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Silverado's Dance Hall and Saloon - 45 Reviews - 1204 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (615) 360-2003

Silverado's Dance Hall and Saloon

1204 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 360-2003
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Silverado's Dance Hall and Saloon - Nashville, TN
Silverado's Dance Hall and Saloon - Nashville, TN


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I'm fairly new to the area so I just started going to Silverados and I love it! Everytime my friends and I go we always have a great time. The staff is so friendly and fun! The mi...


This is a good bar. I mean, come on - a $6 cover, and all the free beer you can handle? However it could have been a GREAT bar, but the country music disappeared at 11:00pm, and...

Could be one of the best dance hall's in Nashville 12/6/2010

I have been dancing at Siverado's every since I moved to Nashville in 2007. This is a great place to dance and meet new friends. The people at Silverado's are respectfull and have great customer service. The con's to Siverado's are as follows: The DJ for the country portion of the evening talks over the music way too much. The owners don't seem to put enough into the upkeep of the place itself. The dance floor is often sticky and hasn't been re-finished since I have been dancing there. They let people drink on the floor which usually results in a couple of those drinks ending up on the floor and no one cleaning it up. If it rains hard enough, the roof leaks onto the floor. If the owner(s) would just take the time to upkeep the floor, roof and clean up some of the customers that come in, I truely believe that this would be one of the best clubs in Nashville. more

Terrible location (05 Jul 2010) 7/4/2010

This place has an excellent website, but it's incredibly out of date. I asked who I should talk to in order to get it updated, but apparently nobody cared. Friday night is likely the best night to go there, but Sunday night is definitely the worst. -- If you're like me and just coming back from Afghanistan, this place will make you feel like you never left. At first I was laughing about the barbed wire perimiter they put up, but after midnight I realized that it's there for a good reason. -- I'm thinking about trying this place again on Friday, but it's a bit of a drive; it's a terrible neighborhood (ghetto/projects); and it's a short night ... do not stay past midnight. -- 9-11pm the drinks are free, and the service is amazing as well as friendly, but then the crowd rushes in and ruins everything. The place was trashed in a matter of minutes. The bouncers were friendly earlier but then they got a bit on edge after getting to taze a few rowdy unwelcome guests. -- I quickly realized that I made a good decision by going out alone ... I wouldn't have felt good about bringing friends to a dive like this on a Sunday night. Maybe on a Friday, but it's still quite a risk. Pros: Excellent staff Cons: Terrible crowd on Sunday nights more

great place to go out 2/12/2010

I'm fairly new to the area so I just started going to Silverados and I love it! Everytime my friends and I go we always have a great time. The staff is so friendly and fun! The mix of country line dancing and top 40 keeps everyone dancing all night long. And the free beer special is great too, especially when you are trying to have a good time on a tight budget. I don't even bother going downtown to go clubbing anymore, because Silverados is the best place to go!! As to one of the comments posted before about overeager cops, I say if you know you are going to go out drinking make sure you have a sober driver then you won't have to worry about cops. Pros: great music, fun atmosphere more

better than ever!!!! 2/12/2010

i agree with the comment a few down, the couple negative reviews on here were prob just based on those who have personal problems with the club & the new owners, we all have haters.... ive been goin to this club b4 & after the changes, for prob close to 5 yrs. i love the changes & a good bit of the old staff is still there so you still see familiar faces. if any employees were ever rude i guarantee they are no longer there hahahaha. i have been a fan of this place for years, me & my friends go every weekend, we have never had any problems with cops, parking, or rude people in all the 5yrs ive been goin, and we all love the changes!!!! Pros: free beer, good music, & good times Cons: not open every night more

