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Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - 103 Reviews - 125 N Maryland Ave, Glendale, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (818) 246-3399
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Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws)

125 N Maryland Ave (at E Broadway)
Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 246-3399
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Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA
Slimmerbody/dr. Kaur's Wellness Solutions (dkws) - Glendale, CA


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Dr. Kaur is a very warm and friendly lady. While she is doing a very good job helping me reach my goal, to love and be proud of my well being, she does everything to make you fee...


just save ur money. i don't see why you have to pay for a consultation either.

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/2/2012

Dr. Kaur is amazing! I recently had my second baby and was very motivated to get back into shape. I booked a series of wraps which I found to be incredibly effective in jump starting my weight loss. In only 3 short months I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, fitting into my clothes and on the right path to getting my body back. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/7/2012

Dr. Kaur has been great throughout my sessions with body wraps. She is friendly and encourages overall health. I had the pleasure to have a total of six body wraps. The wraps have helped me reach a goal of losing inches and cellulite. I see a difference when wearing my clothes and others do too. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/17/2012

Dr. Kaur is a very warm and friendly lady. While she is doing a very good job helping me reach my goal, to love and be proud of my well being, she does everything to make you feel at ease and comfortable. The first time I did my wrap, I felt the difference right away. I went into my jeans easily without any bulge. The second time, the same jeans became so loose. I've been a client years ago but when I thought Dr. Kaur closed, I went somewhere else, I never got the same treatment and results. Thank God, she is here! Jen more

Grateful to Dr. Kaur! 4/19/2012

I am so grateful to Dr. Swaraj Kaur, owner of Slimmer Body clinic in Glendale, CA. She made me totally aware of body detoxification and thru this process all of my health issues have been gone. She did a lot of detailed explanations that were best on my health issues and by the total knowledge thru natural healing process my good health been restored since 2004. Thank you very much Dr. Kaur for the great blessing you had rendered to my whole being! more

Great Body Wraps With Amazing Results 2/3/2012

When my wedding was only a few weeks away, I needed help with fitting into my wedding dress. After some online research, I came across Slimmer Body. I right away called Dr. Kaur to get more information on the body wraps she offers. After Dr. Kaur gave me information about the body wraps, I was in my very first body wrap the next day. After 3 body wraps, I went back to my seamstress and not only did my dress fit but she had to take it in some more...Yeah...Goal Met!!!! That was over six years ago and now I am back to continue with the great benefits of Dr. Kaur's body wraps. more

Very happy seeing Dr. Kaur for 6 years! 1/3/2012

I have been seeing Dr. Kaur for 6 years now. I like what she does and I do see the results after the therapy. I like to see her every month. Very happy with the help I get there at SlimmerBody. Body wraps give me very visible results right after. Thanks more

slim rub 1/2/2012

I love working out yet i wasn't seeing great results i visited Slimmerbody and did a few bodywraps loved them then i was introduced to slim rub by Dr. Kaur and I use it all the the time helps my skin stay tight and I use it in the sauna and it makes me sweat out all the toxins. more

Blossoming! 1/2/2012

Thank you Dr. Kaur for the amazing treatments. I have never seen such amazing results in cleansing and toning in all my years of detoxifying and weight loss programs. I highly recommend the parasite cleanse and I am going on with the next cleanse. Year 2012 will be a beautiful year and Dr. Kaur's healing work will help ensure this. To be continued :) more

My life is back on track! 12/31/2011

For the past year I have been feeling really weak, and bloated. I had chest pain and I was working out hard and not eating much and still was not able to lose weight. After I spoke to Dr. Kaur, she advised me that I was not in great health so she put me on a plan and I started taking supplements, I tried Body wrap. My results were amazing. First, after a week of taking the supplements that she custom designed for me, I got my energy back and the bloating went away. I also dropped 5 lbs right away. I was no longer cold and sleepy and I worked out longer and I completed more chores. Since I have two kids, it was always hard for me to keep up with them but i felt so good that I spend more time playing with them than sleeping. My body became tighter and I felt like a teenager. I also had constipation which went away. Thanks to Dr. Kaur. I finally feel good about myself. I have better health and physical appearance. Arminey more

