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Smoking Glass - 24 Reviews - 1408 Se Cesar E Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR - Home Décor Reviews - Phone (503) 236-6022

Smoking Glass

1408 Se Cesar E Chavez Blvd (at Hawthorne)
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236-6022
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Great selection, great prices and a very mellow friendly atmosphere. The staff is more than happy to assist you with anything you need. Right next to Hawthorne Fred Meyer as well!...


This place is definitely worth checking out if you want to drop some cash on a new centerpiece. They don't have as much as the surrounding stores but they carry some incredible t...

Great service and extremely friendly staff 6/5/2010

Great selection, great prices and a very mellow friendly atmosphere. The staff is more than happy to assist you with anything you need. Right next to Hawthorne Fred Meyer as well! Pros: Very high quality glass more

Best service and prices 1/30/2010

We shopped around the area for a nice vaporizer and finally settled on the smoking glass for our purchase. They had the best service of all the shops in the area by far. They did not have the largest selection but only carried products they knew were of great quality from their own and customers experiences. The staff was very friendly and gave a really great deal. I am soo happy with my purchase! Also, we had some great conversation and movie recommendations which we will be watching soon. Thanks so much! Pros: service, prices, knowledgeable and friendly staff more

Great selection, great staff! 12/15/2009

What a great place to shop! I am new to the ""smokin"" world, having just aquired my med. card and really didnt know hat I needed. I visited this shop, upon the reccomendation of my son, with the intention of buying a small glass pocket pipe. After chatting with the two brown haired young ladies, I found that with my medical needs I would be better off purchasing an item called a ""vaporizer"". Those girls were right, what a dream! My lung problems would have never survived a small pipe and had the staff not been so attentive and knowledgable I would have went homw with the wrong 'equipment"". Thanks to the two young brown haired girls at smokin glass! I wish I could have caught your names but you were wonderful and are an asset to this shop/company. Kudos to the two young lovely brown haired girls, you truely know your product and the needs of your clientelle. Pros: staff was very eager to help me find what I need. Cons: The shop decor' was like a stoner boys bedroom, yuck more

Nice Glass and Fun Experience 12/14/2009

I was playing a show at the Hathorne theater and decided to run in to smokin glass. We ended up buying a couple things because they hooked us up with such good deals. I bought a huge steam roller called the intimidator, and they let me keep the sign they made to go with it. I went back and told the rest of the band what a great experience i had and they all went over to check it out. The girls working were hilarious and kept us laughing the whole time. I go to many glass shops while on tour, but this one was the most enjoyable. more

Best true glass art in Portland 1/2/2009

This is one of the best glass shops in Portland, unlike others they emphasize the art of glass. If you want cheap glass go to any old glass shop you can find, if you want a piece that's real art and that will make all your friends ask ""where did you get this?"" go here. I know several glass blowers in the area and they sell their cheap stuff all over the place. True masterpieces that a blower spends days or weeks creating will be found here. If you're going to buy glass, buy real glass. Pros: Best glass around. Cons: Prices could be a little lower. more

Smaller selection, finer pieces 12/30/2008

This place is definitely worth checking out if you want to drop some cash on a new centerpiece. They don't have as much as the surrounding stores but they carry some incredible top-shelf pieces. The only thing I don't like is they tax on an extra 5 or ten bucks compared to third eye or nomads and then proceed to tell you that ""they'll cut you a deal on that piece"" or ""oh, that ones on sale today,"" (which makes it the same price as surrounding stores). I couldn't even really enjoy myself in the store the three times I've been there because I've got staff pitching sales every time I looked in a case. STOP PRESSURING ME!!!! Most people do the Hawthorne ""tour of headshops"" and know that your ""sale"" price is still the same price as a few blocks up the street. If you want to spend a few hundred on a piece this is a nice place to check out but iotherwise give the honest businesses up the street a chance. more

Best shop helpers around, hands down!! 10/13/2008

I just moved here to PDX and have explored several ""smoke shops"" However; none of them were an overall better experience than Smoking glass!! They have by far the most amazing glass I have seen in PDX thus far! Glass pipes that look more like something you would see above a mantel, or in an art museum (very nice!) The overall atmosphere inside the store was great, with a very friendly, welcoming energy. The prices were very reasonable and I believe everything in the store is from local artists. I will without a doubt be purchasing all of my smoking necessities from these guys and gals.. I recommend everyone looking for a new piece or just want to see some amazing art and meet some amazing people go to Smoking Glass!! Pros: SERVICE- VERY NICE PEOPLE and more than happy to pull something out of case. more

Free entertainment and exquisite glass -shop for a pipe and be entertained 9/2/2008