SilverRAIDo's 1/4/2010

In Medium-If one evening you happen to find yourself cruising down Murfeesboro Road and pass a rustic old building rimmed in neon blue and see a sign that reads "Free beer every night," do not only try to remain in control of your vehicle but KEEP GOING! This hook has gotten truckloads of folks arrested and to pay the maximum bond, fines and higher insurance premiums. Hard core security guards point patrons out while Metro police crowd the parking lot, while unenthusiastic patrons R carted off to jail. They should close this place down. There is something hinky (tink) going on here! So if you don't want to pay for that FREE BEER for the next 5 years don't go here. Pros: None Cons: Police trap more


This club appeals to the largest variety of people in the country. Within the span of 6 hours the musical genres change at least six times allowing people of every age and musical taste to fully enjoy themselves. The dancers are trained professionals who delight in their art, provide well needed energy to the crowds who adore them, and who dress in daisy duke shorts for God's sake. How inappropriate is that? What planet does the previous reviewer live on and in what year was she born. Three thousand patrons pass through the doors of Silverado's each and every week; and all I see on here is one negative review. That speaks volumes. I think we can well afford to lose this one prude to another location. Pros: No Other Club Like It In All OF Tennessee Cons: It should be twice as large more

WHAT HAPPENED?!?! 4/26/2009

What ever happened to the real Silverados?! The new owners have ruined the place! I went this last sunday and have never been more disappointed with the crowd size (could be the managements poor choices)! I have been two other nights in the past month and did not stay more than 30 mins. I was hoping it was just a bad night but boy was I wrong! They have some slutty-looking dancers on the speakers which is just a HUGE problem.... this is not "RADOS"! Isnt it suppose to be a Saloon? Where has the country music been? I want my country music till about 10:50 when i have taken advantage of the free beer.... Looks like I will be at Silverado Rivergate from now on! Murfreesboro Rd. will not see me anymore! Pros: free beer till 11 Cons: nasty dancing girls, poor music choices, VIP more

Great Party Place thats Safe and Fun 4/22/2009

Seldom would you find such a diverse Club that appeals so so many people - it starts out with a pure country dance crowd between 7-11 with DJ Shawn spinning great country hits of the past and present, the average age is 30 to 40 during those hours and offers free longneck beers for a small enough cover where drinking 3 beers during that period more than pays the fee - then there is a transition period in the music that moves to old top 40 and rock n' roll before switching over to completely top 40 music, there are contests on Thursday nite for the Ladys to enjoy of a male hardbody contest, then Friday nites you register to win a free Silverado truck and win a key every week to try to start it on July 3rd, then late nite is a $500 daisy dukes contest that is fun for straight regular ladys that don't have to do nothing but dance for a few minutes in a pair of daisy dukes that they brought or they provide, its alot of fun and all size lady's enter, on sunday nites its all top 40 with a younger crowd between 18 - 35 and then a late nite wet t shirt contest that is infamous as being Florida spring break wild and has got $800 cash prize which brings out all the dancers and younger gorgeous gals, its all alot of fun, in a smoke free enviornment with an outside smoking deck, game room with pool tables, over 20 big screen tv's for sporting events, a luxurious vip room that can be reserved for minimum fee and used by everyone, great armed outside security, and friendly staff - its an unbelievable club that is alot of fun nite after nite with plenty of FREE well lit and safe parking. Pros: Free Beer 7-11, Giant Dance Floor, Great DJ's Cons: None more

An Exciting Club That Is Clean, Safe & Entertaining 4/21/2009

I have been to so many clubs in my life and I've witnessed the best and the worst. Silverados is one of the very best because the owners take great pains to appeal to everyone equally. They provide a wholesome environment in which to play; enable people of all ages and tastes to experience what they enjoy most in music and dance; pay out more money than any other place in the country in prizes so people can compete or just cheer on their friends. and most of all they have a staff of experienced security specialists who insure that everyone is safe and protected from unforeseen elements. What I read on here is mostly lies and innuendoes. I believe everyone has an opinion, but mine must count for something also, and I disagree with all of what I've just read. The dancers at Silverado's are competent and accomplished and not all "trashy." If anything they might be intimidating because they are so good at what they do; but to be compared to "Stippers" is absolute nonsense. I am a regular at this club and I give it two thumbs up in every department. Pros: Caters to so Many different kinds of people. Cons: None. Seems all the bases are covered more

whats the problem??? 4/21/2009

im sure the people giving bad reviews had a personal problem and is bashing the club as backlash. ive been going to silverados for quite awile now and i think the new managment and staff are great. ive never had a problem with my service. FREE BEER, GREAT FOOD, GOOD, CLEAN FUN! i dont understand what you people are complaining about. I really do think this is one of nashville "original" clubs and will always have my business!!! more

