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Skyline Flower Gardens

3064 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 466-8118
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I have only used this florist a couple times but it was the best experience I have ever had. I bought the flowers from my wedding here and it was worth having to drive them down t...


I decided to check it out, I figured I could put up with poor customer service if I got exceptional flowers. I told them I wanted a large cheery bouquet, and that was the last say...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/21/2013

Worst company to deal with ever! \r \r They never disclosed that if my order was incorrect I had to call within 24 hours. \r \r I picked up my order on the way to my wedding ceremony, they were wrapped in dark green tissue paper and we kept them wrapped until we arrived at our destination (I should have looked at them before we left the store!). \r \r I paid $100 for a bouquet of roses, and they gave me a bouquet of daisies! My wedding was a fall/winter wedding, who in their right mind would request a bouquet of daisies for that time of year, or pay $100 for daisies?! \r \r When I called to request a refund, the OWNER said, ""You need to look up the word liable, because we DON'T reimburse after 24 hours"" and then hung up on me! Who treats their customers that way???\r \r Worst customer service ever! \r \r My order was COMPLETELY WRONG, and they treated me like CRAP! The flowers did not match anything, including the season. The flowers sat in my car the entire day. \r \r I paid Skyline Flowers $100 so they could give me daisies and treat me like crap. \r \r DO NOT BUY YOUR FLOWERS FROM HERE! \r \r Now, there are no flowers in any of my wedding photos, and that is a day I can never ""relive,"" and yet they are fully capable of recovering the $100 I paid them if they were to refund me.\r \r You will regret purchasing flowers from them, I promise! \r \r I showed a picture of exactly what I wanted my bouquet to look like to the lady taking my order, it was all roses, no daisies. She wrote down on my receipt, all roses, no daisies - and they refuse to give me a refund!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/11/2013

I have been going here for the past 2 years now for various occasions. The flowers i have received back were OK, not bad, but not great. The price is relatively low, which is nice and a good way to get cheap flowers. \r \r Second item is the customer service which is disappointing. The ladies working there are clearly not trying to make sure you get what you want, but instead trying to get you to leave as soon as possible. Every time i have walked in, or called in a order they always cut me off in mid-sentence, or they are always grumpy.\r \r I would only go here if money is tight and you aren't very picky with what you want. If this is not the case I recommend Flower Patch, which is a little more pricey, but the service and quality is top notch. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/6/2013

Yes, this place is cheap. You can order a simple centerpiece bouquet and be just fine, but if you are debating on whether or not to do your own flowers or have skyline do them, I promise you, you'll be happier if you do them yourself. I ordered absolutely gorgeous flowers for $300 from Sams club. They were delivered 2 days before the wedding and were so unbelievablely beautiful. My mom said I should at least have my bouquet and the men's boutineers made, and I agreed. So I went to skyline flowers. My pick up time was at 4, so I showed up at 345 thinking it was no big deal,well it was. They asked me to leave and come back at 4. When I did, they Still weren't ready. I waited to 425 for my flowers,and when I saw them they were literally thrown together. I asked for peach hypericums, peach roses, dusty miller and white roses. I recieved hott pink roses, green leaves, shriveled up orange currents (not hypericum) and no dusty miller. It looked nothing like the photo I gave them. Let's just say I paid 150 for flowers I had to throw away. They were wilted and absolutely embarassing. You know when its bad when your fiance asks for the businesses number. He called them go tell them they were not what we asked for,and they we wanted our money back. The old lady says ""you got what you picked, and you get what you paid for"" then she Hung up on him. Save yourself the tears and order bulk flowers from Costco or Sams club, you won't be disappointed. I ordered 200 roses, 100 hypericum berries and 150 carnations, plus I grew my own dusty miller in my garden. It made 29 gorgeous flower arrangements! If you know exactly what you want, do it yourself if you can't pay a lot of money. The old ladies at skyline are out of date, rude, lying people. Sams club saved my day! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2012

I love Skyline Flower Gardens!! You get a lot for the money!! I have used them for many years and I am always pleased with what I get. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2012

\r I have used Skyline Flower Gardens for years and have never been disappointed. The flowers have been plentiful and beautifully arranged. They are reasonable and very accommodating. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/3/2012

I give them a 5 star rating!! You get a lot more for your money than most places. The arrangements are beautiful and I have been using them for a few years. They have always been kind and courteous to me and have never made any kind of mistake whatsoever. This is the best florist shop I've ever used. I would recommend them to anyone. more

