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Skin Laser Rejuvenation - 104 Reviews - 112 E 23rd St Ste 400, New York, NY - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (212) 463-8919

Skin Laser Rejuvenation

112 E 23rd St Ste 400 (at Between Park & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 463-8919
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Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY
Skin Laser Rejuvenation - New York, NY



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Found this place through Groupon and I'm hooked. I know schedule bi-monthly facials and am even doing laser hair removal. While I've had some difficulty with appointments that hav...


Was instructed on the phone to come 10 minutes early as the appointments are always on time. Meanwhile, the aesthetician was 10 minutes late -- while another chatted. OK, not a ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2013

My appt was scheduled for 6pm. didn't go called into the room till 610. Not a biggie. The receptionist tried to tell me that Groupon had made a mistake that the deal didnt include a mini facial. Its one of the three. Uh... not my problem. I purchased whatever the deal was. My groupon included a mini-facial, microdermabrasion or chemical peel. All done within 30mins. Facials last about 90mins at asian places. Both mini-facial and microdermabrasion lasted 30mins. So not worth my $80. I will stick with the asian places from now on and its cheaper by 50% and better work!!! Save your money and go asian places!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/12/2013

AVOID AT ALL COSTS.\r \r I paid for and received five laser treatments -- a significant investment of capital for me -- to ameliorate the broken capillaries on my face. Not only did the capillaries not lessen or disappear, they got worse. When I subsequently contacted the owner to inquire what more could be done, she told me that I should go to a plastic surgeon.\r \r Carmen, who performed four of the five treaments, responded to my concerns by insisting that all the capillaries were gone each time she treated me, and that my skin looked great. The more I asked when things were finally going to improve, the more she lied, and when she wasn't lying she pouted in silence because I had insulted her skills.\r \r Carole, the owner, treated me once by mistake, thinking I was on her list of clients when I was really on Carmen's. After the treament, I was charged additional to my pre-paid package because Carole performed the service. Then, while I was forking over the extra money and not very happy about doing so, Carmen was hovering in the background, giving me dirty looks -- angry and whispering to the receptionist because I ended up being treated by Carole instead of by her. more

I'm glowing 2/16/2012

Found this place through Groupon and I'm hooked. I know schedule bi-monthly facials and am even doing laser hair removal. While I've had some difficulty with appointments that have gone missing, for the most part I've been really here. And judging from the compliments on my skin, that its never looked better - they've got me hooked! more

Wonderful experience, noticeable results! 2/14/2012

After months of research, I chose SLR for laser hair removal based on the very positive web reviews and extensive information on their website. My experience was fantastic. I've had sessions with both Carole and Katharine and they are exceptional, knowledgeable, and followed through with service that works. Based on my positive experience with laser, I decided to do IPL at SLR and Carole has absolutely changed my life. Even before starting IPL, the products Carole recommended noticeably faded my hyper pigmentation within a few weeks and minimized the appearance of pores, reduced flaky dry winter skin, and improved my overall skin tone. I now have one session of IPL down and can't wait to continue the regimen. Carole and her staff are wonderful and effective. I would recommend them to anyone. more


I've had pretty good skin for most of my occasional hormonal breakout here and there but nothing too serious....Then I hit my 30's and everything went haywire. My skin became EXTREMELY sensitive and I started experiencing flushing on the apples of my cheeks...then blotchy red bumps that would not go away...I couldn't hide behind make-up since it seemed to make things worse...Turns out I have Rosacea! I went to a couple of dermatologists each prescribing topical medications which would only make my skin more sensitive and dry..My face looked and felt terrible! I started researching on-line and had read about IPL and how it could help those with Rosacea...I had heard about Carole Burns/SLR on one of the Rosacea boards, all raving about their experience there and with IPL so I decided to give it a shot.. I arrived for my first appointment in tears, I was having a bad skin was so inflamed with pimples all over my cheek area. Carole calmed me down and assured me that I would have beautiful skin again...I was skeptical at first but she explained the procedure to me and how IPL worked on the skin (I must say that I was very impressed with her knowledge of not only the procedure but dermatology in general.) Well, she was right! Even after my first IPL session, my skin started to feel better and by the second, I started noticing a big difference in it's appearance...I had a total of 5 sessions that first year and it changed my life! Carole has brought back my clear, beautiful, soft skin (as well as my confidence.) I still go back to Carole/SLR for 'maintenance' and the new office on 23rd street is even more fabulous...I'll be turning 40 soon and my skin has never looked better...Thank you Carole!!! more


This place is AMAZING! Clean, beautiful facility and kind, honest, and professional staff. I have been getting laser hair removal on my underarms and after being so pleased with the results, I am now on to my legs. I have done a ton of research on laser hair removal facilities in the city and SLR is hands down the best there is. Carol takes amazing care of you, and doesn’t take advantage of her customers. I wanted to get something lasered and she told me that the hair was too thin in the area and that she didn’t want to take my money for something that I wouldn’t get the results I was looking for. AMAZING! The process is very quick and the laser they use is relatively painless! Other lasers essentially do one spot at a time, and this laser moves seamlessly over large portions of skin in a very short period of time. Pros: clean beautiful facility; professional, honest staff; quick painless laser Cons: NONE! more

