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Shobha Madison - 44 Reviews - 595 Madison Ave Rm 1304, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 223-2872

Shobha Madison

595 Madison Ave Rm 1304
New York, NY 10022
(212) 223-2872
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I have been going here for over a year and when I first came I had butchered eyebrows that needed HELP. Jassi has been my specialist all the way through and has brought my brows b...


I got two services: a Brazilian (sugar) and an eyebrow threading. The Brazilian went well, although it's not quite as painless as they advertise. Pros: friendly and efficient ...

Jassi Saved My Brows! 3/2/2011

I have been going here for over a year and when I first came I had butchered eyebrows that needed HELP. Jassi has been my specialist all the way through and has brought my brows back to life with an absolutely stunning shape. I won't go anywhere else and if youre looking for a good threading - this is the place to go! more

Terrible 7/13/2010

I just had the worst experience and left here in tears. The specialist did not listen to any of my requests. She threaded and waxed more than I asked her to and I am already breaking out from it. I was very upset and told her that I specifically asked her not to wax/thread large areas of my face because I break out from it. She went on to explain to me that acne is hormonal. Seriously?? It was condescending and inappropriate. She then did a bikini wax - and I think she put hand sanitizer on the area first (ouch!). When she was done she put hydro-cortisone cream on/in the area - it really burned - I couldn't wait to get home and shower. I will never go back here. I am so angry that I have to walk around with acne on my face now because of this. I spent good money to come here and I never expected for this to happen. Especially with all the great reviews. Never again!!! Pros: nice place and gave me a 10% discount because I was upset Cons: they don't listen, I am breaking out from what they did more

Karmjeet is Fantastic & Professional 12/6/2009

I have been going to Karmjeet at Shobha for 3 years now, and she is always consistently fantastic. Her attention to detail and commitment to make sure that she does the best possible job never wavers. I have been to many of the top hair removal salons, from Haven to Acqua Beauty Bar-- not only does Karmjeet Shobha do the best job, with least irritation for sensitive skin like mine-- they have the best prices! You will not regret it- go. Pros: Best wax at most affordable price in town Cons: Not all specialists are as good more

Nightmare! be warned! 6/15/2009

i will start by saying i have visited Shobha many. many times. it i s the only place i have ever gone to have a bikini wax. not to mention the dozens of friends i have sent because i trusted them so much. Pros: none. Cons: they burned me, awful customer service more

Had a Great Wax Here 5/8/2009

Went Here for a bikini wax with Datta, was the quickest wax I have ever had, in and out in 10 minutes. Some people complained on here about the ""Raw"" look of the ceiling. I was in and out of there so fast I didn't have time to think about it. Price was reasonable for Manhattan. Friendly reception staff. Some people also complained about the fact that the waxer is in the room with you when you disrobe. If you are going for a bikini wax what is the point in being modest? I would definitely recommend especially Datta, she was great. more

What a find! 8/15/2008

I have been going to Eliza's Eyes at Exhale on 59th Street but, after my last trip there--for almost $100!!--I decided to look somewhere else. It is always a bit nerve-wracking to have a new person mess with such a prominent part of your face so I was in some ways expecting the worst. What a pleasant surprise! The Madison location, on 57th and Madison, is lovely--in a professional building, light, airy, clean, and comfortable. They only do threading for brows and Datta did mine. She was extremely warm, efficient, and GOOD. Threading isn't comfortable--but then again, neither is waxing--and she moved quickly. I am extremely happy with the results...and only $20!!! more

A+ 7/23/2008

best brazilian wax i've ever gotten! great place, great prices, great everything! i won't go anywhere else! more

Professional environment that is conveniently close to 57th Street Yellow subway lines stop 6/29/2008

I went for an eyebrow threading. I had gone to the Topper's spa in Philadelphia (where I visit family on the weekends) and had a disasterous eyebrow wax in which the 'specialist' had did it incorrectly and it was obviously uneven! I went to Shoba after hearing numerous positive reviews esp. as it was recommended as a place where one should go if they need dire help of repairing their eyebrows. I went to the Madison location as Shashi works there and heard great reviews about her. The strange thing is that this place charges a higher fee for 'initial eyebrow threading consultation' which after taxes comes out to $36; and then every visit afterwards it is $20 (before tax). I felt Shashi did a pretty good job but I would say that next time I would like my brows to be a bit thicker and I will make sure to re-emphasize this next time. It seems as if many eyebrow places think that every woman wants to have thin eyebrows but on my face it doesn't look right. Overall I was satisfied with my service b/c Shashi was prompt, the people there were friendly/professional/dependable. I would definitely return and recommend this place for others. Eyebrows are very important to one's face and for only $20 this is something worth spending for a dependable service... they do a good job here at 'shaping' eyebrows whereas those places that charge $5-10 usually are only good for 'cleaning up' eyebrows. Pros: Professional, Good policy on lateness (so that you don't have to wait), skilled Cons: Pricer than typical eyebrow threading salons more

