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Sorrentino--CLOSED - 27 Reviews - 2128 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA - Italian Restaurants Reviews - Phone (206) 694-0055


2128 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 694-0055
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Mamma Enza has closed Sorrentino, remodeled, and reopened as Enza Cucina Siciiana. Pros: Authentic Sicilian recipes Cons: No more pizza


We had dinner there this week with other 30 Italians guys and the restaurant was a big disappointment. We had a good appetizer (prosciutto), two different dishes of pasta (one was...

Reopened as Enza Cucina Siciliana 1/24/2010

Mamma Enza has closed Sorrentino, remodeled, and reopened as Enza Cucina Siciiana. Pros: Authentic Sicilian recipes Cons: No more pizza more

So bad it was comical. 11/20/2009

Ok. I'm a person who eats out a lot, and therefore have seen a lot. But I think I'm a tolerant sort, and allow for some variation in service, etc. at a restaurant. I have also never written a bad review (or much of any review, for that matter) before. However, based on my dining experience at Sorrentino tonight, I would advise you to avoid this place like it was a festering incubus of viral plague. Not kidding. Setting: Friday night, 9 PM. Maybe 5 tables with diners. Jazz quartet playing way too loud to chat. Seated immediately; menus take 10 minutes to arrive. Waitress has alcohol on breath as she leans in close to (slurringly) ask us for our order. This is a joke, right? Simple light meal order - 3 lasagnes, 1 plate of spaghetti. No big deal, right? Bread basket comes. 4 half slices of what appears to be Wonder Bread for 4 people. We have a chance to polish this off fairly quickly, since we wait 30 minutes for any food to arrive. During this time, our waitress is wandering around the room, conversing loudly, sitting on guests' laps, etc. The older woman behind the hot line counter has to ring a bell (also a rather amateurish touch) 2-3 times to attract her attention to pick up orders. Our order finally arrives. Small square of lasagne. Cool throughout; frankly cold in the middle. 15 bucks. Spaghetti sauce tastes like it comes from a can. Menu said sauce had basil as ingredient - no green in there, mate. 14 bucks. We ask for some more Wonder bread as the plates arrive; basket taken, never comes back. Frustrating and disappointing. Like that bread basket, we won't be coming back. more

No more pizza, but live music instead 10/27/2009

Three times a week live music is on tap, starting end of October. Meantime, the lasagna is killed, all the pastas are homemade, homemade desserts, too. All from the hands of Enza Sorrentino, a real Sicilian mamma, and served by her daughter, Sofana. Don't listen to the know-nothings whose standard is Olive Garden, or to the trendy spots which give an Italian name to something they've invented; this is the real deal, the most authentic Italian restaurant in Seattle. Pros: Live music and lovely lasagna Cons: Some people still don't get it more

Don't bother with happy hour 5/6/2009

I can't comment on the regular meals, because I went to happy hour 5/6/2009 and won't be back. Portions were skimpy and the food tasteless. I had a Caprese salad with little rounds of mozzarella that looked and tasted like they came from either Trader Joe's or Safeway next door. It was four bites at the most for $5. Same with the caponata - two little half-dollar sized rounds of crostini when even the skimpy, tasteless portion of caponata called for at least four. The place sounded like a day care center with some of the owners' friends taking up one big table with screaming babies. I've never been compelled to write a negative review about a restaurant before, especially an Italian restaurant where some of the customers were actually speaking Italian, but this place is a disaster. The waiter didn't bother to ask me how ""everything was.'' Otherwise, I would have told him. Pros: Smells good Cons: Poor service, skimpy portions at happy hour more

Far away from a decent italian restaurant 2/6/2009

We had dinner there this week with other 30 Italians guys and the restaurant was a big disappointment. We had a good appetizer (prosciutto), two different dishes of pasta (one was with tomato sauce, mushroom, peas, the other dish was seafood pasta), and a dessert. The pasta was overcooked and no taste and the tiramisu was too sweet. It doesn?t worth the price; in general most of the dishes are overpriced for what you get. I really hope to find a decent Italian restaurant in Seattle one day... Pros: Ambience Cons: too expensive for what you get more

Get your meal from Safeway, pay for it at Sorrentino! 11/20/2008

Last week, in the checkout stand at Safeway, I noticed a woman in an apron buying a bunch of baguettes. Didn't think much of it, until I heard the clerk say, ""Thank you, Mrs. Sorrentino."" REALLY? Yes. It was obviously the owner running next door to buy some more baguettes. (Probably 3 days old, knowing Safeway.) Maybe she doesn't always buy them there, but even so, you have to question the quality of the food considering their prices now! more