The Real Deal 9/21/2011

Carole is the real deal. The deep cleansing facial leaves my skin soft and clean and my pores smaller. If you are looking for someone who knows how to do extractions without leaving marks, this is the place to be. I've had the IPL and it is amazing! I have had it done in other places and Carole goes for gold in that she treats pores, veins and brown spots with determination. I could see fabulous improvement the next day and definitely will get a 2nd one because I know Carole will achieve near perfection on my skin. more

sun spot 6/13/2011

IPL treatment is great. Its fast and no down time. I;ve noticed brown spots gradually fading. Facility is clean and comfortable, no waiting time and everyone is so friendly. more

I loved it! 4/18/2011

I recently purchased a groupon for an IPL and chemical peel treatment and I loved it!! I was always a skeptic about laser treatments but already after 1 treatment I noticed that my brown spots went away. I'm definitely going back for a 2nd IPL treatment,I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS SOONER. My skin looks AMAZING. The facility is really chic and clean,and the whole staff from the front desk girl to the estheticians are very friendly. SLR is NYC's best kept secret for skin care! more

Mill 4/15/2011

Was instructed on the phone to come 10 minutes early as the appointments are always on time. Meanwhile, the aesthetician was 10 minutes late -- while another chatted. OK, not a problem for me but the treatment was 20 minutes. $70 plus (very modest) tip. So rushed, didn't even recommend a product! Come on Groupon. This is not a bargain - it's a rip off. Sorry. more

Amazing! 3/22/2011

Skin Laser Rejuvenation is amazing! I was introduced to this place through Groupon when I purchased a mini medi facial. This is by far the best Groupon I have ever purchased. I was mess when I went for my first appointment; I was struggling with acne and had many scars. I had tried so many different products and refused to leave the house without some form of makeup on. I left my first appointment with a clean face and new products to control the acne. Katherine worked some magic! She also talked to me about caring for my skin and future treatments to get rid of the scarring. After my first facial, I was able to leave the house with minimal makeup. I have had another facial since the first visit and my face continues improving. I look forward to my future facials and starting some IPL treatments. more

Yuck! 3/11/2011

Sadly, nothing positive to say here. A bad experience from start to finish -- and beyond! Signed up for a 30 min mini facial from Groupon, including extractions. Got a very rushed 20 min. micro mini facial with 3 -- count 'em 3 -- extractions. (I guaranty there was enough to keep her busy for the remaining 10 min.) I specifically requested an appointment w/the owner and found out mid-way through that they got that wrong. The owner took over from there, but spent the rushed 10 min she was with me doing an abrupt, half-assed job and pointing out the various flaws on my face that could be corrected with future visits. I assumed that the product samples she gave me would be appropriate for my skin -- wrongo! I now think she just dumped a bunch of random stuff in a bag (i.e., thick sunblock SPF gazillion like the lifeguards of my youth wore on their noses when I have my own biz and barely see the light of day -- WTF?!). I broke out so badly from using it that I had to get antiobiotics from my dermie to fix it. Cool cucumber of a receptionist, to boot. I'd never set foot in this place again EVER! more

Skin Savior! 3/9/2011

My experience at Skin Laser Rejuvenation is divine for so many reasons. After many visits to the dermatologist, hundreds of dollars spent on products, I was almost ready to throw in the towel. At this point, I was three months away from getting married and my skin looked like I was in the middle of pubescent breakout. Just in the nick of time, Groupon sends me an email; half of a mini medical facial at SLR. I had never heard of this facility before, but thought why not. What do I have to lose? I have three months to get this issue under control and I'm basically desperate. My first mini medical facial was really painful due to the inflammation, I was experiencing, but Michelle, my technician rolled up her sleeves and got to work on my face. My high tea bridal shower was also days away from my first appointment and I was expecting my closest friends from out of town including my mother who was all too worried about my skin and it's current state. Starting at that appointment, SLR recommended a rigorous 2x's a month appointment schedule to prepare for my wedding. In addition to two appointments a month, they also recommended a new facial cleansing system in the morning and at night. The products were in the Neostrata, Eltamd and Obagi line specific for oily and acne prone skin. After 5 appointments, diligent cleansing, lots of water and two and half months, the results are amazing!! My skin is clear of acne and the pigmentation and scarring that it left is well on it's way to gone! My regimen has been reduced to facials at SLR every 4 -6 weeks. I am still using the products and still drinking lots of water. I am so pleased when I look in the mirror. My wedding pictures were flawless and my mother is no longer worried. SLR is located in the flatiron district and is accessible by train. The technicians are very knowledgeable about the treatments they provide. They talk you through most everything. The atmosphere is tranquil, but the service is quick. Be prepared to spend a some money as it's not expensive, but if you follow their recommendations, you will great results in short amount of time. more

A thorough pore-cleaning! 12/23/2010

Michelle put my face through the paces: steaming, lotions, sprays, buffers, you name it. She cleaned out some stubborn blackheads and lanced my pimples. I was slightly red in spots that day, but by the next morning my skin looked great and I couldn't believe how soft it was. I had a very good experience with the owner (Carole) in the waiting room, which was chic and pleasant. Highly recommend. more

