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Snooze An AM Eatery

2262 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 297-0700
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We tried snooze for the first time during their grand opening. Despite the long line and impatient customers, the staff was very friendly and seemed to have things under control. ...


We have been to Snooze many times and because we really like the breakfasts we keep returning BUT there are some snotty gals working there. This place is so busy they can't seem ...

Unsatisfying service 10/16/2011

Unfortunately, can't even comment about the food. Went this morning with my two girls, heard great things about the food and the atmosphere. Was fine with the hour wait we were told to expect with all I've heard. About 35 minutes into our wait, this party of about 10 pulls up in a cab, after one of their party made several trips inside the restaurant this party was ushered in the back door to their table. I approached the desk and asked how much longer our wait was and was told then that it would be about 30-35 minutes. Mentioned the large party that had been seated and was told by a rather unfriendly gentleman they were from one of the higher class hotels in Denver and had been on the books for a while. I asked if they took phone reservations and was told no, so how could this party have been on the books if they just showed up??? Not planning to try this place again. I also would give them 0 starts if it was available. more

I'm too busy to refill your coffee 8/11/2011

We have been to Snooze many times and because we really like the breakfasts we keep returning BUT there are some snotty gals working there. This place is so busy they can't seem to get an order right and don't even think about asking, begging for a refill of coffee! I actually got up and got my own one day! The red velvet pancakes are really amazing though. The sweet potato pancakes are yum too with that bourbon maple glaze and ginger butter! The pineapple upside down pancakes with cinnamon butter are to die for BUT when the service stinks, what do you do? You put up with it and mention it in reviews like this (hence the 2 stars). The sticky bun french toast is good but it is so sweet it made me sick one time. Get the half order. My husband likes the breakfast pot pie and anything Mexican. Be sure to give the homeless people a handout outside while you wait for your overpriced breakfast. more

Very disappointing 8/7/2011

I just don't get what the hype is all about. Yes, the ambiance is cool and hip, but that's about all this eatery has going for it. I've heard so much about Snooze, so I was looking forward to going. We waited 1 1/2 hours in a tight, cramped corner for a meal that was acceptable at best. The service was okay and our waitress was cordial but our food took a along time to arrive and when it did, it was cold. The worst part was that the party that came in immediately behind us, and obviously knew the staff, was seated and already done eating before we were taken to our table. Okay, push your friends a bit up the wait list when it's SLOW but when the wait is 1 1/2 hours? And then seat them WAY before everyone else? Unacceptable. Everyone in my party agreed -- we will never go back. I would prefer to give ZERO stars but I'm forced to give it a 1 star rating in order to publish my review. more

WOW is this place over rated! 7/24/2011

We had Sunday brunch at the Southglenn location and expected the standard long wait. This was my first visit to Snooze and because of all the hype I was expected something special...WRONG! We had a 45 minute wait and my breakfast was OK nothing to write home about. The service was good and cordial but not exceptional. The most annoying part was the loud music. I thought I was in a club and the dancing was about to begin. Give me a break! It's Sunday morning. It's brunch. I'm thinking soft, calm, and relaxing. It's not Saturday night! So if you are having breakfast with friends and/or family here and want to have a conversation among yourselves be prepared to raise your voice. I brought this to the attention of a person who I thought to be a manager. He didn't get it. I think we have a situation where an early success breeds an arrogance that believes that they can't make a mistake and be damned those who believe otherwise. Good luck guys. I'm not coming back! more

Insultingly Overpriced - Mediocre Service/Quality 1/30/2011

This review is for the Southglen location which is not listed in Citysearch: I wish this review would make a difference enough for it to be addressed by management but Snooze has people climbing over each other for a chance to eat at this overpriced restaurant with mediocre food and service, so this review as well as the other negative ones for their Larimer location will go unaddressed. The presentation of Snooze is excellent and it is one of those places that you feel more sophisticated just for being there; but peel back the layers and you have an overpriced IHOP with a high brow menu. To start off, approximately 8-10 oz of orange juice will cost you $3. They serve it in a tall, skinny hour-glass shaped glass to disguise the fact that you a getting a small juice at the price of a half gallon in a supermarket. I should have just asked for the check when I saw that; but their menu was so unique that I continued. The pancakes were certainly inventive but $8.50 for 3 - 6"" pancakes (one of them was more like 5"") in the pancake flight (sample of 3 different pancakes) is well over-priced. The pancakes should be larger (at least 8"") to justify the expense even with the unique offerings. The flavors were good but I have had far better pancakes at a German pancake specialty restaurant that were a little cheaper but significantly larger. On my meal I had to send back my eggs for a simple request of breaking the yokes before cooking, and would have had to send them back again if I hadn't rejected the meal all together. I rejected it because in the process of attempting to fix the eggs they broke something else in the dish and I was too frustrated to continue. To their credit they removed the dish from the check; but no manager stopped by to ask what the problem was. In the end our check came to $27 for 4 small pancakes, a breakfast burrito, an orange juice and an iced tea (I had water). This was 2 times what the same meal would have cost at Le Peep. Snooze provided an inventive pancake offering, but Le Peep would have provided better service and quality. more

