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47seventy Settler's Point Apartments - 6 Reviews - 4770 S Simmental Dr, Salt Lake City, UT - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (801) 266-7738

47seventy Settler's Point Apartments

4770 S Simmental Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(801) 266-7738
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47seventy Settler's Point Apartments - Salt Lake City, UT
47seventy Settler's Point Apartments - Salt Lake City, UT


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All reviews seem negative


Madison at Settlers Point. Run the other way. They will never let you view the apartment your moving into until the last second, and by the time you get to see it, its to ...

The staff is full of lazy, Backstabers. 5/3/2012

Madison at Settlers Point. Run the other way. They will never let you view the apartment your moving into until the last second, and by the time you get to see it, its to late. You have signed the lease with the trust and belief in the seemingly kind staff. The moment you realize that you have made a mistake, you have already signed yourself away to them. They turn on you next and become an adversary, unhelpful rude, and stuck up. They will not help you ever. Here is the list of problems our apartment had at first viewing with a signed lease. 1- Washer and dryer were gone. 2- Bathroom door was smashed and full of holes. 3- Window screens looked like they had been broken into 4- Handles and fixtures were falling apart 5- The bathroom and much of the hallway had yellow stains all over it 6- The microwave was never cleaned from prior tenant 7- Baseboards were used to cover up mold 8- Blinds on the patio door were stained, cracked, and falling off the slide 9- Everything had spray on paint all over it, fixtures/doors/vent covers etc... 10- The dishwasher flooded the apartment every time you turned it on 11- They gave us the wrong set of keys to the workout area, and denied they were to wrong keys, refusing to replace them. 12- Ants. If you live on the bottom floor expect to live with room mates Other problems that were discovered soon after were caused by neighbors. 1- Cars speed through the parking lot with boom boxes blasting at all hours of the day 2- Parties until 2 am with drugs, music and loud people. 3- I can hear everything my upstairs neighbor is doing. 4- There is no insulation at all, you will freeze in the winter time unless you cover your windows with heavy material. 5- After walking around and seeing some of the apartments further in the back, realized that some illegal activities were taking place. 6- After observing I realized that the police actually are watching some of the buildings 7- Neighbors that have dogs never seem to pick up after them, some of these are large dogs who are stuck being in a small apartment all day until they get to go on a walk. 8- the floor plans of the apartments are cramped and limited, once you get everything moved in you feel claustrophobic. 9- Maintenance. Who are they? If your looking for a place to live in this area, look further down 4500 south. Stay clear of this place. Wish my old complex was closer to work and school . more

be careful they will scew you 2/21/2012

we lived there for 4 years when the new management came in and we lived back by the canal as well. We put down a $700.00 deposit (that we never got back) along with the rent when we moved in and they had us wait for 2 weeks so they could clean it up when we couldn't wait any longer they had us move in with the understanding that they would still work to get it all fixed but they never did finish the stuff they promised us. they are trying to say that we owe $4,000, And as far as the other charges well lets see we had been flooded 4 or 5 different times one time we were out of town for 3 weeks and come home to an inch of water in the front room and kitchen and the front bathroom well the company came in and all they did was vacuum up the water and then prop up the carpet and set fans everywhere they had to put us up in one of the vacant apts until they got it dry well then the walls in the front bathroom were so bad that I made them pull out the vanity and toilet and replace the Sheetrock because the mold was so bad in there. It was bad in the whole apt the smell of mold was everywhere we kept getting sick. Then there is the issue of the linoleum in the kitchen -- the fridge went out so the maintenance men brought in another one but it was to big for the space so they cut part of the cabinet above the fridge and had to push the fridge into place and in the process tore the linoleum well we were told that they would be back to fix it NEVER HAPPENED that we filled out before we moved in you will see that it was not in the best of shape when we moved in it had not been painted nor cleaned the vertical blinds in the front room had marker scribbled all over them. There was a big red stain in the small bedroom not cleaned up. The kitchen appliances were all old and I had to make them replace the stove so they brought in another used one from one of the other apts then the microwave didn't work so they had to replace that and the one they brought in didn't work we went though 4 of them before they finally took the one out of the office to put in for us. The apt was a mess when we moved in and in the 4 yrs we lived there not one time did they come in and shampoo or paint or do any repairs on the place with out a lot of complaining on our end it was unreal As you can see it was an apartment complex where the repairs were up to the maintenance men to fix not us we lived with the problems for way to long. So unless you have money to throw away dont move in there more