A perfect evening in Sicily! 6/2/2008

This was an exceptional dining experience--not a single criticism of any aspect of the evening. I began with their homemade lemoncello martini--floating on a base of pomegranate nectar--fabulous! My standard mandarin cosmo pales in comparison. The waiter was knowledgeable and preceptive, also recommending a wonderful Orvieto white to accompany my prawns with wine sauced pasta. My husband's standard: lasagne, was the best he'd ever eaten--anywhere in the states, throughout Italy and even in MY kitchen! Our friends raved about the veal and the ravioli, and we all enjoyed the risotto enormously. Each pasta was perfectly al dente. the sauces were complex and flavorful, and the service was friendly and attentive without being intrusive. What more could we ask from a perfect evening? Like visiting Sicily--Mamma Sorrentino hovers nearby to make certain all is well, then sends us off with warmth and charm and the inspiration to get the Rosetta Stone Italian language course. We'll bring all our friends and family here, to relive our travel memories with wonderfully authentic cooking from southern Italy. Pros: food, wine, service, friendliness Cons: parking more

Some good and great food and mostly bad service... 5/8/2008

This is a place that has had some exceptional dishes and also sub-OK dishes...I have ordered their 3-meat sauce meal at least 6 times, and 4 of those times, it was just delicious. Pros: Usually it is exceptional food Cons: They are having issues with their service. more

No good 4/18/2008

I am from Perugia and I have been living in the states for 2 years, in Seattle for 2 for school. This is not real Italy food. We do not use can sauce. It is disgustare! And the way the restaurant look is brutto (ugly) - I do not agree with everyone else. It is too cramped with fake art. I would not recommend this food to my cane. Pros: non niente Cons: tutto more

Great all arround resturant 3/13/2008

As a resident of Naples Italy for three years while extensively traveling throughout, Sorrentino's brings together some of the best food that Italy's regions have to offer. I have had casual dinners with friends, romantic evenings with my wife and business engagements with collogues and have only great things to say about it. The service is like being in Italy, family casual though passionate that you are receiving what you want. Try parking on Boston or some of the side streets, Queen Anne parking can always be an adventure! Pros: Great all around restaurant Cons: Hmmm, not much but parking a few side streets away when its raining can be a pain more

Warm surroundings, you can hear yourself think and the food is authentic. 3/7/2008

Although it appears the restaurant is experiencing some growing pains, I believe the overall experience deserves a high recommendation. Beginning with a nice wine selection and a wine expert on staff, our visit got off to a delightful start. It began with an order of a wonderful Sangiovese that was appropriate for the Lasagna to follow; while my business partner enjoyed a Chianti Classico along with crab stuffed Ravioli The service was friendly and non-intrusive. The wait staff knew when to approach the table and the right time to break into the conversation. Unlike most of the restaurants on Queen Anne and Belltown you could actually hear yourself think and have a conversation that did not include shouting. Pros: Ambience, wine knowledge, cozy and quiet. Cons: Parking. more

Worst Valentine's Day Ever 3/3/2008

I made reservations for my girlfriend and I to enjoy a Valentine's dinner at this restaurant. However, despite my making the reservation a week before hand and then calling to confirm a day before-hand, we were still forced to wait 30 minutes to be seated!! Apparently someone had double-booked by accident. When we were finally seated, I hinted to the manager that some sort of compensation would be appreciated but he pretty much ignored my request and acted like he was doing us a favor by allowing us to eat in his restaurant. Then to add insult to injury, the food was mediocre and they didn't have my girlfriend's favorite brand of wine. By the end of the meal, I was furious!! I had planned to propose to my girlfriend during dinner but decided to hold off because I wanted it to be a night to remember, not a nightmare!! And just to prove how unappetizing the food was, my rottweiler Rex turned up his nose when I tried to put it in his bowl later that night and he'll eat anything! Do yourself a favor and go to Olive Garden or Maggiano's next time. Heck, even the Italian sub at Subway would have been a better option!! Pros: Nice atmosphere Cons: Horrible parking, bad service, mediocre food more

Bad Service 2/27/2008

My bf and I thought this cute little restaurant would be a great place to try. Boy were we ever wrong! It took them 20 minutes to seat us and another 20 to serve us -- my bf was fuming by the time they brought us the food. The place wasn't really that busy either! The manager didn't even apologize. Oh, and the food was nothing to get excited about. Pros: Location Cons: Everything else... more

Best pizza? Yeah right. 2/27/2008

Food there was Gross with a capital G! If you like eating cold, soggy and tasteless pizza, this restaurant is for you. Otherwise, stick with pizza hut. I wish this place would just keep it real and stop claiming to be an authentic Italian restaurant. Just GROSS. Pros: Nothing. Cons: Just plain gross. more

