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Shogun Sushi - 30 Reviews - 10174 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA - Japanese Restaurants Reviews - Phone (818) 349-9555
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Shogun Sushi

10174 Reseda Blvd
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 349-9555
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The food is very good and the price is very reasonable. I don't really like sushi very much but this place changed my mind. The ambiance was very good as well, the interior was ...


Being a college student I am always jumping at the opportunity for cheap sushi. Well this place is the pits. I know people come for cheap sushi and sake bombs, but be careful of t...

Shogun Sushi: The Best 4/22/2012

The food is very good and the price is very reasonable. I don't really like sushi very much but this place changed my mind. The ambiance was very good as well, the interior was very clean and sleek and the decorations were seriously cool. When I entered the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by the waitress and a smile. They made me feel very welcome and got my order taken right away. They were very attentive and answered all my questions. I ordered some sushi and also a dinner combination. Everything was seriously good! And with that kind of food I was expecting a hefty price, but I was surprised when I got the bill, it was so low! I really recommend this place if you're looking for a great place to eat and enjoy the atmosphere! more


I had to give 1 star because it wouldn't let me give them 0 stars based on the fact that they have cockroaches! my daughters, grandson and i had dinner there last night and i just got done filing this complaint on line at dept of public heath:\r my adult daughters, grandson and i recently started eating at this restaurant on recommendation because food was good & inexpensive. but last night after we finished our sushi & chicken teriyaki dinners, i reached for my hot tea to finish drinking the last gulp when i noticed the roach floating in it as i was about to put the cup to my mouth. it took everything i had not to throw up on the spot. my oldest daughter arielle showed it to our server who got a look of shock but a bit of a smile when he saw it. he took it to the older lady & gentleman at the register and they all talked about it to themselves for a while...a long while. finally the older gentlemen came to our table and said 'sorry that was just a little fly in the' arielle loudly told him it wasnt a fly but a cockroach and he denied it. he walked back to the lady at the register and never came back to us. after what seemed like an eternity i finally told my daughters lets go to them. after the older lady tended to customers paying their bill she said the same thing about it being a fly and started to hand arielle the bill to pay. arielle again loudly said it wasn't a fly its a cockroach and we're not paying to which the lady quickly said ok and drew a line across the bill. no one ever apoligized to us.\r \r more

Best food in town 7/7/2011

\r Food is amazing. Every time I come here, I feel like I never want to leave. Very chic atmosphere with a relaxing mood.\r The service is great and the staff really does a terrific job at taking care of you.\r The appetizers are delicious.\r Theres plenty of places to park: theres a parking lot across the street and a parkin garage up the street within walking distance.\r Most of the time I find myself looking at my watch waiting for the food to come, but here I was so entertained with the fun atmosphere that I was pleasantly surprised when my food arrived\r more

Shogun Rocks! Will miss our favorite waiter tho 6/18/2009

We are going to party all night there Friday to send off our fav waiter to his new journey. Can't wait!!! Salmon is supreme, heart attacks byte ya back, monkey brains awesome, octopus and scallops exquisite. Munchin on edemame while watching chefs at work. Extra wasabi plzzzzz Meeting at 5:30 all welcome dutch treat. Pros: affordable and fililng gives us extra wasabi Cons: waiting for table always takes a long time, res. 5+ more

Best I've had 4/21/2009

I like this place! Never had to wait for good or service Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Poor service 3/14/2009

We went the four of us on a friday and had a long wait..kind of expected though. They let us order some sapporos while waiting which was cool. When we finally got our table, if took a while for the waiters to take our order. I had to flag them down a few times. The waiters are mostly younger kids that seem like they have to be there and besides the slow reaction times, you could also see it on the faces. That place must make a lot of money due to how busy they were, so you think they could hire more professional waiters. That shows poor management skills. And when that's poor, you have to think is the food areas sanitary? I ate their a few times and never got (or heard of anybody getting) sick. My wife left her purse there and when we called to check the lost and found, it wasn't there. The crowd is very young and the waiters seem like street racing disrespectful little holigans so I'm not surprised to find out it was gone. All in all, if you take a more aggressive mode with the waiters and don't forget any valuables.... you probably will have a good time. Pros: Good music, good prices Cons: Service a bit slow more

dirty sushi 2/6/2009

Being a college student I am always jumping at the opportunity for cheap sushi. Well this place is the pits. I know people come for cheap sushi and sake bombs, but be careful of the fish. You always know when a sushi joint is not fresh because the restaurant smells terrible and this one is the worst. The chefs do not wipe their knifes clean when making different rolls, the rolls are un-original and fall apart when you pick up your sushi. The lady who I believe is the owner is horrible rude and takes her time adding up your bill, but the servers are worse. They have never got any of my orders right and Ive been there a few times, and even tried to charge me for their mistake. So if youre in the mood for horrible food, terrible service, and disgusting food this place is right for you. Pros: cheap food Cons: poor service, horrible food more