DO NOT GO TO SKYLINE FOWERS unless you 5/27/2012

DO NOT GO TO SKYLINE FOWERS unless you like being treated poorly. I ordered six flowers two weeks in advance and I was rushed off of the phone when I was placing my order. Come to find out weeks later, I had been on the phone with the manager. (great management huh?) I specifically said that I would pick them up at nine o'clock on the Sunday before memorial day. I drove clear across town to pick up my six flowers. When I arrived the woman that attempted to help me could not figure out my name after I repeated it to her at least five times. She finally found my order and said that only one flower had been ordered. I asked if they could make some for me because I had plans to take them to the cemetery immediately after I picked them up. She asked the ""old lady with the white hair"" and she rudely said ""tell the woman that she can pick them up later and that the order said only one flower"". The original lady who attempted to help me was clueless and I told her that I did not have time to come back and pick up my order. The ""old lady with the white hair"" came over and told us that the manager wrote down the order and there is nothing that they can do about it unless I wait until later. I walked out and told them that I was never going to come back again because this was the second time an incident like this had happened to me. She rudely replied as I was walking out the door ""fine, take your business elsewhere"" To show how poorly managed this dump of a business is, she was rude to me like this in front of a crowd of paying customers. A good business would have the decency to treat the customer like they are the most important person in the world however they treated me like trash. Two years before I ordered 6 flower arrangements for memorial day weekend pickup and they said that they were so busy that they did not make my order that I specifically told them to make for a two o'clock pickup. They told me to come back later when they were ready. Coincidentally some of my church friends had ordered flowers for the same time and their order was not ready. They had a small order of only two flowers and they too were told that they had to come back later. If you value your time and you want good customer service I advise that you find somewhere else to buy your flowers from. By far Skyline Flowers has the worst business ethic and customer service I have ever seen. more

Beautiful Professional Flowers Not Customer Care 5/12/2012

Five Star Flowers One Star Customer Care Watch out for Charity she is a fire ball. Make sure you s-p-e-l-l out exactly what you want your card to say, otherwise there will be confusion on whom the flowers are from and for. more

Will NEVER purchase from Skyline Floral again 4/27/2012

Only get one star because I can not rate ZERO stars. I went in to order flowers for my wedding. I brought in a photo of a bouquet I wanted. Sandra advised that the flowers I had chosen would be very expensive but that they could die some calla lilies a similar color and add some white roses to make it a more fuller and beautiful bouquet. It sounded nice & I could picture it so I went with it. I proceeded to order a grooms & my fathers boutonniere with specific color of roses, as well as the mothers corsages to have carnations instead of roses. My fiance (now husband) had buried his father 6 weeks before the wedding and we ordered an arrangement of roses to be died blue (it was his dads favorite flower & color) to be displayed at the wedding. I went in a week before my wedding, paid the balance off and even sat with Sandra and went over the order again. Was assured everything will be beautiful and nothing but high quality & left happy about going through Skyline.... However all that changed an hour before my wedding. My mother picked up the arrangements two hours before the wedding. She picked them up & drove 10 minutes to the venue where she placed all arrangements in the refrigerator as instructed. I was getting my hair and make up done when she arrived so I waited to peak at the flowers. 15 minutes before the wedding started flowers were brought out to pin on the guys & the moms (we went with pin on corsages instead of wrist corsages). The flowers were turning brown and were roses not carnations as ordered & pre-confirmed. Grooms and my fathers were white roses not the lavender as discussed & they two were browning along with the other 5 boutonnieres. Then the bridal bouquet comes out, BROWN the calla's that for whatever reason were left white and not died were brown and so were the white roses!!! Fast forward to two weeks after the wedding & return of the honeymoon. I call to let Sandra know I am HIGHLY disappointed with what was received. She asked me what happened and I did not even get through a 3rd of it when she cut me off and said she has the order in front of her & it was all roses. She tried to convince me I did not know what I ordered! Sandra then said that I should of called her the next day to take care of it & since I didn't she can not refund anything to me. Really because if I wasn't devastated over having to walk down the isle with dead flowers I am suppose to take time away from my HONEYMOON to call and discuss this issue. I was so heated I told her after arguing with me for several minutes and repeatedly cutting me off I had it and told her she either gives me a refund or I will be happy to let my experience be known & not recommend them. What I was told threw me through the roof.... she said that I better think twice about that. Really, why would I when you don't want to make things right let alone shut up and let me tell you ALL the issues with the flowers that I supposedly don;t know what I ordered. I was warned a head of time from the two brides that recommended Skyline Floral that she prefers to do things her way as far as the arrangement goes but this was beyond ridiculous. Oh yeah & did I forget to mention the remembrance flowers for my recently deceased father in law were not the color they were suppose to be & were droopy and dying half way through the night. If you don't care what you pay for go through them, otherwise I would think twice, because you OBVIOUSLY get what you pay for. more

