to discuss his care with the vet! A man came in who did not introduce himself, no discussion, roughly took my dog and gave the shots. He bled so much they had to use a bandage. Three days later he was still sore. I had brought him because of an itchy skin condition he gets every year. The guy did not examine him, didn't look in his ears or mouth, didn't pick him up...didn't say anything about the skin condition or what might be causing it... but prescribed steroids and antibiotic. I asked ...does he need antibiotics? he snapped back at me defensively, 'would I say he needed antibiotics if I didn't think he did'...I told him I just wanted to let him know aboug my dogs drug sensitive history, and I wanted to figure out what is causing this skin condition. He said if it was caused by an infection, this would clear it up. This just didn't make sense to me to give antibiotics and steroids for a mild itchy skin condition. I agree with the other reviewer that they should not prescribe $40 worth of meds which are not needed. (I wound up not giving him the meds, and am treating his skin condition topically with a vinegar water solution which seems to be working.. until I can get him to another vet). As we were checking out I noticed my dog was really drooling. I was worried that it might be a reaction to the shots. Twice I said something, the receptionist said oh he'll be fine...then she too became concerned and went to look for the vet, whom she could not find. She came back and again said he'll be fine, but she did write down the e-clinic number for me just in case. By this time I was shaken by the entire experience and about to cry, but I decided to make the best of it and smile and just get out of there as fast as I could. I mentioned how nice it was that they offered the coupons in this day and time when everyone seemed to be raising their prices. The receptionist replied that most people that came in with a coupon never came back. Go Figure!!! The employees should take this as a very stong hint. They should read these reviews. Owners: instead of offering coupons, maybe you should try charm school for your employees!!! Pros: Open Sunday Cons: Unnecessary Prescriptions more

Please Grow Up. 5/28/2010

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I used to work here. Please read what I have to say. 1) Some animals have vaccine reactions. It has nothing to do with who gave the shot, what shot was used, or what clinic you took it too. Animals (just like humans with Penicillin, or Prednisone) develop reactions. Please call them back if you notice a reaction--they will help you. For cheap. 2)*****Coupons--They have coupons out for better business, and it works. It allows people with lower income to bring in their dogs or cats that have had no vaccines before, or are in worse shape than others, to bring their pets with a decent price. This can cause the clinic to be busy. Please get over that. And also, do not complain if your dog is sick and you bring in a $5 coupon for an exam, and now have to pay $80. Your dog/cat was sick....Medicine is not free.......and they already gave you a discount to even see the doctor..I wish human doctors had coupons. Since when does a coupon mean that your visit is going to cost nothing? Please direct me to a grocery store that lets you bring in coupons that get you meals for free instead with a COUPON discount. Be grateful. 3) I don't know what you people think or believe, but bashing the doctors based on their ""english speaking abilities"" is downright rude. The senior doctor there, (the one who does major surgeries to save your animals for a low price) graduated from A&M University. Now will you people complain?.....The top Vet school in Texas?....Yeah, he put himself into debt as a college student, because he HATES animals. Man...I just am amazed at how ignorant humans are. 4) The techs there (I was a tech) bust their butts to help the clinic and the clients. They do everything they can to keep everyone happy, including you and your animals. The receptionists deal with the most rudest people you can imagine, simply when they have to tell the client that there is certain protocol to follow, just like other job. When I worked there, I did not wake up everyday thinking ""MAN, I AM SO MAD AND MISERABLE, I AM GOING TO SCREW EVERYONE OUT OF THEIR MONEY AT MY JOB BECAUSE I HATE EVERYONE AND THEIR ANIMALS, THATS WHY I HELP THEM EVERYDAY."" I just cannot believe that people think they are out to hurt your animals and take all your money. The Dr. M does ear crops for HALF of what you would pay somewhere else, and does an amazing job. Ask anyone. Dr. P is the nicest doctor you will ever meet. He will stay in the exam room with you ALL DAY if he has to, to insure that you understand what is going on with your sick animal. In response to a few complaints: *The clinic stinks because of YOUR animals. Your animals smell awful. They come in their with ear infections like you would not believe, amongst other problems. Its not our fault theirt your animals need medical attention and smell. *Vaccines hurt most puppies. It is not the tech's fault or the Doctor's fault that your puppy cries in some cases. Vaccines are kept refrigerated, therefore may come as a cold shocking sensation to your puppy, and he/she may wine. Human babies cry when given shots... *To the woman who claims they did not anesthetize the gentleman's dog. Hahahaha....can you imagine a doctor trying to spay an animal that was not sedated??! Oh my goodness I am laughing at that accusation. You'd think they'd know if an animal was sedated or not after 8 years of med school. Hahaha!!! That one is my favorite complaint!! One last thing, If there was a website to complain about clients, there would be complaints on there too. There are always two sides to every story, remember that. If the clients who have good things to say about this clinic posted reviews on this website, instead of the majority of people who b*tch, the reviews would be totally different. Please allow me to believe that there are still sane, intelligent, understanding people left in this world. Because this is just sad. Thank you. Pros: Afordable, cuts to the chase. Cons: Busy, because a lot of people come there. more