Been here more than I can remember 10/28/2008

I used to live very close to Shoguns and although there are a lot of other sushi places around, I always found myself going back to Shoguns. YES the service is slow and somewhat terrible. I understand that. The food isnt top notch, but it is a lot better than most of the places around. Its HALF-PRICE so please dont go expecting superb sushi. I used to go to Shoguns and have very large parties of at least 8-15 people and we would have the best time. We knew all of the chefs by name and all of the servers and even the owner's. BUT within the last year or so, Shogun has gone down a bit because: 1) Their best chefs have left and 2) the better, faster servers left as well. In part, my wife and I still go and have a good time. The sushi isnt always great, but IT IS good-very good. The servers may be lame and seem to just not care about their customers, but the food is still good enough to hangout.....NOT TOO LONG THOUGH.........the air gets a bit spicy for the eyes....meaning whatever they are cooking, seems to cause my eyes to itch and burn, the more time I am in there. If you want to go to a pretty good sushi place, nicer, and cleaner, Id suggest Kabuki in Hollywood. Pretty damn good sushi....probably better than Shoguns. Pros: Pretty good sushi and good prices Cons: A bit dirty and VERY slow service more

Great place to go when you're craving sushi! (to me) Good enough service for such a tasty meal. 10/18/2008

I think Shogun is amazingly good. Annnd the wait isn't so bad. Neither is the service. Its a decent wait for such a good meal. Its the best warm sushi on a cold day. Its a nice calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can just chill with friends and family. Come and enjoy some time. Pros: great food, best prices Cons: little bit of a wait but its totally worth it! more

Great place for small parties 10/1/2008

It may not be the best sushi in Cali, but you cant beat the price. So what, the service is crappy, it gives you time to socialize with your friends & drink your beer. Its definately not fine dining, therefore you can bring the kids & they dont have to sit still & be quiet. A perfect place to get the friends together for a sit down to catch up, without feeling pressured by the waiters to leave, like other places. If you're looking for quality, I'd say pass, but if you just need a sushi fix on a budget, this is the place. Pros: Parking, Prices, Beers more

dirty fish, rude chef 7/23/2008

So, this place is already known for bad service from the waiters, but people underestimate the rudeness and the dirty handling of the fishes. My friends and i sat at the bar in front of this old chef, who rudely ignored our requests, and pretty much threw our food plates down to us. He got agitated everytime we asked for more sauce or ginger, and clearly expressed it by muttering Korean words under his breath. My friends were from out of town, and i wanted to treat them out for some cheap food and drinks, but the night ended in disaster. By the time we were leaving, this old chef was outside in the front smoking a cigarette, staring us down like he's some kind of thug or something. That nincompoop really ruined our night, and I am never going back there. I highly recommend NEVER going there, but if decided NEVER sit in front of this old chef. He is what you would call a straight up A**HOLE. Pros: nothing Cons: rude old chef, horrible service, low quality food. more

Worst Service but best price in town 6/28/2008

With todays gas prices it's nice to find a place that gives great quality for a reasonable price. I will fore go a little service and stand a little rudeness by young waiters for a cheaper bill. Pros: parking Cons: service more


i LOVE this joint! it was recommended to me by friends and i thank them often for doing so! they have the cheapest good quality rolls i've ever had. true true, service is definitely lacking, but the food is well worth it! i've never had to wait over half an hour, but i would gladly do so for a BLCR or Red Dragon Roll! YUMMY! Pros: DELICIOUS food, AWESOME prices Cons: service not so good, but tolerable more

sushi is ok fresh is important 3/7/2008

i dont like the service or how old the place looks, this place is full of smoke stinks\r they cook there famous scallops inside with a toaster in make your eyes burn.\r My recomendations for this place is stop cooking inside by the sushi bar, in take any cooking at the kitchen Hire smarter waiters to serve, paint the place in change carpet make it look nice.\r sushi is ok is not bad it taste fresh wish is important, in price is very low.\r i stop going to the restaurant because of the smoke. more