Best price and service you can find in the state!! 7/30/2011

I have only used this florist a couple times but it was the best experience I have ever had. I bought the flowers from my wedding here and it was worth having to drive them down to Price from Salt Lake. We only paid $330 for my bouquet, a tosser bouquet, 6 boutonnieres, 6 corsages, and 5 little flower girl bouquets. As well as 2 alter arrangements, and 12 centerpieces. Like I said well worth having to transport them myself. Did I mention my flowers were stargazers, and I got married in February!!! The women who work there really know what they are doing and all you have to do is give them an idea of what you would like and they create a masterpiece. I will go there again and I always recommend them to friends and family in need of flowers. more

THE definitive review.... 2/14/2011

OK, so I""ve been buying from these guys for 30 years, which includes about one wife and 6 girlfriends and one daughter, which puts us up around 1000 purchases. I have never bought flowers for weddings or funerals, but always bouquets. GUYS! If this is your need, DO NOT go anywhere else. For $15. you can get the perfect bouquet, which ALWAYS pays dividends EVERY time. Or gets you out of the doghouse. Two old women co-owners, 6 'amigas' doing the arrangements; quick, easy, convenient and affordable. If this bothers you, go to a fancy place that charges you twice as much for the same stuff, only served by young white girls.... I was there today, 9:30 am on Valentine's Day and I was in and out in 5 minutes and there were 6 guys ahead of me. Flowers filled TWO vases for $16.03.... I guess some people LOVE to complain... more

Awesome place! 1/23/2011

I ordered a large spray for my Grandpa's funeral. They were only 50.00, half the money of any other flower shop. The arrangement was beautiful. more

Happily used them many times 12/7/2010

Skyline Floral is one location only. I drive across the valley to get flowers at Skyline Floral!\r \r The flowers are fresh and well arranged. We have used them for both my mom and dad's funeral. They performed an outstanding job.\r \r The building is not great looking, and yes two older ladies run it. But we have always had good service. Maybe it all depends on the attitude you have when you go in. Like a previous reviewer said, ""don't go in if you are in a hurry.""\r \r My feeling is Skyline floral is one of Salt Lake City's best secrets. I am so glad my sister shared it with me! more

Beautiful Flowers, Even Better Prices! 11/3/2010

I had looked at DOZENS of other flower shops in the area (all with outrageous prices or hideous flowers/arrangements) for my low-budget wedding before being recommended to Skyline Flower Gardens. Let me tell you, I'm SO glad someone told me about the best kept flower secret in Utah!!\r \r It's easy to be skeptical about their business: The place looks run-down, they don't advertise well (if at all,) all of the florists speak Spanish, and the owning staff is a rather old group of ladies. However, it is also easy to see how they have been in business for 85 years after you see the quality of work and the prices they offer. I'd take a little less customer service for the amazing price and quality ANY day.\r \r I scheduled an appt. with their wedding planner and took both my fiance and mother with me. I was instructed to sit specifically in the ""gold chair"" before the planner began asking me questions about my event and a little about us to get our history. Within 15 minutes we had a fully completed order, at 1/2 the price of their competitors, and I didn't even need to bat an eyelash. After 85 years of experience she read my fiance and me PERFECTLY and designed our flowers better than we could have ever imagined. The entire process was easy, stress-free, and quick!\r \r The problem with Skyline flowers isn't their business, it's their incredibly rude customers (which I witnessed as I waited for my appt. to begin.) Go in with patience and no judgement because of what you see and you'll get everything you want and more with a smile from both you and the staff. more

Big and longtime fan of Skyline 8/11/2010

I've been ordering (and receiving) flowers from Skyline for more than 15 years, and I've only had great experiences with them. The prices are fantastic and you really get a great presentation for the money. Similar bouquets on 1800Flowers or the other sites tend to cost $20 to $30 more and, if you go to a fancier florist, the same arrangement could be double the price. (Delivery has always been quick and everyone I have sent flowers to has been thrilled with the arrangement.) That's really the biggest pull of this place. That said, I have never used them for big events, like a wedding or funeral. Since this is a place that is known for its great prices, I wouldn't go into it thinking I was also going to get 5-star service. (You wouldn't go to the Holiday Inn expecting Waldorf Astoria treatment, would you?) So, if that super personalized customer service is what you're looking for, you may have to pony up some extra cash and go elsewhere. Overall, I give this place two thumbs up for beautiful products, reliable service and consistent quality. more

