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Soho Pediatrics Group - 10 Reviews - 552 Broadway Ste 5N, New York, NY - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (212) 334-3366

Soho Pediatrics Group

552 Broadway Ste 5N
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-3366
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I love this practice group. I first met Dr. Keith in the hospital in March 2010 after the birth of my first child (I now have 2 children). She is amazing. She is brilliant and ...


I am so relieved to read that other folks have had similar experiences with Dr. Saken, because I was beginning to believe he simply hated me and/or my young child. He is rough, gr...

Wonderful, caring doctors 1/10/2012

I love this practice group. I first met Dr. Keith in the hospital in March 2010 after the birth of my first child (I now have 2 children). She is amazing. She is brilliant and caring, and was willing to patiently listen and respond to all of my new-mom questions and concerns. Due to timing, she met us at the office on a Saturday for our first well-baby visit (they do not normally have Saturday hours). I have since met all of the doctors in the group, though most frequently I see Dr. Keith and Dr. Wang. The most important factor for me is that all of the doctors in this group are -- without question -- excellent doctors. In addition, all of them have been patient and caring in their dealings with me and my children. I am given a hand-out at every well baby appointment with age appropriate information, they ask a lot of questions about my children's development and behavior, and the doctors encourage me to ask questions. I am never rushed, and I feel that the doctors and the staff have come to know, and care about, both of my children. When I call because my children are sick, the doctors are quick to respond, they listen well and discuss my concerns and provide me with sound advice. Because of my confidence in the level of care that is provided, I continued coming into the city to this practice group after moving to New Jersey. I strongly recommend all of the doctors in this practice. more

Giving up on this practice 10/17/2011

I am so relieved to read that other folks have had similar experiences with Dr. Saken, because I was beginning to believe he simply hated me and/or my young child. He is rough, gruff, condescending, and impatient. Instead of putting my child at ease, he scared her even more. He may be an excellent doctor but to be a pediatrician you have to have some sort of bedside manner and, hopefully, simply like children. Awful. I have also had odd experiences w/ Dr. Wang, so I think it's time to switch practices. more


I've read the other reviews, causing me to chime in... I've been going here for 2 years. Papageorge is our doctor, but we've seen all of them, and we've spoken to all of them after hours. Thus, I feel qualified to comment on this practice group.\r \r The group has good hours. Of course I wish they had weekend hours, but hey, they have a good call-back, which I only use in lieu of going to the emergency room (on weekends or night). If I have a question during their work hours, I will call, give a brief description of my questions, and they have ALWAYS called back. They don't patronize, and they are PATIENT and do not rush me off the phone. That's really terrific of them, in my opinion.\r \r Dr. Papageorge is great. She gives off a crunchy granola, but VERY REALISTIC vibe. She is quite patient with my gazillion (and a half) of questions. She's got a great disposition and approach to things. I don't think the same way (I am far too controlling) but I think that's why we (she & I) get along.\r \r Dr. Saken is very intelligent and competent. Yes, I experienced ""attitude"" once in person. (I asked about my toddler biting, and his response was snippy in tone as he retored ""Biting is NEVER ACCEPTABLE."" I felt in a way he was commenting on my parenting.) And a couple times afterwards, after hrs, on the phone, I felt he was professional but curt. You know what? I don't care. He's good. He knows his pediatr medicine. Is he mean? No. Is he mean to the child? Not in the least. He is NOT warm and fuzzy, but did you want a nice cuddly doctor who gives a mediocre diagnosis? In all fairness, he has ""mellowed"" a bit and is now kinda nice. Maybe he just had a couple bad days? I don't know. Truth be told, I don't really care.\r \r Dr. Keith is the matriarch, the ""Miss Ellie"" (think, Dallas) of the bunch. She is like your aunt. Kind and compassionate to the children, and sharp as a whip. She's seen it all. I feel like I am in good hands whenever I see her. If I'm freaked out, she is very calming (even on the phone).\r \r Finally, Dr. Wang has been great. I have had her maybe 3 times in person and 1x on the phone. These complaints about her are bizarre to me. Were the parents snippy & arrogant to HER? People have a bad day too. I have always been brief and to the point with the doctor. Maybe the parent was giving extraneous info? I usually give barebones info, and the doc will ask me pertinent follow-up questions. Perhaps she was curt because the parents was giving irrelevant info over and over again. Again, I don't know.\r \r The physician's assistants (is that what they are called?) are young, very sweet, and very good. They calm down my little one, so I am happy with them.\r \r Lastly, all these comments about receptionist?!? Okay, it's not the most glam job. These people are usually pretty good. Maybe I've broken them down with my kindness (quirkiness?), but I've had a good experience with them. They are conveying the message. They are NOT the doctor. I don't know why people are ragging on the receptionist staff.\r \r That all said, you make your own decision, and best of luck. Yes, it's in SoHo. What is this nonsense about glam and celebrity treatment?!? It's a business. It's clean. It's in SoHo. It has a play area for your children. I mean, really?!?? No one is coming here to say ""Yeah, my pediatrician is in SoHo."" (I am not one of them anyway.) If you come here with an open mind towards various personality types, I think you'll find it to be great place! more

