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Shark Bar Restaurant - 42 Reviews - 307 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY - Southern Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 874-8500

Shark Bar Restaurant

307 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10023
(212) 874-8500
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Shark Bar Restaurant - New York, NY


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Great soul food... period. Collard greens were kinda sweet but I loved them. The menu had variety and generously priced. Service was good, although, I felt like the waiter was rus...


I have been coming to this place since ""98"" and it was ALWAYS the spot. The waiters were always nice, there were always good looking people around and you could be sure to see ...

Stay Away from this Place 1/12/2010

I see reviews like the one I'm about to write and I wonder how in the world it's possible for a place this bad to stay in business. Rarely do I find a place I don't want to give a second chance. This is one of those. I hate what I'm about to write, but I think this is an establishment that doesn't care to have White patrons. Being that I walk by this place all the time and it's crowded with African-Americans, I attribute the horrible service I received to this, especially considering THE RESTAURANT WAS ALMOST EMPTY. The young Black woman supposedly attending to me was also doubling as the hostess, and was absorbed in text messaging on her mobile phone the entire time I was there, including while she was ringing up my bill. Add to that HORRIBLY over-spiced food to the point of being inedible (and I like it spicy) it seemed like a message was being delivered: ""Stay Out!"" And I will. You should also! Pros: Location Cons: HORRENDOUS service, HORRIBLE food more


I went here for my friends birthday! It wasn't shocking to me that the food was horrible because I had received nothing but bad reviews prior to eating there. Unfortunatly,somehow we still ending up choosing this place out of all the places to eat in the city. I sent my food back and surely was not paying for it. We had a party of about 10 and about 4 people said they finished their food just because they were hungry.Others complained of it being bland and also cold.ID NEVER GO BACK AGAIN.I wouldnt even have given it the one star required to submit this review. Pros: nice setting Cons: horribleeeeeeee bland cold food more

Never again 4/30/2009

This was my first time going after hearing so much about this bar this past Saturday 4/25/09. It was a girlfriends b'day so we ended up here. First of all the resturant is so small and crowded and it was HOT!! when we asked about the a/c we were told it was broken and they proceeded to put on a old fan which kept turning off!! Next we ordered drinks which were watered down!! i throught it was me but yes the drinks were watered down!! The food was ok could not understand a word the waiter was saying!! When the check came I was shocked that we were charged nearly $30.00 for a tip for 4 people!! which they included!! I'm sorry but I will not be going there anytime soon if at all. This resturant may have been good once upon a time but in my opinion it is overrated. Cons: drinks, service and the check more

Very good soul food.... 3/11/2009

Great soul food... period. Collard greens were kinda sweet but I loved them. The menu had variety and generously priced. Service was good, although, I felt like the waiter was rushing us with the check and the place was practically empty. Very quiet and the music was great (jammin to some oldies). Definitely a spot to go to when your hungry (right portions). Kinda small, so try going on an off night. Pros: Dim lights (atmosphere) cozy, more

NYC's original gourmet soul 2/25/2009

I ve been eating so called gourmet soul food since the shark bar started the craze back in the early 90's. It had been a while since i had been in there since i ve been living in south america. I was in the neighborhood a few weeks ago and stopped in. The food was incredible. Wings were off the hook. Collards were hittin and the catfish was perfectly fried and excellent. I was so pleased I have been back twice since. Pros: The food was excellent. Priced appropriately Cons: The service was slow. This is NYC more

Perfect atmosphere 8/4/2008

Perfect atmosphere when you're in the I just want some kick --- soul food, leave me alone so I can eat type place. Plenty of locals too which tells you that this place is legit, not one of those wannabe type of places that have sprouted-up around the 'hood lately. Highly recommended! Pros: Perfect atmosphere when you're in the I just want some kick --- soul food Cons: I can' more

NEVER AGAIN 4/20/2008

I have been coming to this place since ""98"" and it was ALWAYS the spot. The waiters were always nice, there were always good looking people around and you could be sure to see a star or two. Well boy have times changed and I can guarantee it has something to do with the help. This is my second time back since ""02"". I came twice with my girlfriends last year and was wondering why it was so empty on a Thursday and Friday night. The food was ok, not what it used to be, but good enough to travel from Jersey. So with that being said, I made reservations for 12 for mom's birthday that was celebrated Sunday, TODAY, 4/20/2008 for 2:00 pm. We would have spent at least $400-$500 easy! So you think the red carpet would have been rolled out for us right? Especially since the place was empty as hell and the fact that they had to board up the other half of the restaurant because of declining business. But no, the hostess was Disgusting!!! She was arrogant and nasty from the time we walked in until the time I blacked out and asked for my check after ordering just drinks. I asked to speak to the manager and guess who it was? Queen B*tch!! I really feel bad for the owner, I wonder if he even has a clue of what is running his establishment. \r \r NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: The waiter was ok... however, not quick enough for a party of 12 with 18% gratuity added to the check Cons: Dark could barely read the menu, STORE MANAGER more