Cheap Prices - They do it their way 1/6/2010

My mother remembered ordering flowers from Skyline Floral for different occasions where she worked. She thought the prices were fair and service reasonable. \r When my dad passed away, we decided to use Skyline for the funeral flowers. I was impressed by the 88 year old lady who took are order (at first) she seemed compassionate and I thought we might overlook the customer service we received. There were no books to choose any arrangements from, and she left us sitting there while she talked to her banker. \r We requested that the arrangements where to have no roses because my dad hated roses. She wrote this on the order and then told us what she would do. She spent maybe 20 minutes assuring us that we would be happy. The price was all that was decent. \r All three arrangements were full of roses. The writing on the ribbons were done in glitter glue (my 10 year old could do better) We ordered boutonniere's for the pall bearers and did not receive any. Because this was for my DAD we needed them to be special. Please look elsewhere if you want something for a very special person. Pros: Prices are good if you are not looking for something special Cons: Go somewhere else if you need a special arrangement more

Beautiful flowers and prices 9/15/2009

I ordered an arrangement for someone at St. Marks Hospital at 9:30 a.m. It was delivered at 12:00 noon the same day. I was at the room when they were delivered and they were stunningly beautiful and didn't even cost $40.00. I will take a run-down building and a little less in customer service knowing I will get beautiful flowers at such a reasonable cost. Thank you Skyline. Pros: Absolutely gorgeous arrangements more

Would not purchase from Skyline Floral again. 9/29/2008

I decided to check it out, I figured I could put up with poor customer service if I got exceptional flowers. I told them I wanted a large cheery bouquet, and that was the last say I had in the flowers. They had no pre-made arrangements to choose from or examples. When they finished with the arrangement, I thought it was alright but not exceptional but felt obligated to purchase it. When I asked if they could make a change because it seemed like there was something missing (meaning a spot not filled in) they told me I was looking at it wrong and the bow just had to be moved. Their prices were NOT exceptional, their flowers were not that great and the customer service, well there wasn't any. Pros: None that I could find Cons: Dull, drab, dirty shop with average flowers and prices with 0 customer service. more

Personal touch and the most beautiful flowers in Salt Lake City 5/20/2008

When my neighbor across the street died last week, several families joined together to send some flowers (even though they said in lieu of flowers). We took a card around and had all contributors sign it which we intended to leave with the florist to be delivered. \r \r (We were debating who to call when I remembered the wonderful experience I had three years ago with Skyline Flower Gardens for my daughters wedding. They did all the flowers- The bridal bouquet roses, centerpieces roses, cake topper , corsages, and toppers were beautiful, fresh and the service was wonderful! Perfect flowers for a perfect day! and the price was extremely low!- so if you need wedding flowers this place is a miracle! But that's a different story)\r \r We didn't know what kind of arrangement to send and had lots of different ideas. My neighbor and I made an appointment ahead of time with Sandra at Skyline flower gardens. We were greeted upon arriving and then sat down to discuss the possibilities and our budget. Sandra (who is extremely courteous and polite) knew exactly what we needed. We were glad we trusted her professional expertise and listened to her advice because the flowers and the arrangement which was delivered (with our card) to the funeral were absolutely stunning (more exquisite than anything else there by a long way). We know the family will really enjoy this one.\r \r It took some extra time to get there, and yes, many people speak spanish in Utah, but Skyline flower gardens does it right; the old fashioned way- with a personal touch!\r \r \r \r \r Pros: Beautiful flowers- customs arrangements-great service-reasonably priced! more

Serious Customer Service Issues 2/20/2008

The only good thing about this place is that the prices are great, however these people have no idea how to run a business and customer service means nothing to them. But if your looking for an inexpensive way to send flowers this is it, just don't expect anyone who speaks good english to answer the phone and expect some level of rudeness from each and everyone of their employees. I've ordered several items for our company through these guys but after todays experince the walmart style cheap prices just aren't worth being treated like that! Pros: Prices Cons: Customer Service, Lack of Professionalism more
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