Time For Another Change !!!!!! 4/17/2009

Once upon a time Silverado's was the only place to be in Nashville. It didn't matter what you wearing you could go be comfortable, have a few beers and relax and enjoy a night with your friends and just plain have a good time. Since the new owner took over the place has went to hell in a hand basket. They removed all the pool tables from the front and banished every one who plays to the back room. If you smoke you are caged in with barb-wire on top like your in prison. I like the fact that there is a police presence, however the fact that the bouncers have them on a string and play them like a bunch of puppets really under minds the faith I have in law enforcement. The bouncers were once there to keep the peace and not try to play God like we are in some kind of video game. If they don't like you or the people you are with they will look for a reason to have you removed from the building so that the "puppets" can then charge you with some trumped up charge. I have seen other bars be accused of being rac ist, sexist, and even politically incorrect but this bar is the worst one of the bunch. It use to be a bunch of good ole boys who may get rowdy from time to time but now you have a bunch of KIDS who think they rule the planet and the bouncers like to see the young girls who are half dressed get up on the speakers and try to look cute (doing a very poor job might I add) all they are going to get is an STD from one of the bouncers, that is if the girl and even find his manhood. They all suffer from pen nis envy due to the fact that any self respecting female would not give them the time of day in any other reality. The owner needs to go in and "clean house" and start over with all the bouncers, then the bartenders, if you don't tip you will get over charged for your drink. I went to one bar and paid one price then went to the other and was charged 2 dollars more for the same drink !!! that tells me that some one some where is lining their pockets. Metro Police Dept needs to pull the plug on that bar and just plain close them down. I have seen more under aged girls drunk to point where they can't even walk straight but the police and the bouncers turn a blind eye to the whole thing just so that they can get their jollies by watching them shake their stuff for all to see. T.A.B.C. needs to be called for a pop in visit. In short if you are looking for great bar to go to I would suggest driving the extra mile down the road to Stampede's in Murfreesboro they have a lower cover charge, colder beer, and a better class of personal. I promise that you will NOT be disappointed. Pros: Free Beer, Great DJ Cons: Poor Service, Bouncers With Pen nis Envy, Snot Nose Kids more

Do not like the changes... 4/5/2009

I have been going to Silverado's for 7 years. It use to be $6 to get in, free beer til 11 p.m., and everybody knew everybody. Now, there is a different crowd. The people that use to go every weekend do not go anymore. Im sure it is because of the $10 cover, different crowd, those non-dancing girls on top of the speakers swinging their hair around like theyre in a Van Halen video, and the Dirty old men that own the joint. They disgust me. Some of the dancers might as well be strippers..although they cant dance like a stripper. The only one that can dance is the lil bitty short black girl.. and you dont see her up on a speaker swinging her hair all around, or rubbing on herself like she is trying to be seductive, haha. Its pretty funny to watch the other ones though..I must admit it. I use to go there every weekend and have fun..also receive good service.. now the bartenders wont even serve you without picking up a tip jar and sitting it in your face before they give you free beer. Hello, its FREE BEER!!. Ive even heard them say "If youre not tipping, Im not serving you". Well with that kind of attitude, who would want you to serve them? They should realize that good service and friendliness is what makes their tips. Tina, Chassity, and Jason were the best... now theyve replaced them with rudeness. But, they still have the good mix of music. If you are a music buff, youwill enjoy the variety that they play there...and if you can get served... the beer is still free til 11... Pros: Free Beer. Good Mix of Music Cons: Different Crowd.. Dancers..Perverted old men that own it now more