I've never written a review for anything but I coudn't help myself on this one. I was recently visiting from Seattle-I hate to admint Portland has a better smoke shop than anything in my city! Unbelievable! Ok-picture this--I'm shopping around Hawthorn, getting a feel for Portland, when I wander into what I thought was going to be a run-of -the-mill glass retailer. As I entered, the hot redhead at the counter was engaged in a conversation-more like an inprovisational skit-with her employee ( a hot blond MILF). As I perused the gorgeous pieces (true works of art), the cool cats in the store were hilarious, I mean they to say, real people-real to the point of understanding the intricate nature of the many aspects of the humor of life and summing them up with every random sentence. The readhead, down to earth, quirky, real, sold me a piece I loved and took the time to find me what I wanted while giving me what felt like a free ticket to the theater. Ms redhead-hire more employees and go to Holywood or New York. Thanks for making my trip Smoking Glass!!!!! more


Whoever is asking if they card should learn to ask an older friend to shop for you.I am sure they wont risk the business to accompany your needs,The store is great fantastic glass and women with class,I laughed the whole time watching what I later learned Feather with an H interact with customers she is witty and pretty and wise THIS STORE IS BY FAR THE MOST ENTERTAINING place I have ever had the pleasure to shop at,my water pipe was only 30bucks local artist and the staff is awesome.SHOP HERE YOU WILL THANK ME!!!! Pros: Feeling blue this place will turn your fron upside down Cons: not a thing more


I have found a gem in this town it was like a treasure hunt,but in all the stores and buildings this town is watered down with a hole in the wall had the most amazing art made from pyrex I have ever seen,simply breath taking,The redhead is breathtaking herself,she has a ray of light around her that is contagious,She needs to be on television because her personallity is larger than life,and she can have the whole store of shoppers laughing,this is a place to go for entertainment and pipes all rolled up into one big green cigarette.I spent 150 the peice was 209,SHOP HERE!She was so kind that a customer couldnt find what he was looking for so she sent him up the road to two other shops,her competition?Who does that?Someone who knows they have nothing short of the very best,Are you single was it Heidi Holly or Heather? Pros: EVERYTHING IS EYE CANDY,SOME BREATHS,SOME YOU SMOKE FROM Cons: NOTHING,UNLESS THE OWNER ISNT SINGLE more

1 question 7/31/2008

So. I read all these great reviews but no one said whether or not they card at all. So someone wanna help me out? more

unbelievable 7/2/2008

The glass in this store is amazing You would never have a clue that some are pipes,The owner was working when i was there she is so friendly and beautiful,She takes the time to greet every customer and make them feel specail,her employee was great looking as well they both make this place amusing and give it character you dont find in many establishments,if you are buying a ten dollar pipe they treat you just as sweet as if you were buying a 100 dollar one,It makes me want to work there just to hang out with these cool chicks all day.If you havent been there,GO you will know what I am talking about if you have Pros: Red hot!!! more

Beautiful glass at reasonable prices in a fun atmospere! 6/9/2008

Absolutely the place in Portland for beautiful glass and reasonable prices. Not to mention the great staff. It's fun just to go in and look. Definitely check this place out. Pros: Creative, High Quality Glass Cons: None. more

Funniest staff beautiful glass 4/9/2008

Even though they have had to move to a smaller establishment they are so close you can walk accross the Street from where they usd to be,Mabey they save money on rent and are able to afford more glass because they have breathtaking peices and as a local resident I appreciate the fact that they only support local artist.Now days glass is being blown overseas by children making like 10-25cents per pipe,I asked the sales girls about this and she said its true and they refuse even though it could make them more money its not worth supporting what she called child abuse,and taking food out of their glassblowers familys mouth,This is not the additude most retail establishments have,The fact that they could make so much more and choose not to shows how compassionate and what integrity they have super hilarious and friendly girls,I got a water pipe for my friend that was pink for 50bucks,pyrex and about a foot in a half The chick who reminds me of lucille Ball was dying the blonde(Ethel)girls hair pink it was so ammusing,To say in short ,I am entertained while i shop you dont see this in your average store, but it makes shopping more fun,its like you never know what will happen everytime I go there I feel like I am walking on the set of a sitcom no lie try it sometime you wont be disappointed with the glass selection or the entertaining atmosphere Heather is Feather with an H is what Lucy said her name was and ""Ethel"" was Ang I know this from Heather telling her to sit down and shut up while her hair turned pink soo funny!!!!GO TO THIS THEATRICAL BEAUTIFUL STORE ITS AWSOME!!! Pros: Most entertaining shopping you will ever have Cons: I cant think of any more