Best brazilian ever but Jasmine, PLEASE, relax!! 5/29/2008

I've been a regular client for about 2 years now, and I really love getting my brazilian done at Shobha. Jasmine is very quick, and does a fabulous job by combining waxing and threading. However, I've noticed a change in her attitude recently. She seems to get a little bit too comfortable with her clients. For example, during my last visit, she was visibly upset because I took 2 months to come back to get ma brazilian instead of the usual 1 month. So of course, my hair grew a bit long. Can you believe what she tells me?! ""I don't like that..."". I felt offended because first of all, it's her job to remove my hair no matter of how long they are and second of all, I always give her generous tips. As if her comment wasn't enough, she added at the end of the appointment: ""don't be surprised if you find some hair left. You had a lot of them. I can't garantee you I removed them all."" IS SHE JOKING????????????????? Of course she said that with a very broken english. But I was sitting there and wondering if I should say something or be embarassed!! I'm paying $57 for my brazilian + tips and I don't think it's ok for her to make me feel incomfortable. I really hope the owner of Shobha gets a chance to read this post because some of her employees do need to improve their customer service. Anyway, I think I'll eventually go back to Shobha. I haven't decided yet if I will ask for Jasmine, because after all, she does the best brazilian. I guess next time, I'll just tell her how I feel if she complains again. Pros: Great brazilian Cons: Poor customer service more

Trouble following directions 5/25/2008

I got two services: a Brazilian (sugar) and an eyebrow threading. The Brazilian went well, although it's not quite as painless as they advertise. Pros: friendly and efficient as they ignore your preferences Cons: cannot follow directions more

Love this place!! 3/20/2008

I've become a regular at Shoba Madison and I love it. Though they are really overpriced (eyebrow threading is $20), they really do a great job. They are very thorough and they take appointments. I recommend Ritu or Jasmine for eyebrows. Ritu makes sure to get every little hair and you don't have to go home and tweeze anything. If you're willing to pay more, its definitely worth every dollar. They offer you tea or coffee too. Love it!!! Pros: they take appointments, Ritu, Jasmine Cons: VERY EXPENSIVE more

Jasmine is amazing 12/31/2007

I have been to several of the ""popular"" salons in town for bikini wax. By far, Shobha is the most professional, serene, and sanitary places. Jasmine is beyond sweet and professional. She gives the least painful, fastest wax I have ever had. I will never go anywhere else. Pros: Jasmine Cons: trying to get a late night appointment after work. more

They hooked me after my first time but now the quality of service and skill is disappointing. 11/15/2007

After my excellent first time experience with getting a Brazilian, I went back 3 more times to the same specialist, Jasmine. I've been disappointed to find that each time, the service seemed to be more and more lacking. If anything she seemed to get a little too confident I'd keep returning to her, because each time I went back I noticed poorer waxing/sugaring jobs. The last time, she missed whole spots and didn't really take the time to thread after the waxing. The first time I went, I got the best treatment and had no complaints. My last appointment, she seemed in a big hurry and waxed very large areas at a time which was horribly painful. Usually I think they give you a soothing cloth afterwards but the last time I got nothing! It might explain why it took longer for me to heal than usual. I've decided to try another Shobha location this time around just to see if I get better service again... Pros: Relaxed atmosphere, clean. Cons: Specialists seem to get lazy after you become a returning customer. Rooms are not very private. Pricey. more

Shobha Madison 9/30/2007

Last week I went to Shobha Madison for first time.I quite disappointed about the result of my eyebrows.At last when the technician(SIMA) showed me mirror i saw my eyebrows are very thin and I hate thin eyebrows.She didn't ask me before she started how I want my brows .She started without asking anything.And as well as i got thread cut underneath my brows.I will never go back to spend $20 for eyebrow threading.This is not worthit. more

Great eyebrow threading 8/12/2007

A co-worker suggested this place to me for eyebrow threading, it is such a great find! I always go to Jasmine, she is amazing but from what I can see all of the staff spend time with each person making sure you are getting exactly what you want. It is a bit more expensive than most threading places but totally worth it. Pros: Service more

