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Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston - 63 Reviews - 228 Newbury Street (at Fairfield Street), Boston, MA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (800) 753-3587

Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston

228 Newbury Street (at Fairfield Street)
Boston, MA 02116
(800) 753-3587
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Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston - Boston, MA
Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston - Boston, MA
Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston - Boston, MA
Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston - Boston, MA
Sleek Surgical & Medspa Boston - Boston, MA


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I have had two treatments at Sleek. I am very happy with the service. I never had to wait, they always take me at my scheduled time and both procedures were thorough and really ...


When I walked in the door for my first treatment, someone on the phone at the front desk shoved paperwork in my face and told me to go upstairs and fill it out prior to my appoint...

I went in to have my laser done and 5/29/2012

I went in to have my laser done and after the appointment they told me that my contract along with everyone else that has a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE contract was being canceled. So they just stole my money $$$$$$$$$$$ more

I have had two treatments at Sleek. I 5/25/2012

I have had two treatments at Sleek. I am very happy with the service. I never had to wait, they always take me at my scheduled time and both procedures were thorough and really made a big difference. All my questions were also answered very quickly. I had a light chemical peel and a microderm. I plan to go back on a monthly basis. I have recommended Sleek to all my friends. more

Everything you would expect to find 5/16/2012

I have been very happy with the way I have been treated! Newbury street has been known for their posh storefronts and beautiful retail...definitely was not let down with Sleek Med & Spa. The treatments have been great and the enviroment is very nice. I have been seen by a couple of the Sleek personnal and they have been helpful, kind and knowledgable. Everything you would expect to find!!! more

Great experience here 5/16/2012

A friend gave me a spa treatment for my birthday. I had a free consultation and was very impressed with the knowledge and attitude of the entire staff. They could not have been more informative and caring. I had the microdermabrasion done - my skin has never felt better or more smooth. A real treat in the midst of this cold spell. I have made another appointment to have laser hair removal with the new laser. more

Excellent customer service 4/20/2012

Everyone writes a bad review but no one takes the time towrite a good review. I had one of the best experiences with Dr.Walek. He was honest and straightforward about my surgery. He initially told me I was not a candidiate for lipo, to much skin. My tummy tuck was a few weeks ago and i look great. I have a 21 year lod tummy again. Still a little swelling but I feel great. Following the drs orders and followup was caring and considerate. I even recommended him to my best friend who has an appointment next week. more

Poor Customer Service 3/12/2012

My review is not based on the Boston location but the poor service I've received from the company. I've been going to the Natick location since 2009 for Laser Hair Removal treatments. I have no problem with the technicians. They were all friendly and knew what they were doing. The sales consultants were a bit pushy. My issue with Sleek comes from them selling me additional packages once my original was up. This was back in the end of October 2011. When it was time for my appointment in December I got an automated message on my voicemail to reschedule. When I called the Natick location, the location was shut down. I received no notification that they were closed or would be closing. I would have never spent an additional $1978 knowing this location was closing. Now the closest locations are over 50 miles from me and that is too far to be consistently traveling to. I've called the corporate number (561-988-4098) and every time it goes to voicemail. They never returned any of my calls. One of the other locations gave me an email from someone in corporate (garreola@sleekmedspacom) Again no response. I never received any of the treatments and feel I deserve a refund. The other locations say they can't do anything and to contact corporate. How am I supposed to contact corporate if no one ever contacts me back! This is the worst company and customer service I have ever dealt with. If you are looking to have laser hair removal done, I would suggest going elsewhere. There are many locally owned companies now with better prices and service. more

Let's get compensated and shut this place down 1/10/2012

Please get in touch with me if you were affected by the scams of Sleek Medspa. We should get compensated and we should make an effort to spare others this public health hazard and commercial scam of a business. I may be reached at dina.bakash(at)hotmail(dot)com more


This place doesn't even justify 1 Star! It is the worst business I have ever had to deal with. They flat out lie to you! They lie to you and then blame you for their lack of professionalism, service offerings and awful customer service. The customer services is something they should be ashamed of. PLEASE PLEASE stay AWAY from this place. They are the worst business, have terrible unorganized management and rude staff. more