HORRIBLE service .. cheap yummy sushi 2/21/2008

I live in the valley so I go here kinda often when my cheapie friends want sushi. It doesn't matter what time you go .. weekday lunch or dinner is just as crowded and long of a wait as a Fri or Sat night. It's always packed w/ CSUN students.They have absolutley no system for seating people whatsoever so it ALWAYS takes way OVER an hour. You have to constantly go up and ask the RUDE hostess what's your wait status because you'll see people after your name on the list get seated before you. One time, we finally got seated in a crummy corner behind a party of 8 in a table blocking ours. They totally forgot we were even there! A couple that got seated after us got served their food before they even came to take our drink order and give us menus. Then after eating, we even had to wait to get our bill and pay. The worst part is, they never feel the need to apologize, resolve the situation, or even take suggestions to improve their customer service. It's the best CHEAP sushi you'll find in the valley. But if you're not broke and don't have at least 4 hours to waste, pay the extra bucks and go to a decent sushi joint w/ better service and food. Pros: cheap sushi Cons: WORST service ever! more

Best BLCR roll youll ever have in ur life!!!!!!!!! 2/7/2008

well i might say that yes this place does have bad service but the sushi will make up for that .... I live in pasadena and i drive all the way to northridge just for their BLCR roll..... ive been to other sushi spot and they've tried to make it but its never ganna be as good as shogun does it.... its a california roll with baked peices of lobster on top with some bomb sauce on top.....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM love it....:) Pros: the sushi is fresh unique sushi too:) Cons: service:( more

One of the nastiest places I've ever visited 11/25/2007

I've been to sushi restaurants all over the country, but this one is by far one of the worst I have been to. It's always packed (why, I really do NOT know) and they don't even have anyone greeting people to tell you how long your wait will be. If by chance you do wait it out and sit, you're going to be waiting forever for your food, and you'd have to be laying on the floor choking on a roll in order to get a drink refill. I've tried this place out a few times, trying to give it second, third and fourth chances but when it comes down to it, I'd rather drive a little further for better service and GOOD food. Aside from the horrible service, you get sushi that isn't even fresh! People you're eating RAW FISH, the least they could do is keep it fresh! They will serve you a premade California roll out of a batch of warm, sitting there for a while rolls. Just one look behind the bar at the sushi chefs will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.. Pros: Cheap price, Parking Cons: Quality/freshness of food, service more

Watch out for the Dragon Lady Owner 11/24/2007

I came in solo on a weekend around 1:45p.m. Most sushi places, everybody in the place shouts a happy greeting to see you walk in. This place, the older asian female waitress started to groan, oh, it's so late... Then she ushered me to the sushi bar without asking if I wanted a table or not, and right away asks me incomprehensibly and brashly what kind a drink I want. I asked her to repeat, and she yells Drink! and then if I wanted all you can eat or if I wanted to order piece by piece and I say I want to order and she cuts me off without explanation. She came back, slammed my Coke down and refused to help me anymore, just telling me to order from the boys in the center sushi island. The sushi chef, Mike, was really nice and offered to explain their system. You sit at the bar for one hour and can eat anything on a limited special menu, including soup, salad, appetizers, sushi, and cooked foods, for a flat fee. I asked for that and began having some really nice food: shumai, teriyaki, salad, miso, rolls, nigiri... I just had to make eye contact, and Mike immediately asked me for my next order. 45 minutes later, the original waitress begins kicking people out. They have a break and close from 3 to 5, I think. She also prevented people from coming in after 2:30, saying too late, too late, waving them away... I realize this is a clue and signal for my check. Mike was nice enough to ask her to switch the check from piece by piece to all you can eat flat rate, but she begins complaining loudly in Korean that she didn't expect some fat samoan lady to eat $40 worth of food and put her in the poorhouse (I don't look Korean, but am actually not Samoan, but half Korean, understood, and was thoroughly humiliated). I actually paid them the original price, and iciliy told them the overage was tip for Mike only, then left. The food was great and the prices were good, but the service is horrible and there are plenty of other sushi places in Northridge. Pros: Good food, fair price Cons: Rudest woman ever rules the place more

cheap sushi but bad service 11/9/2007

good place if you want cheap sushi, 1/2 price... service is REALLY bad. Its better if you get it to go, they'll have your sushi ready in like 20 minutes Pros: cheap sushi Cons: bad service more

Great variety of unique rolls!! 11/2/2007

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I took my friend there and I'm trying to get her more into sushi. She's just a lil nervous about the whole raw thing. I had read on here that they have fun and different Rolls and they sure do have some great ones to choose from. Very good prices..and I think I have converted my friend into a Sushi Lover!! The food was great...we had really good service and we are totally going back!! Pros: Fun music and Sushi!!! Cons: A lil crowed-but that also means the food is great! more
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