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Sevier County Jail

137 Commerce St
Sevierville, TN 37862
(865) 453-4668
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Sevier County Jail - Sevierville, TN
Sevier County Jail - Sevierville, TN


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Everyone can complain and complain about sevier county jails, but it is YOUR fault you were put in there, so who are you to complain about how the jail operates!!!! If you don't ...


in 2008 i did 45days in jail, the whole jail is full of lice and staff infection. the foods stinks and they feed you twice a day, i have never been so hungry in my 45 years of lif...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2014

...and of course the hormones/testosterone are going to rage. Small meals 2-3times a day is the norm. Really, it is. Takes some serious planning and budgeting to prepare 200 meals twice a day for a 200 bed facility. ..but! Double that due to Many crime, many in jail....and you are preparing 400 meals twice a day: 800. Do the math. Bless the cooks and kitchens. Overpriced commissary? Not jails fault: blame Swanson the leading contender for jail product supply.They KNOW an inmate will pay for it. No jails dont receive much kickback from these companies: and honestly, if you have ever waited in line for ""commissary"" then you know the BS most jailers have to put up with inmates who act like kindergarteners. I would be an officer/jailer with some slight aggressiveness via shouting, cursing, etc too if I had to be short staffed with a pod or unit full of adults acting like they are 10yr olds. Got bigger kahunas than most.\r So look, if youve been to a county jail or prison: you know the difference and you know these things are true. If you have never been, then im sure its a helluva shock to hear about from your loved one. Ive been there and know many others as well. We are not all horrible criminals but a jail trip seems to become more a modern-day occurrence. Jails are just that...jails. There are worse places. Really...there are. Oh and honestly its not ALWAYS about the jailers, officers, or even judges (silly of you people to NAME a judge...and stupid) I never blamed my judges for any issues I had....I was the lawbreaker. Folks need to get real and look around more. more

sevier county jail 2/22/2011

Everyone can complain and complain about sevier county jails, but it is YOUR fault you were put in there, so who are you to complain about how the jail operates!!!! If you don't want to do the time, DON'T DO THE CRIME!!!!! My son has been in the Sevier county jails for over 1 1/2 years. I sympathize with his complaints, but when it comes down to it, it is HIS fault he is there!!!! No jail should be held responsible for ""making the inmates comfortable""!!! Jails are what they are to teach offenders a lesson! If you don't like it, it is YOUR choice to never end up in an ""ugly"" jail!!!! more

placed in jail for child support,a child the mother dosen't 6/9/2009

I was put in sevier county jail over child support of a child I just found out about and was ordered to pay. I was beat up and lost three of my teeth from inmate abuse! I can't get those fixed! I slept on the floor. The food...Ha what food! My girl would put money in their machine and they keep most of it. Commisary is expensive and the jailers don't care and are abusive the mother of that child was able to get messages to her inmate buddies and so I got harrased all the time. while I was there my ex got me on phone harrasment charges by lieing to the magistrate and he allowed it so I have to go to court in stripes like I was a criminal and they legally took away my rights put me on probation and made me pay a ton of money to probation office for a crime I did not commit. This whole town is corrupt and money hungry but mostly my son is suffering because they have allowed all her lies and will not listen. The jail is a joke and so is the court system!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

hell hole 4/4/2009

in 2008 i did 45days in jail, the whole jail is full of lice and staff infection. the foods stinks and they feed you twice a day, i have never been so hungry in my 45 years of life! as for the medical it stinks too! i have pancreas proplems that at time puts me in the hospital. Medication my doctor has given me for2 years they would not and they charged you for medication you dont get. my pod had 18 beds and we had 35 women in there. i slept in the nasty floor for two weeks. the sewer drains were backed up and the pod smelled so bad it would make you sick. you can order snacks but they double charge for them.the jailers scream and yell the f word every breath.probation is money money money! $45.00 every 2 weeks,$40.00 for classes, $30.00 D screens and $25.00 just to sign you up for community service. i have known sheriff all my life but will never vote for him again! judge radar gave me 60 day for 1 dui and 1 violation, erie mclean only got 45 day i did more time then him! clean that nasty jail up and give people a little respect! Cons: it stinks more

Most of that stuff is lies.... 3/26/2009

Look I have just read all of your reviews and this is my thing, I spent 6 months in that jail and it is not that bad. It is not the greatest but it is not the worst. Come down to Tampa, Florida and spend some time here. When I was in there we got biscuist and gravy 5 times a week and eggs with sauage 2 times a week Lunch always had a sandwich with a veggie and a fruit and dinner was a good size to. Sexual hassrament never happens there unless you are dumb enough to believe that they would risk their jobs. I got out with 3 years state probation and NEVER got violated if you do the crime then yes do the time. I had a bigger problem with my arrestting officer then I did with the jail. I never got into fights, was able to take showers when ever I wanted until I got moved to maxium sercurity then if you didn't get it in the morning you didn't get one till the next day. Look if you guys are going to type stuff like this you should really get your story right.\r \r I would not want to go back but it defintly leaves a mark in your head.\r \r Michelle Pros: A few Cons: Alot more