They screwed up! 3/5/2009

I've been going to this place for almost 10 years and it was the best place for a great night. Everyone knew you and you could have a great time. Tina and Chassity were the best. Now they've changed owners and ruined the place. It's trashy! Those girls on the speakers can't dance and need to put clothes on. It's just not the same anymore. I miss the old Silverardo's. The TRUE ORGINIAL SILVERADO'S!!!! Pros: good dance floor, free beer Cons: "Silverado dancers", rude employees more

The Best and Most Unique Dance Club in the Country 2/24/2009

People can talk trash without exemption, but when you see a place for months and realize how much goes into it, a new vision takes effect. This club has everything you would want in a dance facility. It is clean, secure, fun and gives people of all sorts something to enjoy. The night begins with Country music and line dancing; then after a while it morphs into popular top 40 and hip hop. One room is designated for VIP luxury; another for outdoor smokers with heaters; and let's not forget Suzie's great kitchen. To top it all off, the Silverado Dancers enter later on and dazzle the crowd with high energy, talent, versatility and beauty. It is affordable and lots of fun. What more could one ask for? Well for starters: free long necks from 7-11; well lit and secure free parking; and $800.00 Wet T-Shirt contest and soon to happen, a male hard body contest with a Silverado Truck for the lucky winner. Nothing trashy about this place. The person who wrote that has some hidden agenda or is just plain trash herself. Pros: Clean atmosphere, great music, huge dance floor, high security, lots of free parking, great food, and the beautiful Silverado Dancers Cons: Not enough places like this in Nashville more

Trashy!!! 2/18/2009

This place is trash trash trash. I can't believe anyone goes to this club. They are headed for extinction. It is dirty and everyone there is low class. The staff is rude and the dancers are horrible. Do they know what clothes are? Never in my life have I seen anything so disgusting. The only plus is the beer. I won't be going back. Pros: The beer Cons: The trashy........... everything more

Non-smoking! 10/22/2008

Silverado went non-smoking earlier this year....and recently started ladies' night: no cover charge until 9p on Friday, and you still get free beer! Quickest way to get drinks is to get to know the bartenders....Tina and Chassity rock!!!! more

Um welcome to TN? 6/20/2008

Don't dress up or you will be looked at all night. Jeans and a t-shirt is cool. I could see a cool place if you go with your friends. Watch out for a fight to break out... Pros: Hang with friends type place.. Cons: kinda dirty more


i have been going to Rados for almost 3 years....i love it and i hardly ever go anywhere else....everyone should try it out.....if you aren't sure about the country get there about 9:30 or 10ish....the "dance" music starts around 11 so you'll get a little taste of both.....FREE BEER TILL 11!!!!!!...also the staff is awesome and the cover is reasonable....everyone should check it out!!!! more

Good times...good memories 3/13/2007

My friend and I recently visited Silverados (twice in one weekend) at the end of Feburary. I can honestly say that it is one of the "coolest" bars I have ever been to. How many places can you go to and have country line dancing and then "dance" music. We made lots of friends and great memories. The only thing that I was not satisfied with was the service. It took quiet some time to get a drink and some of the waitresses were not to friend. Overall, I have to say this is one place that you need to visit while in Nasvhille. Pros: Variety of music, fun atmosphere, and fair price on drinks Cons: Smoking on the dancefloor more

Fight City!! 3/9/2007

More fights in this place then any i have been to. I also saw alot of under age drinking going on in front of the staff and they didnt seem to care . I will not be going back to this place more
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    If one evening you happen to find yourself cruising down Murfreesboro Road and pass a rustic old building rimmed in neon blue and see a sign that reads "Free beer every night," try to remain in control of your vehicle. This hook has gotten truckloads of folks to pay the minimal cover at this local country dance hall for years. Hard-core country enthusiasts crowd the dance floor, while enthusiastic college coeds close the place down.

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