As other reviewers have said they are under new management, and they are very underhanded. They do not include you in the final inspection. They do it without you being present so that they can make up whatever ridiculous exit charges they'd like to. They charged over 300 dollars. Not only did we not get money back we deposited, we were charged a huge bill. It was like a little kid made the stuff up. Arbitrary, ridiculous random amounts for ""cleaning"" even though we cleaned the place better than it looked when we moved in. When I complained, Sonia or Sofia or w/e her name is in the office who probably wasn't even the one IN the apartment told me ""Well it was dirty"". They charged $65.00 for verticals that were broken when we moved in. We explained this & they said that we should have complained when we moved in. We didn't notice they were broken till awhile after & then we DID. They told us it's $150.00 to replace them, so we left them as is. When I explained this she said that ""there's no record of that call being made"" They also charged us for a key that we were never given. When I told them this, she said we should have read our lease better. They raise rent to whatever they want to when your lease is up and tell you you'll have to start paying an add'l $200.00/ month if you don't sign a new one at the new ridiculous price They use extremely cheap paint (& everything else). It's like chalk on the walls, so everything & anything will mark it up, & then when you move out they're going to bill you $160.00 so that they can slap another cheap layer down. The manager Angela is like a robot: brainless, repetitive and powerless to see reason. Don't expect her to have any ability to make executive decisions either. Fridge was full of mold when we moved in. They refused to replace it & instead sent in cleaners, so who knows if your fridge will be safe. There's tons of people with annoying little barking dogs which management will be no help with, trust me. Just like they'll do nothing about the pigeons that will nearly smack you in the face and knock you down the stairs when you're on your way up to your #, or the sheets of solid ice on the stairs that you have to maneuver around in the winter no matter how many times you complain. Kitchen faucet leaked ever since we moved in. They can't fix anything right. They replaced the entire toilet in order to fix a clog in the pipes. Clog in pipes was still there. The AC never worked well. In the heat of the summer it's impossible to get the place cooler than 80, and that's using is ALL THE TIME, very expensive. When you tell them this, they'll come in and literally hold a lighter up to the vents and say, ""Looks like it's workin' to me"" TO RECAP: if you move in: bring a bag of salt for winter, be sure to save at least $500.00 for insane exit bills, purchase some kind of tennis raquet for bird defense, read your lease to the letter (& I know that's good advice anyway, but seriously who does that?), make sure you spend at least 4 hours checking every little thing in the unit when you move in & keep a copy, keep records of the names/dates of who you spoke to in the office about issues (preferrably record the conversation because they'll just deny it anyway), buy a firearm for walking to your car at night b/c it's a pretty ghetto little establishment, take a valium before talking to anyone in management, and be sure you didn't bring any weapons (Keep your hands in your pockets if you like to use your fists) more

WARNING......DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!! 11/2/2011

I would NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE. I lived there for 9 months to long. I don't even know where to begin with this....HMMMmmm 1- The apartments STINK like animal urine 2- The Management SUCKS! 3- The swimming pool is open maybe two or three times in the summer 4- maintence does not know what they are doing 5- When you live there you are calling to have them fix something all the time. But they don't know how to fix it right. And they smell like smoke, So you have to spray your place after they leave. 6- The pigoens are out of control and they wont do anything about it. 7- If you live there...BE sure to read ALL the small print and ifyou don't understand it ask questons. They will get you with anything. 8- If you move out be sure they have your address you will staying so they can send you any bills they charge you with. But I guess it doesn't matter because they will send it to the apartment that you don't live in any more and wait til the mail comes back to them so they can send you to collections without you knowing you have a bill from them ( yes this happened to me ) 9- The apartments look NOTHING like the show rooms. 10- The instulation sucks, so you will have a bills gas bill in the winter 10- They change their rules on you A LOT. I could go on and on but I will stop now. I will tell you a couple of positives. The apartments are big and Veronica that works in the office she is nice. That's all. Please take what I said serious. Don't say you haven't been warned!!!!!! more

MGMT illegally shredded my lease. 10/29/2010

\r I've been living here for over a year, and at first it was a great place to live. But then new MGMT took over... And from then on, when something simple would break- a disposal or closet door, it takes the MGMT staff and maintenance NUMEROUS trips to get anything done. My a/c, for example, has been broken since mid summer. Oh, and my dryer fell OFF of the wall, only to be put back in place with two 3"" long bolts. Are you kidding me' \r And to top it all off, they shredded my lease, raised the rent, and lied to me and my husband and said ""You never signed your renewal lease"" when really, the manager Sejla Sabic admitted to shredding our lease aggreement and ""forgetting"" to call us in to sign a new lease. This place is run down and the staff is crooked. Please save yourself time and trouble and DON'T MOVE IN HERE!!\r This is by far the worst apartment experience I have ever had. We were model tenants- never late on rent or had a single complaint, and this is how they chose to treat us. Shame on them. more


I lived in Settler's Point apartments for 5 years and they ended up changing owners. With the new owners of the complex, they were not willing to help me fix the isssues that was going on in the apartments. I had a flood and I told them with multiple floods in my apartments and you guys neglecting me, I AM NOT PAYING my rent until then. So they ended up not caring. They gave me an eviction notice. I am still not wanting to pay for the damage in the aparmtent. We had mold building up from all the floods and they said oh it is not a big deal. It is not high. I told them what about all the mold growing in the back. I was by the canal and had weeds 6 feet high with a leak in the cooling system. So I did have some mold growing outside as well as inside. In both the master bedroom and the 2nd room. Try did know about it and they carpet cleaned and sprayed and a few weeks later it was back. They ended up charging me more then they should have. They lie, I spoke to a Greg and said to be out by July and you will be fine. So I was out on JULY 15, they said I was still living there. I am now in Tuscany Cove, by the way, EXCELLENT apartments, GREAT Management! But they ended up charging me for staying there the whole month, need to pay the damage they never took care of. So they are charging me and my neighbor for the damage. My neighbor had the same issue and they never fixed her apartment either and she is in the same situation that I am. The apartments are charging me and pressing charges because of thier stupidity. Please beware and make the right decision, which DO NOT MOVE IN. You can read comments on other sites and you can see how bad they screw EVERYONE OVER\r \r Pros: NOT WORTH IT Cons: EVERYTHING more
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