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Sicily Pizza - 17 Reviews - 12373 Scarsdale Blvd, Ste C, Houston, TX 77089-6027, Houston, TX - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (281) 484-5555

Sicily Pizza

12373 Scarsdale Blvd, Ste C, Houston, TX 77089-6027
Houston, TX 77089
(281) 484-5555
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Sicily Pizza - Houston, TX
Sicily Pizza - Houston, TX
Sicily Pizza - Houston, TX
Sicily Pizza - Houston, TX


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Love the new menu and staff....fantastic food (1) Pepperoni Rolls


Please let me start out by stating that I love the 8lb pizza this place puts out. That's about all.\r I hadn't ever read any of the review about this place until today and when ...

Love the new menu and staff....fantastic food 3/13/2014

Love the new menu and staff....fantastic food (1) Pepperoni Rolls more

Love the new menu and staff....fantastic food 3/13/2014

ladramer68 Provided by Partner
Love the new menu and staff....fantastic food more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/15/2012

The food here is absolutely disgusting!! After waiting an hour for delivery I finally got my meal. The fettucinni alfredo had absolutely no flavor, hell even the shrimp on the meal was tasteless. Moving onto the dessert, I was not surprised to find out the tiramasu I ordered was a frozen piece of sponge..with you guessed, no taste! I can't believe I wasted $16! Any positive review on this garbage must be written by the company itself.Yuck, stay away from this hellhole! more

I can't believe they're still in business. 5/7/2012

Please let me start out by stating that I love the 8lb pizza this place puts out. That's about all.\r I hadn't ever read any of the review about this place until today and when I did it sure brought a sense of deja-vu.\r I work for a company where we order food for lunches all of the time. I ran a report, I spent $5000 last year along in my department for food for my guys.\r When we called this place to order almost $200 worth of pizza for a Safety meeting we had scheduled they stated that they wouldn't take our credit card if it was for over $100. We tried to tell them that we'd done business with them before and that we're a facility of over 400 people; it was a corporate credit card for heaven's sake.\r Talk about RUDE. They said that their policy was not to take credit card orders over $100 and they didn't care who we were. It is totally unbelievable that these people can remain in business. After our secretary told me the story I asked our facility manager to call and see if they'd relent. His response after talking to them was ""Tear up that menu and I never want to see them or their food at our facility EVER.""\r Too bad about all of their lack of customer service; I really miss their pizza. more

Please - what hours of operations??? 4/25/2012

PLEASE...we are trying to order a pizza for lunch. The hours of operation say 11:00am to 10:00pm.. It is now 12:00 noon lunch time and they still don't answer the phone...\r From what I understand this is a very common practice for this business.\r I do NOT recommend this place..If he is this late to open can you imagine what his kitchen must look like. more

The worst customer service EVER!!!! Unbelievable 1/12/2012

OMG I cannot believe how i was treated by this business. Seriously if I would have known how this company runs I would have never ordered from them. I have been ordering from Sicily's for about 1-2 yrs now. I've never really had a problem with them besides that they're NEVER open during lunch. I was told over the phone they don't start making their pizza's till after 1pm. I had an incident with them about a week ago in which i ordered a pizza and when I got home i noticed my pizza was overcooked, almost burned. I immediately called and asked to speak with a manager. Some man came on the phone and mentioned to me they had been having oven problems and that i wasnt the only once that had called to complain. He assured me that next time i order i wouldnt have to pay. Well I called the following week to order my pizza and i was treated soooooo disrespectful over the phone. The moran that answered the phone said that there was no manager working last week (so basically i made up that lie). I assured him that it was last week but he was sooo damn rude that he didnt want to listen. He hung up on me before saying don't ever call again. He had cussed at me that i was in disbelief. I've never been treated like that before. DO NOT order from these people. It's a family own'd business and apparently they did not take any customer service classes before opening their business or at least have respect for people. No wonder everytime i have gone there, they hardly have any customers. They disgust me!!!! Hope they go out of business soon. They don't deserve good customers like myself. more

best pizza 6/5/2011

Their 8 1/2 pound pizza is the best!!! Had friends over and we ordered 2 of these pizzas, warning them about how big it is. They were shocked when the pizzas arrived. They kept ravng about how good it was. The driver was very nice. When we ordered the pizza the lady was very clear that it would take an hour and 15 minutes to arrive and she was exactly correct. Believe me, this pizza is worth the wait! more