Perfect Place to intimately Dine! 4/2/2008

The Shark Bar is on of fave spots to dine. For years ive celebrated my Birthday here, and the waiters seem to always have something up their sleeve for the Bday person. I loove it.\r This venue is cozy, intimate yet socially active. Plus, the food is great! wat more could you ask for. Shark Bar get two thumbs up in my Book : ) Pros: Love the intimate decor Cons: Kinda small for such high volume more

An Institution 10/11/2007

The place is an institution, songs are written about it, it has been in several books and written up as the place to be seen. I love it. Been coming here for years and just recently had the pleasure of introducing my kids to the wonderful food and atmosphere. I hope the place stays around long enough so they can take their kids. Pros: Great food, great service, great people more

One of the best dining experiences I have ever had 9/24/2007

I have been to The Shark Bar Restaurant numerous times over the past six years and I always have a great time. The atmosphere is festive and I always see celebrities from all industries: music, film, sports etc. They are always at the Shark Bar and seem to be very much at home there. I would recommed this place highly specifically for the food, which is oustanding. Pros: Food is consistently good Cons: On Weekends the wait may be slightly longer but worth it! more

Warm Inviting Service 9/20/2007

As i walked in on a Friday evening with three friends the atmosphere was the first thing that impressed us. It was comfortable and had a buzz. People seemed ""happy"" hanging at the bar and conversing with each other. It was a trendy crowd. We were seated after a half hour wait - we did not have a reservation. The food was excellent! We found out the place has been there for over 16 years! We felt very comfortable and the service was attentive and professional. We will definitely go back Pros: Service and Food Cons: Can be crowded, make reservations more

Do not go there 9/4/2007

I should have listened to the other review that said to stay away because of the place has critters. As I eating my entree, out comes two critters crawling up the wall. Maybe the wanted the garbage more than I did. The collard greens were very sugary, the barbeque was old, (probably cooked two weeks before) the portions very small and I was never offered a refill on my 6 oz coke. To top it all off, they have the nerve to add a gratuity to my bill. Please go somewhere else. Pros: fried chicken Cons: old food, poor service, very sugary collard greens, too expensive more

Atrocious Service! 7/2/2007

I have been to many restaurants in NYC and I must say the service here was horrible. Some friends and I decided to do brunch on Sunday and despite the fact that we have been there during regular hours, the service this day was truly unacceptable. After waiting for 30 minutes we asked the hostess, Tanya if she wanted our name to add to the list and she curtly said NO! She had a terrible attitude and behaved as if we were intruders in her home. I thought she had a personal with me so my other friend asked her if brunch was over at 3pm and she responded 3:30 just as rudely. We waited over an hour without as much as a word from this ""lady"" She should not have this job if this is how she treats people who are spending their hard earned dollars! She should never represent an establishment with this attitude.\r \r NOT TO MENTION SHE WORE SILVER EYE SHADOW.. Hellooooo, this is 2007 right? GET IT TOGETHER!\r \r Long Story short.... we decided to leave. It wasn't the wait it was the lack of service and rudeness while we waited. WE will never go back again.\r \r SHAME ON YOU TANYA!! GET A NEW GIG! You should NEVER work with the public! more

If you like cockaroaches with you're meal................ 2/24/2007

Never ever ever ever eat here. My friend made reservations for 9 of us to eat here. We were not seated for about 45 minutes and the whole party was there-oh yes they are so uptight that if youre whole party is not present within 15 mins of the reservation,it gets cancelled!. After we were finally seated we all placed our orders and corbread was brought out to us. As soon as I took a bite out of mine a cockaroach came out of the other bowl of cornbread! All the hostess, who also happens ro be a manager, had to say was ""We'll reset the table,it'll take 10 mins"". There was no sorry no oh my god thats disgusting and its never happened before no type of aplogy. We left and walked to bbqs and had the time of our lives and spent way less money. more

GREAT PLACE 12/8/2006

I went to the Shark Bar on a wednesday night. I was initially seated at a table, but then I requested a booth and immediately was reseated. On the night that I visited there were only three other couples. I totally enjoyed it, I found it to be very warm and romantic. the waitress was great and so was the food. more