Sevier county human society (Humane society for humans) 2/28/2009

I spent 3 months in this jail and I can honestly say it is H *** ON EARTH, I slept on the floor for the first month, was barely fed, went outside only 3 times in the 3 months I was there, they call it a jail, I call it a joke, and Judge Radar has his hand in the cookie jar at the probation office, I flattened my probation and sat in jail for 3 months to complete my sentence only to be arrested 2 years later on a Violation of Probation charge, this County is a money racket, once your on paper their your never truly free again because they will always find a way to get their hands back in your pockets, it costs me another $500.00 to finish what I Finished by sitting in jail 2 years ago, all the sorry jailers should have to spend 1 night there and be treated like the inmates are treated and maybe they would see it in a different light, but i doubt it, because they are probably receiving kickbacks as well as the judges are, this JAIL IS A JOKE........ Cons: Everything more

This county needs a enima 1/18/2009

This place has been ran by currupt police officers. I had the occasion to be in this jail for 48 hours and I was beaten and sexually harrassed by the officers. I was also denied my medication, HighBlood pressure and diabeties meds. I wasnt fed at all. Called fatass and Faquett ( Sorry it wont let me post the real word) by the officers. This place needs to be torndown and also the judge Rader needs not to have his dirty hands in the Probation Dept. he is a horrible man that is dishonest. He sentances people to probation that he recieves kick backs and he needs to GO TO JAIL. This whole freakin county needs a enima. Especially Judge Rader. He is full of fecies more

Sevier County Jail is a joke! They are torturing our loved ones!!! 11/1/2008

I Agree with the other people that have commented on the Sevier County Jail! It is basically a giant kennel for humans. They feed a grown man LESS than the amount of food my 4 year old daughter would eat. They are so eager for you to break the rules, they antagonize everyone and let disruption go on, and then when action is taken(by the inmate) they want to stick you with a 6 month extra charge!! Also, when my husband first came to the dorm area he was asleep and a detective kicked him in his stomach to wake him up. I don't care who you are or what you've done, that Is NO way to treat a human being. I would love to go up to that detective and kick him in his fat stomach. The commissary prices are rediculous. I put $40 per week in his books and he is only able to buy a few personal hygien items and a couple snacks!! Out here that would buy a lot more. He is very pale and sickly looking all the time. AND they stick people with diseases in the same dorm room as the uncontaminated people. People who have Tiberculosis and several types of Hepaptits.! I understand that they are being punished, but this is NOT prison and most of theses people are caught at the ""wrong place, wrong time"" Save the violence for the child molesters and killers! Not the people who have a chance to change and some actually do. But according to the police they are the worst thing in the state of Tennessee!!! more

Sevier County Jail 7/6/2008

We shouldn't have to pay taxes to fund a place that treats people so bad. My husband has only been in there 3 days and he was beaten because he forgot to wash his hands. They don't feed them hardly anything. Just because people make bad decisions sometimes, shouldn't mean that they should be treated so horribly! I think that the whole police system should be investigated because of the corrupted cops and government officials. Pros: none what-so-ever Cons: Torcher chamber more

bad place to be 5/5/2008

i have a lot to say about the Sevier County Jail. I have a son thats in there as we speak. The way he is being treated is inhuman and i wouldnt treat a stray dog the way he is being treated as if he is a convictied criminal before he even goes to trial. The justice system in sevier county is a joke. Even though he is jail he does have civil rights as well as someone who isnt in jail. I really dont know how to put all what i have to say about this jail in only 2000 words its that bad. I see my son as much as we can and he has lost a tremendous amout of weight he has spoke to me about how many men are in the cell and 10 to a cell they are sleeping feet to head. The food consist of , breakfast (spoonful of oatmeal ,sausage patty, and a piece of bread. (lunch, sandwhich (supper, beans very little and cornbread, water to drink if they want any thing else the have to buy it and the cost of honey bun a small one is $1.21. This isnt my main complaint its the way he is being treated . He has been beat up by 4 or 5 othe inmates and was locked down for 3 days and was asking for medical treatment and never recieved it. He was placed in another cell and the inmates that beat him up was on the other side with shampoo bottles filled with urine and was spraying it through the bars on him and he asked a for a shower and was told to deal with it. He was in lock down again for 4 days with no toliet paper no shower on the 5 day he was taken out of lock down he still hadnt had a shower. This is all cruel and inhuman treatment. Making several calls myself trying to find and attorney to file a law suit againist this place isnt been easy if anyone wants to help us find a attorney PLEASE let us know our email address is (louie6640@yahoo trisha4224@yahoo) We would deeply deeply appreciate it. more

Biggest example of unethical treatment of human beings in the state of Tennessee! 4/13/2008

This place should not even be called a jail, but rather a torment chamber! The over crowding of human beings is unbelieveable! The treatment of the inmate population even more horrifying! Beatings inflicted upon other inmate by inmates a regular happening daily!\r Inmates forced to sleep on thin form mats under stairways and in the middle of the pod floors! \r Medical care a joke! Food a grade that most house dogs would not eat!\r Can this really be happening in the United States of America? Or has this place just appear from out of hell and landed in Sevierville, Tennessee? Cons: Where does the right to "" human rights"" begin and end? Answer: Inside the locked cell doors of Sevier County Jail! more
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