Scarred!!!! 12/19/2010

I went to SLR more than 4 months ago and I am still showing a scar on my face from the extraction I got!\r \r I've been getting facials for 10 years now and I have never had such an unpleasant experience. First of all, SLR looks like its running a very cheap operation. The waiting area was cluttered. While you are waiting, you can see towards two rooms where facials are taking place. There are no doors! SLR uses sheer CURTAINS as doors! I could see and hear everything. Second off, Carole and her staff were not friendly to me. I don’t know if they are just snobby or what. (I don’t know why they would be snobby…this place is a DUMP!) \r \r Most importantly, I am still scarred from the facial I got. I have a very large red scar on my face that not even makeup can cover. And worst of all its been four months! It is not getting any better with time! I have never scarred before from a facial. This was such a horrible experience. I truly hope that people be cautious of trusting Carole and her team with your face! \r more

This place is the best! 12/4/2010

I have been coming to SLR for several months and I am always impressed. Carole and her staff are lovely and warm, the facial is excellent, the products are amazing the results have been fantastic. I get constant compliments on how young I look, and I have not broken out at all since I began following my treatment plan and coming for regular facials. The deep pore facial experience is always top notch - you are welcomed with water or tea and invited to lie on a super comfy treatment bed. From there, various cleansers and treatments are applied while the steamer warms your face. Then the pore extraction happens - this is never a fun experience but I've found that the professionals at SLR are very careful and work hard to get this finished quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. (I have not found the same at the more well known places like Bliss). After that a soothing mask is applied and you are left to relax while it sets. At the end of the treatment my skin feels AMAZING - so smooth and soft. Over the last several months I have also noticed a real difference in the size of my pores and, as I said above, have had no real breakouts to speak of. I highly recommend - the service and results are worth every penny. more

Awful!! unless u want your skin to look bad! 11/30/2010

I am not usually a person who takes the time to write a review unless a place is especially good, or in this case, especially BAD. First, the woman who did my facial was sloppy. Second, a few days later, I broke out with numerous pimples AND had super dry skin! It's like everything you DON'T want to get out of a facial. I am completely disappointed! I would NOT recommend this place. more

Not Happy At ALL!! 11/30/2010

I came here over two months ago and I still have two scars from the mini facial I got. I get facials all the time and I have never been left with an acne scar. Makeup can’t even cover my scars…they are bright red! I can’t believe that my face has been ruined by this place. I’m hoping to go to a medical professional to alleviate the visibility of the damage done by Skin Laser Rejuvenation. \r \r I do not recommend this place at all. Aside from the scaring, SLR is a dumpy place to have a facial. I found the facial to be rushed, the people to be snobby and the rooms to be sub par. \r more

Mini Facial 11/22/2010

I went to SLR for a mini facial that I bought on groupon. I found the place to be warm and inviting. My facialist was very informative and helpful. My skin felt clean and glowing when I left the office. I would recommend their facials to everyone as a treat to your face. I will be back again for some cleaning and maintence work. more

I finally may be able to get the skin I've always dreamed of 11/3/2010

I went to SLR after months of trying to fix my adult acne on my own but to no avail. And that was one of the best things I could have done for my face. I've always had a little bit of acne since my teenage years but for some reason when I stopped breast feeding my baby, my skin just went haywire. I started getting the most persistent acne I'd ever had, I was embarrassed to go out in public. I was a bit skeptical yet hopeful when i went to SLR afterall it couldn't get any worse. i got a mini-facial and my skin looked radiant. i cant say that all the acne disappeared but i can say that carole and her team did do a thorough job of extracting all the blackheads, whiteheads and bacteria. And while I;m being honest, I have to admit, it was quite painful. But you know how the saying goes - no pain, no gain. In two weeks after my facial and following the skin care regimen that Carole put me on, most of the acne was diminished. I went for a second facial and now another week later my skin looks quite good - its night and day difference from when I walked into SLR a mere three weeks a go! I'm looking forward to trying the IPL as Carole suggested to get rid of the scarring and reducing the large pores I have. So far, I've been very impressed with SLR. I will update after I have the IPL done! more
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  • Located in the heart of Chelsea, Skin Laser Rejuvenation provides a comfortable clinical environment that is an oasis from stress and a sanctuary for renewal, through which well-trained caring Medical Aestheticians administer properly measured treatments to insure, long lasting desired results targeted to meet your skin care goals.

    This New York skin care facility offers laser hair removal, photo-facials, and other anti-aging skin care treatments. They treat all skin types even specials needs skin types.

    The equipment used at Skin Laser Rejuvenation is medical grade and they use the LUMENIS Quantum and the LUMENIS lightsheer diode. They also offer a full line of instock pharma-grade skin care products, moisturizers, cleansers, scrubs, skin lighting creams, acne treatment, sunscreens and more. This Chelsea medical spa has customized skin care treatments to care for everyone's needs


  • Medical aestheticians replenish skin with intense pulsed light therapy, microdermabrasion, deep pore cleansing, chemical peels, facials and laser hair removal.

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