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! 10/19/2006

Looking for a nice place to eat for the evening my friend and I decided to go to the Shark Bar. I had never been but my friend heard they had great food. For starters we were seated at a really cramped table that was so close to the table next to us all I had to do was lean over and I could touch the lady beside me. When I asked to be moved to the empty booth across the way the ultra rude waitress with an attitude that wouldn't quit claimed she was going to go ask her manager could we move but never came back with an answer. When she finally did come back her answer was ""no"" simply because it was only two of us-but the place was totally EMPTY! Its not like they had a line waiting out the door. Anyway to make matters worse she rushed us to make our food orders and then proceeded to act like we were bothering her anytime we asked for something. The drinks from the bar were poorly made and she kept taking the glasses off the table before we could finish our drinks. When the food arrived I will admit it was good. But going back to the principle of service the waitress never came back to check on us the whole time we were eating. When she finally came over she seemed so disgusted that I just asked for the check and for our food to be boxed up. The ladies next to us complained of her service as well as she had completely forgotten to bring them their after dinner drinks. Upon leaving my friend felt that she didn't deserve a tip but I felt like leaving her dollar was sufficient so I did. But thinking back now in words of one of my very funny co-workers I should have left her 9 cents because she wasn't worth a dime!! Recap: Good Food, Poor Service. I say get it to go. Pros: Good Food, Decent Atmosphere Cons: Horrible Service, Poorly made drinks more

AVOID THIS PLACE!!! 9/3/2006

A friend and I went there a few days ago, and 1st of all it was 2 minutes after 5 and we walked into the place the manager or whoever came and said in a nasty tone almost pushing us out of the reastaurant ""we are not opened yet, we open in 10 minutes"" I was so fustrated I was ready to leave and go some place else, but my friend really wanted to try the food, so we waited. The place is nicely decored but space is a little cramped. I tried the soul roll as an appetizer, that was great! I ordered my entree as blackened chicken, mac and cheese and greens. The greens were so bland, rubbery and sweet, as if they put so much sugar in it...the menu says it is seasoned with smoked turkey. The mac and cheese was like it wasnt even baked, it was like from the box, and the blackened chicken...oh goodness so nasty, it was like they dousted it with dark herbs, not the cajun like spices it is supposed to taste like. So I called the waitress over and told her I couldnt even stomach the food, its not to my liking. She then went to the rude lady (that kicked out as we were walking in (lol)) to tell her that i didnt like the food. Dont you know the lady (guess she was manager) had the audasity to come to me and say and I quote verbatim: ""You dont like the way the food tastes, can I ask you whats wrong with it, why you dont like it""? told her why I didnt like the mac chicken and greens. Then she said ""Well I dont know why you dont like the mac n cheese thats our best selling item"" That furiated me so I had to go there: I said well I maybe they havent had anything else so thats all they know, but I've had better at Amy Ruths even Sylvia's."" I ordered another soul roll until my friend was done. When we got the bill they slid a 18% gratuity on the bill! I was done with that place, never again will I go there. Very rude service. Till this day my friend and I use that phrase when joking ""cause mac n cheese is our best selling item' Pros: setting, decor Cons: everything else more

Still trying to figure out.... 8/12/2006

My wife and I dined here a few nights ago. It was a late dinner (9:30) so we shared an appetizer sampler platter and ordered two sides: mac n cheese and candied yams. We both thought the sides were delicious. The sampler platter was a mixed bag....shrimp was very good, the jerked wings were kinda tasteless. I was shocked to see that when the check came, gratuity was included!! I was more surprised than upset, but my wife really did not feel good about it. I can only assume that all new comers ask the waiter why the tip is included when they get the bill as I did. Is it worth explaining themselves everytime??? I dont get it. However, I am curious to see how good the chicken and ribs combo next time I'm here. I agree with the other reviewer about Mekka!! Loved that place and it is missed! more

Some things annoy me here 2/1/2006

I don't mind the added gratuity *EXCEPT* that they quietly continue to include *another* blank field for ""tip"" on the credit slip without mentioning that it's already been added. Shame. Second: Called ahead for a reservation - nobody answered the phone during open hours after many tries. Since their website's down I began to wonder if they'd closed. Obviously not. The place was nearly empty, but they chose to seat us at a table with a shelf overhanging the table. We just moved the table away from the wall, but in a full house we would have been stuck. And, every time I've ever come here or Mekka, the service was very slow. All that aside, I love the food here and miss the old MEKKA on the LES. Best dishes here are the Soul Roll, Shrimp Etoufee, and the best Mac n' Cheese I've ever had in the city. Pros: food , food, food Cons: Deceptive tip policy, slooooow more

don't go out of your way to eat here 1/18/2006

i've read the reviews here and other sites, and they are pretty much true. the 18% gratuity tacked onto the bill automatically almost made me walk out. the food was hot and good, but i have to be honest, your grandmother can probably cook just as well. the restaurant is small and tight. we went on an off night, so we didn't have to wait (it was a sunday and EXTREMELY cold). the catfish strips were delicious, and even though i couldn't finish my food, i did finish that. the bread basket you can send back without touching, and the lemonade was poor. the restaurant is clean, and the service was just so-so. don't go out of your way to eat here. if you happen to be in the area, you're hungry, and here's the key....there's no wait, then eat here. Pros: ok food, romantic, close to subway Cons: slow, mediocre, mandatory 18% grat more
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