Hit or Miss 5/23/2011

I bring my son into Soho Pediatrics and have found them quite unpredictable but generally competent. They have a doctor (I can't remember his name) who can vary from kind to condescending. We had an incident with him when he asked if we were giving our child 'tummy time' and when we answered that our child hated tummy time he replied curtly: ""That's not what I asked!"" That in and of itself is not a major problem but it's an example of what can be expected. Dr. Wang is particularly rude if she's bothered on the weekend. It's funny, because I think she's great during normal business hours. But we've called Soho Pediatrics a few times in my child's 17 months because of one issue or another, and each time it's been Dr. Wang who called us back - and she's been curt and rude every time. And for some reason we're always taken aback by her rudeness... I think we'll take our next baby to somewhere a bit closer to our house. If the care had been a bit more personal there's no way we would have left. It's just...when you've had your first child you tend to think everything is a bit scarier than it really is...and a pediatrician should train him/herself to respect that. more

LOVE Soho Pediatrics 1/13/2011

I changed from Park Ave Pediatrics to Soho Pediatrics when I was pregnant with my youngest dd (now 7yrs). I'd had a horrible experience at PA pediatrics. I loved Soho Pediatrics from my first interaction with them. Later, when my then newborn became very sick within 48hrs of my bringing her home. Dr Saken basically saved her life, correctly diagnosing her condition and getting her seen immediately by the appropriate specialist. He and Dr Keith are wonderful, professional and very experienced pediatricians. I find both very warm and approachable. And unlike PA Pediatrics, they listen to my feelings as a parent and are open and responsive. Frankly, I do not understand the comments about Dr Saken being ""cold"" etc. My daughters both adore him and so do we. We have since left the West Vilage but have continued to take our daughters there as we know they are getting excellent care. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Papageorge - a relatively new addition to the group and another wonderful pediatrician. I'd be delighted for my children to see any of those doctors but our favorite remains Rob Saken. more

Changed practice 7/15/2010

I used to take my daughter (she started going there at 2) and had Dr. Wong as primary care physician. Yes, she is young and nice but is incompetent as Dr. She failed to diagnose ear infection and in our 2nd visit, she was busy and got Dr. Papageorge who diagnosed her correctly and gave us the prescription. Do not expect to have many prescriptions written by Dr. Wang, she never did in more than a year. If you have to go there, ask for Dr. Papageorge, she is professional and seemed to be well experienced. As for Dr. Keith, she was our first Dr. but my daughter was scared of her and she questioned us for coming to SOHO pediatrics although we don't live in the area. We work just few blocks from them and it was a convenient location for us but she did not seem to agree. Maybe she just want to see hip/ rich parents who can afford to live in the neighborhood. Dr. Saken, he is not friendly to smaller children at all, we saw him once for emergency visit but never again, we wanted to book his appointment. It could be just us but this is really what we felt so we decided to choose another provider after a year. Pros: location Cons: incompetent, rude more