Skip dessert or the meal all together. 2/19/2008

I've been to Italy and tasted great Italian and Americanized Italian while there. I've also been a concierge for about a year now. Taking my job seriously, I've made a point to experience and recommend the best. My ratings are based on flavor first, service second (because if the food is outstanding, a foodie will crawl through a bad host's fire-breathing to quench the salivation/salvation of just one more bite), and atmosphere(we all want an age/family appropriate setting) third. Price is irrelevant where the other three are concerned. This restaurant's version of home sytle Italian are better described as the ending of the Sopranos: I saw good looking food (on my plate) but never had the pleasure of tasting it and the overall episode leaves me wanting more. There was even the hint of violence in the air. . . I'll get to that later. Pros: See review. . . pretty empty. Cons: See review. . . empty for a reason apparently. more

One's upscale diner, is another's slophouse 2/19/2008

Caution: do NOT subject yourselves to the REPUGNANT service, food, and bathroom conditions of Sorrentino Trattoria in upper Queen Anne. Against my better judgment, I elected to dine at Sorrentino for the first time this past Saturday. I expected authentic Italian dishes in a quaint and classy environment. Instead, I got ""slop and go service"" and a bad aftertaste. Pros: Chic neighborhood Cons: Food, service, restrooms, prices more

Bad customer service 2/18/2008

This restaurant has HORRIBLE customer service. I wanted to have a birthday party at the restaurant for a large party and was told that the restaurant was more than willing to accomodate me and that we could have a ""family style"" menu with selections that I would pick out for as low as $20/person. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was surprised to see that the family style menu had already been picked out for me and was now $35/person. A man (I believe he was the manager) was rude and bossy when I tried to explain to him that his $35 fixed menu was not what had been discussed when I called the restaurant a few days before. We finally agreed on $25/person. Due to circumstances beyond my control, several members of my party either failed to show up or showed up late. So the few of us that were on time decided to order off the regular menu since there was no need for family style anymore. The food was disgusting (I ordered the crab ravioli) and also their pizza oven was out of service so we couldn't even order pizza! Additionally, one of my friends brought cupcakes to celebrate my birthday and the restaurant charged us $20 for bringing our own cake instead of buying cake from them!! Yet they mentioned nothing when my friend walked in with the cake. When my friend went to complain to the manager in a professional manner, he blew her off and said that was his way of making up some of the money he had lost by us not ordering the family style dinner. Then he proceeded to scream at me, in front of the entire restaurant, about how he had lost money since only half of my reservation group showed up. He was rude and unprofessional. He even followed us outside and continued to scream as we exited the restaurant. My friend threatened to call the police if he didn't stop harrassing us. Please do not go to this restaurant. They are rude, do not stand by their word in terms of price, have disgusting food, and the women's bathroom was dirty as well. Cons: Customer service, food, bathroom cleanliness more

Great neighborhood trattoria 2/16/2008

I, too, wonder what planet those bad reviewers were from. We had dinner last night (February 15, 2008) at Sorrentino. We were warmly greeted, shown to our table, and our smiling waitress was there immediately. We felt like family. The atmosphere was warm and pleasant. As usual, the service was excellent and the food delicious. Our salad was crisp with just the right amount of dressing. Our pasta was al dente and the sauce was delectable. Sorrentino has always been our place to dine for special occasions, and we highly recommend it. Pros: Excellent food and service more

Absolutely Delicious, Creative Sicilian Menu, Friendliest of Service! 2/9/2008

Are the negative reviewers mistaking this place for somewhere else? I am absolutely shocked with some of the comments! My grandmother was Sicilian and I haven?t had authentic Sicilian cooking as good in twenty years while she was living in Brooklyn. The food is without a doubt extraordinary. The squab is prepared in a wood fired oven, the roulade wrapped in prosciutto is exquisite, the pasta is prepared ?al dente?; every meal I?ve shared with these folks has exceeded expectations. As for the staff, the owners of this have gone to great depths to love Queen Anne, see them at the Thursday Queen Anne farmers market. Beyond friendly. Pros: Sicilian Dishes, where can you get them? Especially in Seattle! more

Delightful Neighborhood Restaurant 1/29/2008

My partner and I have been visiting this delightful neighborhood restaurant since moving to Queen Anne last summer. The food is great, the service is wonderful, the ambiance is elegantly laid-back. Our first time there, the owner welcomed us at the door, his wife stopped by our table to make sure everything was to our liking, and the owner bid us a goodnight on our way out. We really appreciated the personal touch. It made us feel like family. We're looking forward to dining at Sorrentino's on our anniversary, which happens to be Valentine's Day! Pros: The owners make you feel like family more
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  • Upscale Italian restaurant on Queen Anne offers plate-sized pizzas and other traditional Italian dishes in an atmosphere made for romance.

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