Best/ most sanitary underarm and bikini line waxing in town!!! 6/19/2007

In February of 2007, I was a pseudo newbie to the waxing experience. it was always so painful that I would work up the courage like once a year to do it and then say never again!!! However, I've been going to Shobha religiously since February 2007 and I absolutely enjoy my experience every 2-3 weeks. I only go to Jasmine and she is absolutely AWESOME!!!! I get my underarms and bikin line waxed regularly and I highly recommend it in the SHobha Madison location. I appreciate the fact that they DO NOT double dip. My eyebrows are thin so I prefer to go to my nail lady for that service. I also tried getting mylegs waxed at Shobha, but I wasn't too ecstatic about the outcome, hence I'll stick to underarms and bikini line with the wonderful Jasmine!!! : ) Pros: under arm and bikini line waxing/ if you have thick eyebrows, then eyebrow thredding is good. Nice array of relevant products Cons: Don't be late and I would not recommend getting your legs waxed more

Best Brazilian in Town!!! 6/1/2007

I'm a regular at Shobha. Miranda (who is only there on Mondays) does a great Brazilian! She's quick, gets every single hair, and it is not painful at all. I have very sensitive skin and the Sugar Wax couldn't be more perfect for my skin. With a regular bikini wax my skin breaks out. I went once and have been hooked since. I should also mention that Shobha is much cheaper than other places in the city. Exhale is $85 and Bliss is $70. Shoba all the way!!!!! Pros: Great Service, Relatively Low Price for a Brazilian. Cons: Can't think of One. more

What's the hype all about? 5/26/2007

Went to Shobba Madison for a bikini wax after reading all these great reviews on line, and came out more than a little disappointed. Reviewers suspecting that whoever rates this place as great never went there, or is working there, seem to be into something. The owner's Havard education must be very helpful to get good press, but that's about it. The only nice thing I can say is that true, they do a really clean job, and suggaring doesn't leave you walking around all sticky for the rest of the afternoon. But that's at least as painful as waxing, and the staff doesn't help (the woman who worked on me seemed to speak only a few workds of English, so no chance to have a distracting conversation, started right on the most painful areas, which left me clinching my teeth for the rest of the procedure, and was not giving me any warnings which would have allowed me to breath out to ease the pain and make sure that I would not bite my tongue.) And no one there figured out that it is easier to work on the back while you are lying on your stomach, so instead you're asked to hold your legs wide and to contract your abs and go ""up"" and ""up"" and ""up"". Akward and uncomfortable to say the least. Meanwhile, you can stare at a ceiling very badly in need of a good paint, try to avoid the three bright spots directed into your eyes, and listen to the requests of the guy having a wax in the cubicle next to you (the ""walls"" don't go up all the way to the ceiling, so you know what everbody is up to.) And don't hope that anyone will listen to you if you ask for something a little out of the ordinary: tired of the babygirl look, I asked repeteadly to keep a larger patch of hair than usual, but came back home with a regular looking brazilian. Except that what was left of the ""triangle"" was so assymetrical that I had to spend 30 minutes fixing it. I know it will all grow back eventually, but what kind of consolation is that? Please save your money and go somewhere else. Pros: Very clean job. Cons: Expensive, staff has poor communication skills, no intimacy, feel like a train station. more

Much Better then Bliss Spa for Hair Removal! 5/16/2007

I just tried out Shobha Madison for the first time after reading in NY Mag it was rated #1 for a Bikini Wax. The place lived up to expectations. I had a professional technician (Jamuna) who was gentle enough so that it was relatively pain free, but aggressive enough to get the job done right! The actual space is a little small, and the waxing room is more like a cubical with four walls, but I would still return. The rates aren?t outrageous ($44 for a full bikini wax), and there was no sales pitch or pressure to get you to purchase additional products. The whole experience at Shobha contrasted what I experienced at Bliss Spa in February, where I was pressured to buy expensive products and ?up-grade? from a Bikini to a Brazilian. I would recommend Shobha (and Jamuna) to any girl looking to get a Bikini Wax for summer. Pros: Fast Service, Nice Ambience, Skillful Technician Cons: Small, semi-private waxing room more

So Not Worth It 2/9/2007

I have no problem paying for good service, so that's what I expected to get when I went to Shobha Madison. It was SOOOOOOOO not worth it. Aside from the $20 price tag for eyebrows, I saw no difference in the quality of eyebrow threading. No wait, actually I did. The $6 place I go to is actually much better. So lesson learned, more is NOT always more. Cons: nothing worth $20 more
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    An outpost of the always-busy Soho salon, Shobha is not your everyday hair removal salon. The owner's not so typical, either: A Harvard business school grad with a background in...

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