Horrible Clinic w/ coupons that are worthless 2/23/2010

My original vet is wonderful (Premier Animal Hospital (Dr. Hamby or Dr. Daigle), but in Cedar Park and too far for simple vaccines. Well South Austin Pet & Bird Clinic was convenient for me, so I decided to take my mother in laws dog in for puppy shots plus she found a coupon for cheap services. Every time I come in for shots they would have lost my records from the previous shot. I needed to bring in one of my dogs since he was having issues with ring worm. I treated another dog before with some oral antibiotics and antibiotic spray. They said he had an allergic reaction and wanted to do a steriod injection and pills. I said 'no way'. I am not a vet, but I know what ring worm looks like on dogs. He is an outside dog and likes to sleep in the dirt. They wouldn't give me the antibiotics. There was 2 vet techs that were pretty nice to me and treated my dogs with care, but the vets had no care in the world and didn't speak very good English. They were really pushy with the dogs and didn't explain anything. I remember I was sitting in the waiting room and a lady comes in frantic with her road rash dog in her arms. 'My dog was hit by a car in Elroy'. First off that is a far drive from Elroy and second they told her that the vets are busy right now with people that have an appointment. Apparently the dog has been there before and they still had to wait to fill out paperwork. I gave her my appointment. I was just talking to my coworker about the clinic and she told to stay clear. She had a dog die from there. She brought her puppy in because it seemed really sick and lethargic. She thought it was parvo. The vets said 'no it's not parvo, your puppy just needs some rest and plenty of water. The puppy didn't have a chance and died that evening. Most likely it was parvo. Pros: open weekends, but nothing else is good Cons: high prices/coupons not worth it/poor customer svc/uncaring more

Decent 9/30/2009

took an orphan puppy in because he wasnt eating right and seemed dehydrated. they didnt notice I went with my wife. well I walked into the examing room, she walked into the waiting room to here them whispering about ""the idiot guy that dehydrated a puppy"" stupid people Pros: always take walk ins. Cons: receptionist are idiots. more

I've never had a problem with them 3/3/2009

I've been there several times and they do a good job. I do not work there and I am sure other people who have left good reviews do not work there. They take care of animals. Get a life people. more

Ok if your just needing immunizations 2/20/2009

I would recommend using this office for quick things and immunizations and their weekend hours are great. However the few times I took my dogs there for more serious items they spent all of 2 minutes with us and did not even touch my dog before diagnosing the problem. Which makes me very skeptical of them. I recently had my female spayed and took her to a clinic on manchaca instead, which charged way more but I felt more secure in the fact that they would take better care of her. Pros: cheap, great weekend hours Cons: spends all of 2 minutes with you more

this clinic should be ashamed 2/19/2009

Its already been said, but let me also state, the good reviews are written by the staff. avoid this clinic, and its sister clinic wells branch pet and bird clinic, at all costs. they lied to me about my dog having heart worms and gave me multiple medications that he didnt need, before trying to ave me leave him there for a 3 day $800 stay. the doctor was rough and unkind, all of my inital instincts about this place were right. I didnt realize the two clinics were connected, but the wells branch clinic also told me that another dog of mine had heart worms when she didnt. Extracting money from people while having no concern for their pets actual health problems is apparently their standard. I read tons of reviews that begged people to avoid this place, and multiple accounts of pets going in to be spayed/ neutered, and dying. If that wasnt enough, I recently found out a friend of mine worked for the wells branch clinic and he confirmed that pets do in fact die from poor care very frequently and that they just take peoples money. Pros: they have coupons to fool you Cons: everything more

