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Shuttle Express - 15 Reviews - 805 Lenora St, Seattle, WA - Airport Parking Areas Reviews - Phone (206) 622-1424

Shuttle Express

805 Lenora St
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 622-1424
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Shuttle Express can be a good alternative to a taxi, depending on how far away you live from the airport. You do have to wait a really long time, usually, at the airport when you...

Worst service I have ever experienced 7/21/2016

We booked a reservation to take us from the airport to our sons house. We were told it would be a half hour wait. After 20 minutes they called our name. The driver told us to hurry up. He told us we would b his last dip off. Ten to fifteen minutes later he told us he was sorry but dispatch said they had other people waiting longer and the had too much luggage for us to fit. He politely asked us to get off and took all of our luggage out of the van. I asked him how long we would have to wait and he said don't know it's a busy time. We went back to the desk and waited in line 20 minutes while other customers complained about the service before deciding this was ridiculous. We walked over to yellow cab whoIMMEDIATELY put us In a cab with a very nice driver. Whatever you do do not use express shuttle more

Absolutely horrible 7/19/2015

We booked a trip with shuttle express from sea-tac airport to pier 91. It took 2 hours to get to the pier. The driver was late by 20 minutes getting started. He got in a fight with a passenger in front of the van while we were waiting for him to leave. Once he finally left sea-tac, he drove all over downtown before getting to the pier. If we had just caught a cab, the cost would have been the same price and it would have taken only 30 minutes. We complained to the company by email and they were less than helpful. We will never use this service again. Take a cab or use the cruise line transportation. more

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Pay a few dollars more and avoid the inconvinece 1/3/2012

I would never use this service again. Getting to the airport was ok but on our ride back it took us 3.5 hours (and it wasn't the traffic) to get home for a trip that takes us 40 minutes to drive. First it took a while for the driver to get every one loaded. Then we waited for 20 minutes for one more passenger to arrive. After leaving the airport the driver turned around after 5 minutes to go back and pick up another passenger. Then we had to wait while each person got taken home, which is something we knew but what we weren't expecting was how far out of the way each stop was. This after getting off an international flight with a child. Next time we'll spring the extra $20 to get a private taxi. more

No Show 8/23/2011

Unreliable service. First time to Seattle. Family of four with luggage on a hotel to airport return. I verified the pickup the day before. They did not show within their 20 minute window for the hotel pickup. When I called they told me I should keep waiting but I told them I'll get a taxi instead as we had an airplane to catch. They reluctantly said they would refund my charge (I pre-paid for this trip). Now, two months later, I'm still contesting the credit card charge. The cost of the taxi was a few $ cheaper to add insult to injury. I've used lots of shuttle services in the past and I've never been stood up. Next time in Seattle, I'll just take a cab. more



tip: that's is all is about 12/19/2010

rude driver only looking for big tip. tipped by credid card and also took one dolalr more than the value I signed for , never again, bunch of thiefs ... more

Don't believe anything they say about reservations 8/18/2010

Even if you have a reservation, you still have to sit on their benches in the smelly loud parking garage until they get around to "dispatching" you. They claim 20 minutes or less, but we sat there for over an hour despite having a confirmed non-shared van reservation (yeah, we reserved the van, but it apparently doesn't come with driver. Those get dispatched whenever one is available). The rep behind the counter was too busy reading her book to help, and the driver (while nice once we left) abandoned us in the parked van while he went to "talk to the dispatcher" for a while. Reserved vans are massively overpriced for the service you get and the "reservations" are a joke. Probably good if you have nobody to come pick you up and can't take a cab, but otherwise avoid them at all costs. more

Never fall for their claims that their shuttles will be outfitted with chains and are guaranteed to get you to the airport 12/25/2008

Their web-site says that their shuttles will be outfitted with chains and they will guarantee a ride to the airport. That is totally untrue statement. For starters the moment it starts to snow they will backtrack on their original promise of picking up at your door and give you a pickup location many miles away. And how am I supposed to get there!!!! Walk??? To make matters worse they will change the time at a very short notice (just 8 hours before) and change the pickup time to be earlier. Of course I cannot even drive to the airport because my trip is way too long to park my car at long term parking (i.e. if I can find long term parking in Seatac at this busy time of the year). If you are relying on them to get you to the airport then always have alternate arrangements since they are worse than the other promised ride to the airport. more

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Cheaper than a taxi 4/4/2006

Shuttle Express can be a good alternative to a taxi, depending on how far away you live from the airport. You do have to wait a really long time, usually, at the airport when you are heading home, as they like to fill the vans before sending them off. This can be INCREDIBLY annoying and frustrating when you just want to get home because it's late and your flight was awful. I've definitely bailed out on the Shuttle Express line to take a taxi out of sheer frustration and after having waited over an hour. Taking the van TO the airport is much nicer because you can wait at home for the Shuttle Express to come and get you. The only problem with this is that they pick you up WAY TOO early - like several hours before your flight leaves. I guess this is because they guarantee that you won't miss your flight, but when you have an early morning flight, I'd almost rather miss it than get to the airport 2.5 hours early! Overall, I've stopped taking the Shuttle Express because it's a waste of time. At this point I'd rather pay the money (not all that much more) for a cab, or take the bus if I have time to spare since it's about $30 cheaper! more