Quite literally the best smoke shop in Portland!! 1/13/2008

MY friends and I went into this shop one evening and found ourselves in a place were the customer service was great, the shop had a wide variety of pieces, prices were highly reasonable, and selection was unique. When we first were going in, we weren't sure if it was going to be a very nice place, but we got to meet the owner who is very very gregarious and she ended up helping find exactly what we needed. We also spent at least a half-hour chatting with the owner about everything from crafting to business, and it was GREAT! Best experience I've ever had in a smoke shop and we definitely plan on going back for whatever reason, even if it's to chat a little longer. I highly recommend this establishment,! Pros: wide variety of merchandise, VERY friendly staff, reasonable prices more

Smaller place better glass 8/8/2007

I went to the old location and was so depressed thinking they had closed but I looked across the street and saw a sign with thier logo It was alot smaller in size but not in glass These guys have BREATTAKING glass Its like so beautiful some pieces are just to nice to smoke out of,The girls working were HOT and super Chill,they were both named Heather I got a tube with free glass on glass upgrade and a sherlock by BLINGO?for 200 bucks with a free pouch the girl told me thank you for smoking at shopping glass I thought it was an accident but now I think she is just hilarious I laughed the whole time,they are like a comedic duo,you feel like you are watching the funniest reality show,This dude named two feather came in and was drunk off his ass,but it just added to the fun time i had shopping if your looking for top of the line glass with a great price and some great entertainment to boot GO HERE!!!!! Pros: Great selection hilarious staff breath taking glass Cons: Parking a little sketchy but parked at jiffy lube no problems more

Fantastic glass 7/22/2007

I thought this place was no longer around,but to my pleasant surprise they are right accross the street next to jiffy lube on 39th,It is alot smaller in size but not in glass the glass is simply breathtaking and it is locally blown,I was afraid to see the price of the peice I bought because of the brilliant colors andunbelievable craftmanship it looked like it would cost 500+it was 150.00They have these pipes that look like dragonflys with sparkley wings I didnt even know they were pipes and they are 80.00,They have vaporizors for 140.00 with a grinder that is an incredible price the people who work there are super cool easy going and if they work on commision you wouldnt know it they will basically take any reasonable offer my peice was 229.00 and all I wanted to spend was 150.00 so the girl gave it to me for that and threw in a pouch,I WILL RETURN just to go there is like a trip to the museum!!NICE PEOPLE GREAT GLASS GREAT PRICES Pros: ITS LIKE GOING TO A MUSEUM Cons: didnt know where to park but parked at jiffy lube and all was good more


I purchased my first vaporizor at smokin glass after shopping around for over a week at every store including the net.Everyone charges 180.00 and up for the exact same modle I got at smokin glass for 130.00,that was on sale but the regular price was 150.00,I also bought a little one hitter for 10.00 and a small bubbler for 30.00.The staff is just hillarious and nice The girl working said ""Thank you for smokin at shopping glass""I didnt even realize it till after i left but I laughed so hard wondering if it was a accident ,I am pretty sure it was on purpose pure genius!!!Shop here They are the best all around Thank you guys you ROCK Pros: They let you offer lower prices,kind fun staff Cons: parking is scary because I dont know if its okay to park at jiffy lube,but I did!! more

super nice people awsome glass 2/2/2007

I bought the coolest tube with the most lifelike frog on it for 80.00 I looked at other stores to compare price and no one could compare they have vaporizors for 125.00 thats insane the same one is up the street for 200.00,not to mention they let you offer less than what its marked I would feel uncomfortable doing that in any store,but they make you feel so comfortable that I wasnt my usuall intimidated self, I would never offer a lower price at another store but they are so easy going it was easy no reasonable offer is refused if you looking to buy a new peice go here first dont waste your time elsewhere this is the place that has something for EVERYONE high end glass just doesnt compare to anywhere Pros: Great people wonderful prices selection is great Cons: didnt know if it was okay to park at jiffy lube but I did and was fine more


I just bought my very first piece yesterday at smokinglass,The glass work is amazing I was in the store for over an hour because the selection was overwhelming BEAUTIFUL,Most headstores carry some of the same products but I have never seen one with such high end Art thats the only way to explain it as art.My piece was made by ukiah,it cost 200.00 and was well worth it I thought it would cost me atleaset twice as much my friend bought a tiny intricate piece called a ""mini""by John Dillinger for 40.00 they have the normal production but the original georgeous art cant be beat!!!!The are on 39th right next to jiffy lube on the corner of Hawthorne Pros: something for everyone super nice staff relaxed,not pushy you can haggle on prices Cons: so much to look at you can get stuck for quite a long time more
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