Great food - Managment needs to address long waits 1/18/2011

Great food and great coffee, but not worth waiting 2 hours. I would be a weekly patron, but no longer go to snooze because of the lines. Lets get reservations going on the busy days and keep things civilized. more

Pretentious servers 4/6/2010

We called and they told us it would be 30 min wait. We got there- 10 minutes later and all of a sudden it was an hour wait. Fine, we wait and when we get to our table, our waitress complains that it is busy and pretty much complains that we are there. Then she says we should go somewhere else. We did and left out food on the stoves there. We would never eat here again unless we could do take out. The manager was totally unhelpful. Pros: Food is good Cons: Server was rude and wait was long more

Snooze - Doesn't pay bills 10/12/2009

The owner Jon went out of country for a bit, while Adam took care of the biz. A friend of mine did a really great cabling job and was commended for it by Adam. When Jon got back in town, and the invoice for the cabling job came in, he claimed that the job was included in the POS service. He refused to pay, even when it was made blatently clear before starting the work that they would be billed. Adam had no problems with this even, while given a great price and quality of work. Pros: high priced food....not worth it for a 10 dollar pancake. Cons: managers who don't communicate properly when leaving town. more

Great food, environmentally concious owners, friendly staff 9/1/2009

We tried snooze for the first time during their grand opening. Despite the long line and impatient customers, the staff was very friendly and seemed to have things under control. It was great to see that all their pancakes could be prepared gluten-free. The food was delicious, and it was very clear that they made everything from scratch. We have been back several times since, and have had the same great experience every visit. Definitely worth the wait! Pros: gluten-free options, delicious food, accomodating staff Cons: long waits more

Cute but way overpriced for what you get 8/14/2009

decided to try the new location off of colorado blvd. I was impressed by the decor and the friendly staff, but not impressed by the menu selection very limited, and the price once i saw what you got. Maybe I am a different case because I am pregnant and need a big breakfast but i will not return cause the food just didnt justify the price for me and I have had much better elsewhere, but I am sure they will do fine there is always a line Pros: nice atmosphere Cons: the wait for food and small portions more

Arguementative, condescending, snooty service 7/20/2009

We were completely ignored one day after our server had forgotten to put in our order. When we mentioned it to a manager they handled it in the worst possible way. After my party calmly mentioned the exorbitant amount of time we had waited and the fact the we were tempted to simply pay for our drinks and leave, she was accused of ""making a scene"". The general manager denied that we waited as long as we had. He could not expain why tables seated 15 mins after we had placed our order were already eating, finishing up even. He then told us he would not discount our bill but offered a gift certificate to go back. We were not looking for any type of discount or charity! We wanted to make someone aware of the sub par service through out our visit. He proceeded to argue about the hypotheticals of why it could have taken as long as it did before confessing to us, ""You really want to know what happened?"" Of course we did. ""We have a new grill guy on pancakes and he lost your ticket."" Why couldn't our server had told us that? Why did he avoid all eye contact with our table for a good half an hour? That tiny bit of information would have made everything okay. Why did the manager minimize it and make us feel as though we were trying to get something for free out of it? Of that I'm not sure, but given the way the situation was handled, I know I will never return there, not for all the free gift certificates in the world. Pros: decent pancakes Cons: Having to deal with snotty poor service more

an indication of Denver's culinary scene 7/6/2009

While Denver has obvious positive attributes, a progressive culinary scene is certainly not one of them. It seems to be lacking in anything that isn't Mexican, Italian, or American (with a few exceptions, of course). Snooze proves this quite well. Its menu is slightly adventurous, making it a rare commodity in the city. Large crowds gather for an extremely long wait followed by food that is good but not great. I don't mean to imply that it is poor quality, but the food doesn't match up to the outer appearances. It is also a 'see and be seen' place, so don't go if you don't enjoy being constantly checked out. more

Best Breakfast in Denver!!! 2/15/2009

Snooze is my favorite find in Denver when it comes to breakfast. The ambiance is great; it's small, but it adds to the energy of people excited to be in the same place eating great food. The waitstaff is always friendly and accomodating. The owner has a great memory for people that have been there before and can usually be found greeting people at the door. But as impressive as all of that is, it is the food that makes this the one place in Denver that I am sure to take all out-of-town visitors. It's always a dilemma to go the ""savory"" or ""sweet"" route when I'm there for breakfast, and ""sweet"" usually wins out. Their collection of amazing pancakes is always changing yet always scrumptious. Their breakfast burrito and huevos racheros are tasty and can be made just about any way you want. The coffee, juice and alcoholic drinks just top off everything nicely. I HIGHLY recommend Snooze to anyone looking for a great (and filling) breakfast. There can often be a long wait, but they have free coffee, you can walk around the neighborhood, or bring a board game (in the warmer months) to play out on the sidewalk as you wait for your table. GO TO SNOOZE!! Pros: Food, Service, Ambience, Food! Cons: Long wait at times more