Morally Bankrupt 12/10/2011

I do not know how to put to words how morally bankrupt I think this company is, so I will just post my most recent email to corporate (an email that was ignored). Dear Mr. Williams I am writing you as my last hope. I became a client at the Newbury Street location when I was an undergrad at BU many years ago. Initially, I loved it. The staff was warm and friendly and consistent. Since becoming a client I have purchased laser hair removal on my underarms and bikini twice (the first round didn't work), my full legs, navel, and upper lip. As well as microdermabrasion and a couple vials of lip injections. I recommended services to all my friends and know for a fact that at least four people are clients there because of me. I now deeply regret my endorsement. A few years ago while receiving a full leg treatment the clinician went over my ankle tattoo, causing 3rd degree burns. I went back the next day and had pictures taken by the manager at the time, Katie, and was given burn cream by one of the nurses. I decided to wait to see how it healed before accepting any compensation because at the time I had a lot of respect for the company and really liked Katie. After months it was clear it not only didn't heal well but had ruined the tattoo, which was a very meaningful tribute to my sister. By then Katie had left the company and I worked with Cheryl. The whole experience was horrible. She claimed to have none of the photographs taken or any record of the incident. Lucky, the nurse was still there and backed me up. After months and months of unreturned phone calls and email correspondence, Cheryl and I came upon the following deal. I had started removal treatment at the Rockoff Dermatology and Cosmetic Treatment Center in Brighton. They estimated that it would take a minimum of 8-12 treatments at $150 a treatment (I gave a copy of the form to Cheryl). We agreed that for compensation I would receive a vial of juvederm and touch-up laser treatments to the areas I had paid for until the hair was gone. It has been a legitamit disaster since. I had stopped keeping track of the management changes. Every appointment I make I am told I have no treatments left. I then have to explain the situation. They then claim to have no record. I then forward emails etc. They then find the information and begrudgingly give me my treatment. And repeat. The last time I had an appointment was told that despite the emails and a hand written note from Cheryl that is in my file, they will not honor the agreement because it didn't come from corporate. To say I am angry is an understatement. I have done my research, I know the company has faced numerous lawsuits for burns, last year for one that they paid $180,000 to fix. I never asked for compensation for the time I have had to take to fix this, or to cover the annoyance of constantly having to re-explain myself like I am some sort of scam artist, or the emotional distress of removing a tattoo dedicated to someone I love. I only asked for what I had to pay out of pocket. Can you please help my. I spoke with previous sleek employees and they said you cared and you are my last hope. I do not want to have to fight for myself anymore. I just want to finish up treatments without hassle and never step foot in that office again. Please help PS. I cant even count how many treatments I have had and I STILL HAVE HAIR. Probably because when the machine heads break, management tells the clinicians to continue giving treatments anyway ""because the clients will never know"" (this I was told by a former employee). more

Canceled my Lifetime Guarantee! 9/8/2011

I had bought the ""Lifetime Guarantee"" for Laser Hair removal over 2 years ago. This was the second guarantee hair loss I bought with Sleek. When Sleek first opened in Weymouth Ma, I was treated there, had 24 treatments then I was told that they were moving to Braintree and they could no longer honor that contract. So in braintree I bought the Lifetime Guarantee. I've had 44 treatments, and the hair keeps coming back. My last treatment in August I was told that My Lifetime was now null and void and I need to contact Wayne Williams. I have called and emailed Wayne Williams( Corporate Manager) everyday for 3 weeks as well as Britney the manager at the Braintree location and no one has gotten back to me. What a waste of time and money. I plan on filing a law suit as well as a claim with the better business bureau. more


Please stay away from sleek. they burned me badly, then blamed me, said i must have been in the sun. if that was the case, wht did only my chest burn and not my face???? i had treatments on both. not a good company, stay clear. see a real doctor for treatments, same price. i had mine done in the natick, ma location. more

Scammed 9/1/2011

If I could give zero stars and a huge BEWARE warning I would. I wish I had looked online at reviews before giving them my money, but hopefully others are smarter than I was. I paid sleek a lot of money for their ""lifetime"" guarantee. As a lifetime guarantee customer, I would make appointments months in advance and then a week or two before, sleek medspa would call and cancel the appointment saying I'd have to reschedule. I was persistent though and eventually was able to get in for six treatments. As soon as the lifetime guarantee was supposed to kick in (after the six treatments) I was told my contract was voided!! I asked why, and they said I had missed an appointment which I had actually come to! I couldn't believe it. I thought this can't be happening. A business can't just take your money and not provide what was promised by lying. So I contacted the manager who then told me to contact corporate. Which I did several times and still have not heard back from Wayne Williams (the corp. contact). From other reviews, it doesnt' sound like I will. It sounds like this is a scam they run on people. I'm hoping the local business bureau or consumer protection looks into it and makes them stop the shady business practices. more