Great Place for your pets 1/11/2009

I had two animals that needed everything. I called around and they had better deals than anyone. They took care of my pets and I was in and out. I will go back. more

Stand offish and dirty 12/17/2008

I took my pet there to get her rabies shot and it was horrible. No one greeted me or seemed the least bit interested in what I was there for. They were very set on a get in, get out system. Obviously, not very reassuring to take your pet where no one wants to talk to you. Overall, they got me the help I needed. Pros: If you need a quick fix (minor) need something major please stay away. Cons: Very stiff staff, not welcoming more

Good Place 11/25/2008

They took care of my cat right away. Doctors and staff were nice. My cat got better, No problems here. more

Inside Scoop 11/12/2008

I have a friend that has worked for this clinic for a while now. Im not going to get into many details. But if you care about your pet do not take them here. Take heed. I also know that every good review written here was written by the owners. Some of the horror stories I hear that comes out of this place would make you sick... Stay far, far away... Pros: I always get free stuff from my friend.... Cons: Too many to write... more

low cost - caring - vet and staff 11/7/2008

Great staff! Great Doctors! Prices are good. Care is excellent. They remind me every year when my pets are due. I have two or three emergencies on Sundays through the years and they are always open. more

Great Service - great prices 11/6/2008

I found out the other week that my dog had heartworms. Of course when they told me how much it would be to fix it, I was shocked. However, I called almost every other vet in Austin, and South Branch was by far the most reasonable. I took my baby in and they got rid of the heartworms. The doctor called me everyday to tell me how my baby was! How thoughtful!!! It was way worth the money! He really took care of my baby and made me feel totally comfortable with leaving him my baby. Pros: Great Service - Caring - Reasonably Priced more

Life Long Client 11/6/2008

I took my kitty there and they took great care of her and myself. The place was clean. The doctor spent an hour with me and I could tell he loved to help animals. I will always go there!!! Pros: Listened to me - took care of my pet - were very reasonably priced Cons: ------- more

Horrible service and Dirty, Only want to get your money!!!!!! 11/2/2008

My mom had a 9 year old Lab mix. He was not eating and had a lump on his back. She took him in on a Friday the Vet she saw insisted on doing the visit as a well check instead of a sick visit. They made her get him all his shots even things you dont have to get. While he was sick with a fever. When she mentioned the bump on his back he ran his hand down it and didnt say anything about it. Instead he ran a thyroid check and said that was the problem so he put him on thyroid meds. We paid $378.00 that day. By Sunday he was doing really bad. We took him back and saw a different vet. As soon as this vet saw him you could tell he knew there was something wrong with him. He felt the bump and said it felt like a tumor. So they did an XRAY. Cole's lungs were full of fliud and the mass on his back was a bone tumor. He was in alot of pain and we were told that they could put him on antibiotics and see what happends. Being loving pet owners we didnt want him to suffer any more and with the info we were giving we made the hard desision to put him to sleep. After taking time to say goodbye to him we went out to pay. They not only charged us for useless vaccines on Friday they also charged us for an office visit twice on suday. One the reciept it shows that the office visit is included int he euthanasia but they had no problam charging us another $40 for an office visit. Sunday's bill came out to$230.00. I feel they took advantage of us when we were worried about our pet. This is a horrible Vet and I would never take another pet there. I only hope we made the right dission. Dont take your pets here if you love them. I will be taking mine back to Riverside Vetrinary Clinic. They really care about you and your animals!!!!!! Pros: None that I could find Cons: Money hungry and dont care about your pets more
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