The pancakes are SO worth the wait! 11/23/2008

I've been hearing about Snooze for the past two years and so this morning checked it out with some friends. We arrived about 9.45 am and had to wait over an hour to be seated (we were told 50 minutes); we also were skipped on the list a few times which was frustrating. On our 4th trip back to the hostess stand to ask when we would be seated, we also expressed our frustration to the Owner who managed to seat us next. Once seated our whole experience changed - the server was really friendly and personable; the pineapple pancake we ordered as an appetizer was delicious (and comped for our frustrations); and overall, just a really fun atmosphere. If you love pancakes, i would definitely suggest Snooze as something different from the typical pancake house. Definitely give this place a go! Pros: Creative and delicious pancakes, plenty of street parking Cons: Long wait, small more


The place is always packed and I still can't figure out why. The long wait for average food, served by the most unqualified wait staff in town is absurd! After waiting an hour or more for a (small) table, you can count on waiting again for a waiter or waitress to acknowledge you and/or take a drink order! Once they finally notice you are there, its a toss whether the wait person can maintain a consistent pace of keeping up with empty coffee cups, delivering the food and check when you have finally finished. Don't be surprised if your empty plate is left in front of you until the time that the check is (finally) delivered! I live near Snooze and have tried it time and time again since it opened a little over 2 years ago. The service and the food have yet to improve from the day they opened their doors! Do yourself a favor - go to Pete's, at least you will know what to expect and you won't have to wait as long for a decent meal. Pros: atmosphere Cons: service more

Terrible waitstaff and average food 7/24/2008

If you're lookin for a decently designed place but don't mind inconsiderate waiters and waitresses that think they're gracing your presence by helping your need for service then check this place out... Pros: layout of place Cons: waitstaff, service, food more

Very small, food very ordinary... 5/28/2008

My husband, son, and I live in Albuquerque, NM. We decided to drive up to Denver for a weekend to relax and get away. I got online to find some interesting restaurants and I found Snooze. Nothing prepared me for the experience ahead. We went to Snooze on a Sunday morning (BIG MISTAKE!), around 10ish. The line was out of the door!! My husband went inside to get our names on the list and to find out how long the wait was. The wait was 45 minutes to 1 hour!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! So, instead of driving around trying to find another place to eat, we stayed for the wait. There was no place to sit outside, luckily it was a beautiful day. I guess the people at Snooze know the wait is ridiculous, so they had free coffee for people who were waiting. Also, drinks were being served at the bar. There was one bench inside the restaurant, and we were finally able to sit down. Me, being 8 months pregnant, and my 3 year old son!! When we FINALLY got seated, the waitress was very friendly, nice and helpful. We ordered our food which took longer than I thought it should take considering we had already waited an hour. The restaurant is very small inside, and you can barely hear yourself talk over the other customers. My husband ordered the Sweet Potato Pancakes and chicken sausage. I ordered the Almond Vanilla French Toast and chicken sausage. We shared with my 3 year old. The Sweet Potato Pancakes were very good, but I have to say the French toast was lacking. The chicken sausage really had no flavor at all. For such a long wait, I was expecting the food to be superb, not just ordinary. So, for out of towners, I would choose a less popular breakfast place when visiting Denver. One that is a little more quiet and kid friendly. Pros: Very friendly wait staff, good pancakes, free coffee while waiting Cons: Wait entirely too long, restaurant too small, too loud more

Hands down, my favorite place to eat. 5/17/2008

Snooze is the best thing about my neighborhood. Everything they serve there is incredibly delicious. Every staff member is very sweet. Thank you for making me breakfast 12097840 times. Especially Pulled Piglet's Benedict. Pros: The best everything! Cons: It can be a long wait, but it's worth it. more


I just visited Denver for the first time and this was the first place recommended to us by our hotel (the Grand Hyatt) when I asked where we could get a great breakfast. While I'm usually skeptical about hotel recommendations (in fear that the hotel is receiving a kick-back) this one was right on the money. Pros: Great food, wonderful service more

AWESOME is the only word to describe it 3/8/2008

I frequent this breakfast joint and was really suprised when I saw that someone had rated it a one. And also that they did not fill up on the chocolate french toast. It probably means that you are overeating. Plus it's so rich, I can never finish it. The pancakes are pieces of artwork. My favorite is the upsidedown pineapple pancakes. more
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    Not just another greasy spoon, this morning diner offers a cosmopolitan twist on the old-school breakfast and lunch scene. Light streams into the window-filled dining room,...

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