I gave them a Zero if it was possible!! Horrible service, they are always pushing to pay but when you want a refund, they tell you that it will take 8 weeks ?? Oh yes, They are holding One thousand dollars deposit for almost two months!! Arrogant people. Barb, one of the main employees there thinks that a customer should work at her schedule to get things done, come on?? that person should not be working there! I have use their services for years and paid thousands! but they just lost a customer and my money is going somewhere else! I just cancelled today a 8K + procedure just because I am not going to take bad service from no one, I rather take my money wherever people appreciate my business. STAY AWAY FROM THAT PLACE!!! more

Sleeze MedSpa 4/22/2011

I have never given anyone a review on city search or yelp before, but I made an account because I felt like they deserve a bad one. The main thing that bothers me about this place is that I went in one day and I looked at the laser head and it is still full of the gel from the last person!! Now I’m no aestetician, but shouldn’t you clean your laser in between clients? Especially since they stick it between someone’s butt. They told me that a brazilian usually takes six treatments. I have pretty dark hair and medium light skin. After 2 years I am still going back.(I got a lifetime package or I wouldn’t be) I could understand if it was peach fuzz, but the hair in question is very dark and dense; the hair that laser is most effective on. I have talked to other people about getting the same treatment elsewhere and they are shocked that my hair is not gone. They also miss a ton of spots, but managed to knick off part of my eyebrow. They also conned my friend into buying a face laser package by promising her a deal on other body parts. Of course they reneged on the deal. more


This service does not even deserve a star. I was deemed medically unfit for their service--they do NOT monitor you nor do they have emergency supplies available. No oxygen, nothing. If you wish a little bit of medical surveillance you will have to book at at surgi- center and pay for an anesthesiologist. These people scare me! Plus they do not return calls or refund any deposits more


Ive never ever written a review ever ever before but I have to express myself~ this is the worst spa or any costumer service experience Ever. They were so nice when they took my several Thousand dollars to get my teen daughter hair removal. Then the nightmare began. We are entitled to a series of hair removal appointments and a ""lifetime"" guarantee but when I call for an appointment they are ALWAYS booked, no matter how far in advance I ask for. With my daughter away at school this is especially stressful. Then - when I ask for several months ahead trying to get this series done they say their books are not open...and they dont give an opening date. If I leave a message giving several dates way ahead of time, they do not return calls. Ever. When I complain the people Always say they are new. It Unbelievable this business is thriving on Newbury street. My blood is boiling! STAY AWAY more


DO NOT GO HERE! They burned me 6 months before my wedding! I had to got to a laser specialist in NY to heal me and I still have scars!!! NOT only did they keep me my money but the owner has ignored calls from my lawyer for over a year now. I have horrendous pics as a reminder of what they did to me. This is not a reputable place. Staff is not trained and they could care less about what they did to me. more

Don't!!!! 2/13/2011

Dirty place. I couldn't get past that. Staff was rude, made me wait way too long for too expensive an appointment. Again, the dirtiness of the place was the worst. Even worse...inexperienced staff. NO RESULTS!! more

Terrible 2/11/2011

The staff is unprofessional and the treatment didn't work. There is no ""spa"" like experience...very little connection with me at all unless we are discussing money. Truly a disappointment. more

Stay Away 2/8/2011

This place has prices that are way too high for they way they treat their customers. I went in for a free laser hair removal consultation and I asked about student discounts. I had seen a 50% off coupon for students somewhere. Before we got into any sort of details on the procedures, I was scolded for not bringing the coupon in with me. So I then reminded them that the consultation was free, right? Anyway, they then quoted a 50% off price (if I was able to bring the coupon in before my treatments to pay) and the 50% off price was still 2 times higher than the regular price I am getting at another location. The staff is rude and prices are outrageous. Try looking up other places before going there. more
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  • Located throughout the East Coast, SLEEK Surgical & MedSpa is a leader in the aesthetic community. With our staff of renowned board-certified cosmetic surgeons, you will be in good hands both before and after plastic surgery. From Brazilian butt lifts to breast augmentation, we offer a number of FDA-approved procedures and tools, like our liposuction video, to help you find the procedure that is right for you.

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  • Local ""medical spa"" chain combined modern skin care techniques with a relaxing atmosphere.

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