Rude, Lies, and Overpriced 4/30/2011

The lady that answers the phone here is very rude. I have ordered from here in the past and food seems to have gone downhill fast....\r Do not order here they want to charge you $5 for bacon on HALF of a pizza and when I asked who the owner was the lady lied to me, first she said she was, then she said her husband was, then she said she wasn't married and that she lied...and it went on and on...\r when confronted she ""banned me from ordering"" LOL.\r I think this business is not worth the rude behavior from it's employees and the food is barely okay. not even close to great food. more

Don't order food from here you will regret it, I do 4/23/2011

Do not order food from this restraunt i did and what a mistake. we had it delivered and my hubby got it broought to me to serve to my kids and the pasta was crushed under the wings with wing sauce on it. I immediately called and when i told her what happened she ask me if i paid cash or credit well i had the cash so i paid cash well she informed me she would do nothing and that they would not fix the order and that there was no refunds well i went down to the store could not believe what i was hearing and well when i tried to talk to them i was told to leave or they would call the sheriff and have me arrested. what a company i left hubby tried to talk but they would not do anything well almost 40.00 of food that could not be eaten. well if you order from this place they will treat you like dirt and the customer they will not please. more

RUDE SERVICE 11/20/2010

This evening my wife called in a small order for her and my son. She waited for over an hour before calling in to check status of her order, when she did so she was greeted with complete DISRESPECT! She was given some BS excuse about orders not being prepared till 20 minutes after being placed my phone and internet making the estimated time of delivery over 1 1/2 hours. I for one would like to have this info before ordering. \r So heres the kicker... when she asked to cancel her order she was yelled at as if a child and told ""HAVE A NICE LIFE"" and hung up on. She then attempted to call back in order to speak to a manager and was cursed at, threaten, and hung up on agian. \r \r DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THESE JOKERS!!!!\r more


I submitted an order at 6:13 pm on 11/20/10. Exactly 45 minutes later I called in to Sicily Pizza--SCARSDALE. My order still had not been delivered. The woman on the phone sounded elderly. She stated that the online orders take 20 minutes before they receive them. I told her that this was not stated on the website. I told her I was concerned about my salad being soggy. She said it wouldn't. There was a man in the background that I could hear. We waited a phone moments on the phone and then I asked to have my order voided. She then told the man. He grabbed the phone from her and yelled to me, ""Fine! We'll void your order, have a nice life!!"" He then hung up the phone on me. I was shocked and called back. I immediately asked for the manager. He said, ""For what?! I already cancelled your order. What part of that don't you understand?!"" I told him that I was never rude and that I just wanted to speak to the manager. He said ""no!"" and hung up again. I called back and he threatened to call the Harris County Sheriff on me. I asked for what and he said I was harrassing him. I told him I'm a customer and I would like to speak to the manager. He said, ""Your order has been cancelled--what part don't you understand?! Have a nice life!"" Needless to say, I am shocked at his behavior. I hope he isn't the manager or owner. This is terrible customer service and just plain mean. There was no reason for his EXTREME rudeness. I will make sure to share my experience with everyone I know. He would not give his name. more

Still crussing 9/4/2010

I have been getting food from here for years. Love there food never had a problem untill last night. Spent 62. and everything was good untill we opened the rueban sub. When my daughter saw that the meat was burnt she called and the lade told her there was no way it was burnt. So we went up there to show them and long story short they told me to cut the burnt off and then the cook started yelling and cussing. They did throw my money back for the sandwich and said to call the cops. I have never been treated this way. So sad I like there food but will not buy where I am dierespected. Also he followed us outside to get the plate no. off my car and then yelled my address at me. more

Worst Customer Service Ever 6/20/2010

We will never order here again! We have had multiple wrong orders and when we confronted them this time they eventually cussed us out and implied a threat because they stated they had ""our address."" What does that mean?? Are they going to come and do something. This is the last time they bully a family! Pros: Nothing Cons: Service more