Never had a bad experience 10/20/2009

We would never sign up for health insurance that didn't allow us to take our kids to SoHo Pediatrics! Our 12 &10 year olds haven't had a single off-note. Our boy's gone to Marie Keith and our girl to Robert Saken their whole lives, and Dr. Wang has come through for us with ""spot on"" counsel several stressful times. More than once, we've had to call on them from remote places and been helped by their responses. From the first scare with our 2 day old, to careful advice to a 12-year old, we've seen why were were lucky to learn about SoHo Pediatrics at the start. And I have found the receptionists helpful in lots of ways. Of course the experience of the other family with a lead test sounds distressing. The ""elevated"" lead test with one of our children happily led to a lower retest result, which must have been at Saken's suggestion. In that and in other ways, our experience has been very, very different. Pros: Responsive, knowledgeable, good relationship with kids Cons: So popular, check-ups for busy kids hard to schedule more

Dr. Keith makes it worth the hassle 6/8/2009

Dr. Keith is amazing-- smart, warm, respectful of kids and parents. We love her. The receptionist is awful-- nasty, dismissive, not helpful, but that's what you have to put up with to have your child taken care of by Dr. Keith. Dr. Wang seems OK, but Dr. Saken is cold and condescending and makes parents and kids alike feel worse just from his presence. Overall, Dr. Keith is worth the trouble, but if she retires, the whole practice will disappear. Pros: Dr. Keith Cons: The receptionist more

Great pediatrics practice 10/20/2008

Soho Pediatrics is a great, solid practice. I especially like Dr Saken. He has seen both my kids since they were infants. When I interviewed pediatricians before having my first child, this was the only practice that gave one-on-one interviews, which I think really represents how they are once your children are patients. I've had nothing but great experiences with the practice in the last 4 years. The waiting room is sometimes a little crowded and you do sometimes have to wait 15 minutes to be seen, but I consider this a positive in that it reflects the doctors' willingness to squeeze you in when your children have emergencies. Dr Keith is also wonderful and has come in to the office on a holiday to see my kids when they were ill. Pros: Quality of care, Flexibility more

Terrible: Unethical, incompetent, rude -- don't take your kid here like we did 4/29/2008

My family visited Soho Pediatrics twice in 2006 and 2007 when our regular pediatrician was out of town. Dr. Wang and Dr. Saken at SoHo Pediatrics turned out to be the single worst doctors that I have encountered in 40 years, and I hope you won't take your child to them.\r \r Per routine on our first visit, a sample was taken to determine if my infant child had been exposed to lead, and to my horror a week later, Soho Pediatrics called to tell me that he had been. Specifically, Dr. Wang informed me that our son's lead level was at a level that dozens of extremely rigorous studies at top medical institutions have shown to be associated with significant cognitive impairment. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that when children obtain a lead result like ours that their physician immediately retest to verify the results. However, Dr. Wang did not tell me this when she called with my child's lab results, and when I called her back a to request the retest, Dr. Wang stubbornly refused to provide it! \r \r Finally, I insisted that the re-test be performed, and on the day of the re-test, Dr. Wang's partner Dr. Saken who met with us (1) refused to peform the regular check-up that I had requested be peformed that day--telling me instead that I should come back the next week; (2) refused to complete my son's yellow vaccine record indicating that he gave our child a vaccine that day--he told me to do so myself, but I don't even know exactly which vaccine was given; and (3) refused to let me hold my child while he peformed the venous draw.\r \r Drs. Wang and Saken doctor care far more about building their client base, maximizing ""capitations"" by making families come in for multiple appointments, currying favor with insurance companies, and making money for themselves than they care about your child or mine. There are many better pediatricians out there. Please find one. Cons: Incompetent; don't follow pediatric ""standards of care""; arrogant and rude more
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