OK if you have no other alternative but the bus 8/20/2005

We used Shuttle Express thinking that it was like the Super Shuttle service in other cities. WRONG!!! The difference is that these people will make you wait in the parking garage at the airport until they fill the shuttle up. That wait can be up to an hour and a half! The very last time it happened to me, I solicited others waiting in line and shared a cab. It's ridiculous when you ask them how long it may take for it to fill up to go to your neighborhood, and they can't give you an answer. On top of that, you're sitting in the parking garage at the airport breathing in auto exhaust while you wait. Unacceptable. I now use an off-site parking lot and love it. If they changed their wait policy to be more like Super Shuttle (they wait a max of 15 minutes), I would consider using them. more

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Shuttle Express Gets You There - Not Outrageously Expensive 8/17/2005

Shuttle Express runs airport shuttles in 10 passenger vans from the hotels and by reservation from your home. For $25 from downtown (not including tip) it's a pretty good value over a cab ride that is now nearing $40 if you don't mind sharing with strangers and spending a little extra time. Generally, Shuttle Express aims to get you to your flight no more than two hours in advance, if you're like me and like to cut it closer, particularly at non-peak hours, this means a lot of time sitting in the airport for no good reason. Coming home from Sea-Tac, you don't make a reservation, but head to the Shuttle Express counter. The wait time can be anywhere from ten minutes to an hour for a shuttle headed in your direction (and, of course, other people may be dropped off ahead of you) further delaying your trip home. I think the better value is to the airport and then catch a cab coming home from the airport given the crapshoot of how long you might be waiting. The drivers are generally courteous and professional. more

Always on Time 8/17/2005

I have taken Shuttle Express to the airport many times. They are always on time to pick me up at my house, and the price is much better than a taxi. The best thing about Shuttle Express is their service FROM the airport. They always have shuttles waiting for you, and can accommodate changes of plans quickly and easily. For around $25 to downtown, Shuttle express is a great deal. The drivers are courteous and prompt, and above all drive safely. I have been pleased every time I have taken Shuttle Express. more

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Moderately priced but slow 8/17/2005

Here are the scenarios for how you could get to the airport: Friend – cheap, convenient, and fast but not always an option Bus – very cheap, but not usually very convenient, and pretty slow Taxi or Towncar – very convenient and fast, but also very expensive Shuttle Express Shared Van – convenient, fairly inexpensive, but usually pretty time consuming To use Shuttle Express if you want to go to the airport, you call them up or sign on to the website. You tell them your flight information and your address and then they tell you when the shared van will be by to pick you up. It’s usually a window of time (30 mins or so) during which you have to watch and be ready to go. It’s also usually about 4 hours before your flight. I only live 20 minutes from the airport so leaving 4 hours ahead of time is very unnecessary and a waste of time. It usually costs about $20 or $30, though you can save money the more people you have in your party (it’s less per person that way). They do guarantee to get you to the airport on time however, which some people might like. To take the Shuttle Express from Seatac airport to home, you go to the reservation counter down by the taxi stands and put your name in. Then you wait and wait and wait (depending on the volume of people who are also waiting) until your name is called. They try to group people into vans by where your drop off location is. Then you get in the van and hope that you aren’t the last person to get off, because, if you are, it could take you several hours to get home. This can be very very frustrating. The drivers have all been nice in my experience (which is considerable), although a lot of them have been new to Seattle and were NOT familiar with the streets at all. Once, on my way home from the airport in the middle of the night, the driver asked me and the 5 other passengers to figure out amongst ourselves what order we should be dropped off in based on where we all live. This was really frustrating because we were all tired and angry and everyone obviously wanted to get off first. That was the last time I’ve taken the Shuttle Express because it was such an irritating experience. It’s now worth it to me to pay the extra $20 for a taxi, or deal with the slowness of the bus (if I don’t have a ton of luggage), or inconvenience a friend (if it’s not in the very early morning or late night). Overall, the Shuttle Express can be useful, but I wouldn’t recommend it as your main mode of transportation to and from the airport (unless you’re just in Seattle for a conference or something, in which case it’s nice to get door to door service and cheaper than a taxi). more

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Door to Door service with a smile 8/16/2005

I didn't mean for the title to sound so cliched but that is exactly the kind of service that Shuttle Express provides. While it is somewhat expensive it is a better option than the bus. When you reserve with this service they pick you up and drop you off at the airport often eariler than you would like. This is because they have to pick up multiple people in different areas. Because of this it can also take a little longer to get home. The upside of this service is that the service is courteous and professional and the vans are comfortable. There is no set price per se. If you are interested in utilizing this business call them directly or go to there website where you can also make reservations. more

So Much Better than Driving and Parking 8/16/2005

We used Shuttle Express' town car service to and from the airport in May '05 and it was great. The driver called to confirm the day before and was on time for the 4AM pickup. She handled all of our luggage with ease (very impressive), helped get the kids' car seats buckled in properly, and was very pleasant on the drive to the airport. The car was clean and roomy. All in all, it was well worth the cost, which was roughly equivalent to what we would have paid to park at the airport. more
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