Shocked! I was cussed at! 2/4/2010

i ordered a large pizza over the phone, i thought the ladys said 10.99, when i came to pick up it was 22.00. i then told the man, he must have the wrong order. he said no, it was mine, so i had to cancel. i wasnt going to pay that much. he got very angry when i canceled, threw his paper down and gave me a dirty look, said ""what do you mean, your going to cancel"". i told him, sorry, i must of not understood the workers english that well then, he then said ""NO, YOU ARE A DUMBA__!"" I told him i'd let his boss know, he said, ""go ahead, dumba__"". The next day, I called the manager and she said ""so what do you want me to do about it"", and hung up on me, now i see why that employee was that way. so my next step is to speak to owner and let better business bureau know. i felt very threatened by that worker, and i never raised my voice at him at all, felt like a dream! Cons: very unprofessional more

Best pizza I ever had 3/23/2009

One of the biggest and heavist pizza I ever ate, the wings are very good too for such a great price. I recomend trying the EIGHT AND A HALF POUNDER. more

i enjoy it 3/23/2009

i personally enjoy eating there. There food is always hot and fresh when i order it. Their customer service is great, and the people are very friendly!! more

Filthy... Sick... 2/9/2009

How can a restraunt not have anywhere to sit? there were 2 dirty booths full of supplies. no restroom. It took 25 minutes for a sub that i fed to my dog. I am waiting to see if he survives. There was a repairman that had made a make shift desk on the cooler that got more attention than I did. The place was Filthy!!!! Pros: I was offered a beverage since the wait was so long Cons: everything else was a disaster more


I have to agree with reviews I read on Yahoo, they care about their money first customer last. It is family owned/operated, so if they don't feel like working (and choose to close during advertised open business hours) and if they poorly cook your pizza and feel like being rude to you or feel like keeping your money with no effort to help you or fix it, they will.\r \r Listen to what happened to us.\r \r I ordered a pizza from the Scarsdale location. The meat or the pizza was bad or something because it started to make us sick (nauseous, and a few other details I won't get into). so we decided to call back and tell them what happened (Thursday 02/06/09 around 6 pm). The guy on the phone (like he had a bad day or something) starts going off on me. He tells me it takes eight hours to digest the pizza, that it didn't make me sick and that if I really felt like it did to call the he alth dept, and that if I called a second time he would consider it harassment and call the police (huh?!) I asked him what his name was and he wouldn't give it to me, and then he hangs up on me!\r \r I was astonished.\r \r First off anyone who has felt nauseous after a meal knows it doesn't take EIGHT HOURS to feel that way. Does sour milk or cheese take eight hours to make you feel sick? How long does it take to digest bread? I have never experienced something like that before and really believe that for every person who takes the time to write something like this, there are dozens more who remain silent and simply don't come back (This is the first time I have looked online and did not know others had experienced similar things like this before I ordered.)\r \r I will take his advice about calling the he alth dept. I won't go there anymore and I will also tell everyone I know so they don't have to risk experiencing that. more
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Sicily Pizza Pasta & More serves the Freshest Pizza, Pasta & Wings in Houston. Call (888) 983-9115 to order!

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  • Sicily Pizza Pasta & More serves the Freshest Pizza, Pasta & Wings in Houston. We are the premier pizza and sub destination with its newly remodeled parlor showcasing granite countertops and a beautiful and clean look. Sicily Pizza Pasta & More invites you in to pick up your pizza and wings. Designed for pick up and delivery only, we have everything you can image from Build your own Pizza to specialty pizzas like the Ultimate Greek and Double Decker Pepperoni. From Salad to Sandwiches, Appetizers to Pasta and of course Desserts to Drinks all at great prices in Houston. Sicily Pizza Pizza Pasta & More has over 30 years of combined experience from the chef's and owner making Sicily PIzza the place to stop and pick up a pizza that will have the whole family smiling from ear to ear. Call Sicily Pizza Pasta & More at (888) 983-9115 to order today!


  • Pizza and hot sub sandwiches await casual diners and delivery customers at this neighborhood outlet.

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    Daily 11am-10pm
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    Master Card, Visa
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