My energy is back! 11/4/2011

After years and years of heavy constipation (I mean very bad), I decided to look for a natural remedy. I believe God brought me here because nobody told me to come. I was pleasantly surprised to meet Dr. Kaur. I explained my problems and she immediately told me what to do. Today, after one week of treatment, I feel my energy is back. I feel like a teenager again! My body is not swollen and I am continuing with my treatment. I am looking forward to six months from now, because I know it will be rewarding experience! more

Health is first!!!! 10/29/2011

I came to Dr. Kaur for a body wrap. But after my consultation, I decided to try her detox products. The results were amazing. I did the stomach wash which felt soothing to my stomach after so many years of eating fast food. Then I did the parasite cleanse. I lost 15 lbs because I released a lot of toxins. I even got sick and went to a doctor. He said just bear with it. It is good for you. I also tried the body wrapping after losing some weight. I wanted tighter skin and it worked. To maintain it I bought slim rub and a body shaper. I still have more products to try. Having the opportunity to know Dr. Kaur is a blessing because not only does she help you, she is a great person. I've never met someone so devoted to her work! Dr. Kaur's products not only are the best quality, they make you feel good. Its easy, no side effects, noticeable results and economic. jhoana more

LIfe changing experience 10/27/2011

It all started with severe infection and kidney stones which were causing bleeding at urination. I notified my grand daughter Jhoana that I was due for surgery in december. She said I will ask Dr. Kaur, a holistic practitioner. She came to me with some salmonella drops and a kidney cleanse with some capsules. I was in pain. Nothing that the previous doctors had prescribed me work. When I took the drops (salmonella) by the second day my diarrhea had gone. After a week of the kidney cleanse the bleeding stopped. When I went back to the Doctor, they said I did not need surgery that I was clear. I really want to thank Dr. Kaur for everything she helped me get my life back. The remedy had no side effects - the more I took it the better I got. AT my 76 years of age, I had never experienced such magical remedies. Thank you Dr. Kaur for all your amazing help. P. Guerra more

An Amazing Experience 10/22/2011

Dr. Kaur is amazing, her products are even more amazing. She is so helpful and so sincere. She truly loves her work and it is clear. She does everything in her power to help you and your conditions. I have been using eliminate and eliminate plus - it has done wonders. I love her, her services, and her products! more

Wonderful experience! Excellent results! 8/8/2011

I first visited Dr. Kaur when the post pregnancy pounds were not dropping as quickly as I'd have liked. I loved that she has a background as a scientist/biochemist and is very knowledgeable about the body's reactions and balance. I felt immediately comfortable because Dr. Kaur is such a warm person who glows with positive energy! After getting a body wrap I started noticing results a few days later. My clothes fit looser/better and I felt lighter. In a few more days the scale started to reflect these results! Combined with a sensible diet and exercise, I was quickly back to my pre-pregnancy weight. For me I feel I need to do these wraps every 4 months or so to achieve/maintain maximum results. In addition, the newly remodeled space for Slimmer Body is so tranquil and filled with positive energy just like Dr. Kaur! more

Thrilled and loved the experience at SlimmerBody! 6/21/2011

I came to slimmer body before the Oscars since my dress would not zip. I did the wrap and slimmed down two sizes. I couldn't have looked better in that dress at the Oscars. I was thrilled!loved the experience at slimmer body. Diana Madison more

Lost 7 pounds! 4/21/2011

My husband was searching the internet for a detox program and found the website for SlimmerBody. This place has changed my life. I was trying to lose the last 7 pounds of the baby weight after my pregnancy and no amount of exercise or diet seemed to work. I came to SlimmerBody and signed up for 3 wraps. I did the 3 wraps in a 4 week period and miraculously I lost the last 7 pounds I was trying to rid my body. Besides the wraps, I do the light treatments and the body cleanses, and/or detox products. I have been using this facility for over 5 years and it lives up to its Hype! Besides the products, the owner of SlimmerBody, Dr. Kaur, is wonderful. she makes you feel at home and is very catering to your needs. After each session you leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The facility was just renovated and the ambiance is calm and warming. The entire experience is worth every trip!! michelle more

Calm and centered after the liver cleanse - Truly amazing!!! 11/25/2010

When Dr. Kaur suggested I do a liver cleanse because it would not only be good for overall general health, but would give me lots of energy as well ....... I thought to myself: ""Well, the health part is fine but I have enough energy to spare right now""! I would be all over the map - rushing around, doing 5 things at once - never slowing down, until early evening when I'd crash! I did the cleanse over the week end and by monday (24 hrs later) I experienced something so amazing, so wonderful, and so very different from that nervous, humming bird like energy that I thought was normal and that I had all my life. I now feel calm and centered while still fitting everything in my day. This is the natural, authentic, stress free energy we all seek and all deserve to have. norma more

Shoulder pain gone in just 8 days! Unbelievable results!!!!! 10/31/2010

My name is D. Singh. I am 66 years old. I have had a problem in both of my arms for last 6-7 years. I was in pain when moving my shoulders especially lifting the weights. I tried orthodox medicine but only the pain was gone while on medication. Severe pain would come back after stopping the medicine. Dr. Kaur was introduced to me by my friend. I started the holistic remedy recommended by her. I followed the directions very precisely. To my amazement within 3 days I felt better. In about 7-8 days, there was a great relief. I am so happy to report that in 3 weeks my pain is 95% gone. Now, I can easily move my both arms and shoulder around. I even helped my sister to cut the big trunk of the tree. I am thankful to Dr. Kaur and hope everyone gets similar results. She is unbelievably helpful and this is no exaggeration! more

My great experience! 10/24/2010

My experience at SlimmerBody was great. I am 100% satisfied with the results from my partial body wrap. Dr. Swaraj Kaur provided me with a thorough consultation and made recommendations appropriate for my body type. The atmosphere was clean, warming and nurturing to the soul. more

Superb Treatment & Amazing Doctor 10/20/2010

I have been struggling with Hashimoto's disease for some time now. One of the unfortunate issues with Hashimoto's and Thyroid diseases is weight gain. Dr. Kaur and her Slimmer Body treatments did wonders for me. I have lost several inches all over my body, as well as a significant drop in overall weight. The body wrap experience is so relaxing and her office is very calming. I have more energy now. I am motivated to do what I need to do and Dr. Kaur is always helping me keep that up. Throughout my life I have also had problems with constipation. Her Eliminate and Enhancer supplements work wonders for me and I no longer have issues with that. Most importantly, I am a very impatient person. Dr. Kaur is so very nice, warm & friendly. She is always so patient with me and my million questions. She is supportive and has always helped me stay positive and realize that my goals were within my reach. She saw me through a really bad time in my life and I will be forever grateful to her and her program. I cannot recommend her treatment highly enough. I have no regrets whatsoever. more
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  • Slimming system uses detoxification solution soaked body wrap to help reduce weight, inches and cellulite. Also offers face contouring for facial feature enhancement and wrinkle reduction.
    SlimmerBody offers a variety of services for men, women and children. In addition to the full body wraps and face contourings, the services inclulde body cleanses, stomach wash, non invasive and non diagnostic toxicity testing, BIA and MSA testing, Infra red sauna, frequency stimulation, foot patches for cleansing, and other detoxification programs. The weight loss program is a complete health oriented supplementation to support the body to function at its optimal level. The nutritional products include organic minerals, high energy water,and many herbal supplements to support the cellular functions of the body. SlimmerBody also offers different kinds of natural creams and skin care products.


  • Beauty and health products made from natural ingredients that address weight loss, skin care, detoxification and more.

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